Elden Ring Guy Who Calls You Maidenless?

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Elden Ring Guy Who Calls You Maidenless
Killing White-Faced Varre – The White-Faced Varre is the first NPC you encounter in the Elden Ring. He will call you a maidenless man and will drop six Festering Bloody Fingers. However, killing him will mess up your progress, so it’s best not to attempt to kill him until later.

  1. Illing him will also earn you 500 Runes, which can be used to level your character.
  2. The best way to kill Varre is to enlist the help of a party.
  3. You’ll need at least four members to complete this quest.
  4. Once you have the required number of party members, the Varre will be easy to kill.
  5. Once you have killed him, use the Festering Bloody Fingers to invade the other players’ world.

If you want to get even better rewards, kill him with your Elder Ring Guy, as he will give you a Bloody Finger to use in PvP.
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What is the name of the maidenless guy in Elden Ring?

The first NPC you meet in Elden Ring is White Mask Varré, who infamously points out that you’ve arrived in the Lands Between “maidenless.” It can be tempting to kill Varré then and there, but doing so precludes you from completing his storyline, which is well worth doing — as you’ll find out in this guide to completing Varré’s side quest.
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Who is the guy at the beginning of Elden Ring?

White Mask Varre is the first NPC that players meet in Elden Ring, and his questline is tied to one of the game’s bloodiest baddies.
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Why does Elden Ring keep saying Maidenless?

‘Elden Ring’ Players Calling Each Other “Maidenless” Is A Devastating Insult When it came out last Friday (25 February) players were instantly enjoying themselves with the detailed, However, the wheel of memes is ever turning and the internet has now turned its sights to a new one.

  • This time, it’s a way to insult the skill of other players.
  • If you didn’t get a hold of Elden Ring yet, you can check out some gameplay and thoughts in our review below.
  • As you take on the name of tarnished, some NPCs note that you have no maiden to guide you around the world of Elden Ring, making your quest that much more difficult.

Now players have take the term “maidenless” to be an insult for either a low skill player, or as a person just in life. An artist took the Megamind No b*****s? meme and transformed it into the world of Elden Ring. So of course your Megaminded NPC has to come complete with catchphrase.

  1. One Twitter user took direct offence to the insult.
  2. With everyone else in his life asking him if he has a girlfriend, he really didn’t need his games asking him too.
  3. My mom: “where is your wife?”My coworkers: “😂 no girlfriend.”My chat: “🤣 no bitches!”Now Elden Ring: “🤣 Maidenless.” FFS 🥲 — Sussy Matt ⚔️ (@MattApocaalypse) A tweet went viral after someone said they got a refund because they think Elden Ring is unfairly difficult.

In response, another player used Spongebob to criticise his gameplay as “maidenless behaviour”. Next week there will probably be a new Elden Ring themed insult, but for now having no maidens is as low as it gets. : ‘Elden Ring’ Players Calling Each Other “Maidenless” Is A Devastating Insult
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What if you kill the guy at the beginning of Elden Ring?

So what happens if you kill him? Nothing much. You get 500 Runes and 6 Festering Bloody Fingers. Also, you miss out on his quest.
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Who is the edgy guy in Elden Ring?

He will refuse to speak to the player, but instead stare at them. He is the servant of Gideon Ofnir.

Ensha of the Royal Remains
Role NPC Invader

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Who is the true Elden Lord?

Elden Lord is a title of great reverence. Godfrey was the first one to hold this title and was later replaced by Radagon,
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What does he mean by maidenless?

(informal, typically of a male) Single; unmarried; loverless. quotations ▼
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Why does a tarnished need a maiden?

Home Video Games One Dark Elden Ring Theory Explains Why the Tarnished Is Maidenless

To be a Tarnished without a maiden in the hostile world of Elden Ring is dangerous. So, what happened to the player character’s maiden? Elden Ring Guy Who Calls You Maidenless FromSoftware’s Elden Ring is known for its complicated lore and epic storytelling. While it’s still enjoyable without completely understanding certain aspects of the lore, the darker truths of The Lands Between only serve to enrich the gaming experience.

  • There are dozens of intricate fan theories circulating forums, especially with a DLC reportedly in the works, but there is one sinister theory that may go unnoticed by all but the most observant of fans.
  • In Elden Ring, players play as the Tarnished in a post-war world following the Shattering of the Elden Ring, which held Order and Chaos in check and blessed many with eternal life.
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The Tarnished were banished from the world by Marika after losing their connection with the grace of the Erdtrees that dot the landscape, However, after the Shattering of the Elden Ring, the Tarnished returned to become Elden Lord, drawn along their path by fragments of grace left behind. Elden Ring Guy Who Calls You Maidenless Finger Maidens serve as guides for Tarnished warriors seeking the Elden Ring, as they can turn gathered runes into strength (which is how the player levels up and assigns attributes to customize their character). However, as the player emerges from the Church of Anticipation, where the tutorial is held at the beginning of their journey, they come face-to-face with an NPC named White Mask Varré, who not-so-sympathetically informs them that they have no maiden to guide them.

  • Because of the maidens’ ability to bring strength to the player in return for collected runes, it is disastrous for the Tarnished to be without one.
  • So what happened to theirs? One fan theory taking the internet by storm suggests that White Mask Varré is responsible for killing the Tarnished’s maiden.

And unfortunately, there is more than enough evidence to support this despite it not being outright confirmed by the game’s campaign. Elden Ring Guy Who Calls You Maidenless The most obvious piece of evidence that supports this theory is that White Mask Varré can first be found upon exiting the Church of Anticipation, where the unnamed dead Finger Maiden is also located. He has no logical reason to know that the player is maidenless, and yet he is the one who announces this fact without having to be told.

  • There was no one else in the Church of Anticipation by the maiden’s body, so how else would he know that the Tarnished is maidenless? Additionally, White Mask Varré’s questline includes tasking the Tarnished with collecting the blood of deceased maidens to empower the Lord of Blood’s Favor.
  • In this case, the Lord of Blood refers to Mohg, whom the player will defeat later in the campaign).

This Favor will theoretically help Mohg, White Mask Varré’s master, usurp the Two Fingers and bring about what is known as the Mohgwyn Dynasty, a new order based on bloodletting that seeks to shape The Lands Between to their vision. This organization’s patron is the Formless Mother, who’s responsible for Mohg’s kidnapping of Miquella, demigod brother to Malenia, Elden Ring Guy Who Calls You Maidenless The reason that White Mask Varré has these maidens killed to soak the Lord of Blood’s Favor is twofold. First, Mohg needs blood to try to wake the slumbering Miquella, who lost too much of his own blood trying to cure his sister’s Scarlet Rot. Second, Mohg wants to spit in the face of the Two Fingers, whom he despises.

  1. Being the one to break the news to the Tarnished that they’re without a maiden almost makes White Mask Varré seem like a helpful character (until the truth is brought to light), which puts the Tarnished on a path to help him in return.
  2. This, unknowingly to the player until later in the quest, only serves to bring about the Lord of Blood’s will, which would doom the Tarnished should he succeed.

In the end, there’s a reason that the highly praised Elden Ring has captured the attention of so many players worldwide. With creative minds like A Song of Ice and Fire ‘s George R.R. Martin at the helm, interesting bits of lore were bound to exist for players to discover as they explored.
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Can you kill Yura for his armor?

Elden Ring: How players can get the Ronin armor set – Elden Ring Guy Who Calls You Maidenless Unfortunately, killing Bloody Finger Hunter Yura during the first meeting will not drop the Ronin armor set. In order to obtain Ronin’s Set in Elden Ring, players will have to embark on a long and arduous journey, one that takes them all the way to the Mountaintops of the Giants, which is end-game territory. Elden Ring Guy Who Calls You Maidenless Exhaust all of Yura’s dialog. He’ll speak of the dragon in the nearby lake, but you won’t have to kill it to advance the quest. Instead, start venturing towards the Murkwater Cave. To find it, head north from Seaside Ruins into the lake and follow the stream that heads north.

Keep an eye open for Murkwater Cave on the western side. Speak with Yura and assist him. For complete details on Melina Elden Ring, click here The next location you’ll find Yura is in Raya Lucaria, specifically a red summoning sign. It’s on the broken bridge that leads northeast. Activate the summoning sign to help Yura kill the Bloody Finger Ravenmount Assassin.

Once the job is done, he’ll be waiting on the bridge, waiting for you to speak with him again. Elden Ring Guy Who Calls You Maidenless Now you have to reach the Altus Plateau, specifically the Second Church of Marika. To find the church, head north from the Altus Highway Junction site of grace and just slightly west. Yura will ask for assistance once again. This time, however, the goal is to eliminate Bloody Finger Eleonora. Elden Ring Guy Who Calls You Maidenless Now, you can kill Shabriri right away and obtain the set. However, keeping Shabriri alive is necessary for Elden Ring’s Frenzied Flame ending. Should you follow through and obtain the Burning Scar, return to Shabriri’s location in Zamor Ruins and the armor set will be there.

No need to kill him. Click here for Elden Ring PS5 The Ronin’s Set in Elden Ring consists of a chest piece, leg armor, and gloves. However, the Iron Kasa helmet is technically separate. It’s rather good for medium armor, with good damage negation and high resistance stats, despite being lighter than other armor sets in its category.

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Can I kill Varre after his quest?

Murder Hyetta – The final method of soaking the cloth in a maiden’s blood is the least desirable as it cuts you off from an entire questline. Hyetta stands outside the Church of Irith in southern Liurnia. You can kill her and soak the cloth in her blood, though doing so naturally means you can’t complete her quest.
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Did Radagon love Renalla?

‘Elden Ring’ and what we know of the story – Note: This section covers many aspects of “Elden Ring’s” story. The first few paragraphs will focus on the story we can glean from the game’s introduction and trailers. Once we delve into middle- and endgame material, there will be another spoiler warning.

Already, “Elden Ring” is being mined for information as players experiment with various spells in different situations to trigger new story events. The coming months will no doubt provide more answers. In this piece, for now, I’d like to help begin forming up some of the contours of this epic tale — though some of what’s written below is more theory than fact.

The Elden Ring is not at all like J.R.R. Tolkien’s One Ring. It’s not a physical object one can wear. Rather, the Elden Ring is the natural law of “The Lands Between,” the game’s setting. It is made up of Great Runes that dictate how the world functions, including aspects like life and death.

  • The game’s story, very broadly, is about a land torn apart politically and abandoned by its god, with the natural order thrown out of balance.
  • Queen Marika the Eternal is essentially a god of The Lands Between — as determined by something called “The Greater Will” — and her children are demigods who rule over parts of the region.

The Greater Will is something like the Force from Star Wars, though it isn’t necessarily benevolent. The Erdtree, a giant golden tree in the middle of the world, is the hub of the Greater Will’s power. As revealed in the story trailer from December last year, the Rune of Death was somehow stolen “on a night of win’ry fog.” This resulted in the murder of at least one demigod, Godwyn the Golden, in what the game’s introduction calls “The Night of the Black Knives.” Godwyn is the son of Marika and Godfrey, the first Elden Lord and the regal man with a lion spirit watching over him as seen in some of the game’s promotional artwork,

Eep close track of these names and others; many are similar, or start with the same letter, which may lend to some initial confusion. “Queen Marika was driven to the brink,” says the story trailer, as a consequence of Godwyn’s death. This leads to the destruction of the Elden Ring, an incident known as the Shattering that’s seen and performed by a mysterious person in the game’s announcement trailer from 2019,

The rest of the story from the game’s intro cinematic is pretty straightforward. After the Shattering, Marika disappeared from The Lands Between, and her demigod children were left to fend for themselves. They chose to go to war for the remaining shattered pieces of the Elden Ring, fighting for power.

This war ended with no winners. Even the two mightiest warriors, Malenia the Blade of Miquella and Radahn the Conqueror of the Stars fought to a draw, with a gravely injured Malenia infecting Radahn with a disease known as Scarlet Rot. This act was so destructive, it poisoned and cursed Radahn’s mind with an eternity of madness and suffering, while the surrounding area of Caelid was drowned in disease under a scarlet-red sky.

While the game’s story may make it seem like this is recent history, it’s important to remember that “an age” has passed since the Shattering, and by the time the game begins, we can assume that The Lands Between have suffered for a very long time under this fractured, chaotic age without order.

The player is part of a group called the Tarnished. These are people forgotten by the grace of the Greater Will. In what appears to be an attempt by the Greater Will to correct the chaos of the Shattering, it once again decides to bless the Tarnished with some grace. Suddenly, Tarnished exiles have begun to return to The Lands Between, each for their own reasons.

The game’s intro cinematic shows us several of these characters, including Hoarah Loux, chieftain of the Badlands. It seems being “blessed by grace” grants permission for the Tarnished not only to wander The Lands Between once again, but to gather and wield the power of the Elden Ring’s runes.

This is why the player is able to defeat enemies and take in runes (this game’s version of experience points) to level up. Note: We’re navigating toward middle- and endgame spoiler territory here. Read further only if you are at least near the end of the game. Before the Shattering and Godwyn’s death, Marika was at war with the neighboring Carian royal family, overseen by Renalla the Queen of the Full Moon and head of the sorcery academy.

A red-haired warrior named Radagon of the Golden Order led this battle, but quickly fell in love with Renalla. This ushered in a time of peace between the students of sorcery and followers of the Golden Order, and they had a child named Ranni. Marika exiled her husband Godfrey once he had conquered all neighboring lands, apparently because he was no longer of use to the Greater Will.

  • Radagon then left Renalla to marry Marika, leaving the Queen of the Full Moon in anger and grief.
  • This is why Renalla’s dungeon has a conspicuous lack of the game’s checkpoint system, called the Stakes of Marika.
  • One might assume that Renalla would not welcome statues of the woman who stole her husband away into her home.
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Marika and Radagon had their own children, the aforementioned rot warrior Malenia, as well as Miquella. It’s here that you should take note of each of the demigod’s naming conventions. They all sound the same (Godrick, Godwyn for example) to highlight their lineage in godhood.

Godwyn’s death and the Shattering of the Elden Ring occurs. When we encounter Ranni the Witch — who we later discover to be Renalla’s daughter — we discover that she, Malenia and Miquella were all in line for Marika’s seat of power. However, Malenia and Miquella were both born cursed and unfit, while Ranni rejects her lineage.

It’s soon revealed that the Rune of Death was stolen by Ranni herself, taken from Marika’s bodyguard and keeper of the rune, Maliketh the Black Blade. Ranni was then able to create knives powerful enough to kill immortals, which were used on Godwyn the Golden.

  1. For reasons I’ve yet to discern, Godwyn’s death caused Marika to go mad and shatter the Elden Ring herself.
  2. Also, earlier I mentioned Godwyn as only one of the demigods murdered that night.
  3. The other was Ranni herself.
  4. The ritual apparently split her spirit from her body — a fate Godwyn also suffers, as we later discover — in an attempt to tear herself away from Marika’s lineage.

I know I just said Ranni is related to Marika. That’s because the biggest secret of the game, revealed almost toward the end, is that Marika and Radagon are the same being. One might assume that Radagon married Renalla as a way to quell the rising power of the sorcerers and practitioners of powerful moon magic.

All we know for sure is that the Marika side of the being decided to shatter the Elden Ring, while the Radagon side simultaneously tried to repair it to no avail. Ranni’s motivations for killing Godwyn remain unclear to me, but I might assume that she did so to undo the influence of the Golden Order.

It’s clear throughout the game that many factions resent the Golden Order’s influence. It’s not clear whether Ranni predicted Marika’s resulting madness and shattering of the Elden Ring. There are many unanswered questions about the story of “Elden Ring,” particularly about the character Melina, the spirit woman who offers to guide the player to the Erdtree and reunite the Elden Ring.

  1. Melina and Ranni both share the same eye markings, but on different eyes, so there may be a connection.
  2. There are also the stories of the other Tarnished who join you during the journey at the Roundtable Hold, the game’s hub area.
  3. Fia the Deathbed Companion, the Loathsome Dung Eater and the quiet, introspective Goldmask all factor into at least one of the game’s several endings, including restoring a version of Death back into the Elden Ring.

But after almost 200 hours of playing the game and experiencing its various plotlines, it’s clear to me that “Elden Ring” is a game about how our identity can have competing interests. There are two or more parts of ourselves often at odds with each other.

Radagon and Marika are the most obvious example of this, but Ranni also had to wrench herself away in some forbidden ritual just to begin outlining her own destiny. “Elden Ring” is a video game that asks the player character to know themselves thoroughly, to define and then understand their weaknesses and strengths in the form of attributes, builds, weaponry and appearances.

It’s only through this mastery of their own identity can a Tarnished, the player, restore and rebuild their fractured world, no matter what that may look like.
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Should I invade White-Faced Varre?

White-Faced Varre is Elden Rings’ first NPC and your first taste of mockery as he calls you ‘maidenless’. Anyhow, as much as we want to kill him immediately, White-Faced Varre’s questline is well worth it due to special optional area access and a chance for a Great Rune.
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Who is the edgy guy in Elden Ring?

He will refuse to speak to the player, but instead stare at them. He is the servant of Gideon Ofnir.

Ensha of the Royal Remains
Role NPC Invader

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Is Melania a guy Elden Ring?

Who Is Malenia? – Elden Ring Guy Who Calls You Maidenless The most important thing to know before we dive into the deep lore of Malenia, is exactly who she is. Malenia is the daughter of Radagon and Marika, She is also the twin brother of Miquella. As such, they formed an inseparable bond, and their two stories intertwine closely.

  1. Since Miquella always remains in the body of a child, Malenia swore to be his undefeated bodyguard, in order to keep her brother safe.
  2. It seems that early in her life Malenia was afflicted with the Scarlet Rot,
  3. Her condition is not typical of other victims of the disease, however.
  4. It seems that either shortly after she was born, or perhaps before she was born, the Outer God of Scarlet Rot was sealed within her physical body,

We do not know whether Radagon did this or if the Outer God itself was responsible. What we do know is that for all her power, Malenia’s body could not withstand the Rot, and slowly decayed over time.
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