Elden Ring How To Use Ashes?

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Elden Ring How To Use Ashes
How to Use Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring – Elden Ring How To Use Ashes Spirit Ashes can only be summoned in specific locations, and they will disappear when the player moves out of the Spirit Calling range or if a boss has been defeated. A white gravestone icon will appear at the bottom left side of the screen, indicating Spirit Summons are available. To use Spirit Ashes, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the Spirit Ashes from the inventory,
  2. The character will automatically use the Spirit Calling Bell.
  3. The spirit will appear to aid the character in battle.

Multiple Spirit Ashes cannot be used at a time and are unavailable during Multiplayer.
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How do you get spirits to call ashes?

How do you get more Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring? – The spirit summons themselves are called Spirit Ashes, and you’ll have plenty of them by the time you’re done with Elden Ring. Spirit Ashes are found in chests, dropped as loot, and earned as rewards. The more you explore, the more of them you’re going to have. Elden Ring How To Use Ashes
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Where do I turn in spirit ashes?

The first thing you need to do to get your spirit ashes upgraded is to find Roderika, as she is the only NPC that can do it. You can find her at the Stormhill Shack in Stormhill. You will find it as you head towards Stormveil Castle; it will be on the right side of the path.
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Do you need an item to summon spirits Elden Ring?

How to get the Spirit Calling Bell in Elden Ring – To be able to summon spirits from ashes in Elden Ring, you need a special item called “Calling Bell”. There is only one known way to get it – from Renna the witch. You will find Renna most likely at the Church of Elleh Grace checkpoint.

She is sitting on the eastern ruined wall of the church. This is the same place where you meet the first vendor in Elden Ring – Kale. The Church of Elleh is most likely the second Grace checkpoint you will discover once you reach the first area Limgrave after the tutorial. It is directly to the north from where you start the game.

Past the Tree Sentinel, which you should most likely skip when you first encounter it. You may have already been here before if you followed my guide on how to get your mount Torrent, If you don’t yet know how to reveal and use the map in Elden Ring, I have a great guide to help you take full advantage of it! Renna is a spirit. She is dressed in a furry cloak and wears a wizard’s pointy hat. It is very likely that you will not see Renna the first time you visit this place. If that is the case, explore a bit more of the Lands Between and return later to check again. I found her after I went on to explore the Stormfoot Catacombs, where you will find some Ashes by the way – the Wandering Noble Ashes. This item allows you to summon five spirits of noblemen to fight for you. They provide an excellent distraction in crowded places, but can’t take much beating. After you talk to Renna, she will give you the item you need to be able to summon spirits. It’s called “Spirit Calling Bell”. All you have to do is talk to this NPC. The item is granted to you for free. In the conversation, Renna asks if you can summon your Torrent yet. I had my mount, so I answered yes. I don’t know what would happen if you answer negatively. At least this is a sign that you can meet Renna before you get to the third lost grace location to get your mount. Renna will give you the Lone Wolf Ashes for free. This is an item you can use to summon three wolves. They are very ferocious and fast. They don’t have a large health pool (unless upgraded, but that’s a topic for another guide).
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How do I activate Spirit Calling Bell Elden Ring?

How to find the Spirit Calling Bell in Elden Ring – Elden Ring How To Use Ashes Your search for the Spirit Calling Bell begins at the Church of Elleh’s Site of Grace. Head to the Stranded Graveyard, and go north as soon as you make it to the main world. Move east on the main path to travel to the Gatefront Ruins. There’s a Site of Grace here at both sides of the ruins.

  • Rest your weary bones at either Site of Grace and the mysterious young lady Melina in her flowing black robe will materialize.
  • Melina has an offering for you: your spectral steed, Torrent.
  • Once you’ve acquired this horse, arguably the most nimble in the game, be sure to rest until nightfall at the Site of Grace near Melina.

Return to the Church of Elleh, and speak to the witch named Renna there. When you speak to her, she’ll ask you if you can summon Torrent. Reply “yes” to her inquiry. When you’ve done so, she will gift you with the Spirit Calling Bell as well as the Lone Wolf Ashes. Elden Ring How To Use Ashes It’s important that you visit Renna early on in your quest to become Elden Lord. At some pint, she will cease to wait around for you at the Church of Elleh. If this happens, you aren’t completely out of luck. You’ll have to purchase the Spirit Calling Bell later at Roundtable Hold from the Twin Husks merchant.
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What button summons spirits in Elden Ring?

How to Summon Spirits in Elden Ring – Summoning Spirits in Elden requires you to obtain the Calling Bell. Here’s what you need to do:

Find Melina. She’s a mysterious maiden who can help the Tarnished on their journey. You can find her by progressing through the first few Sites of Grace. The woman should be around your third Site. Elden Ring How To Use Ashes Talk to Melina and form an alliance. This will help you complete your journey and traverse the map faster. More importantly, you’ll now be able to call your Spirit Steed – Torrent. Elden Ring How To Use Ashes Return to the Elleh Church, which is most commonly the second Site touched after leaving the tutorial zone. Do this at night. Elden Ring How To Use Ashes Walk to the broken wall near the church, and you should notice an NPC named Renna. Elden Ring How To Use Ashes Talk to the witch and tell her you’re the owner of Torrent. Elden Ring How To Use Ashes Renna should now give you your Calling Bell for free. Elden Ring How To Use Ashes

You can now summon Spirits. They’re similar to spells, but unlike Glintstone Magic or Incantations, you don’t need to place them inside your memory. Instead, you can assign them to toolbelt items or the quick menu. Furthermore, you won’t be able to equip the Calling Ball itself but various Ashes you’ll come across throughout the world. Here’s what you need to do to call your Spirits:

Open your in-game menu and head to your “Equipment” Tab. Elden Ring How To Use Ashes Scroll to “Quick Items” and press an available slot. Place the Spirit you wish to call. Elden Ring How To Use Ashes Press the corresponding button (usually X on PCs and square on PS), and wait for your character to ring the Calling Bell. The Spirit should now appear. Elden Ring How To Use Ashes

Alternatively, you can use your Pouch to activate the Calling Bell:

Open the menu and go to the right section of the screen.Find Pouch slots.Click an available slot and press the Ashes of the Spirit you want to summon.Hit the appropriate button, and the Spirit should come forth.

There are a few caveats regarding Spirits in Elden Ring. First, you’ll need a specific amount of Focus Points (FP) to summon them. The more powerful they are, the more FP they’ll consume. Some units even require Health Points (HP) and not FP. Second, you can’t summon Spirits anywhere.

  • Like bosses, they only appear in certain open areas, such as enemy encampments and legacy dungeons.
  • When you reach a place that lets you call Spirits, you should see a shiny icon in the left section of the screen.
  • It contains an inscription and an arch.
  • Third, enemies can kill your Spirits in combat.
  • Despite being basically shadows, they’re just as mortal as you.
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The only exception is Skeletal units, which can be resurrected if enemies don’t damage them while the Skeletal unit is downed. Finally, you can only summon one Ash Spirit at a time. For example, if you’ve brought out a Wolf, the game won’t allow you to call an Ash Sorcerer until the animal is recalled or dead.
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Where do I equip ashes?

How to equip an Ash of War – To equip an Ash of War, once you have a Whetstone Knife, visit a Site of Grace. The option for Ashes of War should now be visible, and it’s this menu where you can equip an Ash of War. Elden Ring How To Use Ashes From here, you can select a weapon and assign an Ash of War. Not all Ashes of War will work for every weapon – but you’ll see which are available as you select a weapon. Once an Ash of War has been assigned to a weapon, it cannot be equipped to another without unequipping it first. Elden Ring How To Use Ashes In summary – Ashes of War are reusable, nor are Weapon Arts replaced for good. This allows you to experiment and try which Ashes of War work best for your weapons of choice. Finally, though an Ash of War can only be used on one weapon at a time, you can acquire a second of that type for another weapon once you have found a Lost Ash of War and visited a Blacksmith. Elden Ring How To Use Ashes A Blacksmith will be available in the Roundtable Hold, of which access becomes available in the Site of Grace just before the Margit fight. In other words – not long into the game at all.
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When can you use spirit ashes Elden Ring?

To use Spirit Ashes, players must first obtain the Spirit Calling Bell from Renna at the Church of Elleh. Similar to Items, Spirit Ashes can be equipped to and used from your Quick Slots or Pouch. However, they can only be used while not in Multiplayer Coop and when near a Rebirth Monument.
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How do you equip Ashes of War?

How to use Ashes of War in Elden Ring – To use an Ash of War in Elden Ring, you need to either press or hold L2 on PlayStation, or LT on Xbox, depending on the technique. On PC, hold Shift and press right-click, Ashes of War draw on your Focus Points (FP) to cast, so remember to use that blue bar wisely.

Certain Ash of War skills set you up for a boosted follow-up attack. In those instances, you’ll need to press your heavy attack button right after you activate the skill. So, press R2/RT. There is a pretty big risk-reward element to Ashes of War since their animation times can be sluggish. You have to weigh up the undeniable power of your equipped special move versus the time it takes to use, then hope you don’t get hit while you’re winding up.

When used correctly though, Ashes of War are a vital tool in your Elden Ring arsenal that can be used on mobs and bosses alike. You also need to remember that Ashes of War can only be used with a single weapon equipped – i.e. a sword in your right hand and nothing in your left.

  1. If your Ash of War is greyed out or not working, get rid of your shield and try again.
  2. For this reason, it’s also recommended that if you’re relying on Ashes of War that you brush up on how to two hand weapons effectively to maximise damage, because you may as well benefit from the free damage bonus.

Ashes of War must first be equipped from a Site of Grace where you will find the menu option towards the bottom of the list. Not all Ashes of War can be equipped to every kind of weapon however, so you will need to experiment with different weapon types to see what’s worth switching up your playstyle for. Elden Ring How To Use Ashes
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Why are my spirit ashes grayed out?

White Gravestone, Full FP Bar. – There could be a few issues if you have a full FP bar and still can’t summon your Spirit Ashes. For the first one, you may need a Spirit Summoning Bell. This item isn’t required to be equipped to use, but it is required to summon spirits. Elden Ring How To Use Ashes Lastly, you may have already summoned a Spirit. Check the left-hand side to see if there’s a health bar for your spirit. If there’s nothing here that fixed your problem, you may need to restart your game or console! Make sure to check out one of the most powerful Spirit Ash summons in the game, Black Knife Tiche, to aid you in Elden Ring! If you simply want to add to your library of summons, here’s where to find all Spirit Ash Summons in Elden Ring! Elden Ring ‘s sorcery builds are suited best for the Spirit Ash Summons! Here’s the best Staff in Elden Ring to finish your magic build!
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When can you summon spirit ashes?

How to summon in Elden Ring with Spirit Ashes – Elden Ring How To Use Ashes (Image credit: FromSoftware) To summon in Elden Ring via Ash Spirits – the most common way of doing it – players need to progress to the point where they’ve unlocked the horse, Torrent. If you haven’t done it yet, our guide on how to get the Elden Ring horse will sort you out.

  • Once you do, head back to the Church of Elleh, the little ruin past the Tree Sentinel where Kalé the merchant is waiting.
  • There’ll be a new NPC there now, a witchy-looking character called Renna.
  • Talk to her, and she’ll give you the Spirit Calling Bell and the Lone Wolf Ashes.
  • The Spirit Calling Bell doesn’t have to be equipped, it’s just enough to have it in your inventory.

However, if you use the Lone Wolf Ashes at any point, either through your inventory or by equipping them to the quick-select menu with your Flasks, you’ll summon three friendly wolves that will attack nearby enemies. As you explore the game, you’ll find other kinds of Spirit Ashes that can summon different NPCs.

  • You can only summon Elden Ring Spirits with Ashes when close to a Rebirth Monument, a little square statue about waist-high. You’ll know when you’re in range of one, because of the white symbol of a tablet on the left side of the screen. Rebirth Monuments tend to be fairly common, covering most major areas and practically every boss fight arena.
  • Using Spirit Ashes costs FP. The amount varies significantly depending on the Ash themselves, with more powerful NPCs requiring more FP. Some are so expensive that you won’t be able to summon them without significantly levelling up the Mind Attribute first.
  • Elden Ring Spirits can be killed in combat! They’re no more immortal than you are, with the exception of Skeletal variants, who can self-resurrect if not damaged while downed.
  • Players can only have one kind of Ash Spirit triggered at a time. If you have the Wolves running about, you won’t be able to bring out an Ash Spirit Sorcerer until they’re either dead or recalled.

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Are spirit ashes limited in Elden Ring?

How To Use Spirits – Elden Ring How To Use Ashes Early on your journey, you’ll obtain a Spirit Calling Bell that allows you to summon spirits. The spirits you summon are determined by which Spirit Ash you use. You can equip Spirit Ashes as you would any other consumable item in Elden Ring, but you can only have one type of spirit summoned at a time.


img class=’aligncenter wp-image-189362 size-full’ src=’https://puzzleanddragonsforum.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/wumomaeciwawipozhehafe.jpg’ alt=’Elden Ring How To Use Ashes’ /> Once you’ve obtained Torrent, your trusty mount, head back to the Church of Elleh. A witch named Renna will ask you if you own a mount named Torrent. Say yes. She’ll give you the Spirit Calling Bell and the Lone Wolf Ashes as a gift. Should you miss this encounter, you can purchase the bell from the Twin Maiden Husks in Roundtable Hold. Elden Ring How To Use Ashes While standing near a Rebirth Monument (denoted by a tombstone icon on the left-hand side of your HUD), you’ll be able to summon one Spirit Ash for a hefty FP cost. Once summoned, your spirits will fight alongside you until they die, you perish, or you leave the nearby monument.
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