Where Is The Blind Maiden Elden Ring?

Elden Ring

Where Is The Blind Maiden Elden Ring
It’s easy to miss Elden Ring ‘s Hyetta quest, which is about the blind maiden who waits at the southern edge of Lake Liurnia, The triggers for her to appear are unintuitive, and she never gives a hint to where she’s going next. But if you meet her once, you’ll surely want to see her quest through to the end. Here’s how to find Hyetta in every location, including Bellum Church,
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Where is the Fingerprint Grape blind maiden?

Where to get the Fingerprint Grape in Elden Ring – The Fingerprint Grape is located near the Church of Inhibition, which is east of the Bellum Church. To get the grape, players need to defeat the NPC invader, Festering Fingerprint Vyke. He can be tough, and he uses attacks that cause madness, which can cause significant damage if it fills a player’s madness meter.
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Can you save the blind girl Elden Ring?

Can You Prevent Irina’s Death? – Sadly, Irina’s death is completely part of the quest line. Just like a majority of Elden Ring’s quests (and by extension, almost all quest lines in Soulsborne games), this story doesn’t have a happy ending. Irina will be killed by the Leonine Misbegotten as soon as you give Edgar the letter, and avenging her death by killing the Leonine Misbegotten will not satisfy Edgar.

His quest to avenge his daughter will lead to his madness, attacking the Tarnished out of desperation, thinking that they are responsible for the death of Irina. No matter how you change the sequence of the steps you take in the quest guide above, there is no way to save Irina apart from completely avoiding her quest line and not killing the Leonine Misbegotten.

Thankfully, her role in the greater scheme of things is small, and her death is pretty much inconsequential. Missing this quest line will have you missing out on some powerful weapons. For more Elden Ring guides, check them out, Tags:, Alex House · 7 minutes ago Aidan Cotter · 19 minutes ago Paolo Songco · 19 minutes ago Ryan Bologna · 21 minutes ago Dominik Zawartko · 22 minutes ago Jesse Cinquini · 24 minutes ago Jack Tien-Dana · 39 minutes ago Abhinav Kini · 44 minutes ago Tim Capurso · 46 minutes ago Colin Gallant · 49 minutes ago : Elden Ring Guides: Can you save Irina from dying?
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Where is Irina after delivering letter?

Where to Find Irina – advertisement Head to the Weeping Peninsula at the southernmost tip of Limgrave. After crossing the Bridge of Sacrifice, activate the site of grace to the right of the path, then continue south on the path until you see her sitting near a low wall to your left.
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What happens if you replace Melina with Hyetta?

Hyetta and the Lord of Frenzied Flame Ending – Hyetta’s burning desire is to become a Finger Maiden, but she ends up serving the Three Fingers. You’ll next find her at the bottom of the Subterranean Shunning Grounds underneath Leyndell, outside the area where you receive the Frenzied Flame.

Speak with her and remove your clothes before interacting with the Three Fingers. Melina abandons you for accepting the flame, but Hyetta takes her place as your guiding Maiden. You’ll receive the Frenzied Flame Seal, which strengthens Frenzied Flame Incantations. There seems to be no effect on the Lord of Frenzied Flame ending whether you complete Hyetta’s quest or not, though.

Accepting the flame locks you into the Frenzied Flame ending unless you complete Millicent’s quest, battle Malenia, and obtain and use Miquella’s Needle. The products discussed here were independently chosen by our editors. GameSpot may get a share of the revenue if you buy anything featured on our site.
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Should I tell Hyetta they are human eyes?

Third Encounter in Liurnia – Continue northward along the eastern shore of Liurnia until you reach the Gate Town Bridge Site of Grace ; look due north from this Site of Grace to find her standing against the cliffside. At this point, she will request another grape.

The easiest one to retrieve at this point is at the Revenger’s Shack in southwest Liurnia, just north of the minor Erdtree. Head here and defeat Edgar, the Revenger to receive another Shabriri Grape, Return and speak to her. There are two options to choose when Hyetta asks what the grapes are. You can either say “they’re human eyes” or “don’t say anything.” If you tell her, she’ll be upset but says to think no more of it.

Rest at the nearby Site of Grace, then speak to her again. She’ll let you know she’s come to the conclusion that she’s destined to be a Finger Maiden, At this point, she will again move on to her next location.
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Who is the one eyed girl in Elden Ring?

Melina (Elden Ring)

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Melina is one of the main characters of the 2022 action video game, Elden Ring. She is a mysterious spectral girl who offers an alliance with the Tarnished to help them on their journey. She’s also the master of Torrent the Spectral Steed and will give him to the Tarnished when they accept her offer of alliance.
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Should I give Hyetta a grape?

Elden Ring Hyetta: Frenzied Flame Proscription – Click to enlarge Bandai Namco For this step, you must head to the sewers below Leyndell. This place is vast and confusing, and is beyond difficult to map out or explain. Explore the sewers and you will come across Mohg, the Omen, in an underground church.

  1. Defeating Mohg is a necessary step to complete this questline.
  2. Once Mohg is dealt with, hit the altar at the back of the room and it will move.
  3. Head through this passageway and drop down, from beam to beam, to the bottom of the room.
  4. The ground below needs to be broken and can be done so by dropping from high up.

This is likely to kill you, so do this and then come back down. At the bottom, you will find Hyetta waiting. She tells you that she plans to be a Maiden of Chaos, and sees that you are on your way to becoming a Lord. This is the point of no return, as progressing any further will lock you into a particular ending.

  1. To proceed, take off all of your clothes and go to the door ahead.
  2. A cutscene will play, and afterwards you can speak to Hyetta.
  3. From here, Hyetta will be your maiden, and you will be on your way to becoming the Lord of Chaos.
  4. There you have it, Hyetta’s quest with as few spoilers as we could manage.
  5. This quest is a big part of the game, and radically changes how it ends.

For another Elden Ring questline that is important to the story, check out Elden Ring Blaidd : Where To Find Blaidd and How To Complete His Quest.
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Where is Edgar after Irina dies?

Irina questline walkthrough for Elden Ring – Where Is The Blind Maiden Elden Ring (Image credit: FromSoftware) Irina is first met just after the Bridge of Sacrifice, sitting on a wall just after this area heading South down the road on the Weeping Peninsula. Looking East from the Bridge of Sacrifice Site of Grace should reveal her, a woman with short blonde hair and a discoloured dress.

Talk to Irina and she’ll give you Irina’s Letter, which she asks you to deliver to her father Edgar in Castle Morne. Castle Morne is at the Southern point of the Weeping Peninsula, and is filled with the animalistic enemies known as the Misbegotten, as well as a few other assorted enemies. Edgar is on top of the Northeast tower – once you fight through the courtyard and reach the battlements, follow them directly to his location, dropping down at one point. He’ll tell you that he can’t leave until he’s made sure that the legendary sword of Castle Morne isn’t going to be claimed by the Misbegotten first. He’ll also give a Sacrificial Twig – that was nice of him. Head back to Irina’s location, Annoyingly, she’ll be dead, with an Iron Cleaver embedded in the ground next to her (indicating that it’s probably an act of revenge by the Misbegotten enemies that Edgar’s fighting). Head back to Castle Morne, and this time progress through it and down to the Southernmost point, down to the beach. There’ll be a boss fight with an enemy called the Leonine Misbegotten, an early-to-mid game boss who focuses on aggressive melee strikes and fast movements. Blocking isn’t recommended against these heavy barrages of strikes, though you can parry, and the Misbegotten is apparently a little weak to Slashing damage if you have it. Killing the Leonine Misbegotten gives you the Grafted Blade Greatsword. Take it back to Edgar – he won’t take it off you, just simply need to prove that the Misbegotten won’t get hold of it. He thanks you and says he’s going to go see Irina now his duty’s done – and no, you can’t spoil the surprise for him. Head back to Irina by the bridge for a third and final time and you’ll find Edgar mourning over her body. Talk to him and exhaust his dialogue. Edgar reappears as a hostile NPC invader called Edgar the Revenger, found at the Revenger’s Shack, North of the Minor Erdtree in Southwest Liurnia. Kill him to get a Furlcalling Finger Remedy, a Shabriri Grape, five Raw Meat Dumplings, and a +8 Banished Knight’s Halberd.

Where Is The Blind Maiden Elden Ring (Image credit: FromSoftware) Sadly there’s no further steps to follow this bleak ending, as considering that all of the principal characters are dead, there’s not a lot of places for the quest to go from here. Still, the Banished Knight’s Halberd is pretty good, and the Shabriri Grape is a unique (if disgusting) item that can be used with the NPC Hyetta’s questline.
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What happens if you refuse Melina help Elden Ring?

Should you accept Melina’s accord in Elden Ring? – Embracing Fia explained Where Is The Blind Maiden Elden Ring (Image credit: FromSoftware) Later you’ll get another strange choice, about whether you want to embrace Fia for bonuses and penalties. We explain the Elden Ring hug debuff for you here! Melina will usually appear when you stop at your third Site of Grace.

Officially, according to FromSoftware’s own instructions and supporting info, she appear after visiting three Sites of Grace from one of a pool of ‘predetermined’ sites. For most people, this will take place at the Gatefront Ruins site because of how the Guidance of Grace beams of light direct you around the world.

When you reach your third (ish) Site of Grace, Melina will walk up and offer you ‘an accord’. You, apparently, are maiden-less, and she will take on that role for you if you agree to escort her to the Erdtree. However, at this point you’ll have no idea what a maiden is or does, or what the accord actually does.

However, you really do want to say yes, as not only is Melina how you level up – appearing at Sites of Grace after you agree to help you – but she also gives you the Spectral Steed Whistle, answering the question of how to get the Elden Ring horse, Torrent. So if you don’t say yes, you won’t be able to spend the Runes you collect on improving your character’s stats, and you’ll have to walk everywhere.

This won’t just make things harder – if you think that’s just going to be a challenge to try out – you won’t be able to reach certain areas or get past some obstacles at all without Torrent. So you really, really want to say yes.
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Does saving Melina do anything Elden Ring?

Who Is Melina in Elden Ring? – Melina is a mysterious yet friendly NPC that joins the Tarnished (the players) on their Elden Ring journey from the very beginning. She is easily recognizable by her black robe and eye tattoo, and she approaches you when you are resting at a Site of Grace. Where Is The Blind Maiden Elden Ring source: attractmo.de Sites of Lost Grace are Elden Ring’s checkpoints, and they can be used to restore your health, refill your flasks, and save your progress,
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Can Irina become a firekeeper?

Light Path: Irina Becomes A Fire Keeper – Where Is The Blind Maiden Elden Ring If players forgo purchasing any dark miracles from Irina and instead purchase all of her regular miracles, Irina will become a Fire Keeper. She will move to the tower of Firelink Shrine where the Sword Master was located. Players will be able to use Irina to level up as well as the normal Fire Keeper.
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What happens if you refuse Irina?

Elden Ring Irina’s Location – Where To Find – Irina can be located near the Bridge of Sacrifice Site of Grace on the north side of the Weeping Peninsula. If you need help uncovering the map, check out this Limgrave Map Fragments locations guide, After you talk to her, she will ask you to deliver a letter to her father, Edgar, at Castle Morne. However, you have the option to agree or not. If you accept the task, you will receive a quest item called Irina’s Letter, and you’ll be on your way to Castle Morne, which lies a little to the south of your current location. If you decline, you can keep Irina’s Letter, and that’s about it.
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Where is Rya after you give her the necklace?

After Activating the Grand Lift of Dectus – Once you’ve hoisted the medallion to operate the Grand Lift of Dectus, you’ll have access to the Altus Plateau. As you exit, you’ll see Rya on the left-hand side. Here she’ll invite you to Volcano Manor, She’ll teleport you there if you take her hand.
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What happens to Melina If you use Miquella needle?

Does Melina survive if you use Miquella’s needle? – Melina will seemingly survive the events of the game if she leaves the player. The Frenzied Flame can also be purged from the player by using Miquella’s Needle, which is obtained after defeating optional boss Malenia and completing the side quest of Millicent. |
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Does Melina have an ending?

Elden Ring Melina ending – This is the standard Elden Ring ending, the one that Melina (opens in new tab) has been leading you to throughout the game. Once you’ve defeated the Elden Beast, walk over and touch Fractured Marika, choosing the option to mend the ring.
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What happens if you sacrifice yourself instead of Melina?

Hyetta Full Questline Walkthrough | Hyetta & Shabriri Grape Locations | Elden Ring

What happens if you refuse to take Melina to the foot of the Erdtree? – Refusing Melina’s offer in Elden Ring will block your progression in the game. Accepting her offer is the only way to level up in the game, and she’s the one who will give you the key item Spectral Steed Whistle, which you can use to summon Elden Ring’s horse Torrent. |
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What happens if you tame the Frenzied Flame?

Beat The Final Boss To Unlock The Elden Ring Lord of Chaos Ending. – Where Is The Blind Maiden Elden Ring The Frenzied Flame unlocks a new ending for Elden Ring – the Lord of Chaos (and Age of Chaos) ending. While all other unlockable endings to Elden Ring are interchangeable, players are locked into becoming the Lord of Chaos. For instance, if a player has unlocked the Age of the Stars and the Age of the Duskborn endings then two options to select a mending rune will be available after beating the Elden Beast.
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Where is the Finger Maiden Roundtable Hold?

Roundtable Hold Information in Elden Ring – In order to reach Roundtable Hold, the player will need to encounter Melina once again when certain conditions are fulfilled. When the conditions are met, the player must rest at a Site of Grace on the open world, and upon doing so, Melina will appear and start a conversation automatically, in which she offers to take you to the Roundtable Hold,

For Melina to invite you to the Roundtable Hold, the player must activate/unlock (resting is not necessary) a Site of Grace in the open world-Sites of Grace in caves, tunnels and catacombs do not count for this condition. Said Site of Grace must not be located in Limgrave (West and East ) or Weeping Peninsula,

The most common contenders are Liurnia of the Lakes and Caelid, After attempting Margit the Fell Omen (he does not necessarily need to be killed) the player may rest at a Site of Grace in Limgrave such as the Castleward Tunnel Site of Grace and receive an invitation to the Roundtable from Melina if they had not received one prior by meeting the above condition.

Reaching Liurnia of the Lakes and activating the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace.

This area can be reached before facing Margit, the Fell Omen, By going to the end of the broken bridge where the Finger Reader Crone is first met (by following the path north from Stormhill Shack ), the player will be able to see some debris leading down. Going down this way and taking the following path to the right (there will be wolves along the way) will lead the player to Liurnia of the Lakes and the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace.

However, this method will cause Roderika to skip the first part of her quest and appear at Roundtable Hold immediately. The Golden Seed obtained from her can still be gathered at the Stormhill Shack afterwards.

Reaching Caelid and activating either the Smoldering Church or the Sellia Under-Stair Sites of Grace, or the Bestial Sanctum Site of Grace in Dragonbarrow,

To reach the Smoldering Church, the player can follow the path to the northeast of Stormhill Shack, past the Saintsbridge and Summonwater Village Outskirts Sites of Grace, until reaching Caelid proper. The church will be nearby at the left side of the road (facing north), with a Site of Grace inside it.

Please note that the entrance to the Smoldering Church is guarded by a NPC Invader, Anastasia, Tarnished-Eater, If the player does not wish to fight, they can opt to rush immediately inside the church and activate the Site of Grace. After this, they can either force quit the game (to despawn the invader), or simply wait around until the NPC comes up and kills them, allowing them to respawn inside the church. Then they can recover their runes and fast travel out of there.

To reach the Sellia Under-Stair Site of Grace, players can opt to use the trapped chest in Dragon-Burnt Ruins in Limgrave, which will teleport them to Sellia Crystal Tunnel, After that, run to the entrance of the place, unlocking the Site of Grace (it’s recommended to rest here to remove the disabled teleport debuff) and heading outside the tunnel. Once the player is outside, head to the left ignoring all the enemies and follow the path without entering the swamp, past a few crumbling ruins. To reach the Bestial Sanctum Site of Grace, use the way-gate directly north of the Third Church of Marika in eastern Limgrave. This will teleport you directly in front of the Bestial Sanctum doors. Open them, step inside and the Site of Grace is located a bit further inside, to the right between the pillars. D, Hunter of the Dead will mark the way-gate on the map if the player shows him any aquired Deathroot,

Once Roundtable Hold is unlocked, the player can go back and forth using the Fast Travel feature on the Map menu. The place is located (in the map menu) on the bottom left corner. Roundtable Hold acts as a hub for NPCs where players can access services, barter with merchants, and upgrade weapons and Spirit Ashes,

NPCs here will have varying reactions to your presence. Some have set duties and will aid you with your quest, while others might request aid for their own quests. The rest will provide minimal interaction. You will find a number of NPCs in the central room. As you progress through the rooms, beware of the lower section that you can enter by jumping over the balcony.

Entering this area will result in a very difficult encounter with an invader, Mad Tongue Alberich.

To get back any runes that may have been lost to the invader, you can try dying right next to the big set of doors to the right of the hall after you drop down, close to where the invader spawns. After you die, go down the staircase near the blacksmith Hewg and to the doors immediately to your left (they’re one and the same). You’ll be able to see the glow of your runes and collect them from that side.

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