Where To Find Rivers Of Blood Elden Ring?

Elden Ring

Where To Find Rivers Of Blood Elden Ring
Where to find Rivers of Blood – Rivers of Blood is found in the late-game area Mountaintops of the Giants, Once you’ve gained access to this biome through the main quest chain, you’ll find the Church of Repose in the southeast of the map. As you approach the church, you’ll be invaded by an NPC named Bloody Finger Okina, who so happens to be wielding the Rivers of Blood katana-so it’s your job to take it from him.

Head here to fight Okina and obtain Rivers of Blood. Okina is a relatively challenging fight, as he’s very aggressive and can inflict blood loss for some pretty substantial damage. Punish him when he attempts to heal and stay on top of him with equal aggression, however, and he’ll soon fall. When he does, you’ll receive the Okina Mask alongside your real prize-the Rivers of Blood katana for which you’ve been searching.

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Where is the Rivers of Blood in Elden Ring?

Quick Links – FromSoftware has long been known for its eccentric and eye-popping weapon designs, be that humongous greatswords or skull-crushing hammers. Players have always had the opportunity to experiment with vast equipment. This is no different in, where there are more weapons to play with than ever before.

One of these blades is the Rivers of Blood Katana, an arcane-based sword that is becoming increasingly popular in both the game’s solo and multiplayer modes. While only accessible in the late-game, this crimson sword is perfect for an arcane, dexterity, or bleed-based build. Updated July 6, 2022: We’ve updated this guide to include a video that shows you where to find the Rivers of Blood Katana in Elden Ring.

Happy hunting! Where To Find Rivers Of Blood Elden Ring The Rivers of Blood Katana can only be accessed in the Mountaintops of the Giants area of the Lands Between, To find yourself in this area, you will need to have traversed the Leyndell Capital and ascended the Grand Lift of Rold, This location becomes available after you have defeated Morgott, the Omen King, at the foot of the Erd Tree.

  • Once in the Mountaintops of the Giants, you will need to locate the Church of Repose, at the point of the map pictured above.
  • This church is easily accessible from the Giants’ Gravepost Site of Grace.
  • Simply head forward, avoiding the giant enemies along your way, and stick to the right-hand side of the cliff.

Travel in this direction until you see the ruins of a church in the distance, Here is where you will find the katana. An important thing to note for this weapon, you must not yet have beaten The Fire Giant, the main boss of this part of the map. If you have, the item is unobtainable.

  1. As you approach the church you will be notified that a player is about to invade your game.
  2. This NPC, named Bloody Finger Okina, is who you must defeat to get your hands on the sword.
  3. Okina can be tricky, given the high amount of bleed damage he can deal,
  4. However, if you roll into his attacks, utilizing Elden Ring’s invincibility frames feature, he has a number of openings that provide ample opportunity to deal damage.

As he is an invading tarnished, Okina has one use of his Flask of Crimson Tears, so keep that in mind. Once Okina has been defeated, you will be awarded the Rivers of Blood Katana, as well as his helm. Where To Find Rivers Of Blood Elden Ring To use this blood-soaked blade you will need 12 strength, 18 dexterity, and 20 arcane, The weapon scales with each of these stats, meaning the more points you put into each one, the more damage the katana will do. The main benefit of this weapon is its rapid and impressively powerful bleed buildup,

The more you hit an enemy, the more its blood loss meter fills up: once full, a massive chunk of its health will vanish. This encourages aggressive play, and bosses often succumb to blood loss surprisingly quickly. The Rivers Of Blood Katana has a unique weapon art named Corpse Piler, This will see your character let out a flurry of blood-soaked slices that deal huge damage to enemies.

To upgrade this impressively powerful sword you will need Somber Smithing Stones, a slightly rarer version of the game’s standard upgrade materials. The Rivers of Blood is perfect for both PvP and PvE, combining multiple benefits into one of the game’s best weapons.
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How many rivers of blood can you get in Elden Ring?

Can you wield 2 rivers of blood Elden Ring? – Yes, you can get two Rivers of Blood Katanas in Elden Ring. Getting the second copy won’t be possible in the playthrough you unlocked the first Rivers of Blood. You can start a New Game+ journey and beat Bloody Finger Okina again, which will allow you to unlock your second Rivers of Blood Katana. |
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What level should I be to get rivers of blood?

Rivers of Blood explained – Rivers of Blood is a katana that can rapidly cause blood buildup, and it requires 12 Strength, 18, Dexterity, and 20 Arcane to wield. Its weapon skill Corpse Piler is unique to the weapon, and it unleashes a flurry of bloody attacks that can devastate your foes.
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What armor is best for rivers of blood?

Rivers of Blood Armor Sets and Talismans Where To Find Rivers Of Blood Elden Ring – The one armor piece that players using the Rivers of Blood katana should absolutely equip is the White Mask, as that helmet grants a 10% attack power increase for 20 seconds after blood loss has been inflicted. Fans that like to use jump attacks may also want to consider equipping the Raptor’s Black Feathers chest to strengthen those attacks by around 10%.

White Mask: Dropped by an invader in the blood lake area of Elden Ring ‘s Mohgwyn Palace, Cannot be obtained if Mohg, Lord of Blood has been killed. Raptor’s Black Feathers: In a chest past an illusory wall in Altus Plateau’s Sage’s Cave.

When it comes to Rivers of Blood talismans, there are three that work perfectly with the build, and a free slot to do with as you will. The Lord of Blood’s Exultation is the only critical Talisman for this build, as it grants a 20% attack boost when blood loss is inflicted nearby and stacks with the White Mask.

  1. Players should consider equipping the Rotten Winged Sword Insignia for bonus attack power with successive hits, and the Carian Filigreed Crest to lower the FP cost of skills (a.k.a.
  2. Corpse Piler) by 25%.
  3. For the fourth Talisman slot, there are many suitable options.
  4. Both Erdtree’s Favor +2 or either Soreseal are worth considering if a player wants a more-general boost to their character, while the Claw Talisman may be better for those that like jump attacks and stacks with the Raptor’s Black Feathers.

Fans may also want to think about the Godskin Swaddling Cloth or Taker’s Cameo, as those will bring a bit of healing to the build.

Lord of Blood’s Exultation: Dropped by Esgar, Priest of Blood in Leyndell Catacombs beneath Elden Ring ‘s Leyndell, Royal Capital, Rotten Winged Sword Insignia: Earned during Millicent’s questline in Elden Ring, Carian Filigreed Crest: Sold by War Counselor Iji during Blaidd’s questline in Elden Ring, Erdtree’s Favor +2: Found in the large courtyard in Leyndell after the city undergoes a major change. Radagon’s Soreseal: Looted from a corpse in Caelid’s Fort Faroth. Marika’s Soreseal: On an altar past a Stonesword Key barrier at the bottom of Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree. Godskin Swaddling Cloth: Obtained by defeating the bosses in the Mountaintops of the Giants’ Spiritcaller Cave. Taker’s Cameo: Awarded as part of the questline at Elden Ring ‘s Volcano Manor,

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series X|S. MORE: Complete Guide To Elden Ring: Weapons, Items, Tips, Tricks, Bosses, & Builds
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Can I get 2 rivers of blood?

Can you get two Rivers of Blood Katana in Elden Ring ? – Yes, you can get two Rivers of Blood Katanas in Elden Ring, Getting the second copy won’t be possible in the playthrough you unlocked the first Rivers of Blood. You can start a New Game+ journey and beat Bloody Finger Okina again, which will allow you to unlock your second Rivers of Blood Katana.
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Should you dual wield with rivers of blood?

Should I two hand rivers of Blood? It is recommended that players dual wield the Rivers of Blood katana alongside either the Uchigatana or Nagakiba, with the second of these two options requiring some additional points be put into Strength. | Yes, you can get two Rivers of Blood Katanas in Elden Ring.

  • Getting the second copy won’t be possible in the playthrough you unlocked the first Rivers of Blood.
  • You can start a New Game+ journey and beat Bloody Finger Okina again, which will allow you to unlock your second Rivers of Blood Katana.
  • | The Rivers of Blood katana requires the following stats: 12 Strength.18 Dexterity.20 Arcane.

| The Rivers of Blood katana is the best sword for a bleed build, either two-handed or dual wielded with another katana. For the first half of the game you’ll likely be making do with the Uchigatana, which you can find in Limgrave or start with if you pick the samurai class.
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Did Rivers of Blood get nerfed?

‘Elden Ring’ Patch Finally Nerfs Rivers Of Blood And Bloodhound Step Elden Ring From Well, you had your fun, but all good things must come to an end. After months of Rivers of Blood being one of the best combat tactics in the game, Elden Ring has finally nerfed it as a part of its latest, along with Bloodhound Step, Glintstone Pebble and more.

Greatsword, Curved Greatsword, Great Axes and Great Hammers Buffs – Reduced the time it takes to be able to roll after an attack. – Increased the motion speed of strong attack and charge attack. – Increased Guard Counter’s motion speed – Increased rolling distance when a player has a light equip load. Increased hitbox of Cipher Pata’s weapon skill Unblockable Blade Increase the range of Glintstone Pebble and Glintstone Dart while decreasing damage and stagger power. Decreased travel distance and invincibility frames of Ash of War, Bloodhound Step, while adding reduced performance when used continuously, but increasing the travel distance when on light equip load. Quick Step buffed to be used more frequently in succession, increasing its ability to circle an enemy. Reduced performance when used continuously, but increased travel distance on light equip load as well. Decreased the damage and bleed build-up of weapon Corpse Piler when hit with the blood attack. When hit by he blade, the damage is only decreased slightly. Decreased target tracking of Stars of Ruin sorcery.

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One new thing added is the ability to send summoning signs to summoning pools in multiple areas, meaning you can help people from further away, or invade enemies in a larger area instead. The White Mask Varre quest has been changed so you can complete it offline by fighting an NPC instead of going online to fight Tarnished through invasions.

These days, these big nerfs like to Rivers of Blood and Bloodhound Step are being made for the PvP side of the game, though obviously they have their key uses in PvE as well. I certainly relied on Bloodhound Step heavily during my playthough, and Glintstone Pebble too for a while there, as that skill was great to spam for like the first 30 hours of the game, at least.

Everyone expects that Elden Ring DLC will be announced within the next few months here, and as such, I guess I’ll have to see what state my old build is in when I get back and some of my old spells and skills are nerfed. I get it, but it’s still a bummer.
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Is Rivers of Blood Best bleed weapon?

1 Rivers Of Blood – Where To Find Rivers Of Blood Elden Ring With blood in the title of the weapon, it is no surprise that the Rivers of Blood katana is the best blood weapon players can find and use. Inflicting also physical and fire damage with every hit, this is a weapon many foes will not wish to cross blades with.

  • Further harm can cause during its unique skill, Corpse Piler, which slashes twice forward inflicting further fire and physical damage as well as increasing the amount of blood loss.
  • Once obtaining it from Bloody Finger Okina, who invades near the Church of Repose, the player will never want to put the brutal blade down.

Elden Ring is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. MORE: Elden Ring: Weapons That Can Melt Boss Health Bars
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How much arcane do I need for rivers of blood?

Elden Ring Rivers Of Blood: Where Is It? – Click to enlarge The Elden Ring Rivers of Blood katana can be earned from the invading NPC phantom, Bloody Finger Okina, who also wields the weapon during the fight. To get invaded by Okina, you’ll need to travel to one of the late-game regions called the Mountaintops of the Giants and find the Church of Repose.
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Is Rivers of Blood good against bosses?

Where To Find Rivers Of Blood Elden Ring The Lands Between just got a little more dangerous. Credit: FromSoftware There’s no such thing as an easy ride in any FromSoftware game, The Elden Ring developer reminded fans of exactly that on Tuesday with the release of patch version 1.06 (Opens in a new tab),

  • Joining some newly tweaked summoning rules is a host of balance changes, including a handful that weaken some of the go-to tools used by players who want to take some of the bite out of the more grueling late-game boss fights.
  • The one-two punch of changes starts with Bloodhound Step, a weapon skill that gives players an alternative dodge move which comes in the form of a short-distance teleport.

It comes with a low Focus Points (FP) cost, which makes it viable to use with characters that aren’t as magically inclined. It also offers more protection than the standard dodge move, with a longer window of invulnerability while the skill is in use.

That’s how it was before patch v1.06, anyway. Now? Not so much. The post-patch Bloodhound Step has a shorter teleport distance and a similarly reduced window of invulnerability (which is measured in “frames”). Players can also expect to run into “reduced performance” from the skill when they use it repeatedly in rapid succession — the notes aren’t clear on what “reduced performance” means, specifically — whereas previously your FP total was the only limit on its use.

On the flipside, Bloodhound Step will also now take your carry weight into account, so you can increase the teleport distance by having a lighter load equipped. That doesn’t completely mitigate the impact of the patch, but it does give players who have depended on the skill an option for continuing to use it.

The other major balance tweak comes for Rivers of Blood, a powerful katana that’s been favored by many players because of its unique abilities. The katana’s “Corpse Piler” weapon skill unleashes a swirling flurry of slashes which strike across a larger area and inflict Blood build-up, an Elden Ring status effect that can even the odds in boss fights because the damage it inflicts is a percentage of the foe’s max health total rather than a fixed number.

The pre-patch Rivers of Blood has been an especially useful option for tougher bosses in part because of its attack range, but mostly because of Corpse Piler’s ability to rapidly generate Blood build-up and, as a result, slice larger chunks off a boss’s health bar at a faster pace.

The patch reduces both the damage numbers and Blood build-up inflicted by Corpse Piler. RIP Rivers of Blood, thanks for the good times, buddy. These might feel like heavy-handed changes, but that’s the fine line of game balance for you. Bloodhound Step and Corpse Piler both became go-to strategies for managing Malenia, who is widely considered to be Elden Ring ‘s most challenging boss.

But more impactfully, both have also become indispensable tools for players when they’re invading other people’s games. Tellingly, the summoning changes in patch v1.06 ease some pain points with the feature that have lingered since Elden Ring launched.

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For those who aren’t familiar, the online aspect of summoning cuts both ways. You can use it to call on other players for help in specific areas and with particular fights by drawing a little sign on the ground that then appears in the same location in other people’s games. When another player interacts with that sign, they’re whisked off to join you.

But summoning someone also opens your game up to incursions by hostile players who use a different kind of summoning sign to stage invasions. Bloodhound Step and Corpse Piler have been popular pre-patch because they confer benefits that are difficult to counter. Adam Rosenberg is a Senior Games Reporter for Mashable, where he plays all the games. Every single one. From AAA blockbusters to indie darlings to mobile favorites and browser-based oddities, he consumes as much as he can, whenever he can.Adam brings more than a decade of experience working in the space to the Mashable Games team.

He previously headed up all games coverage at Digital Trends, and prior to that was a long-time, full-time freelancer, writing for a diverse lineup of outlets that includes Rolling Stone, MTV, G4, Joystiq, IGN, Official Xbox Magazine, EGM, 1UP, UGO and others.Born and raised in the beautiful suburbs of New York, Adam has spent his life in and around the city.

He’s a New York University graduate with a double major in Journalism and Cinema Studios. He’s also a certified audio engineer. Currently, Adam resides in Crown Heights with his dog and his partner’s two cats. He’s a lover of fine food, adorable animals, video games, all things geeky and shiny gadgets.
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Why isn t Elden Ring Rivers of Blood showing up?

FromSoftware certainly knows how to make a killer katana, and Elden Ring is full of top-tier blades. While many players have already fulfilled their magic samurai fantasy with the Moonveil, there is one other katana which is currently being used to devastate the Elden Ring bosses – Rivers of Blood.

  • Indeed, you will definitely want to get down to the Elden Ring Rivers of Blood location and snap up this blood red sword before the developers inevitably hit it with nerfs.
  • As one of the top weapons on our Elden Ring weapon tier list, Rivers of Blood absolutely eviscerates targets in both PvE and PvP.

This is thanks to its unique Ash of War – Corpse Piler – which forms a blade of cursed blood which quickly slashes away at enemies. As its name implies, Rivers of Blood is great for applying the incredibly potent bleed effect. The Elden Ring Rivers of Blood location can’t be reached until later in the game, and there appears to be an unfortunate interaction in the game currently whereby the NPC you need to kill to acquire it won’t spawn if you have defeated a certain enemy in the area.

To find out more, read on, but beware as there will be light spoilers ahead. The Rivers of Blood katana is awarded to you after defeating Bloody Finger Okina in the Mountaintops of the Giants. First of all, head to the Church of Repose, which is over in the eastern part of the area. Just outside of the church you will be invaded by Bloody Finger Okina.

Kill him, and he’ll drop the katana. However, it is important to note that, should you defeat the Fire Giant before attempting to get the katana, Bloody Finger Okina will not spawn. Whether or not this is an intended interaction or a bug is currently unclear. Where To Find Rivers Of Blood Elden Ring Now you have your shiny new katana, you’ll be well-equipped to cleave through what’s left on the Elden Ring boss list,
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How do I get to the lake of Blood Elden Ring?

How to find Mohg, Lord of Blood in Elden Ring – Mohg can be found within the Mohgwyn Palace, a secret level within the underground Siofra River. This area can be accessed by going through a portal in the west of the Consecrated Snowfield. There is another way to access his lair much earlier in the game.
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Where is the Blood in Siofra River?

Blaidd the Half-Wolf is an NPC that’s described as Ranni’s blade in Elden Ring, The Witch sends him on a mission to find Nokron’s hidden treasure. Unfortunately, Blaidd doesn’t know where the entrance is, and since Nokron is an underground area, he suggests that Tarnished meet him in the Siofra River,

  1. Siofra River is a large underground area in Elden Ring,
  2. Players need to go through a lot in order to find Blaidd.
  3. He can be found in the deepest part of the Siofra River.
  4. Even after Tarnished complete the task and talk to Seluvis, Blaidd will still stand in the same spot.
  5. He only moves when the quest to defeat Starscourge Radahn starts, when Blaidd will move to Redmane Castle,

Updated September 11, 2022 by Erik Petrovich : The question of where is Blaidd in the Siofra River has a two-part answer. First, players must find their way to the Siofra River itself, a relatively secret area in Elden Ring whose entrance is deep in the most dangerous part of Limgrave (if not the Lands Between).
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