Why Did Marika Shatter The Elden Ring?

Elden Ring

Why Did Marika Shatter The Elden Ring
Description – The Shattering is a complex series of events that were triggered by the destruction of the Elden Ring. Why Did Marika Shatter The Elden Ring The Night of Black Knives was the prelude to the shattering. The first event was the breaking of the Elden Ring itself, The Ring was broken by Queen Marika the Eternal after the death of her son Godwyn, By destroying the Elden Ring, which acted as a connection to both the Greater Will and the Golden Order, the Greater Will’s influence on the Lands Between was greatly diminished, Why Did Marika Shatter The Elden Ring As the Elden Ring was destroyed, so was the Erdtree’s blessings and its connection to the Greater Will. No longer able – or perhaps willing – to interact with the Lands Between, the Greater Will abandoned the Lands, With the Great Runes scattered and the Greater Will gone, war broke out between the Demigod children of Marika and Radagon.
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Why did Marika betray the Greater Will?

Elden Ring: When and Why Queen Marika Wanted to Betray the Greater Will – Why Did Marika Shatter The Elden Ring There are two major and questionable factors in regards to when exactly Marika decided to plan against the Greater Will. The first is motive. It is said that she simply learned that the Golden Order was not as kind and good as she first believed. Given that the Golden Order, in essence, is the Greater Will’s dictate for how the world works and yet Marika had already removed the Rune of Death by this time in Elden Ring’ s timeline makes this dubious.

  1. It would make more sense if she questioned the Golden Order all along, hence removing the Rune of Death as PART of that plan.
  2. Perhaps she foresaw (as she is a goddess) someway through her children (or Radagon’s) alternative options.
  3. It’s not really certain, but then there is the question of why betray the god while having a family.

She is seemingly, per the original story told, happy as this god and happy to have her children, who can never die. It essentially screams that there’s more to this that goes unmentioned in Elden Ring ‘s story, But, perhaps, the most logical explanation is that she never wanted to be this Goddess.

That most of this is a falsehood. This is pure speculation, but even her war against the Fire Giants becomes a major part of her plan to betray the Erdtree/Greater Will. Killing its Fire Giants presumably makes it even easier for a Tarnished to access this flame, especially after she led her potential daughter Melina to this very same conclusion.

She was an empyrean, bound to a god, and just as Ranni destroyed her flesh to escape this fate, Marika could have been looking to escape this fate. Thus, Marika could have been looking for her own free will all along, setting into motion a series of events that would eventually lead to this.

The alternative is that Marika is the vile one for turning against the Greater Will, which could be a matter of perspective. After all, Sir Gideon Ofnir betrays the Elden Ring player after learning something about Marika: “Queen Marika has high hopes for us that we continue to struggle, unto eternity.” Gideon the All-Knowing may see her as the villain, but perhaps she’s the hero of her own story.

After all, every step of the Tarnished’s journey can reflect Marika’s plans.
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Why did Marika take the Rune of Death?

Background – Marika originally came from the lands of the Numen, She was an Empyrean who ascended to godhood and became ruler of the Lands Between, As an Empyrean, she was gifted a Shadow, her half-brother Maliketh, After achieving godhood as the vessel of the Elden Ring, Marika took a consort, Godfrey, who thus became the first Elden Lord,

Desiring a world free of Destined Death, she removed the Rune of Death from the Elden Ring and had her shadow Maliketh guard it. In the early days of the Erdtree, everything was in opposition to it and Marika’s Golden Order, but with Godfrey at the head of her armies, Marika persevered and the Erdtree would reign supreme as the embodiment of order itself.

One of these wars was waged against the Fire Giants, who met defeat when Marika slew their fell god. Unable to extinguish the Flame of Ruin atop the frigid northern mountains, a credible threat to the Erdtree, she cursed the last of the giants to forever tend to it.

  • With the Erdtree now supreme, Marika and Godfrey would rule together and had at least three children: Godwyn the Golden and the twins Morgott and Mohg,
  • The twins were both born as the accursed Omen, and were hidden in the depths below the capital,
  • With her rule secure, Marika announced her intention to search the depths of the Golden Order, declaring the early days of blind belief a thing long past.

When Godfrey’s last foe fell it was said the hue of his eyes had faded. Marika banished him and his kinfolk from the Lands Between, robbing them of the guidance of grace, thus creating the first Tarnished, in the hope that they would grow stronger by waging war in lands outside her rule, dying, and then being revived and eventually brought back with the guidance of grace. Why Did Marika Shatter The Elden Ring Queen Marika shattering the Elden Ring Marika and Radagon would go on to have two children of their own, the twins Malenia and Miquella, who like Marika herself and Radagon’s daughter Ranni, were Empyreans, and were thus potential successors to Marika.
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Why was Marika imprisoned Elden Ring?

What Happened To Marika? – Why Did Marika Shatter The Elden Ring Before Elden Ring even begins, there’s a wealth of lore and world-building that’s already well underway. The Elden Ring has shattered, sending the Lands Between into turmoil as the Tarnished flock back home to fix the mess the gods have wrought, seeking to repair the Elden Ring and become Elden Lords with this newfound power,

  1. But before the Tarnished were called home, there was the Shattering, a war fought between Marika’s children over the shards of the Elden Ring.
  2. Following the Shattering, Marika was locked into the Erdtree, imprisoned as her children ran rampant across the Lands Between.
  3. All the while, Radagon became corrupted and bitter.

After we kill them at the end of the game, they arise as the Elden Beast, pushing the Tarnished to make their decision. You can become the new Elden Lord, restore the Death Rune to end the curse of immortality, burn the Erdtree and become the Lord of Chaos, or help Ranni to replace Marika, with you taking the role of Radagon as their other half.
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Why did Marika exile Godfrey?

‘Elden Ring’ and what we know of the story – Note: This section covers many aspects of “Elden Ring’s” story. The first few paragraphs will focus on the story we can glean from the game’s introduction and trailers. Once we delve into middle- and endgame material, there will be another spoiler warning.

Already, “Elden Ring” is being mined for information as players experiment with various spells in different situations to trigger new story events. The coming months will no doubt provide more answers. In this piece, for now, I’d like to help begin forming up some of the contours of this epic tale — though some of what’s written below is more theory than fact.

The Elden Ring is not at all like J.R.R. Tolkien’s One Ring. It’s not a physical object one can wear. Rather, the Elden Ring is the natural law of “The Lands Between,” the game’s setting. It is made up of Great Runes that dictate how the world functions, including aspects like life and death.

The game’s story, very broadly, is about a land torn apart politically and abandoned by its god, with the natural order thrown out of balance. Queen Marika the Eternal is essentially a god of The Lands Between — as determined by something called “The Greater Will” — and her children are demigods who rule over parts of the region.

The Greater Will is something like the Force from Star Wars, though it isn’t necessarily benevolent. The Erdtree, a giant golden tree in the middle of the world, is the hub of the Greater Will’s power. As revealed in the story trailer from December last year, the Rune of Death was somehow stolen “on a night of win’ry fog.” This resulted in the murder of at least one demigod, Godwyn the Golden, in what the game’s introduction calls “The Night of the Black Knives.” Godwyn is the son of Marika and Godfrey, the first Elden Lord and the regal man with a lion spirit watching over him as seen in some of the game’s promotional artwork,

Eep close track of these names and others; many are similar, or start with the same letter, which may lend to some initial confusion. “Queen Marika was driven to the brink,” says the story trailer, as a consequence of Godwyn’s death. This leads to the destruction of the Elden Ring, an incident known as the Shattering that’s seen and performed by a mysterious person in the game’s announcement trailer from 2019,

The rest of the story from the game’s intro cinematic is pretty straightforward. After the Shattering, Marika disappeared from The Lands Between, and her demigod children were left to fend for themselves. They chose to go to war for the remaining shattered pieces of the Elden Ring, fighting for power.

  1. This war ended with no winners.
  2. Even the two mightiest warriors, Malenia the Blade of Miquella and Radahn the Conqueror of the Stars fought to a draw, with a gravely injured Malenia infecting Radahn with a disease known as Scarlet Rot.
  3. This act was so destructive, it poisoned and cursed Radahn’s mind with an eternity of madness and suffering, while the surrounding area of Caelid was drowned in disease under a scarlet-red sky.

While the game’s story may make it seem like this is recent history, it’s important to remember that “an age” has passed since the Shattering, and by the time the game begins, we can assume that The Lands Between have suffered for a very long time under this fractured, chaotic age without order.

The player is part of a group called the Tarnished. These are people forgotten by the grace of the Greater Will. In what appears to be an attempt by the Greater Will to correct the chaos of the Shattering, it once again decides to bless the Tarnished with some grace. Suddenly, Tarnished exiles have begun to return to The Lands Between, each for their own reasons.

The game’s intro cinematic shows us several of these characters, including Hoarah Loux, chieftain of the Badlands. It seems being “blessed by grace” grants permission for the Tarnished not only to wander The Lands Between once again, but to gather and wield the power of the Elden Ring’s runes.

  • This is why the player is able to defeat enemies and take in runes (this game’s version of experience points) to level up.
  • Note: We’re navigating toward middle- and endgame spoiler territory here.
  • Read further only if you are at least near the end of the game.
  • Before the Shattering and Godwyn’s death, Marika was at war with the neighboring Carian royal family, overseen by Renalla the Queen of the Full Moon and head of the sorcery academy.
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A red-haired warrior named Radagon of the Golden Order led this battle, but quickly fell in love with Renalla. This ushered in a time of peace between the students of sorcery and followers of the Golden Order, and they had a child named Ranni. Marika exiled her husband Godfrey once he had conquered all neighboring lands, apparently because he was no longer of use to the Greater Will.

  1. Radagon then left Renalla to marry Marika, leaving the Queen of the Full Moon in anger and grief.
  2. This is why Renalla’s dungeon has a conspicuous lack of the game’s checkpoint system, called the Stakes of Marika.
  3. One might assume that Renalla would not welcome statues of the woman who stole her husband away into her home.

Marika and Radagon had their own children, the aforementioned rot warrior Malenia, as well as Miquella. It’s here that you should take note of each of the demigod’s naming conventions. They all sound the same (Godrick, Godwyn for example) to highlight their lineage in godhood.

  • Godwyn’s death and the Shattering of the Elden Ring occurs.
  • When we encounter Ranni the Witch — who we later discover to be Renalla’s daughter — we discover that she, Malenia and Miquella were all in line for Marika’s seat of power.
  • However, Malenia and Miquella were both born cursed and unfit, while Ranni rejects her lineage.

It’s soon revealed that the Rune of Death was stolen by Ranni herself, taken from Marika’s bodyguard and keeper of the rune, Maliketh the Black Blade. Ranni was then able to create knives powerful enough to kill immortals, which were used on Godwyn the Golden.

For reasons I’ve yet to discern, Godwyn’s death caused Marika to go mad and shatter the Elden Ring herself. Also, earlier I mentioned Godwyn as only one of the demigods murdered that night. The other was Ranni herself. The ritual apparently split her spirit from her body — a fate Godwyn also suffers, as we later discover — in an attempt to tear herself away from Marika’s lineage.

I know I just said Ranni is related to Marika. That’s because the biggest secret of the game, revealed almost toward the end, is that Marika and Radagon are the same being. One might assume that Radagon married Renalla as a way to quell the rising power of the sorcerers and practitioners of powerful moon magic.

All we know for sure is that the Marika side of the being decided to shatter the Elden Ring, while the Radagon side simultaneously tried to repair it to no avail. Ranni’s motivations for killing Godwyn remain unclear to me, but I might assume that she did so to undo the influence of the Golden Order.

It’s clear throughout the game that many factions resent the Golden Order’s influence. It’s not clear whether Ranni predicted Marika’s resulting madness and shattering of the Elden Ring. There are many unanswered questions about the story of “Elden Ring,” particularly about the character Melina, the spirit woman who offers to guide the player to the Erdtree and reunite the Elden Ring.

  • Melina and Ranni both share the same eye markings, but on different eyes, so there may be a connection.
  • There are also the stories of the other Tarnished who join you during the journey at the Roundtable Hold, the game’s hub area.
  • Fia the Deathbed Companion, the Loathsome Dung Eater and the quiet, introspective Goldmask all factor into at least one of the game’s several endings, including restoring a version of Death back into the Elden Ring.

But after almost 200 hours of playing the game and experiencing its various plotlines, it’s clear to me that “Elden Ring” is a game about how our identity can have competing interests. There are two or more parts of ourselves often at odds with each other.

Radagon and Marika are the most obvious example of this, but Ranni also had to wrench herself away in some forbidden ritual just to begin outlining her own destiny. “Elden Ring” is a video game that asks the player character to know themselves thoroughly, to define and then understand their weaknesses and strengths in the form of attributes, builds, weaponry and appearances.

It’s only through this mastery of their own identity can a Tarnished, the player, restore and rebuild their fractured world, no matter what that may look like.
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Is Queen Marika a good guy?


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Queen Marika the Eternal The Eternal Queen Ruler of the Lands Between Vessel of the Elden Ring (formerly) Expand territorial control over the Lands Between. Shatter the Elden Ring (both succeeded),Seek out a new Elden Lord and restore the Lands Between to its former glory (dependent on player choice), Warmongering Mass murderGenocide Enslavement

Hear me, Demigods. My children beloved. Make of thyselves that which ye desire. Be it a Lord. Be it a God. But should ye fail to become aught at all, ye will be forsaken. Amounting only to sacrifices.
~ Marika’s message for her children prior to her disappearance.


” My Lord, and thy warriors. I divest each of thee thy grace. With thine eyes dimmed, ye will be driven from the Lands Between. Ye will wage war in a land afar, where ye will live, and die. Then, after thy death, I will give back what i once claimed. Return to the Lands Between, wage war, and brandish the Elden Ring. Grow strong in the face of death. Warriors of my lord. Lord Godfrey. „ ~ Marika’s message for Godfrey to continue waging war for the Elden Ring.

Queen Marika the Eternal is the main antagonist of the 2022 action-RPG video game, Elden Ring, She is an Empyrean that ascended to rule over the Lands Between, under the, Under her rule, the Golden Order was formed and for a time, she had maintained order across the Lands Between until one day, she shattered the Elden Ring, causing it to scatter across as runes and leading to her disappearance.

  1. Her actions led to the cataclysmic war known as the Shattering, a war where many, including the demigods, fought over for the runes in hopes of obtaining power and becoming Elden Lord.
  2. Ultimately, the world was left in great disarray, forcing the Greater Will to abandon its people entirely.
  3. From her marriage with, she bore the twin Omens, and, as well as her beloved son, Godwyn the Golden.

From her marriage with, she bore the twin prodigies, Miquella the Unalloyed and,
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Can you revive Marika?

But. What’s The Catch? – As mentioned briefly earlier, there isn’t any penalty or cost for choosing to revive at a Stake of Marika instead of a Site of Grace. Your Runes won’t suddenly vanish, and you won’t lose half your HP meter. The only cons present are the Stake of Marika’s lack of an option to level up or manage your magic.
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Is godrick the son of Marika?

Trivia –

It is implied that Godrick is not actually a direct child of Godfrey and Marika, but instead a descendant as he is described by many to have a “distant relation” with “diluted blood.” He also refers Godfrey and his lineage as his forefathers. Because he shares the title “Golden” with Marika’s son, Godwyn, it is possible he descends directly from his bloodline. The Remembrance of the Grafted can be consumed for 20,000 Runes or handed to Enia to obtain the Axe of Godrick or the Grafted Dragon armament.

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Is Radagon actually Marika?

Marika and Radagon’s Background – Why Did Marika Shatter The Elden Ring Marika is the god-queen of the Lands Between, and the direct channel between the Greater Will and the rest of the world. Radagon is her second spouse and Elden Lord, a red-headed champion who mastered magic and incantations. All of this is well known and communicated to players early on, but what is less well known is the fact that Radagon and Marika are one and the same.

When the player finds Marika at the end of the game, she transforms into Radagon, and later becomes Marika again. How and why this is the case is the subject of many fan theories, and makes the Elden Ring demigod family tree tougher to get one’s head around. Alongside this, it is important to explore one particular fan theory about Elden Ring,

There are a lot of theories about what legends, classical stories, or bits of history and biology Elden Ring is referencing through its stories and characters. One theory even claims that Elden Ring is about parasitic mushrooms, and its arguments are surprisingly plausible.

However, the theory in question here focuses more on the parallels between parts of Elden Ring and old theories of alchemy. The theory posits that many symbols and story beats in Elden Ring parallel parts of western alchemy that described the process of creating a magnum opus. This referenced a very specific chemical creation said to be the refinement of base materials into a divine or pure substance, the most classic example being the transformation of lead into gold.

It’s an extensive theory that definitely holds some water, and allows Marika and Radagon to be compared to something called the alchemical rebis.
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What happens if you touch Marika?

Elden Ring Ranni ending: Age of the Stars – The next debatably good ending is the Age of Stars, the ultimate conclusion to Ranni’s questline. This is the longest and most involved quest in Elden Ring, so use our full guide to Ranni’s quest to knock it out step by step. Here’s the short version:

Find Ranni in Ranni’s Rise, behind Caria Manor. Find the Fingerslayer’s Blade in Nokron and bring it to Ranni. Acquire the Cursemark of Death atop the Divine Tower of Liurnia. Descend through Nokstella, cross the Lake of Rot, ride the coffin down the waterfall, and defeat Astel. Find Ranni at the Moonlight Altar, below the church.

Once you defeat the Elden Beast, do not touch Marika’s head as you would for every other ending. Instead, look for a blue summon sign on the floor. Use this to summon Ranni, making her the new Queen of the Stars, and you her eternal consort. Why Did Marika Shatter The Elden Ring
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Were Marika and Radagon always the same person?

Having Two Souls and Minds in a Body – In summarize, Marika and Radagon is the same person but have two personalities. To use expressions fitting the world view of Elden Ring, Marika and Radagon have two souls and two minds in a body. Why Did Marika Shatter The Elden Ring As described in the text of Twinned Armor, bodies, minds, and souls play important roles in making up the Elden lives. Twinned Armor The two known as D are inseparable twins. They are of two bodies and two minds, but one single soul. Not once do they stand together; not one word do they speak to one another.

  1. Perhaps this armor longs to find its way to the other D.
  2. The text of Mending Rune of Perfect Order implies that Marika and Radagon have two minds,
  3. Mending Rune of Perfect Order A rune of transcendental ideology which will attempt to perfect the Golden Order.
  4. The current imperfection of the Golden Order, or instability of ideology, can be blamed upon the fickleness of the gods no better than men.

That is the fly in the ointment. The text ” fickleness of the gods ” indicates the difference of minds of Marika and Radagon, which is more clearly stated in Japanese translations. In addition, Marika’s own words indicates that Marika and Radagon were originally two individuals having two souls of course. Why Did Marika Shatter The Elden Ring It might be natural to have two souls and minds for a Empyrean. In summarize, Marika and Radagon would have two souls and two minds in a body.
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Why does Melina sacrifice herself Elden Ring?

Personality – Melina wants a new Elden Lord to rule over the Lands Between and chooses to support the Player Character, believing them to be the most suited. She even states she will defy the Golden Order to crown them. There’s also the fact that her plan to sacrifice herself to burn the Erdtree to open the path to the Elden Ring is considered the “first cardinal sin” by the Two Fingers’ translator and therefore unforgivable in the eyes of the Golden Order, but Melina could not care less if it means a new Elden Lord can be crowned.

She also shows that she’s not afraid of death as she willingly sacrifices herself to allow the player to advance and become Elden Lord. However Melina has limits. If the Tarnished seeks to use the Frenzied Flame, Melina begs them not to. If the player does so regardless, Melina ends their companionship and promises to kill them the next time they meet.

: Melina (Elden Ring)
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Does the Tarnished marry Marika?

Liurnian Wars and Marriage to Queen Rennala – The first known appearance of Radagon was during the Liurnian Wars. He led a golden host into Liurnia, and met Rennala in battle. Although neither side emerged victorious from either of the two wars, Radagon eventually repented his territorial aggressions by cleansing himself with Celestial Dew, and became Rennala’s husband.

She would gift Radagon with a greatsword, bestowed by Carian queens upon their spouse. Radagon and Rennala would go on to have three children: Radahn, Rykard and Ranni, While a husband to Rennala, Radagon studied the glintstone sorcery taught at the Academy of Raya Lucaria, After Godfrey, the First Elden Lord was stripped of grace and hounded from the Lands Between, Radagon was summoned to the side of Queen Marika.

He went on to marry Marika and become King Consort and second Elden Lord. Before leaving Rennala, Radagon gifted her a Great Rune sealed within an amber egg, His departure left her heartbroken, and eventually led to her being deposed by the academy and imprisoned in the Grand Library,
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What race was Marika?

Where Marika Came From – The greatest to where Marika came from before she ascended to godhood is that she is of the Numen race. This is a race players can actually select for their character, and it is described as a race of people from another world who live long but are seldom born.

  • Fans have been digging for information about this race, finding out that Numen also were the Black Knife Assassins that killed Godwyn the Golden,
  • Also, Numen Runes are found underground in the Eternal Cities of Nostella and Nokron.
  • This has made fans theorize Marika and the Numen race were once settlers of the Eternal Cities.

If true, this has big implications because the cities were destroyed by the Greater Will. Marika, the Numen, would become the goddess of the Greater Will and if the Numen indeed were oppressed by this Outer God, then it provides more questions than answers, like why she servers The Greater Will.
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What is the lion behind Godfrey?

Godfrey’s First Phase Sets a Subtle Tone – Why Did Marika Shatter The Elden Ring As players make their final approach towards the Erdtree and the final fight against Radagon, Elden Ring throws a series of extra encounters in a boss rush before the end. The result has Godfrey appear for the second time in the game, fighting in full form as opposed to being a simple shade as seen on the first trip to Lyndell Capital.

He stomps forward, with a giant axe in hand and a massive, spectral lion hanging onto him from behind. It’s this lion that covers one anime trope and a separate reference at the same time. The lion, Godfrey’s companion named Serosh, has the appearance of Stand from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, the otherworldly helpers who fight alongside characters starting in the show and manga’s third part.

Serosh even plays double duty on the anime representation, being an embodiment of the trope of a character needing to hold back their “true power” in order to either function in society or not end fights too quickly. As a result, in the second phase, Godfrey has to remove Serosh from his back in a brutal cutscene that ends with the faithful lion Stand being killed during the transition into Hoarah Loux, Warrior.
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Who is the most evil character in Elden Ring?

The Loathsome Dung Eater is one of Elden Ring’s most evil boss characters. His actions are horrific in-game and in lore, and players should fear him. Why Did Marika Shatter The Elden Ring Elden Ring takes place in a dark world, but Dung Eater stands out as terrifying even in such a setting. Despite his ridiculous name, the Dung Eater manages to be the most frightening figure that the player will find in the Lands Between. From his personality to his actions, there is nothing about him that isn’t disturbing to some degree.

His full title is ” The Loathsome Dung Eater “, and he easily lives up to that nickname. As one of the cruelest and most evil characters in Elden Ring, he is rightfully hated by everyone that mentions him, and he hates them all just as much, if not more. In a game full of complex characters, he stands out by having no sympathetic or complex motives or affiliations, simply being an evil being who enjoys the atrocities that he commits.

Elden Ring has some horrifying enemies, but none can match the sheer cruelty of the Dung Eater. The first encounter with the Dung Eater is instantly unsettling, considering his gross-looking armor and residence in a room full of corpses, but he gets worse the more Elden Ring discloses about his existence.

Dung Eater is a serial killer who defiles the souls of his victims with his Seedbed Curses, ensuring that they will remain as tormented wandering souls forever, never able to find peace. His reason for doing so is because he enjoys inflicting such cruelty upon his victims, and his only goal is to spread his Seedbed Curses as far as possible.

Even by FromSoft’s standards, he is a frightening monster of a person, and it is no wonder how Dung Eater got his name in Elden Ring the way he did.
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Is Ranni a child of Marika?

On its surface, Elden Ring is the story of the player character, a random person who returns from exile to The Lands Between with the goal of becoming Elden Lord. However, as you play the game and learn more about the state of the world, one central character emerges: Lunar Princess Ranni,

  1. She is Elden Ring ‘s greatest hero and most vile villain.
  2. Nearly every bit of pain and suffering you witness is a direct consequence of her actions.
  3. Elden Ring is her story—and while your character is important to the conclusion of her tale, in the grand scheme of things, you’re little more than just a random person who shows up at the eleventh hour and indiscriminately murders everyone you come across.

*This article is nothing but spoilers for Elden Ring, Why Did Marika Shatter The Elden Ring ©Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. / ©2022 FromSoftware, Inc. “Queen Marika is the vessel of the Elden Ring, carrier of its vision. A god, in truth.” – Finger Reader Enia To understand why this is Ranni’s story, you must first understand the state of the world when Ranni was born into it.

  • The Outer God known as ” The Greater Will ” chose a woman from a faraway land named Marika to be the God-Queen of The Lands Between.
  • To do this she was merged with the conduit of their power, a magical rune capable of rewriting the rules of reality called the Elden Ring,
  • But as she merged with it, she removed the part of the rune that governed death—making both herself and all her future children immortal in both body and spirit.

During her reign, Queen Marika the Eternal bore at least eight children. One of these was Ranni. “I was once an Empyrean. Of the demigods, only I, Miquella, and Malenia could claim that title. Each of us was chosen by our own Two Fingers, as a candidate to succeed Queen Marika, to become the new god of the coming age.” – Lunar Princess Ranni Even among Marika’s other demigod children, Ranni was special.

  1. She was an Empyrean —a person chosen by the greater will that had the potential to replace Marika as God-Queen of The Lands Between.
  2. Only the twins Malenia and Miquella shared this potential—and they were born with curses which made them uninterested in taking their mother’s throne.
  3. However, as she learned more about what it meant to be an Empyrean—and what it truly meant to be the God-Queen under the Greater Will—Ranni became determined to be free of her fate.

You see, Empyreans lack true free will. Their bodies are constantly monitored by The Greater Will through their associated Two Fingers and their seemingly loyal beastman companions. Should an Empyrean seek to directly oppose The Greater Will, their beast man companion would be forced into a rage of madness and kill them. Why Did Marika Shatter The Elden Ring ©Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. / ©2022 FromSoftware, Inc. “But I would not acquiesce to the Two Fingers. I stole the Rune of Death, slew mine own Empyrean flesh, casting it away. I would not be controlled by that thing.” – Lunar Princess Ranni To free herself of The Greater Will’s oversight, Ranni determined she needed to do away with her Empyrean body—after all, without it, she wouldn’t be capable of merging with the Elden Ring. Why Did Marika Shatter The Elden Ring ©Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. / ©2022 FromSoftware, Inc. “The person who orchestrated the Night of the Black Knives. Lunar Princess Ranni.” – Sorcerer Rogier To overcome the first problem, Ranni was able to convince her divine mother’s old companions, the Black Knife Assassins, to steal the Rune of Death from its guardian. Why Did Marika Shatter The Elden Ring ©Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. / ©2022 FromSoftware, Inc. “But after the Elden Ring’s shattering, she was imprisoned in the Erdtree. A grim punishment for shattering the Order, despite her godhood.” – Finger Reader Enia Ranni’s murder of Godwyn triggered a whole slew of world-altering unintended consequences.

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Marika, deep in grief for the death of her son, shattered the Elden Ring—hoping that in doing so the natural order would be overturned and he could be brought back to life. In response, The Greater Will imprisoned her within the Erdtree —and prevented the ascension of a new Elden Lord in the process.

With their mother removed from the playing field, her children warred over the broken fragments of the Elden Ring. The world was thrown into chaos—quickly becoming a shadow of what it had been before Ranni set about her machinations to free herself from The Greater Will.

  1. I am the witch Ranni.
  2. I stole Death long ago, and search now for the dark path.
  3. That I might one day upend the whole of it, and rid the world of all that came before.” – Lunar Princess Ranni Unfortunately, it didn’t work out as intended for Ranni either.
  4. While she gained a puppet body through the mage Seluvis —based on her old magic teacher’s form—she still wasn’t free.

Her beastman companion, Blaidd, remained by her side—unwittingly watching for her betrayal, even as her Two Fingers were hidden away on a remote, dragon-filled plateau. To be truly free, Ranni would need to kill her Two Fingers. However, it was clear she couldn’t achieve this alone.

  • Even with its power diminished by the shattering of the Elden Ring, The Greater Will still held her in check.
  • The moon was encountered by a young Ranni, led by the hand of her mother, Rennala.
  • What she beheld was cold, dark and veiled in occult mystery.” – Ranni’s Dark Moon Thus, she made a pact with a different Outer God, the God once worshipped by her human mother’s family: the god of the Dark Moon,

Unlike the Greater Will seeking to impose its will on the world (or the Frenzied Flame seeking pure chaos), the Dark Moon had no interest in mankind in general and was more than happy to allow both them in general and Ranni in specific free will should it replace The Greater Will as the Outer God in control of the lands in between. Why Did Marika Shatter The Elden Ring ©Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. / ©2022 FromSoftware, Inc. A falling star, right before our eyes! I can’t fathom how Radahn was holding back something of that scale. – Blaidd The first step would be to set Ranni free by killing her Two Fingers. However, to do this she would need a special blade hidden deep within the buried city of Nokron —one she couldn’t access alone.

  1. Thus, the Dark Moon sent a meteor to smash into The Lands Between and grant Ranni access to the ancient city.
  2. But there was just one unforeseen problem—her older brother Radahn,
  3. Seeing a meteor falling towards his territory, he stopped it with his gravity magic.
  4. Soon after, he began his final battle against his sister, Malenia, and, while their fight ended in a stalemate, Radahn was left as little more than a mindless beast roaming the desert.

The only way to let the meteor fall would be to kill Radahn—a bit of problem when, even driven insane through rot and pain, he was still the most powerful warrior the land had ever seen. For the next age, Ranni had little choice but to bide her time. She had Blaidd hunt for a different way into Nokron and had Seluvis prepare a puppet for the eventual battle against Radahn but could do little else.

  1. To Nokron, where Ranni’s fate will be decided.
  2. Let’s meet where the falling star bit the earth.
  3. We’ll take up our swords once more.
  4. For mistress Ranni.” – Blaidd It is here that the player character enters the story.
  5. Nowing next to nothing about what is actually going on, you enter Ranni’s service.
  6. With you, Ranni finally has the weapon she needs to continue her quest to be free of The Greater Will.

After proving your strength by attempting to find a second path into the sunken city, you, Blaidd, Seluvis’ puppet, and a score of the ages’ greatest warriors defeat Radahn and allow the meteor to fall. You then progress through the underground ruins and retrieve the weapon Ranni needs to kill her two fingers. Why Did Marika Shatter The Elden Ring ©Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. / ©2022 FromSoftware, Inc. “I go now, to the night sky. It is there I shall find mine order. I bid thee travel the path of the Lord. And once all is done, we shall see each other, once more.” – Lunar Princess Ranni With the blade in hand, it’s obvious to The Greater Will what she intends to do.

She transfers her soul into a tiny doll better suited for stealth and begins her journey. Unfortunately, her Two Fingers send assassins after her. Luckily, it is here that the player character catches up with her, defeats the assassins, battles a dragon, and brings her to her two fingers—which she then promptly kills, freeing her from The Greater Will forever.

You then propose to Ranni and she accepts —naming you her consort and asking you to call upon her when you stand on the cusp of becoming Elden Lord. She then communes with the Dark Moon, spending the rest of the game building the foundation of her new order. Why Did Marika Shatter The Elden Ring ©Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. / ©2022 FromSoftware, Inc. Mine will be an order not of gold, but the stars and moon of the chill night. I would keep them far from the earth beneath our feet. As it is now, life, and souls, and order are bound tightly together, but I would have them at great remove.

And have the certainties of sight, emotion, faith, and touch All become impossibilities. Which is why I would abandon this soil, with mine order. Wouldst thou come to me, even now, my one and only lord? – Lunar Princess Ranni Should you choose to summon her as promised upon defeating the final boss, Ranni ironically becomes exactly what she had fought against becoming her whole life: Marika’s replacement and the new god of The Lands Between.

However, the world under her rule is quite different from The Greater Will’s Golden Order. Rather than have mankind guided by The Greater Will’s grace, with the two fingers translating their words and their god-avatar ruling over the people, Ranni wants to keep the gods and humans as separate as possible.

Luckily, the Dark Moon has no wish to impose its will upon the people. Likewise, Ranni, as their avatar, and the player character, as her immortal consort, will live removed from the rest of the world. It will be an age without divine guidance of any sort—one without fate. While this will leave mankind without all the security of The Golden Order, it will also leave mankind with the freedom Ranni herself longed for.

It is the greatest gift she can give. But even then, unlike the other potential orders the player can choose to create, Ranni’s will only last 1000 years as opposed to all eternity. After that, mankind will once again have the freedom to choose—will they wish for their continued self-determination or will they long to once again be guided by the will of the Outer Gods? Perhaps we’ll find out in Elden Ring 2,
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Is Marika the Elden Beast?

Elden Beast – Why Did Marika Shatter The Elden Ring The Elden Beast is a vassal of the Greater Will and the physical embodiment of the Elden Ring. The Greater Will sent the Elden Beast to The Lands Between as a golden star who became one with Queen Marika, making her a God. This means that Marika, Radagon, and the Elden Beast are three forms of the same being who serve The Golden Order.

When Marika shattered the Elden Ring, the Greater Will imprisoned her inside the Erdtree. When the Tarnished warrior makes their way into the Erdtree, they come across Radagon and the reigning Elden Lord. After his defeat, the Elden Beast emerges from the body of Radagon to challenge the Tarnished for a final battle to protect the Erdtree from destruction.

Elden Ring is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. MORE: Elden Ring: How to Get to Third Church of Marika and What’s There to Find
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Did Marika betray the Greater Will?

Gluten, Dairy, Sugar Free Recipes, Interviews and Health Articles It was Marika, however, who fell the Outer God of the Fire Giants and cursed its final survivor to tend the Flame of Ruin. This would be the only real threat to the Elden Ring, all of which she did in service to The Greater Will. |
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Does Marika turn into Radagon?

Marika and Radagon’s Background – Why Did Marika Shatter The Elden Ring Marika is the god-queen of the Lands Between, and the direct channel between the Greater Will and the rest of the world. Radagon is her second spouse and Elden Lord, a red-headed champion who mastered magic and incantations. All of this is well known and communicated to players early on, but what is less well known is the fact that Radagon and Marika are one and the same.

When the player finds Marika at the end of the game, she transforms into Radagon, and later becomes Marika again. How and why this is the case is the subject of many fan theories, and makes the Elden Ring demigod family tree tougher to get one’s head around. Alongside this, it is important to explore one particular fan theory about Elden Ring,

There are a lot of theories about what legends, classical stories, or bits of history and biology Elden Ring is referencing through its stories and characters. One theory even claims that Elden Ring is about parasitic mushrooms, and its arguments are surprisingly plausible.

  • However, the theory in question here focuses more on the parallels between parts of Elden Ring and old theories of alchemy.
  • The theory posits that many symbols and story beats in Elden Ring parallel parts of western alchemy that described the process of creating a magnum opus.
  • This referenced a very specific chemical creation said to be the refinement of base materials into a divine or pure substance, the most classic example being the transformation of lead into gold.

It’s an extensive theory that definitely holds some water, and allows Marika and Radagon to be compared to something called the alchemical rebis.
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What is the point of stake of Marika?

The stakes honor Queen Marika the Eternal, ruler of the Lands Between.

Stakes of Marika are statues usually found in locations where many enemies are present or just before boss doors. They serve as respawn points. Other useful statues found throughout the Lands Between include Effigies of the Martyr and Rebirth Monuments,
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Were Marika and Radagon always the same?

Or rather I should say, they were not always the same entity but fused together to become one entity long after Radagon became the second Elden Lord. When speaking to Melina in Marika’s bed chamber, Melina gives you some lingering words of Queen Marika.
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