Elden Ring How To Beat Starscourge Radahn?

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Elden Ring How To Beat Starscourge Radahn
Torrent Strategy – Using Torrent is arguably the best method of taking Radahn down, as you can ride around the arena and summon in many NPCs to fight alongside you. This strategy allows you to have the NPCs distract Radahn, opening up a lot of uncontested hits in the early goings.

Furthermore, summoning in NPCs will enable you to create separation to heal or call back in fallen NPCs to keep the fight going. The most challenging aspect of Torrent is the second phase of the battle, where you will have to juggle summoning allies while also picking the best opportunities to strike and run, then repeat the process over and over again.

We recommend always having NPCs up for the second phase, especially whenever he uses his “Planetary Devastation” attack. This will allow you to watch from a safe distance as he fights the NPCs. This is because just making contact with one of those boulders will kill you instantly.
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What is Starscourge Radahn weak to?

Radahn Phase 1 – Unlike most fights, you can summon several NPC companions once the battle against Radahn begins. Also unlike most fights, Radahn can one-shot you with his homing gravity arrows. Keep your target lock on Radahn so you can see the arrows, then dodge once they get near.

The debris doesn’t always stop the arrows from hitting you, so don’t count on them as foolproof cover. Make your way to the golden summoning signs as you go along, activating each when you get to it. You can summon Blaidd, Alexander the pot warrior, Okina, and at least three more. None of them last long, but they’re a good distraction to make approaching Radahn easier.

As you get closer, Radahn shoots a series of spears at you. These rain down in a straight line and follow you, so continue dodging them until the rain stops. If this attack is giving you trouble, you can continue dodging the gravity arrows until one of the NPC summons reaches Radahn.

Once you or an ally gets closer, Radahn starts charging around on his impossibly tiny, beleaguered horse and slashing at everything in his way, abandoning his ranged attacks. He’ll engage in one of several potential attacks, often with little warning. The most common seems to be a general slashing combo, where Radahn will use between one and four wild slashes and possibly end with a slam.

The main thing about Radahn and his other attacks is that they’ll take time to learn. Perhaps in keeping with his rot-addled frame of mind, Radahn’s timing is unpredictable at first. Aside from his dive attacks, which he telegraphs by bringing his swords in front of him, almost all of his attacks have odd, delayed timing.

  • His swing combo features multiple delays, for example.
  • He hold the first swing for roughly three seconds, then slams his fist down immediately afterward, followed by a few more slashes with a second-long delay between each.
  • Another attack to watch for in this phase is his gravity smash.
  • Radahn plunges his swords into the ground and surrounds them with a purple gravity field.

He then pulls them out with huge pieces of stone attached, slams them down, and creates a massive gravity shockwave. The shockwave is potentially an instant kill attack. Radahn moves fast, but there are some key openings for melee builds to exploit. As with most large bosses, Radahn is vulnerable for a brief time at the end of a combo or major attack-enough for two, maybe three hits, before you need to retreat.

  • Some players recommend using the Icerind Hatchet’s Frostbite skill or Hoarfrost Stomp to inflict damage and build Radahn’s Frostbite meter, though it does require good timing-and time you could spend rushing in to attack before retreating.
  • Radahn is vulnerable to Frostbite and other status conditions, but especially Scarlet Rot.
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Rot Pots and arrows tinged with Scarlet Rot are good options if you want to take advantage of status effects for this fight. These weaknesses remain even in phase two. Magic wielders should focus on spells with short casting times or with more defensive properties, such as Glintblade Phalanx.
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Do you have to kill Radahn to beat Elden Ring?

Do you have to fight Starscourge Radahn in Elden Ring? Provided by FromSoftware Starscourge Radahn is a tough boss in Elden Ring. Arguably the most frustrating boss to go up against in Elden Ring is, This demigod is located in the difficult region of Caelid, lording over Redmane Castle. In order to challenge him, you need to make it through the castle and enter the Radahn Festival.

It’s here that you will meet numerous NPCs you can team up with to take Radahn down and claim his and, among other things. This is still no easy task, though, which has led some players to wonder if the boss battle with Radahn is even mandatory in Elden ring. Up to this point, all demigods have seemed like foes players can’t skip.

Although,, you are actually able to skip the boss fight with Starscourge Radahn.
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Is Radahn easy to kill?

How to easily beat General Starscourge Radahn in Elden Ring The Radahn boss battle in Elden Ring is arguably one of the game’s most mechanically simple, but most difficult, bosses. Even during the accidental Radahn nerf, this horseback encounter is a high-stakes exercise in patience and manoeuvrability.

  1. Almost all of Radahn’s moveset can squish you in one hit – no questions asked, no chance to heal.
  2. The ones that you do survive are usually followed by another attack that sends you back to the start.
  3. This means you’ll have to maintain your focus throughout the whole of the boss fight, despite the fight’s relatively passive nature.

Defeating Radahn can be particularly difficult for melee characters, since with some methods you have to leave almost every strategy you’ve built up throughout Elden Ring so far at the door. However, here’s everything you can do to beat Radahn as easily as possible in Elden Ring.
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What level is Radahn difficulty?

Starscourge Radahn is one of the most interesting and unique bosses that FromSoftware has ever created. Aside from his unprecedented character design, Radahn also possesses some very special boss mechanics that are unlike anything veteran Souls players have ever seen before.

  • Although he is an optional boss, many Elden Ring players consider defeating him to be a crucial part of their playthrough, as doing so unlocks extra content and side quests,
  • Radahn should never be the first Shardbearer you fight, so it is highly recommended to complete Stormveil Castle and Raya Lucaria Academy before attempting to defeat him.

By the time you reach Radahn, you should be at least level 65, He is notorious for being one of the most difficult mid-game bosses, but luckily there are many different things that you can use to your advantage to defeat him.
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Does bleeding work on Radahn?

Melee Users –

Phase 1 100% health – 75%During the first phase he will have a few attacks but he moves around a lot on horse back, a fast weapon with bleed is effective against Radahn, such as the uchigatana, bloodhounds fang or the hookclaws, most of the time the summoned NPC’s will keep the aggro off of you which will allow you to get a few chain attacks before the next phase, the bleed builds up quick allowing for a massive and quick damage output but beware of the phase change at around 75% health where he clangs his two great swords and slams them into the ground in front of him, this is another short window for 1 or 2 more attacks before he pulls them out and swing back into the ground doing a gravity magic attack that pulls in and stuns everyone around before doing another attack that deals a heavy amount of damage.Phase 1.5: 75% – 50%During this phase he gains a few new ranged attacks but it is overall the same as the first phase, some NPC’s may die but they can be re-summoned mid battle after a short cooldown, just be wary of his rush attacks and continue to do damage in small intervals while occasionally running away to heal on horse back.Phase 2: 50% – 0%

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During phase 2 (final phase) he will leap into the air and seem to vanish, which gives a small window to heal and re-summon any fallen allies. But be careful, you need to watch the sky because he will come crashing back into the arena in a fiery ball like a meteor.

  1. This can be avoided on horseback but if hit you will most likely be instantly killed.
  2. When he lands he will have 4 boulders that will rise up and surround him, which will shoot towards you at very high speed and will instakill if you are not using a heavy shield.
  3. These fire right before he uses his drill attack.

The rest of the fight you should only be re-summoning NPC’s as it is too risky to fight face-to-face. Many of his hits will do very heavy damage; you should only go for hits if you feel you have a chance. He has 3 different AoE attack to watch for: Gravitas Pull has a massive range around him that will pull you right towards him (it can be dodged), with Gravitas Wave he’ll jump up into the air with his blades in a X shape and when he hits the ground a massive wave of energy will be fired in a cone that will knock you down (it can be rolled through and jumped over on horseback), and with Drill Blades he’ll rise into the air and spin towards you at high speed dealing heavy damage (it can be rolled though with good timing).
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What weapon is good against Radahn?

3. Use a weapon that inflicts bleed – To make this fight much easier, you should equip (and upgrade) a weapon which inflicts bleed. I opted for an Uchigatana, as it deals a good amount of damage and has good range, while also inflicting bleed with every strike. Elden Ring How To Beat Starscourge Radahn As long as Radahn’s attention is not on you, it’s very easy to back off and safely heal up.
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Can you summon help for Radahn?

In Elden Ring, Starscourge Radahn is one of the greatest challenges the Tarnished will have to overcome. With Gravity spells that allow him to deal damage from range, and two colossal machetes to engage the player up close, going toe to toe with this Demigod — who literally halted the movement of the stars — can seem overwhelming.
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What NPCs help fight Radahn?

Elden Ring’s Radahn Festival is Optional, But Worth It – Elden Ring How To Beat Starscourge Radahn In Elden Ring, the Radahn Festival is a ceremonious event that comes before a battle against General Radahn. The festival is held at Redmane Castle on the southeastern corner of Caelid, where the red shores of the Wailing Dunes meet the water. This festival is a necessary prerequisite to being able to fight Starscourge Radahn, as the NPC companions who may be summoned need to be available.

  • There are multiple ways to trigger the Radahn Festival, and it is entirely possible for players to have triggered it in a way unbeknownst to them in a first playthrough, such as not even having journeyed to Redmane Castle until the festivities had already begun.
  • But when players arrive after it has started, they will see a number of spectral NPCs waiting for them there.
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However, the Radahn Festival, as well as facing Radahn himself, is completely optional. In order to progress through the Lands Between and access the later areas, players only need to have killed two demigod bosses and activated one of their Great Runes,

The choice is up to players, and as such Radahn could be avoided throughout the entire game if players choose instead to kill Godrick and Rennala, for example. Likewise, players do not need to actually seek out and befriend the NPC summons that appear at the festival. These NPCs include Blaidd, Iron Fist Alexander, Bloody Finger Okina, Lionel the Lionhearted, Great Horned Tragoth, Castellan Jerren, Finger Maiden Therolina, and Patches.

Many of these characters are not actually NPCs players can find to interact with anyway, while quests for some of them are long-winded and may span the entire game.
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What is Radagon weak too Elden?

Elden Ring Elden Beast: Phase One Radagon Of The Golden Order – Click to enlarge Radagon is a powerful boss who wields a holy hammer. His health pool isn’t too high, but he deals very high holy damage, so we recommend coming into this fight with some resistance to this status. If you’re wondering what Radagon is weak to, the main Radagon weakness is fire, meaning you should be able to drop him quickly with a build that is geared toward that status.

  1. Lastly, the Elden Ring Black Knife Tiche is a fantastic summon, as she can deal a tonne of damage while still dodging away and avoiding his attacks.
  2. She will also likely last into the second phase, and makes for an excellent Elden Beast weakness, where her help will be super useful.
  3. For Radagon’s attacks, there are only a few to watch out for, but any of them can be lethal if you aren’t focused.

Lightning Spear is an attack that sees Radagon chuck a large spear toward you which later explodes. You can jump over this or dodge to the side but stay away from it until it explodes later. There is another similar attack to this where he will throw five lightning spears in a fan pattern, sometimes repeating the process twice, but you can dodge through this to get some attacks on Radagon.

One of the big attacks to avoid is his grab, where Radagon will materialise his missing arm before grabbing and pinning you down while smashing the hammer down several times. Using Black Knife Tiche – or any other suitable summon – will come in handy here for avoiding this move, as getting grabbed can be a death sentence due to the damage.

The rest of his moveset is quite simple. Charge Swing is a move that causes Radagon to charge toward you and swing his hammer, but you can dodge into the move to avoid it and get some hits in. Lastly, there is the Jump Ground Slam, where he will hover in the air for a moment before lunging down toward you, dealing AoE damage.

Make sure you utilise your Elden Ring Smithing Stones before this fight so your weapon will deal the max damage.

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