What Is Elden Ring Based On?

Elden Ring

What Is Elden Ring Based On
‘Elden Ring’ review: A brilliant open-world game that is slow, deliberate, and difficult March 03, 2022 10:28 am | Updated 05:54 pm IST A still from Elden Ring | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement With Demon’s Souls, a fantasy action role-playing game, FromSoftware served up a treat for those who like the masocore (a portmanteau of ‘masochist’ and ‘hardcore’) genre, wherein the gameplay is extremely difficult.

  1. The developer has a reputation for such games.
  2. The company’s creative mastermind Hidetaka Miyazaki once even famously remarked, “Hardship is what gives meaning to the experience.” FromSoftware’s latest release, Elden Ring, fits this philosophy.
  3. Elden Ring is one of the year’s biggest releases because of Miyazaki’s collaboration with the popular American novelist, George RR Martin.

It was highly anticipated since its announcement in 2019. Now that it is finally here, we can say that the game was totally worth the wait. Elden Ring is set in a Norse mythology-inspired place called Lands Between sometime after the titular ring shatters.

  • You play as one of the outsiders, known as the Tarnished, who are called back to Lands Between.
  • Your objective is to travel the place, find all the ring’s shards (known as the Great Runes), defeat the demigods who possess them, and become the Elden Lord.
  • The story is not told through standard cutscenes as in previous FromSoftware games like Bloodborne and the Souls series.

It is there for those who pursue it. You need to piece it together from the conversations you have with non-playing characters and from the reading material you find. You need not worry about these things, if you are just interested in the action. Elden Ring feels like a Dark Souls game.

It is slow, deliberate, and difficult. Some of the aspects are especially tough. The enemy AI, for instance, is intelligent. So, aimlessly doing the evade roll is a quick way to death. There is also a greater emphasis on stealth compared to the developer’s previous games. The world, teeming with monsters, claustrophobic castles, and unique characters, is a joy to explore.

There are many nasty, hidden surprises too. So, watch out for that giant dragon that appears out of nowhere. There are many parallel stories happening. So, a quest log would have been a useful addition to track the journey. Character creation is a lot like Dark Souls with several classes to choose from.

  • Each class gives you a unique starting boost.
  • So, choose wisely.
  • You can either tweak your character to be a melee master, backstabbing thief, spell-slinging wizard or something in between.
  • It is all about finding a style that helps you survive gigantic bosses that are agile and fearsome.
  • Do a bit of research before you create your character.

Also, do not hesitate to restart the game. Elden Ring, overall, is a superb open-world game that is best played on consoles right now, given the PC version is rough. Bringing all the signature elements that made Souls games great into an open world game is an accomplishment.
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Is Elden Ring based on Dark Souls?

From the seamless interconnected environments to the multiplayer mechanics, here are some important inspirations Elden Ring is taking from Dark Souls. What Is Elden Ring Based On FromSoftware has gripped players worldwide with its dark fantasy games, even years after each of their titles’ release. Hidetaka Miyazaki is the creative mind behind these morose masterpieces. Now, he has collaborated with George R.R. Martin to bring the gaming world a new and highly anticipated experience: Elden Ring,

Fans can’t help but think of it as another Dark Souls game. Although Elden Ring does take inspiration from the infamously difficult Dark Souls series, it takes place in a completely different universe and features a plethora of features foreign to FromSoftware’s classic franchise. That’s not to say the games are more different than similar, though.

Updated June 8, 2022 by Erik Petrovich : The Dark Souls series was FromSoftware’s crowning achievement, having been greeted with major success and acclaim over the years. The team also released Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice after Dark Souls 3, which was also received extremely well, and their work over the years has led them to this point: Elden Ring, the culmination of everything FromSoftware has ever produced (well, except perhaps Armored Core). What Is Elden Ring Based On
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Is Elden Ring based on Lord of the Rings?

Elden Ring is not based on Lord of the Rings. Like most modern fantasy, it does draw some inspiration from LotR, but it’s its own totally separate universe. Elden Ring isn’t in the same series as Dark Souls, either. It does have similar game play though.
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Is Elden Ring based on any other games?

Elden Ring Director Hidetaka Miyazaki Was Influenced by Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Elder Scrolls, and Witcher 3 – IGN

  • said that while Elden Ring doesn’t take inspiration from any one game in particular, he himself has been influenced by other open worlds including Zelda: Breath of the Wild, The Elder Scrolls series, and The Witcher 3.
  • Speaking to (independently translated by IGN), Miyazaki was asked if he took direct inspiration from any other open world games.
  • “I don’t think we took specific inspiration from any particular game,” he said, “but I’ve personally played a lot of open world games that are considered classics of the genre, and I’ve been influenced by all of them.

The 10 Best Open World Games What Is Elden Ring Based On 
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What universe is Elden Ring in?

Elden Ring is meant to be a standalone universe. Proving the shared universe theory is very hard to do, however there are two constants that have been in almost every single Souls game. The first is the Moonlight Greatsword. It has been in every Souls game and has been in Elden Ring and Bloodborne.
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Is Gandalf in Elden Ring?

An Elden Ring fan uses the game’s character creator to bring Gandalf to the Lands Between, though their version is particularly muscular. What Is Elden Ring Based On The character creator within Elden Ring has allowed FromSoftware fans to get incredibly creative, with many bringing characters from other franchises into the game’s world. The latest character to be adapted within Elden Ring is Gandalf, though there is something setting this wizard apart from the Lord of the Rings version.

  • While Gandalf’s popularity makes him a somewhat obvious inclusion within Elden Ring, it is not the only time someone has paid homage to J.R.R.
  • Tolkien’s hugely influential franchise.
  • One clever edit plucked Aragorn our of Middle-Earth and showcased his rise to Elden Lord, a process that proved to be quite entertaining.

Beyond that, Sam and Frodo’s journey was recreated within Elden Ring, showing just how far Lord of the Rings fans are willing to do to show some love for what is seen as one of the greatest works in the history of fantasy. The unique take on Gandalf came from Reddit user and Elden Ring player FilthyScavenger, who provided several memorable looks at their design.

In the top right corner of the collage, a close-up can be seen of the model, with the fan nailing Gandalf’s long beard and grey hair. His instantly recognizable nose is also present, with the zoom out showing that he has donned some sleek white robes – a fitting look for Gandalf the White. However, this is not the game given to the character.

The reason that this custom Elden Ring character has a different name is because it is not quite a perfect recreation of the original Gandalf. While the same facial features and clothing are present, the images show that this version of the character is incredibly buff.

Clearly, this Gandalf has found time to hit the gym since he arrived in the Lands Between, with that effort paying off in a major way. As such, he absolutely deserves the title Gaindalf the Wide. While players have had fun making fat versions of Malekith and Malenia, it seems like in-shape characters could become just as viable.

Another great image in the lineup shows Gandalf’s wizard hat replaced by Ranni’s, and the photo in the upper left corner shows the character striking an epic pose. FilthyScavenger even made sure to show Gandalf dual wielding a staff and sword like he did in the Lord of the Rings films, showing a deep level of appreciation for the wizard.

  • This post has performed well on Reddit, and deservedly so, with it getting over 3,000 upvotes thus far.
  • With everyone from Snoop Dogg to Sonic the Hedgehog being created within Elden Ring, Gandalf seems like the most fitting inclusion in a while.
  • Given how well this post was received, hopefully the Redditor will share some more muscular Lord of the Rings characters within Elden Ring,
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Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. MORE: What Few Soulslikes Get Right From FromSoftware’s Soulsborne Formula
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Is Elden Ring based on Vikings?

It’s not based particularly on any given mythology. There are many mythological influences, and even more inspirations taken from modern fiction. Lord of the Rings is a pretty clear source for many of the elements (there’s even nine black-robed horsemen that hunt you at night).
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What kind of mythology is Elden Ring?

The expansive and detailed lore of Elden Ring finds much of its roots in Irish mythology, which features magical god-like beings and random fish men. Elden Ring’s lore finds much of its origins in Irish myth and culture.
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Is Elden Ring a sequel to Skyrim?

Home Features Action Elden Ring

(Image credit: FromSoftware) A group of developers who previously worked on some of the most monumental open world games of the last 15 years are trying to make their next one more like Elden Ring (opens in new tab), FromSoftware’s unique action-RPGs have had a strong grip on the games industry since 2011’s Dark Souls, but Elden Ring’s massive success is the start of a new wave of projects inspired by its staggeringly creative open world design.

Jeff Gardiner, who previously worked as a producer on Skyrim, Fallout 4, and Fallout: 76, told PC Gamer that Elden Ring was a “huge inspiration” for its new game Wyrdsong, which was announced at Gamescom last week. He said he wasn’t interested in FromSoftware’s Souls games at first, but eventually came around when he realized that it’s not a series about punishing the player, but about rewarding patience instead.

Any long-time Souls fan knows what Gardiner means. The Souls series (including Bloodborne and Sekiro) are difficult games. Skirmishes with the weakest enemies can send your flayed corpse back to a checkpoint for the smallest of errors; the deliberate combat demands you to respect every encounter, no matter how easy it might initially look.

  • But they’re also games where that hostility fades the longer you play, and the design ethos then starts to take shape.
  • All of the puzzle pieces are there, you just need to take the time to learn how they fit together.
  • FromSoftware’s games are built on a fundamental principle that all of their marketing and their dubiously hostile fans can’t articulate: they want you to finish them.

Elden Ring is the new Skyrim, gaming’s go-to massive fantasy playground. Elden Ring is the clearest refinement of that core principle, and the most approachable Souls game because its open world structure allows the developer to ease you into learning the language the series has been speaking for the past 13 years.

From your first step into The Lands Between you have so many directions to go in the world, with your character, with the story, and with your approach to combat; you’re given the space to learn the game in the most comfortable way for you. This has always been the underlying thesis to Souls, but Elden Ring’s scale, and the gradual difficulty curve that comes with it, makes it more legible than ever before.

Elden Ring is the new Skyrim, gaming’s go-to massive fantasy playground. You’re a little character in a big world where you stumble into a bunch of gods and monsters that don’t think you should be there. Despite gaming’s obsession with selling skins and battle passes right now, Elden Ring is a game that only wants you to pay attention and share that experience with others online. What Is Elden Ring Based On (Image credit: Tyler C. / FromSoftware)
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What was Hidetaka Miyazaki inspired by?

Influences and design philosophy – Miyazaki was an avid reader as a child despite his parents being unable to afford him many books. He frequently borrowed from his local library, including English language fantasy and science fiction that he did not fully understand, allowing his imagination to fill in the blanks by using the accompanying illustrations.

  • He would later cite that as a major influence on his design philosophy.
  • Miyazaki also played gamebooks and tabletop games such as Steve Jackson’s Sorcery!, Dungeons & Dragons, and RuneQuest as his parents restricted him from playing video games until he was old enough to attend university.
  • Once exposed to video games, Miyazaki became a fan of Ico, the early Dragon Quest games, and The Legend of Zelda and King’s Field video game series, all of which he later cited were direct influences on his games.

He was also a fan of manga such as Berserk, Saint Seiya, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and Devilman, as well as the literature of H.P. Lovecraft, Bram Stoker, and George R.R. Martin, Miyazaki is also inspired by architecture, especially of European origin, and often uses it in his games as a way of environmental storytelling,

Psychology, anthropology, and sociology have also influenced his design choices. As the lead creative director on a project, Miyazaki usually writes the majority of the story, dialogue, and text, while having the final say on character, monster, and level designs, The multiplayer mechanics of the Souls series were inspired by his own personal experience of driving up a snowy road as cars ahead began slipping back and were pushed uphill by other people in the area.

As Miyazaki was unable to give his thanks before they left the area, he wondered whether the last person in the line had made it to their destination as he was unlikely to ever meet them again. This gave birth to the series’ multiplayer systems, with it attempting to emulate that same sense of silent cooperation.

  • Miyazaki stated that the difficulty of his games have no intention of being that way compared to others.
  • Rather, the difficulty was a part of the process that gives players a sense of accomplishment by “overcoming tremendous odds”, while also incentivizing players to experiment more with character builds and weapons.

He stated that death in his games is used as a trial and error learning tool, adding that the idea became accepted by the public following the success of Demon’s Souls, Miyazaki stated that he does not dislike direct storytelling but prefers players to interpret it for themselves, as they get more value from it when they find out hints of plot from items or side-characters.
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Is Elden Ring a prequel to Dark Souls?

Director Hidetaka Miyazaki has been very clear that Elden Ring isn’t a sequel or prequel to Dark Souls, but instead takes place within its own separate universe. As with most games by Miyazaki, however, there are nods to his previous projects and recurring elements from other games.
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Is Sekiro and Elden Ring connected?

A new Elden Ring mod gives the player access to new dodging mechanics, sword deflections, and more from the combat of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. What Is Elden Ring Based On While Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice may not be an official part of the Soulsborne franchise, as an action RPG developed by FromSoftware, it shares a lot of similarities with Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and the developer’s latest title, Elden Ring, Sekiro, however, introduced a lot of experimental ideas into FromSoftware’s usual formula.

  1. It had a linear story, for example, which didn’t lead most players down a Google rabbit hole in order to be figured out.
  2. Most obviously, though, Sekiro’s biggest departures came in the form of its combat, with things like parrying and the prosthetic arm being very unique mechanics.
  3. Some of Sekiro’s influence has made its way into Elden Ring, but for many fans, it is clear to see that FromSoftware wanted to base its latest title on games like Bloodborne and Dark Souls,
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However, this hasn’t stopped some Elden Ring modders from trying to instill the game’s combat with a Sekiro feel. The Sword Mastery – Total Combat Overhaul mod was created by AntiSteak and looks to do exactly what the title suggests. Adding new combo attacks and changing up the way Elden Ring’s melee weapons work, the Total Combat Overhaul mod is an impressive rework of a lot of the systems in the game.

  1. Of course, with a mod that looks to add some of Sekiro’s mechanics to Elden Ring, deflections have been brought into the game as well.
  2. While there isn’t a posture bar like the one in Sekiro, which lets a player know when they can go in for a death blow, Elden Ring’s deflections will give the player a short burst of stamina regeneration.

Deflections also appear easier to land in Elden Ring, as AntiSteak explains that the mechanic shows an icon to the player when they can stop an incoming attack. However, the modder also promises that this won’t give Elden Ring an easy mode, as it’s not possible to block multiple heavy attacks in a row.

To avoid those heavier strikes, a player can use the overhauled dodge mechanic to step quickly away from an attack in any direction. If they dodge around the newly introduced “perilous attacks,” an Elden Ring player will also have a chance to punish their opponent with a guard counter. Moreover, when facing a humanoid enemy or one wielding a sword, clashes have been introduced to Elden Ring as well.

One of the lesser-known mechanics of Sekiro, a sword clash occurs when both player and opponent strike at the same time, leading to an impressive visual that can give a fight more of an epic feeling. There are plenty of other changes brought about in the Total Combat Overhaul mod, but for any Elden Ring player who doesn’t want to change up the melee mechanics of the game, there are a number of other options.
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Is Elden Ring same universe as Game of Thrones?

Is Game of Thrones part of Elden Ring at all? – What Is Elden Ring Based On On the surface level of Elden Ring, there will likely be no ties to Game of Thrones, The game itself is an entirely new franchise made by FromSoftware, and comes with its own story for players to explore. While it may bear similarities to other fantasy titles and even Dark Souls, characters and arcs will all be new.

  1. For the Melina Elden Ring, click here.
  2. But that does leave the door open for Easter eggs within the game.
  3. More likely than not, there will be Dark Souls references in Elden Ring, around which there’s been plenty of speculation already.
  4. The same could be true for Game of Thrones, especially with Martin involved in the project.

It’s important to note that Martin was not involved in the entire development process of the game. He was tasked with creating much of the lore and making the back story of the game more cohesive. Martin is known for creating expansive worlds, and the collaboration simply made sense for FromSoftware.
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Is Elden rings Bethesda?

Elden Ring is a 2022 action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment.
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Who becomes Elden Lord?

Elden Ring Melina ending – This is the standard Elden Ring ending, the one that Melina (opens in new tab) has been leading you to throughout the game. Once you’ve defeated the Elden Beast, walk over and touch Fractured Marika, choosing the option to mend the ring.
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Who is the Lord of Elden Ring?

Marika and the demigods – To understand the whole deal of the Elden Lord, you have to understand how reality in the Lands Between work, and how it is ruled over by Marika and her family, who are both god-like beings and the equivalents of feudal kings, queens, and lords.

  • First up, there’s the Elden Ring, a magical object that governs the rules of reality in the Lands Between-it’s that gold thing on the title screen when you boot up the game.
  • The ring is made up of Great Runes that seemingly govern different elements of the world.
  • In removing the Rune of Death, Marika was able to change how death worked in her kingdom.

The Elden Ring isn’t native to the Lands Between, though. It was sent to the world by the Greater Will, a cosmic force known as an Outer God. What Is Elden Ring Based On The Greater Will is the main Outer God in the Lands Between-the source from which many blessings and abilities spring. Marika was elevated to godhood by the Greater Will through its emissaries, the Two Fingers. The Greater Will exists somewhere far away from the Lands Between, so to exert its, uh, will, it has emissaries and agents.

  1. Marika is one of those agents-she was originally of a people from outside the Lands Between called the Numen.
  2. Emissaries of the Greater Will, the Two Fingers, chose Marika to become an Empyrean, a person who could be elevated to godhood and serve as a vessel for the Elden Ring.
  3. Marika fulfilled that purpose and eventually became a god.

So at the top of the hierarchy is the Greater Will, then Marika and the Elden Ring, then, seemingly, the Two Fingers, then the demigods, who are Marika’s children and step-children. While Marika had the power of the Elden Ring behind her, she didn’t find the Lands Between empty.

In fact, quite a few people lived there, with civilizations and gods of their own. They included giants in the mountains, dragons (who may have been subjects of the Greater Will before Marika), and humans, as well as various other races scattered throughout the world. With control of the Elden Ring and the Rune of Death, Marika established the Golden Order, a sort of “Church of Marika” that also encompassed the rules of reality in the Lands Between.

And she started a campaign to bring the other civilizations to heel under her monarchy and the Golden Order. For that, she needed someone to wage war on her behalf-a king to her queen, essentially. The role of consort to Marika was known as the Elden Lord, a person who would wield massive power in the Lands Between as Marika’s right hand.

  • For her first Elden Lord, Marika chose a powerful warrior called Hoarah Loux; in his new royal position, he was renamed Godfrey the Golden.
  • Under Marika’s orders, Godfrey waged war on the giants and various other races.
  • When you get to the Mountaintops of Giants, you find a whole lot of frozen giants there, thanks to Godfrey.) He also had children with Marika: Godwyn the Golden and the twins, Morgott and Mohg.

Godwyn was, apparently, Marika’s most favored child in the end, and he would go on to fight the dragons, even befriending a few thanks to his prowess in battle. Morgott and Mohg, however, were both “Omen” children-strange, powerful, cursed beings with horns growing all over their bodies. What Is Elden Ring Based On The first boss you face, Margit, is an Omen-one of the cursed people who were shunned by the Golden Order. Meanwhile, the campaigns of Marika and Godfrey were going pretty well, and the influence of the Greater Will spread across the land. Among the armies they sent out into the world was a champion named Radagon, who advanced in the ranks and eventually stood as a major leader among Leyndell’s forces.

  • He brought an army to bear against one of the countries of the Lands Between that wouldn’t come under the Golden Order’s purview: Liurnia of the Lakes,
  • In Liurnia stood the Raya Lucaria Academy, where sorcerers trained using powers derived from the cosmos, at odds with the power of faith granted by the Golden Order.
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The country had monarchs of its own, the Carian Royal Family, and powerful knights who also wielded powers of sorcery. Radagon and his forces found they couldn’t defeat the Carian soldiers or the sorcerers of Liurnia, and when he met the Carian royal, Rennala, on the battlefield, the two fell in love.

So Liurnia came under the Golden Order’s governance not through force, like the other parts of the Lands Between, but through a marriage alliance between Radagon and Rennala. They had three children: Rykard, Radahn, and Ranni. Eventually, though, Godfrey ran out of people to conquer, and for some reason, Marika decided to take away his title as Elden Lord.

She sent Godfrey away, along with his warriors, to live outside the Lands Between. It sounds like this was the origin of the Tarnished-Marika intended for Godfrey and his warriors to live, struggle, and die outside the Lands Between, before returning stronger. What Is Elden Ring Based On Rennala got a bit.weird after Radagon left her, and her lack of leadership after his departure had a devastating effect on Liurnia. Radagon and Marika then had two more demigod children together: the twins Miquella and Malenia. Like Morgott and Mogh, though, these last two were also born cursed, but in a different way.

Miquella could never grow up, forever trapped in the body of a child, while Malenia was cursed by the Scarlet Rot, a disease that ate at her from the inside despite her immortality. Still, despite various curses, Marika and her family lived and ruled for quite a long time this way, raising a society in the Lands Between and governing as a powerful royal family.

But slowly, things began to shift.
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Can Gandalf touch the ring?

Gandalf is an extremely powerful being in Lord of the Rings. Yet he was still afraid of touching the One Ring. Why is that? What Is Elden Ring Based On Gandalf is a mighty wizard in the Lord of the Rings series. In fact, he is actually a Maia, a being that helped the Valar create the world. He was sent to Middle Earth to help the people of the world defeat Sauron. So he is probably powerful and wise enough to do so.

This might lead some fans to wonder: if Gandalf is so powerful, why was he so afraid to even touch the One Ring? Does it mean that he thinks Sauron is more powerful than he is? Or is there another reason? To understand the answers to these questions, it is crucial to understand Gandalf and Sauron as characters and the influence of the One Ring.

Gandalf is quite an intriguing character. As is mentioned above, he is a Maiar, sent to Middle Earth to combat the threat of Sauron. Gandalf is an old friend of Bilbo Baggins and went on an adventure with him during the events of The Hobbit, After going on this adventure with Bilbo, Gandalf becomes particularly interested in Hobbits and Bilbo’s family specifically. What Is Elden Ring Based On What really makes Gandalf suspicious is when Bilbo suddenly changes his mind about leaving his ring to Frodo. Bilbo starts acting with a ton of hostility towards Gandalf, which only makes the wizard more suspicious. Bilbo accuses Gandalf of wanting the Ring for himself and calls it “precious.” Gandalf is horrified by this turn of events and stands to his full height and projects his power, which scares Bilbo into eventually doing the right thing by leaving the Ring to Frodo.

Gandalf warns Frodo not to use the Ring, keep it secret from everyone, and make sure it is safe. Gandalf then needs to find out for sure if it is the One Ring that Frodo now owns. So he does some research in Minas Tirith and manages to figure out a way to determine if it is indeed the One Ring. After this research, Gandalf returns to the Shire and throws Frodo’s ring into the fire.

It then reveals its inscription. Gandalf explains the story behind the Ring to Frodo and tells him to get ready to leave the Shire for Rivendell. Gandalf eventually becomes a member of the Fellowship of the Ring and assists Frodo on his quest to destroy the One Ring.

He also leads the people of Middle Earth in many battles against Sauron and his forces, giving Frodo a chance to succeed. Gandalf is definitely wise and powerful. He does not allow any foolish or harmful behavior but has a ton of compassion. He can be blunt when he needs to be but is also affectionate in certain situations.

Sauron, like Gandalf, is a Maia, This would make their powers about equal. However, that is where the similarities between the two characters end. Sauron used to be a lieutenant of Morgoth, the Vala who became the first Dark Lord of Middle Earth. After his original master’s defeat, Sauron wanted to rule over Middle Earth.

In order to do so, he assisted the Elves in creating the Rings of Power and then made the One Ring for himself. Luckily, the elves figured out what he did and took their Rings of Power off. Sauron then fought a war to gain them all but the Three Elven Rings. He then gave nine to Men and seven to Dwarves.

Sauron and Gandalf are very far apart when it comes to personality as well. What Is Elden Ring Based On While Gandalf is compassionate, Sauron would look at compassion as a negative thing. While Gandalf is affectionate, Sauron would not understand the point of affection. The One Ring, like Sauron, is a bad influence on people. Though someone could start out with good intentions, the Ring would eventually corrupt them.

And that is why Gandalf can’t touch it. He is afraid that if he did, it would corrupt him and make him just as bad as Sauron since Sauron put so much of himself and his evil into the One Ring. Gandalf’s fears are definitely reasonable. Even though he and Sauron are equal, power-wise, Sauron is evil while Gandalf is firmly on the side of good.

He would not want to take the chance that the Ring might corrupt him. If it wouldn’t, it wouldn’t, but Gandalf doesn’t want to risk it. The One Ring is definitely a corrupting force. And if Gandalf were to be corrupted, the people of Middle Earth would have no chance against Sauron.
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Who is Ragnar based on?

Ragnar Lothbrook
Vikings character
Carbon drawing of Ragnar
First appearance ” Rites of Passage ” (2013)
Last appearance ” The Last Act ” (2020)
Created by Michael Hirst
Based on Ragnar Lodbrok
Portrayed by Travis Fimmel
In-universe information
Alias King of the Northmen
  • Earl of Kattegat
  • King of Norway


  • Sigurd Hring (father)
  • Alfhild Gandolfsdatte (mother)
  • Rollo (brother)
  • Bjorn Ironside (son)
  • Gyda (daughter)
  • Ubbe (son)
  • Hvitserk (son)
  • Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye (son)
  • Ivar the Boneless (son)
Spouses Lagertha Aslaug
Significant other Yidu
Religion Norse paganism
Origin Kattegat, Norway

Ragnar ” Lothbrok ” Sigurdsson is a main character in the historical drama series Vikings, created by Canadian network History, He is portrayed by Travis Fimmel and is based on Ragnar Lodbrok, a 9th-century Viking farmer and warrior who raided Anglo-Saxon villages in England,
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Is Elden Ring based on medieval?

Elden Ring is a FromSoftware game featuring gameplay similar to that of the Dark Souls trilogy and Bloodborne. While Bloodborne featured a setting inspired by England’s Victorian era, Elden Ring has a medieval dark fantasy setting that’s evocative of Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls.
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Is Elden Ring a prequel to Dark Souls?

7 Dark Souls References You Missed In Elden Ring Director Hidetaka Miyazaki has been very clear that isn’t a sequel or prequel to, but instead takes place within its own separate universe. As with most games by Miyazaki, however, there are nods to his previous projects and recurring elements from other games.
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Is Dark Souls and Elden Ring in the same universe?

Elden Ring seems to have a Lot to do with fires. So what If Elden Ring is Set before Dark Souls? Darksouls Always Had to do with retaining the Flame.
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