How Many Golden Seeds Are In Elden Ring?

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How Many Golden Seeds Are In Elden Ring
Mountaintops of the Giants Golden Seed Locations – How Many Golden Seeds Are In Elden Ring There are six Golden Seeds available in Elden Ring ‘s Mountaintops of the Giants region:

Along the path through the Forbidden Lands, on the southern side near the Black Blade Kindred boss fight. In the Consecrated Snowfield snowstorm, beside a larger pillar directly to the northeast of the Consecrated Snowfield Site of Grace. In the Consecrated Snowfield, down a small cliff to the west of the Ordina Liturgical Town Site of Grace. On Flame Peak, in the raised area to the northeast of the Foot of the Forge Site of Grace. In a dead-end site path leading south from the frozen river, directly to the south of the Freezing Lake Site of Grace. In the Giant’s Mountaintop Catacombs, obtained by defeating the Ulcerated Tree Spirit.

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How many flasks can you have in Elden Ring?

How To Upgrade Flasks – There are two items you’ll need to upgrade Flasks in Elden Ring : Golden Seeds and Sacred Tears. Golden Seeds will give you an additional Flask charge to allocate to either your Crimson Flasks or Cerulean Flasks, and Sacred Tears will increase the amount of HP or FP your Flasks replenish.

You can use any Golden Seeds or Sacred Tears you’ve found on your adventure to upgrade your Flasks while resting at any Site of Grace. In the Site of Grace “Flask” menu, you’ll find both the “Add charge to flask” and “Increase amount replenished by flasks” options. You’ll need a grand total of 30 Golden Seeds to completely max out your Flask charges in Elden Ring,

Fortunately, there are more than 30 Golden Seeds in the game, so you won’t need to track down every last one to get a full Flask inventory. Golden Seeds are typically found in or around dungeons, hidden near Phantom Trees, or obtained by defeating Tree Spirit enemies.

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You can also choose to start the game with the Golden Seed Keepsake, which will give you an extra Flask right from the beginning. The more Flasks you have, the more Golden Seeds you’ll need to upgrade and add another charge. The maximum number of Flasks you can have is 14, and you’ll be able to allocate them however you want.

Sacred Tears, on the other hand, are hidden in the churches that are scattered throughout Elden Ring’s Lands Between, making them much easier to find than Golden Seeds. There are only 12 Sacred Tears in the entire game, which means you can only upgrade your Flasks to +12 as well.
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Are there enough Golden Seeds Elden Ring?

How many Golden Seeds do you need to fully upgrade Flasks? – How Many Golden Seeds Are In Elden Ring (Image credit: Bandai Namco) To fully upgrade your Sacred Flasks in Elden Ring you’ll have to find a total of 30 Golden Seeds, though this won’t mean you’ll get a total of 30 uses per checkpoint. As you upgrade it more and more in this way, you’ll need more and more Golden Seeds for every few additional flask uses you unlock.

  • 1 Golden Seed each to unlock 5th and 6th Sacred Flask uses
  • 2 Golden Seeds each to unlock 7th and 8th Sacred Flask uses
  • 3 Golden Seeds each to unlock 9th and 10th Sacred Flask uses
  • 4 Golden Seeds each to unlock 11th and 12th Sacred Flask uses
  • 5 Golden Seeds each to unlock 13th and 14th Sacred Flask uses

This caps out once your Sacred Flasks reach 14 uses total. There’s actually more than 30 Golden Seeds in Elden Ring, but even if you find extras, the game refuses to let you use them. Bear in mind that the Sacred Flask in Elden Ring has health and magic-restoring abilities, so you might want to reallocate your flask uses between healing Crimson and magic-restoring Cerulean to better suit your playstyle whenever you get more.

  • Also note that Elden Ring Golden Seeds do not reinforce your flasks to improve their restorative capabilities – you’ll need to find Sacred Tears for that.
  • You should also take a look at some Elden Ring Rune farming locations so that you can’t pool more points into your Vigor or Mind Attributes to boost your HP and FP respectively.
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While you can find a couple of Golden Seeds in the first few hours, you can also start with a Golden Seed as one of the Elden Ring Keepsakes when creating your character. Picking it will give you a decent head start for the first few bosses that you’ll face, and you could have as many as seven Sacred Flask uses by the time you need to know how to beat Margit in Elden Ring,

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How many Golden Seeds do you get?

Finger Reader Golden Seed location – How Many Golden Seeds Are In Elden Ring Finger Reader Golden Seed location. Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon Follow the road northeast from the Outer Wall Phantom Tree site of grace to the next plaza — there’s a Finger Reader here to chat with. There are another two Golden Seeds at the glowing tree in the center.
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Where can I farm Golden Seeds?

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(Image credit: From Software) Still looking for Golden Seeds in Elden Ring? It’s well worth your time picking up these collectables as they are used to upgrade your flasks, a key consumable you use to restore health and FP for using spells and skills.

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And unlike in Souls games, you start needing multiple Golden Seeds to increase your flask charge after the first couple of upgrades. You can find Golden Seeds by small golden saplings, and most of the time these can be found alongside the main roads, or close to certain landmarks—you can even get them by defeating Elden Ring bosses (opens in new tab),

That said, they are more scarce in the early game, but I’ve put together this guide to help you out. Here are all of the Elden Ring Golden Seeds we’ve found so far, broken down by region. We’ll add more as and when we find them.
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How do I get more than 3 flasks Elden Ring?

How to get more flask charges in Elden Ring – You’ll need Golden Tears to increase the number of Flask charges you have. These grow on the small golden trees dotted around The Lands Between, and you’ll find your first one just north of the Stormgate canyon.
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