Who Killed Lorena Johnson Gta 5?

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Who Killed Lorena Johnson Gta 5
Murder – Peter killed Leonora by mutilating her, cutting off both her hands and feet and placed them in opposite areas, cutting off several facial features, leaving multiple incisions on her breasts, drawing a star on her back with cigar burns, sliced off a portion of her thigh and wrote “ham” on it and performed intercourse on her body.

  • As she begged to be free, Dreyfuss kept on, and she kept screaming.
  • When Dreyfuss said to be quiet, she wouldn’t, so he killed her, taking all the evidence and also clearing up the tracks so he wouldn’t be caught.
  • On January 17th, 1975, following an anonymous tip-off to the LSPD, her body was found by the side of the Land Act Dam by the reporters, hours before the LSPD showed up trampling over all the usable forensic evidence.

They couldn’t find any form of evidence to figure out who killed Johnson, so the case was closed shortly afterwards. After Leonora’s death, Peter Dreyfuss taunted her family for years by sending letters, making anonymous phone calls, and sending Leonora’s locket and her severed lips on the anniversary of the murder.

  1. According to some other rumors/reports, he had also stalked her for years before actually abducting her and raping her, though this was not confirmed by himself.
  2. More information about Johnson’s murder can be found the in-game website www.whokilledLeonoraJohnson.com,
  3. According to the official site of her murder, a pornographic version of her assassination was produced in 1984,

The movie was called “Lay Enormous Jonhson” and Leonora was portrayed by Jessica Barlow, a person who claimed to be “Leonora’s best friend at high school” although Leonora’s parents had no idea who she was. The story was also featured in an episode of The Underbelly Of Paradise,
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Where was Leonora Johnson found?

What Happened to Leonora? – On January 17, 1975, Leonora’s dismembered body was found at the Land Act Dam after an anonymous tip-off to the Los Santos Police Department. The way Leonora was murdered draws comparisons to the real-life murder of Elizabeth Short, who was posthumously dubbed the Black Dahlia.

Due to the lack of evidence, the murderer was not found and the case was closed shortly afterward. In-game, an anonymous person made a website called WhokilledLeonoraJohnson.com, detailing her life, the vents of her gruesome death, and who they believe the main culprit is. On the website, the writer explains that now, all these years later, there’s been a big breakthrough in the case.

In an interview, Ira Richards explains that his grandfather, David Richards, a now-deceased film producer, drunkenly told him that he was given a confession by the culprit. To destroy the evidence, he ripped it up into 50 pieces and dotted them all around Los Santos and Blaine County.
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How did Franklin get Tanisha back?

Events of Grand Theft Auto Online – While Tanisha doesn’t physically appear in GTA Online, a red Pfister Astron with the license plate “TAN1SHA” can be found parked in Franklin’s driveway. Additionally, a wooden plaque with “The Clintons” engraved on it has been installed on the front of Franklin’s house, and children’s toys and a plastic slide can be found in his backyard, suggesting her marriage to Jayden ended, and she got re-married to Franklin, and had children between 2013 and 2021.

The Agency Security Guard calls her “Mrs. Clinton” in random idle dialogue in the F. Clinton and Partner Agency, In Security Contract: Vagos Captains, Franklin mentions their children go to the same school as the ones of the CEO of Go Loco Railroad, indicating that at most, they are school-aged, and suggests they attend a school that befits their parents’ social status.

In Security Contract: Triad Lieutenants, Franklin relates how Tanisha recently met the wife of a major importer at a party. Her husband’s business was being severely undercut by the Los Santos Triads, to which Tanisha apparently explained that F. Clinton and Partner could resolve the situation.
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What happened to Deborah GTA?

“Hang Ten” – When Debra returns to her condo, she meets Trevot and tries to get him to leave. He only makes her angrier and she threatened him and her boyfriend with a pistol. However, Floyd in turns threatened the both of them with a knife. This actions only caused Trevor to get angry and kills both Debra and Floyd, leaving the condo full of blood.
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Who killed Leonora GTA 5 What We Know?

There is a series of 50 scraps of a torn-up letter that the killer had sent to a friend, David Richards, in 1975, shortly after Leonora’s murder, confessing his crime and justifying his actions artistically. After finding all the letter scraps, the player will see the entire letter, and then the “Strangers and Freaks” mission “A Starlet in Vinewood” will be unlocked for Franklin, in which he confronts the killer with that letter, and vigilante justice against killer is optional.

  • After all fifty pieces of the confession letter have been collected, Franklin Clinton discovers that Peter Dreyfuss’ is the killer.
  • He heads to his house to confront him about the murder.
  • Dreyfuss denies involvement and also tries to bribe him, but when Franklin rejects his pleas, Dreyfuss attempts to run away.

Here, the player can choose between killing Dreyfuss or letting him get away. However, killing him is required to get the gold medal in the mission. 🔍 Full Name: Peter Dreyfuss 🔍 Nationality: American 🔍 Status: Determinant 🔍 Date of Birth: 1950 🔍 Place of Birth: Los Santos 🔍 Date of Death: 2013 (Aged 63; Player’s choice) 🔍 Home: Ace Jones Drive, Vinewood Hills, Los Santos 🔍 Main Affiliation: David Richards, Leonora Johnson (Formerly) 🔍 Businesses: Film Directing Dreyfuss was a director in the 1970’s who left the film industry, after his movie “Last Will and Testament” was a failure at the box office.

  1. The audience and critic reaction to the movie left Dreyfuss incandescent with rage and vowed to never work again.
  2. During his absence from cinema, his films began to gain a cult following, and his image saw a renewal in popularity, with critics calling him one of the “last masterminds of American cinema”.

However, his image was not completely clean, as many women who worked with Dreyfuss over the years had accused him of sexual harassment. In 1975, Dreyfuss tortured and killed Leonora Johnson. After this, he wrote a confession letter to David Richards, stating that he had to kill her (and later torment her family by mailing them pieces of her body) for “artistic purposes”.
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Who was in Michaels grave GTA?

Who was buried in Michael’s grave GTA? – Events of Grand Theft Auto V Michael was in pursuit of Trevor, who uncovered the truth behind Brad’s ultimate fate. After discovering Brad’s corpse in Michael’s fake grave, the two are attacked by Triads in hunt for Trevor. Trevor manages to escape, but Michael is captured by them. |
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Does Franklin ever get a girlfriend?

Los Santos in GTA 5 isn’t just a city built for chaos, unbridled destruction of property and murder. It is also a place where you can find a girlfriend for any of the 3 characters: Franklin, Michael and Trevor. A girlfriend in GTA 5 is more like a companion or someone your character can occasionally hang out with.
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Why did Trevor’s mom leave?

Background – Mrs. Philips is the mother of Trevor and Ryan Philips, the latter of whom died at some point before 2013, She was once a prostitute and stripper. It is implied in the game that Mrs. Philips was both abusive and neglectful towards Trevor, rarely paying attention to him and verbally chastising and demeaning him on the rare occasions when she did.
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What happens if Denise dies GTA?

What will happen if CJ kills his girlfriend(s) on the first date in GTA San Andreas? – The first girlfriend that CJ will encounter in GTA San Andreas is Denise Robinson during the mission Burning Desire. After setting fire to a house owned by Vagos members on the orders of Officer Tenpenny, CJ rescued her from the house.

  1. If players want Denise out of the game on the first date itself, they can do so as well.
  2. She will retaliate using a Micro SMG.
  3. The gun could be collected after killing her.
  4. From here on, players can date whichever girlfriend they want in GTA San Andreas.
  5. Helena Wankstein is another one of the six girlfriends players will encounter in GTA San Andreas.
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CJ can meet him beside the Ammu-Nation store in Blueberry, Red County. She works as a lawyer who also loves guns. Players can kill her on the first date, and she mostly won’t retaliate. Who Killed Lorena Johnson Gta 5 Also read: Why did Big Smoke betray CJ in GTA San Andreas? Next up is Millie Perkins, who CJ follows home from work at the Mission Key to her Heart in GTA San Andreas. She already knew CJ’s plan and demanded a cut from the job. After the heist is completed, players have the option of killing her.

  1. If players choose to do so during a date, Woozie will call CJ, saying that he can now access Millie’s house and collect the keycard.
  2. Atie Zhan is the fourth girlfriend that players can date and develop a relationship within GTA San Andreas.
  3. Players can meet her at the golf course in San Fierro.
  4. In the game, she works as a nurse in the ER unit.

If players kill her, they won’t be able to get out of the hospital for free and lose all of their weapons after dying. Players might want to keep her alive then. If players visit the police station in El Quebrados, they will find Barbara Schternvart, the fifth girlfriend that players can date in GTA San Andreas.

By profession, she is a deputy sheriff and lives in Tierra Robada. If players kill her during the date, CJ will lose his weapons or Body Armor after being busted. Michelle Cannes is the sixth and last girlfriend that CJ can date in GTA San Andreas. She can be found inside the Driving School in downtown San Fierro.

She is a mechanic in the game and even owns a garage. If players kill her during the date, she will try to duck and hide and, in some cases, try to run away as well. Who Killed Lorena Johnson Gta 5 Also read: 5 boring GTA San Andreas missions that players wish they could skip Edited by Srijan Sen Thank You! GIF Cancel Reply ❮ ❯
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Who betrayed Trevor?

Grand Theft Auto V – Trevor was born in Canada, just north of the border of the United States. He grew up with a physically abusive father and an emotionally abusive mother. Trevor loved planes, and at some point entered the military as a pilot, but was quickly forced to leave after being reproved in a psychological evaluation.

  1. Later on, Trevor committed crimes, the first one being a small robbery that landed him in jail for six months.
  2. Due to good behavior, he was out in four.
  3. He would continue his criminal ways, including using his piloting skills to become a smuggler.
  4. Trevor met Michael Townley in 1993 and they realised that they wanted to earn money by performing large heists, so they joined forces and became successful in doing so over the following years.

Their partnership began to strain after Michael married a stripper named Amanda and started a family with her. Despite this, Trevor grew close to Michael’s children, who came to see him as their uncle. In 2004, during a heist in Ludendorff, North Yankton, Michael and mutual accomplice Brad Snider are shot by police while Trevor escapes.

  • While on the run, Trevor is led to believe that Michael died and Brad was sent to jail.
  • Trevor eventually settles in Sandy Shores, a small town in Blaine County, San Andreas, where he establishes a small criminal enterprise that smuggles weapons and manufactures methamphetamine, which he hopes will grow into a large empire.

Due to raging abandonment issues, Trevor surrounds himself with two loyal friends that he kidnapped and brainwashed from their previous lives named “Nervous” Ron Jakowski and Wade Hebert. Trevor enters an uneasy truce with his competitors in Sandy Shores, including the Lost Motorcycle Club led by Johnny Klebitz, the Varrios Los Aztecas gang, and the O’Neil Brothers.

In 2013, Trevor finds out that Michael faked his death, and is so spooked and enraged that he breaks the truce and kills most of his competition in one outburst of violence, a deadly streak that continues when a potential game-changing deal with a group of triads falls through. He later drives to Los Santos, taking over the apartment and ruining the life of Wade’s cousin Floyd, and reunites with Michael, who took on the surname “De Santa” and is supposedly living in witness protection,

Though Michael is reluctant to have Trevor back in his life again, he eventually introduces him to Franklin Clinton, after which the two perform heists again, this time including Franklin. Trevor is determined to rob anything guarded by Merryweather Security Consulting, a private security firm that he dislikes, but he often fails.

When corrupt Federal Investigation Bureau (FIB) agents Dave Norton and Steve Haines contact Michael after he breaks his agreement with them by committing heists again, they force him to carry out a number of operations alongside Trevor and Franklin to undermine the rival International Affairs Agency (IAA).

Steve later introduces the trio to Devin Weston, a billionaire investor who hires them to steal a number of rare cars, but ultimately cheats them out of their money. During this time, Trevor begins to bond with Franklin, as they carry out several jobs together without Michael, some of which involve Franklin’s friend Lamar Davis, whom Trevor also befriends.

Later, after not getting paid for a job, Trevor kidnaps Patricia, the wife of drug kingpin Martin Madrazo. Due to her kind maternal nature and his own abandonment issues, Trevor falls in love with her and only returns her after much demanding from Michael. However, the two stay in contact until the end of the game.

Trevor eventually discovers that the Ludendorff heist from nine years prior was a set up planned by Michael and Dave, meant to allow the former to retire and escape from Trevor, and that Brad was not arrested, but rather killed and buried in Michael’s fake grave.

Feeling betrayed, Trevor vows to kill Michael, but later comes to his and Dave’s aid when they are betrayed by Steve, because he needs Michael alive for one last heist. When that heist is successful, Trevor is so pleased that he lifts the death vow but still hates Michael. Near the end of the game, Franklin is approached separately by Dave and Steve, who contend that Trevor is a liability, and by Devin, who seeks revenge against Michael for an earlier incident.

This leaves Franklin with three choices: kill Trevor, kill Michael, or try to save them both in a suicide mission,

  • If the first option is chosen, Franklin meets up with Trevor, before chasing him to an oil plant, where Michael arrives and causes Trevor to crash into an oil tank. With Trevor covered in oil, either Franklin or Michael shoot the oil, setting Trevor alight and killing him. After the mission, Trevor’s cut of the final heist is equally split between Michael and Franklin, who are both affected by Trevor’s death and decide to end their partnership, but remain friends. Ron, Lamar, and Michael’s son Jimmy are also upset by Trevor’s death: the former threatens Michael for his involvement and tells him that the business he and Trevor had built is over; Lamar asks Franklin if he knows how it happened, and the latter lies that Trevor was killed by government agents; and Jimmy is shocked to learn that Michael was involved, but the latter assures him that Trevor was dangerous.
  • If the second option is chosen, Franklin calls Trevor to help him kill Michael, but he refuses and cuts his ties with Franklin, saying he is tired of being surrounded by traitors. If Franklin meets with Trevor afterward, the latter accuses him of killing Michael, and warns him to stay away. Trevor is also called by Jimmy, but does not know what to say to comfort him because he was never close to his own father.
  • If the third option is chosen, Trevor and Michael put their differences aside to help Franklin survive an onslaught by the FIB and Merryweather, before splitting up to eliminate their remaining enemies; Trevor assassinates Steve and kidnaps Devin so that the trio may kill him together. Afterward, Trevor reconciles with Michael and they agree to stop working together, but remain allies. Trevor can continue to hang out with Michael and Franklin, during which he eventually admits that he over-reacted after learning the truth about Brad, and refers to himself and Michael as friends.
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What happens to Dr Friedlander?

Los Santos Meteor Newspaper – ” Dr. Isiah Friedlander, a radio host and author who rose to prominence recently, was killed yesterday in a murder police are describing as ‘suspicious’. Dr. Friedlander, who recently won great fame thanks to his bestseller about his relationship with an “idiotic, if terrifying and amusingly deluded, sociopath” and apparently retired bank robber named “Marky De Santos”.
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Who Trevor killed?

” A brother might stab you in the back, a woman certainly will, but a bike will never let you down. ” — Johnny Klebitz in one of his dialogues when meeting his crew in-game (Not cutscene),

Grand Theft Auto series protagonists by Universe
2D Universe

GTA Protagonists GTA London Protagonists Claude Speed / GBC

3D Universe

Claude Tommy Vercetti Mike Carl Johnson Toni Cipriani Victor Vance

HD Universe

Niko Bellic Johnny Klebitz Huang Lee Luis Lopez Michael De Santa Franklin Clinton Trevor Philips GTA Online Protagonist

Jonathan “Johnny” Klebitz is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series. He appears as a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto IV and The Ballad of Gay Tony, the protagonist of The Lost and Damned, and a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V, He is also mentioned in Grand Theft Auto Online,

  1. Johnny was the vice president of The Lost MC, serving as an acting president while president Billy Grey was in rehab following his arrest in 2008,
  2. As acting president, Johnny maintained a relative peace between The Lost and the gang’s rivals, The Angels of Death, though the truce is quickly broken following Billy’s release later that same year.

Billy’s leadership creates many problems for The Lost, which Johnny attempts to solve by assisting both fellow gang members and other criminals in Liberty City, However, his and Billy’s conflicting views on how the gang should be run lead to arguments between the two and their respective supporters, which eventually escalate into a civil war among The Lost.

  1. After Billy is arrested again during a failed attempt to set Johnny up, the latter becomes the official president of The Lost and ends the war.
  2. However, his efforts to save the gang prove ultimately fruitless, as a conflict with Ray Boccino leads to The Lost losing most of their members and clubhouse,

By 2013, the events of Grand Theft Auto V, Johnny and the remaining members of The Lost have relocated to Sandy Shores, Blaine County, where the gang was able to rebuild most of its manpower and entered a working business relationship with Trevor Philips,
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Why is Trevor angry at Michael?

Trevor had every reason to despise Michael in GTA 5, considering what happened between them. There was a time when Trevor and Michael used to team up together. At some point in 2004, they decided to rob a bank in Ludendorff. However, it was a mistake. Both Michael and Brad Snider were shot by police.
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Who is Amanda to Michael in GTA?

“You are nothing but a murdering, cheating, hypocrite! Thank you, Michael whatever the fuck our fake last name is. You have ruined my serenity yet again. My yoga is fucked!” ―Amanda De Santa to Michael De Santa in Fame or Shame.

Amanda Margaret Townley-O’Bryant (De Santa)
Who Killed Lorena Johnson Gta 5
Name: Amanda Margaret Townley-O’Bryant (De Santa)
Also known as/Alias(es): Mand Mandy Mrs. De Santa Mom Mrs. Amanda My darling Wife Honey Ms. O’Bryant Lil’ Ho Ghost Girl
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Date of birth: September 15, 1971 (age 50)
Home: Portola Drive, Rockford Hills, Los Santos
Nationality: American
Affiliation(s): Kyle Chavis (Formerly) Fabien LaRouche (Formerly) De Santa family
Vehicle(s): Red Sentinel
Business(es): Stripper Prostitute/Former Cluckin’ Bell Cashier 1984-1987
Family: Michael De Santa (Husband) Jimmy De Santa (Son) Tracey De Santa (Daughter) Mr. De Santa (Father-In-Law) Mrs. De Santa (Mother-In-Law) Amanda’s Parents (Parents)
Voiced by: Vicki Van Tassel
Height: 5’10”

Amanda De Santa, formerly Amanda Townley and Amanda O’Bryant, is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a main character in Grand Theft Auto V, Amanda is the wife of Michael De Santa, One of the three main characters in the game and went under witness protection due to her relationship with him.
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Who is the serial killer in GTA 5?

Home PS3 Action Grand Theft Auto V

The GTA 5 Serial Killer is a particularly dark sub-plot running in the background of the main story, but if you don’t know about it then you could miss it completely. Dig a little deeper though, and you’ll discover that Merle Abrahams, aka the Infinity Killer, is a creepy figure who terrorised San Andreas and left a series of clues in his wake.
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Does Franklin get Tanisha?

Franklin got back with his old fling Tanisha – GTA Online players noticed that a red Astron can be found outside of Franklin’s old mansion. The license plate reads TAN1SHA, which confirms that she is living there. Furthermore, she is mentioned in random dialogue by an Agency security guard.

One of the Short Trip missions has Lamar roast Franklin once again. Players may notice that the front door has a wooden plate with “The Clintons” on it. The mansion also has a children’s playset in the back area. It’s fairly obvious that Franklin is not only married, but also has children with Tanisha.

Keep in mind that Tanisha herself never physically appears in GTA Online. Nonetheless, she seems to be happily married to Franklin. It’s quite the turn of events, given how GTA 5 ended with Tanisha dumping him.
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Who can Franklin hook up with?

Elisa ‘Liz’ Macallen is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V and a possible Booty Call for Franklin Clinton.
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Does Franklin get kids?

GTA Online Franklin’s Kids: Go Around The Back Garden – Click to enlarge However, what sits in the driveway aren’t the only clues hinting to GTA Online Franklin’s kids. If you venture around to the back of the house, there are a couple of updates to the garden that tells us even more about the relationship between Franklin and Tanisha.

  1. By the poolside, there are stacks of colourful buckets, balls, and even an inflatable ring.
  2. However, for those unconvinced, the biggest piece of evidence is a small child’s slide that sits over the other side of the garden.
  3. This pretty much confirms that Franklin has kids in GTA Online The Contract.
  4. That’s how you find the GTA Online Franklin’s kids Easter egg.

If you are playing through The Contract, read our guide on how to start the GTA Online Lamar missions,
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Where is the kidnapped girl in GTA?

Events of Grand Theft Auto V – The girl is found kidnapped by some members of The Lost in Vinewood Hills, during the Snatched random event. After the player frees her, she asks him to take her to Ineseno Road in Chumash, Along the way, she tells her story to the protagonist and receives a call from another friend that she asks to meet her at Dara’s place in Chumash.

  • On the way, they are attacked by a new group of The Lost members.
  • After The Lost are killed, the girl says that the guys in that group were in fact her uncles, the protagonist then asks her to explain what is going on, and then she reveals that she is actually running away from The Lost because her uncles didn’t let her date her boyfriend, she then stole some money from the gang and they were kidnapping her to retrieve their money.

While going to Chumash, she mentions that she got a tattoo of The Lost logo on her belly and that she will need to spend a fortune to laser that off. She also says that she is having group therapies and that some of the people in her group say that she is “pretentious”.
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Where is the kidnap victim in GTA 5?

Download Article Download Article This random event in Grand Theft Auto V involves rescuing a girl who has been kidnapped by members of The Lost MC. It is available for any character after completing the mission titled “Pulling Favors.” There is no reward for saving her, but if you play as Trevor you can take her to the Altruist Cult for a $1,000 reward.

  1. 1 Drive to Vinewood Hills. This event occurs at 2135 Mo Milton Drive, which is northeast of a tennis court. When you arrive, you will find three members of The Lost MC abducting a young woman and putting her in the back of a van.
    • To protect from damage later on, you should drive a car, truck or van instead of a motorcycle.
    • The random event will be incomplete if you shoot at the Lost members before they drive away.
  2. 2 Pursue and kill the Lost members. When they take off in their van, chase them and shoot out their tires. If you’re having trouble aiming for the tires, shooting at the back of the van will eventually cause them to stop and exit the vehicle. When they do, shoot and kill them, then collect the ammo they dropped.
    • An SMG is the best weapon to attack them with, as it fast and powerful at a distance, and can be fired from within a vehicle. Its features are very helpful during the pursuit, if you’re finding it difficult to catch up to them.
    • Don’t shoot at the gas tank. If the van catches fire and explodes, the random event will be considered incomplete.
    • When they exit the van, they will shoot at you with pistols and small machine guns. If you want to avoid damage, exit your vehicle and take cover behind it.


  3. 3 Kill or flee from the reinforcements. Once she is safe, the girl will ask you to take her to Ineseno Drive in Chumash. Four more members of The Lost MC will show up on motorcycles and will shoot at you with sawed-off shotguns. Shoot to kill them, shoot at their motorcycles to stop them, or flee from them.
    • If you are in a fast vehicle, such as a sports car, super car or muscle car, fleeing from them is the best option. This is because they can kill the girl by shooting through your vehicle’s windows, which would cause the random event to be incomplete.
  4. 4 Drive her home. The navigation on your radar will lead you to the location of her house. Once you arrive, she will give you her thanks, but no reward.
    • Although you wouldn’t be saving her, if you are playing as Trevor you can take her to the Altruists Cultists. They will pay you $1,000 for taking her to them. Doing so would contribute to the total number people Trevor has taken to the Altruist Cult. After taking four people from random events, a new random event will unlock for Trevor, which leads to a large monetary gain.
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Where is GTA The Lost and Damned located?

Synopsis – The Lost and Damned’ s plot and tone consists of a dark, gritty storyline revolving around the actions and lifestyle of members of The Lost Motorcycle Club, which operates in Alderney and Liberty City, Billy Grey is the president of the club, who is the most reckless of all and leads the others in a stubborn refusal of rational methodology (even in the case of Johnny, when Billy frowns upon him for making peace with the Angels of Death,

  1. While the main protagonist, Johnny Klebitz, is battling rivals across Liberty City beside their gang he also associates with wealthy political congressmen, lower-class bikers and drug pushers, emphasizing the distinction between upper and lower class in America.
  2. The Lost own a clubhouse and mostly patrol throughout Alderney, North Algonquin, and South Bohan,

Labeled as the most dangerous threats to personal safety in Liberty City, the Lost partake in drinking and drug abuse, gang shootouts, illegal racing, drug distribution, mere prostitution and motorcycle thefts, When Johnny Klebitz and his fellow bikers feel compelled to “put this place out of its misery” by burning it to the ground, it symbolizes the end of the Lost motorcycle club, as the pressures of authority, government, territorial gangs, and members either double-crossing the gang or becoming killed by the dozens prove that the club can no longer function from the enemies it has gained.

Johnny Klebitz : Johnny is the game’s playable protagonist, and vice/acting president of the Lost. He struggles to lead the gang with reason and, at the same time, is pressured to become more reasonable by “model citizen” types outside the gang (such as his brother or Thomas Stubbs ), eventually realized when he gives up the clubhouse at the end of the game. His relationship with some Lost MC members (Brian & Billy) are low; though he respects some of the others (i.e. Terry Thorpe, Clay Simons & Jim Fitzgerald ). Jim Fitzgerald, Clay Simons, Terry Thorpe & Angus Martin : Members of The Lost who Johnny interacts with the most. Terry & Clay are the arms dealer & road captain of The Lost respectively; Terry supplies weapons some unique to Johnny and Clay supplies him with bikes, They also provide Johnny backup when he’s in trouble following the mission Hit the Pipe, Jim Fitzgerald is the Treasurer of The Lost, and is Johnny’s best friend; he is an outstanding and unique member of the gang seeing how he has a wife (and child) and for being the most mature member of the gang, at one point claiming that he considered leaving it once he got married but only stayed due to his loyalty to Johnny. At the age of 45, Jim is one of the older members of the Lost. His age makes him a target of some jokes, but he is ultimately a responsible and standout member of The Lost. Angus is disabled thanks in part to Billy Grey, though is still a member of The Lost.

Billy Grey and Brian Jeremy : Billy Grey is president of the Lost and, as mentioned above, leads the gang in a pursuit of pride, fast times and a love of violence. His own immature sense of pride leads him to start a war with the Angels of Death and try to kill Johnny, dividing the Lost. He is very much a regressed child; one clear example is when Jason Michaels dies, he calls him “just a kid, but the kind of man I’d want to be”. Brian is his closest follower, almost a kiss-up with a lack of confidence, who rallies his own sanction of Billy-loyalist Lost members against Johnny after Billy is arrested.

Ashley Butler : Johnny’s ex-girlfriend, who he still defends when she is threatened by gangs or overdosing on drugs. Johnny’s dissatisfaction with her throwing her life away is a major step forward in his maturity.

Elizabeta Torres, Malc and DeSean : Elizabeta is a Puerto Rican female drug kingpin, while Malc and DeSean are black males in the Uptown Riders gang. Aside from personal growth, racism is also a theme in the Lost and Damned. While the Angels of Death are often perceived to be racist, Johnny and the rest of the Lost (apart from Billy, who uses various racial slurs towards a Chinese Triad) are much more open minded, with black member Clay Simons having a high ranking within the club, and Johnny cooperating very closely with Elizabeta, Malc and DeSean.

Thomas Stubbs, Ray Boccino and Dave Grossman : All influential, white-collar men who employ the Lost for dirty work that they don’t want to be seen doing themselves. Stubbs especially, they talk down to the Lost and are rare examples of the outside world come to influence them. Johnny sees all three of them as bad news because he is attached to his way of life, particularly seen when he harasses the Maitre’D before meeting Stubbs.

As read in the booklet included with Episodes from Liberty City : Across the West River from glamorous Algonquin lies Alderney ; home to industrial wastelands, strip malls, dreary suburbia and The Lost Brotherhood, a notorious biker gang along with band of thieves, murderers and drug-runners.

The Lost have sworn to live by their own rules, above the law and in complete allegiance to the brotherhood. Billy Grey, the clubs President, has one set of priorities: Bikes, Booze, Babes and Blow; in any order and preferably all at the same time. His second-in-command, Johnny Klebitz, knows that time is running out for this gang of outlaws, and with money to be made in Liberty City, he is determined to make cash as quickly as possible before they all ride off into the sunset.

Johnny has been in control of the club while Billy serves out a court-ordered stint in rehab. He has focused the gang’s activities on deals and truces, instead of petty vendettas, and has been making good inroads into Liberty City’s organized crime world, even developing a working business relationship with the Angels of Death, long-term rivals of The Lost.
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