How Tall Is Atreus In God Of War Ragnarok?

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How Tall Is Atreus In God Of War Ragnarok
How tall is Atreus? – Unfortunately, we don’t have an official height for Atreus in Ragnarok, But, we can make some solid assumptions about Atreus’ height based on his father’s height. Officially, Kratos is listed at six feet, four inches (6’4″) tall.

  • In Ragnarok, Atreus looks to be just under a foot smaller than Kratos, which could put him at around 5’5″-5’7″.
  • Still, this isn’t official, as the developers have not stated how tall Atreus is in the game and they also did not reveal how tall he was in the 2018 prequel.
  • So we can’t even go off of that game to determine Atreus’ height.

While we might not have a definitive answer to how tall Atreus is in God of War: Ragnarok, we certainly have a solid range based on other factors in the game. : How tall is Atreus in God of War: Ragnarok? | Atreus’s height, explained
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How tall is Kratos son Atreus?

Q. How tall is Kratos’ son, Atreus? – A. According to the game itself, it is estimated that Atreus is somewhere around 5’7 which roughly translates to 171 cm. That explains the height difference between the dad and son duo! : How tall is Kratos in God of War Ragnarök?
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How old is Atreus in Ragnarok?

How old is Atreus in God of War Ragnarok ? – Atreus is roughly 14 years old in Ragnarok, It was confirmed in the God of War novelization that his age was 11 when the events of the first modern game started (the new 2018 line). After that game concludes, Kratos trains Atreus to be prepared for Ragnarok, all while a fierce mythological event called “Fimbulwinter” is happening, which takes roughly three years.
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How tall is Kratos in Ragnarok?

How tall is Kratos in God of War Ragnarök? – Officially, Kratos is currently six foot and four inches, This is his redesigned height for the 2018 God of War and now its sequel, Ragnarök. Kratos used to be seven foot and six inches in the pre-2018 God of War games, but he was made shorter to be more approachable and closer to actor Christopher Judge’s height of 6’3″.

This is according to Santa Monica Studio lead character technical artist Axel Grossman (via Gnomon YouTube ). This means that Thor is likely around an entire foot taller than Kratos in God of War Ragnarök. Thor towers above Kratos, making him quite the foe for our protagonist. Kratos likely wouldn’t match Thor’s height even on tip-toes.

Thor is quite a broad chap, too, so his size really is quite imposing when compared to Kratos. Kratos in the original trilogy, however, standing at 7’6″ would be around the same height as Thor in Ragnarök. What is it with old age and getting shorter?
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Who is the tallest God in God of War: Ragnarok?

Q. Who is the tallest being in God of War? – A. Thamur is presently the tallest being to have appeared in the God of War series as he was a Jotnar (giant) from Jötunheim who can assume any size they want. : God of War Ragnarök: How tall is Thor?
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How is Atreus a giant?

Powers & Abilities –

I do not know the reach of your godhood, but over time, we will learn.
~ Kratos to Atreus on his godhood.

ul> Divine-Jötnar Physiology: Atreus is the son of Kratos, a Greek divine being and the former God of War, and son to Zeus, and Laufey, a powerful Jötnar Giant. As a result of this, Atreus has a tremendous physiology, making him a hybrid of the Greek and Norse pantheon.

Superhuman Strength: Though not on par with Kratos, Atreus was able to help lift a hammer, and lift Faye’s axe when fighting against Dark Elves. He was even able to harm a powerful AEsir like Baldur with his strikes during their final confrontation and even stab a weakened Modi to death despite his near invulnerability common amongst the AEsir. Superhuman Endurance: Atreus has a great amount of resilience, probably inherited from Kratos’ and Faye’s heritage from the Olympians and Giants. He was able to survive the realms of Hel and Muspelheim despite their extreme conditions, but does complain about the environment (e.g. when first entering the realm of the dead). In addition, he was durable enough to survive a immense punch from Baldur, without any lasting effects to him physically, though he momentarily had the breath knocked out of him. Atreus has immense stamina, being able to run long distances on their journey, and fight without fatigue. Regenerative Abilities: Atreus was able to regenerate from Baldur critically stabbing him with his own knife in an unhuman rate. Superhuman Senses: Atreus can sense other beings, their thoughts, emotions, and power, being able to hear their voices. Spartan Rage: Atreus gained Kratos’ ability to use the Spartan rage, but was unable to control it when he first attempts so, falling unconscious when confronting Modi. Shapeshifting: By the time Atreus is strong enough to use Spartan Rage, his version of the ability proved different than his father’s. Unlike Kratos’ Spartan Rage which simply appears as temporary intense emotion(primarily rage)-fueled enhanced strength, Atreus takes it to one step further where he transforms into certain animals as manifestations of his rage, including (but not necessarily limited to) a wolf and a monstrous bear. While active, he can easily decimate multiple opponents at ease and even fight toe-on-toe with immensely powerful beings, his father included. The first time he utilized this ability was while mourning the apparent death of his beloved wolf pet Fenrir, transforming into an out-of-control bear and subsequently subdued by Kratos. With separate tutelage from Odin and Angrboda, he learned how to properly use it for his advantage. Though he mastered it enough in time before the destined Ragnarök, it’s clear Atreus prefers to use it sparingly owing to the tendency to lose control. Precognition: Due to his Giant heritage, Atreus was able to see into the future, seeing him and his father encounter Thor.

Advanced Combatant: Atreus shows himself to be a quick learner, and becomes more adept in combat through the journey across Midgard and the realms. He also uses his advantages in combat, combining his archery skills and athleticism to aid his father in battles.

In addition, Atreus becomes an expert melee fighter, choking enemies, or fighting mid-air in combos. Superhuman Intelligence: According to Mimir and Freyja, Atreus already displays a highly developed intellect and a keen understanding of his surroundings, despite his young age and lack of maturity or a lot of experience.

He also displays some other superior intellectual abilities, such as;

Innate Linguistic Capability: In addition to being taught by Faye, Atreus is shown to be able to understand written or spoken languages without having read or heard of them beforehand. Even Mimir takes note of Atreus’ innate linguistic capabilities, and it becomes very useful on the journey ahead. He is able to understand some animals, dwarven, elvish languages, and read some Greek after drinking Lemosian wine. In addition, Atreus was even able to speak the dead tongue of the World Serpent despite only hearing a few sentences. Eidetic memory: Atreus displays a photographic memory. Despite only looking at the Black Rune for a second, he instantly memorized it and never forget it, regardless of how complex the rune was. He is also able to do this with other information he learns.

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Is Atreus a god or a giant?

The creators of God of War discuss the themes that animate the iconic protagonist: brutality, fatherhood and redemption. – Updated November 13, 2022 at 9:33 p.m. EST | Published November 11, 2022 at 4:21 p.m. EST (Washington Post illustration; Sony Interactive Entertainment) This story contains spoilers for God of War games throughout the series, with the exception of “God of War Ragnarok” In the pantheon of video game protagonists, Kratos is up there with Mario and Master Chief.

  1. The original “God of War” in 2005 introduced players to the ruthless Spartan warrior molded by savagery and haunted by his past.
  2. Subsequent titles throughout the 2000s and early 2010s saw Kratos carve a bloody path through Greek mythos.
  3. The narrative in these early games often took a back seat to the theatrical boss fights and brutal combat.

At their best, these games portray a deeply troubled man reckoning with the monster he’s become; at their worst, they cement Kratos as a caricature of barbarity.2018’s “God of War” rebooted the series and marked the beginning of a more serious take on the brutal anti-hero — one that’s been met with near-universal acclaim for its portrayal of themes of fatherhood and redemption.

“I think a lot of people going in had felt like Kratos was a pretty irredeemable character,” said Matt Sophos, narrative lead on the latest entry in the series, “God of War Ragnarok.” “Going into the last one and then, you know, we evolved that hopefully in most people’s eyes.” Longtime fans were quick to portray the franchise’s tonal shift as the “daddification” of Kratos; the change corresponded with the introduction of his son, Atreus, who accompanies his father through the realms of Norse mythology.

But the team behind the series at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio doesn’t quite see it as a transformation for his character. “Ragnarok” producer Cory Barlog and director Eric Williams, two of the leads behind God of War from day one, said in an interview with The Washington Post that the reboot marked less of a new direction and more of Kratos coming full circle.

Sophos echoed this sentiment, noting that the character of Kratos has always been defined by his relationship with fatherhood. “This was kind of a chance for us to really kind of examine parts of fatherhood that we didn’t before because in the last series, his being a father and a husband is what led to a journey of revenge,” Sophos said.

As shown in a flashback in the original “God of War,” the death of Kratos’ wife and daughter set the events of the series into motion, the first casualties in a string of betrayals that define his character arcs. After rising through the ranks to become a general, Kratos commands an army of soldiers to lay siege to Sparta’s enemies.

But when his forces are overwhelmed in battle, Kratos pledges his life to Ares, the god of war, to turn the tide. Ares tricks Kratos into severing his last remaining connection to his humanity, his family, who Kratos slaughters in a blind rage while pillaging in the god’s name. Once he realizes what he’s done, Kratos is overwhelmed by grief.

Distraught and vengeful, Kratos serves the other gods of Olympus, who promise him an escape from his torment. But after obeying their command for years and eventually slaughtering Ares himself, he realizes this was yet another trick. The alliances he forges with titans, denizens of the underworld and other deities on his quest for revenge all end similarly: in a trail of destruction and slaughtered foes that leads Kratos no closer to finding peace.

While he forges forward unflinching throughout all this, Kratos is not as detached from the atrocities as he appears in these early games. “He’s very aware of the fact that he wasn’t the good guy in his story,” Sophos said. By the end of “God of War III,” Kratos is clearly buckling after facing betrayal after betrayal while in service to the gods of his homeland.

He uncovers the horrible truth of his lineage: That Zeus is his father, and the person who ordered his brother, Deimos, kidnapped as a child in an attempt to prevent the prophesied fall of Olympus. In his quest to kill Zeus, Kratos bonds with Pandora, who reminds him of his daughter, and through that bond begins to develop hope that he may finally be able to forgive himself, only to watch her die as Zeus mocks him for failing to save anyone who gets close to him.

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After he finally defeats Zeus, Kratos is at his lowest point, Barlog said. The “God of War” reboot takes place an undetermined number of years later, after Kratos has built a family in the land of the Norse gods with his wife, a fellow warrior named Faye, and Atreus. Barlog said this relationship with Faye (which plays out off-screen) shaped the man players were reintroduced to in the 2018 reboot just as much as his newfound fatherhood: “Kratos at the end of ‘God of War III’ fell into an exceptionally deep well within himself, a well that is miles and miles and miles and miles and miles deep.

And then he spent just a massive amount of time alone, falling deeper and deeper and deeper into that well. And Faye was the first person to throw a rope down. She started the process in concert with him, together, of crawling out of that well.” That’s a process Kratos finds himself navigating alone once again in 2018’s “God of War,” which begins after Faye’s death, leaving Kratos to navigate single parenthood and the unanswered questions she left behind.

  • Though it’s not under circumstances he would have ever hoped for, this gives Kratos the opportunity to rediscover himself and confront the emotions he ran away from in previous games.
  • We were really focusing in on who he is, not in the grand scheme of mythology and all that kind of stuff, but just who the guy is, who Kratos is and what he’s dealt with and what he fears, and all those trappings,” Sophos said.

Earlier God of War games offered glimpses of this more complex world going on inside Kratos, Williams said. Particularly “God of War: Ghost of Sparta,” which shows a young Kratos as a caring and protective brother to Deimos even among the harshness and cruelty of their Spartan upbringing.

“Those parts have always been inside of him to do good, to do the right thing, it’s just that people broke him, and when he got broken, he couldn’t deal with his own guilt,” Williams said. All three developers expressed that Kratos, after fleeing to the land of Norse gods, still thoroughly believes that his horrible past has forever stained him — like the ashes of his family have been cursed to stain his skin — but he doesn’t want to taint his son with that too.

The 2018 reboot “is really about him learning to be a better person in general,” said Sophos, “and that kind of evolves from him really taking on the mantle of being a true father rather than someone who’s just provided the necessities for his family.” The stakes in 2018’s “God of War” are high.

  • There is no running away from his grief this time; to ignore his failings would mean to risk seeing them reflected in his son, Barlog said.
  • Until Faye’s death, he had kept his own history and Atreus’s demigodhood a secret from Atreus.
  • But faced with the reality of Atreus growing into powers he does not understand, he realizes he must open up about the sordid details of his past.

This informs the core conflict at the heart of the reboot. “It’s that idea of how much of ourselves do we show our children, especially the parts we’re not proud of, especially if those things can help them in some way to either guide them away from paths that you took,” Sophos said.

“But you’re still ashamed of them and you don’t want to do it. And that was something that felt so perfect for Kratos as someone who really does have a lot of things he’s not proud of.” A real-world element contributed to this part of Kratos’s development: Barlog, Sophos and Richard Gaubert, Sophos’s longtime writing partner and a narrative designer for the series, all had young sons around the time of the reboot’s development.

The parallels in their lived experiences informed how they navigated Kratos’s transition from Greek to Norse mythology and, more importantly, from a vengeful soldier to a father once more. “I think that’s the biggest thing that we did was make Kratos relatable in a way that he probably wasn’t before,” Sophos said.

While Kratos travels with Atreus to fulfill his wife’s last wish to spread her ashes at the top of the highest peak in the nine realms, the two secure something Kratos never had in the earlier games: an entourage. The father-son duo stumbles into a found family dynamic with the dwarven brothers Brock and Sindri and the Norse god of wisdom Mimir, a development Kratos initially resists.

He distances himself, refusing to refer to them by anything other than reductive nicknames like “head” for Mimir (because, well, he’s a talking head). Even his own son is “boy” instead of Atreus. But their camaraderie chips away at these walls. By “Ragnarok,” that prickly demeanor has softened considerably — he calls Atreus, Mimir and the rest of his crew by their names throughout the game.

  • He’s reliant, as much as he doesn’t want to be, on others,” said Barlog, revisiting the well analogy.
  • And those others are the muscle, the hands, on that rope that is pulling him out they’re helping to pull the human side of him back out of a well that he dug for a long time.” Part of this development stems back to the end of “God of War” when Kratos and Atreus spread Faye’s ashes and uncover yet another hidden lineage.

Faye was a giant, which makes Atreus half giant and half god. A prophecy reveals that Kratos is not long for this world and that Atreus, known as Loki among the giants, will somehow be involved in his death. Understandably, Atreus has questions about his lineage.

  • Ratos, blindsided by the revelation of Faye’s past just as much as Atreus, has to reconcile with the fact that he has zero answers.
  • This is a problem he can’t fix.
  • And that’s the hardest part for a parent when you can’t give them what they want,” Williams said.
  • On top of that, he knows he must quickly prepare Atreus for a world without him, and with that knowledge comes vulnerability.

He’s grappling with his shortcomings and trying to make peace with knowing he must now lean on his newfound connections to fill in the gaps in Atreus’s development. That’s particularly the case when it comes to channeling his emotions and handling anger, Sophos said, since historically “when he lets out that emotion, it usually goes to a bad place.” The looming specter of his death is at the front of Kratos’s mind heading into “Ragnarok.” To prepare Atreus to survive in a world without him, he’s forced to reckon with the shame he’s shouldered quietly since Greece so Atreus can understand how to avoid making the same mistakes.

Ratos doesn’t want Atreus to be like him; he wants him to be better, and that means committing to his own personal growth. “Kratos is just doing his best to kind of guide him on what he sees as the safest path, the path to where his son will survive, even if he doesn’t,” said Sophos. “Even if you aren’t a parent, you can still identify with wanting to be better for somebody, you know, wanting to do right by someone and hope for the best for someone.” correction A previous version of this article misstated the surname of one of the narrative designers on the God of War series.

He is Richard Gaubert, not Richard Gilbert. The article has been corrected.
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What is Atreus height?

How tall is Atreus? – Unfortunately, we don’t have an official height for Atreus in Ragnarok, But, we can make some solid assumptions about Atreus’ height based on his father’s height. Officially, Kratos is listed at six feet, four inches (6’4″) tall.

  • In Ragnarok, Atreus looks to be just under a foot smaller than Kratos, which could put him at around 5’5″-5’7″.
  • Still, this isn’t official, as the developers have not stated how tall Atreus is in the game and they also did not reveal how tall he was in the 2018 prequel.
  • So we can’t even go off of that game to determine Atreus’ height.

While we might not have a definitive answer to how tall Atreus is in God of War: Ragnarok, we certainly have a solid range based on other factors in the game. : How tall is Atreus in God of War: Ragnarok? | Atreus’s height, explained
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How old is Kratos in human years?

How old is Kratos in God of War Ragnarök? – In God of War Ragnarök, it’s likely that Kratos is around 1,055 years old, He’s something of an old man, but as a demigod, he is still more than young enough to hold his own and then some in battle. Unfortunately, this is based on maths and educated guesses.

Kratos’s age is never told in the games. Thanks to a highly detailed Reddit thread on his age, though, we think Kratos is aged somewhere between 1,047 and 1,055 years old in Ragnarök. By entering your details, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and privacy policy, You can unsubscribe at any time.

Redditor interfederational gathered: “The real-life historic event that provides the basis for Fimbulwinter (which happens at the end of the 2018 game) started in 535 AD”. Ragnarök is set three years after those events. The ending of God of War III is based on the historic destruction of Sparta, which happened thanks to a terrible earthquake.
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Is Kratos 7ft tall?

Kratos’ Height – When referring to Greek Gods in any form of media, their physical stature is often a subject for discussion. But unlike other deities, Kratos’ height has always seemed to vary throughout the series. When standing next to his half-brother, Hercules, in ‘God of War III,’ he was assumed to be somewhere around 8 feet tall, given his head aligned with the former’s torso. How Tall Is Atreus In God Of War Ragnarok When Kratos stood next to his half-brother, Hercules, in God of War 3, he was assumed to be around 8 feet tall. (God of War 3 III – Screenshot) Early scripts listed him as 6 feet 6 inches tall, while recently, a Santa Monica Studio dev stated that Kratos is 7 feet 6 inches in the comic books and about 6 feet 4 inches in the game.

Some sources also state that his height measures exact 7 feet. Also Read: | Kratos’ signature tribal body tattoos were originally supposed to be blue, as evidenced by the early concept designs for the character. However, the developers were forced to change it merely days before the game’s official reveal to the press.

The cause for concern was its visual similarity to The Barbarian from Diablo II, a character who also sported blue warpaint. Worried that the team would get into legal issues, the director David Jaffe changed the colour to red, giving Kratos a much violent appearance. How Tall Is Atreus In God Of War Ragnarok Originally, Kratos’ warpaint was supposed to be blue; was changed in the last moments. (Image credit – r/GodofWar) “I had played Diablo I but never II, and this was sure news to me,” said David in a personal blog. “As it was too clearly to many/all others on the team, as this was the first we’d heard of the character, let alone the similarity. So you can bet we changed it!”
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Is Kratos 7 feet?

How Tall Is Kratos in God of War: Ragnarok? – Believe it or not, we actually know exactly how tall Kratos is thanks to this oddly detailed technical breakdown video from Santa Monic Studio’s Axel Grossman. Kratos is exactly six feet and four inches tall (or about 1.93 meters, if that helps) in God of War: Ragnarok,

  1. That obviously makes him quite large for a human, though it puts him on the slightly shorter side so far as the game’s gods go.
  2. It’s also worth noting that Grossman was talking about Kratos’ height in the 2018 God of War game in the video above, but unless something truly tragic happened between that game and Ragnarok that we’re currently unaware of, he should be about the same height in the sequel.

That probably sounds like a joke, but Kratos actually used to be much taller. In the earlier God of War games (the original trilogy and its spin-offs), Kratos was actually closer to 7’6″. Why the change? Well, it seems that the God of War team wanted the new Kratos’ design to better match the slightly more realistic proportions of voice actor Christopher Judge.
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Who is the tallest God ever?

Existing statues – As of 2022, the main table includes 94 statues of height 4 m (13 ft) or taller.

Rank Statue Image Depicts Location Country Heightmeters (feet) Notes Completed Coordinates
1 Ganesh Tekri,, Rajasthan India 112 m (367 ft) Funded by Miraj Group. Construction began August 2012 2021
2 riding Indonesia 76 m (249 ft) Tallest statue of a deity and the tallest statue in Indonesia. The total height of the monument is 122 m including the 46 m pedestal base. 2018
3 India 65.8 m (216 ft) Construction started in 2014 by swamy and his religious trust. 2018
4 Valapadi, India 44.5 m (146 ft) Tallest Statue of Lord Murugan in the world 2020
5 Shiva , Nepal 43.5 m (143 ft) Second tallest statue of a Hindu deity, tallest statue of Shiva 2010
6 India 43 m (141 ft) The statue of 141 feet high along with a small sitting statue of is located in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, India. 2010
7 , Malaysia 42.7 m (140 ft) Tallest statue in Malaysia. Fifth tallest statue of a Hindu deity. Second tallest Murugan statue in the world. 2006
8 , Andhra Pradesh India 41 m (135 ft) World’s tallest statue of Lord Hanuman. 2003
9 Ganesha Statue , Thailand 39 m (128 ft) Bronze Ganesh at the Khlong Khuean Ganesh International Park 2012
10 Shiva of Shiva , district of, Karnataka India 37 m (121 ft) The second tallest statue of Lord Shiva in the world. The tallest statue of Shiva in India. 2006
11 Sarveshwar Mahadev Statue Shiva , Gujarat India 36.58 m (120.0 ft) 2021
12 Repuru Saibaba Statue ,, Andhra Pradesh India 35.5 m (116 ft) Tallest statue of Sai Baba in the world 2015
13 Shiva , Tamil Nadu, India India 34.2 m (112 ft) Largest and tallest bust in the world, made up of 500 tonnes of steel. Height of 112 ft symbolically denotes that Adiyogi gave 112 ways to explore the human system. 2017
14 Basaveshwara statue , India 33.83 (111 ft) It is the tallest statue of Basavanna in the world. 2015
15 Hanuman ,, India 33.1 (108.9 ft) World’s Third tallest Hanuman located at NALCO township, Damanjodi, Koraput 2017
16 Statue of Lord Shiva at Allahabad Shiva , India 33 m (108 ft) Situated on the banks of the Ganga, this grand statue is often referred to as the Symbol of Allahabad—the holy land of Sangam. The statue is located at the place where holy Kumbh Mela takes place.
17 Sankat Mochan Dham Hanuman , New Delhi India 33 m (108 ft) 2008
18 Mangal Mahadev Shiva Mauritius 33 m (108 ft) 2007
19 Durga Mata Murti Mauritius 33 m (108 ft) 2017
20 Lord Sri Venkateswara Statue Hari Hara Devasthanam, Seizieme Mille Mauritius 33 m (108 ft) 2017
21 Sri Tallapaka Annamacharya , Andhra Pradesh India 33 m (108 ft) Telugu poet and musician 2008
22 Basaveshwara statue , Karnataka India 33 (108 ft) Tallest statue of lord Basava in the world 2014
23 Hanuman , Himachal Pradesh India 33 m (108 ft) Located at 8,500 ft (2,600 m) above sea level 2010
24 Kondamadugu Sai Baba Statue Sai Baba of Shirdi India 32 m (105 ft) 2017
25 Hanuman in Hanuman India 32 m (105 ft) 2005
26 Hanuman in Shahjahanpur Hanuman , Uttar Pradesh India 32 m (104 ft) Standing 2013
27 Simariya Hanuman in Chhindwara Hanuman , Madhya Pradesh India 31.2 m (102 ft) Standing 2015
28 Shiva Gangtan, Sampla Beri Road India 30.8 m (101 ft) Standing Statue 2012
29 Shiva of the Shiva , Uttarakhand India 30.5 m (100 ft) The third tallest statue of Lord Shiva in the world. The second tallest statue of Lord Shiva in India 2012
30 Abbirajupalem Hanuman Statue Hanuman , India 30 metres (98 ft) Standing Hanuman 2013
31 Hanuman Statue Hanuman Erravaram, Andhra Pradesh India 29.6 metres (97 ft) Standing Hanuman 1992
32 Shri Hanuman Dham Hanuman , Uttar Pradesh India 27 metres (89 ft) Hanuman Dham Statue created by Pradeep Chauhan 1997
33 Siddheswar Dham Shiva , Sikkim India 26.5 (87 ft) It offers a statue of Lord Shiva encircled by a dozen Jyotirlingas and replicas of the four Dhams of the country. 2011
34 Chinmaya Ganadhish Ganesha , India 26 metres (85 ft) Idol at Chinmaya Sandeepany Ashram 2001
35 of Bijapur Shiva , Karnataka India 26 metres (85 ft) The fourth tallest statue of Shiva in the world. The third tallest statue of Shiva in India 2006
36 Karyasiddhi Hanuman Statue Hanuman Carapichaima, 26 m (85 ft) Standing 2001
37 Nageshwar Statue Shiva Nageshwar Jyotirling,, India 25 (82 ft)
38 Omkareshwar Shiva Statue Shiva ,, India 25 (82 ft)
39 Khajjiar Shiva Statue Shiva , India 24.69 (81 ft) 2008
40 Statue of Lord Shiva (Meinindranaatha Swami) Shiva , India 24.68 (81 ft) Thirty first tallest statue in India, third tallest statue in Tamil Nadu, sixth tallest Shiva statue in India, ninth tallest Shiva statue in the world. 2016
41 Hanuman of Ram Tirth temple Hanuman , India 24.5 metres (80 ft) Ram Tirath temple
42 Deshapriya Park Durga Statue ,, India 24.38 metres (80.0 ft) 2015
43 Hanuman Statue Hanuman , Andhra Pradesh India 24.07 metres (79.0 ft) Standing Hanuman
44 Reclining Ganesha of Wat Saman Rattanaram Ganesha Wat Saman Ratanaram, Thailand 24 metres (79 ft) The second tallest statue of Lord Ganesha in Thailand and it is 16 metres tall and 24 metres long.
45 Ramdurg Shiva Statue Shiva ,, Karnataka India 23.77 metres (78.0 ft) 2018
46 Lord Shiva Statue Shiva , India 23.17 metres (76.0 ft) The fifth tallest statue of Lord Shiva in the world. The fourth tallest statue of Shiva in India 2006
47 Hanuman , Karnataka India 23 (75 ft) 2005
48 Hanuman Vatika Hanuman , India 23 metres (75 ft) Second tallest statue of Hanuman 1994
49 Ganapati Dham Temple Ganesha , India 22.56 metres (74.0 ft) Worlds tallest Ganesha Statue 2009
50 Triveni Hanuman Mandir Statue Hanuman NH-162,, India 21.94 metres (72.0 ft) Statue of Hanuman with Lord Ram And Lakshman 2010
51 Devika Shiva Statue Shiva ,,, India 21.64 metres (71.0 ft) 2014
52 Damodar Lila Statue ,, Nepal 21.64 metres (71.0 ft) Standing statue of Krishna in infant form near to Mahakavi Devkota Campus. 2019
53 Sankat Mochan Hanuman Statue in Punjab Hanuman , India 21 metres (69 ft) Standing Statue
54 Gangadhareshwara Statue Azhimala Temple,, India 20.7264 metres (68.000 ft) Tallest statue of Lord Shiva in Kerala and tallest statue of Gangadhareshwara form of Lord Shiva in India. 2020
55 Ardhanarishvara Statue , South Africa 20 metres (66 ft) Tallest Hindu statue in South Africa and the tallest Ardhanarishvara form of Lord Shiva statue in the world. 2013
56 Hanuman Statue in Hanuman , New Delhi, India 20 metres (66 ft) Standing Statue 2007
57 Kempfort Shiva Statue Shiva ,, Karnataka India 20 metres (66 ft) The idol of Lord Shiva was created by the sculptor Kashinath. 1995
58 Shiva Statue at Bhanjanagar Reservoir Shiva , Odisha India 18.6 metres (61 ft) The seventh tallest Statue of Lord Shiva in the world. The sixth tallest Statue of Lord Shiva in India 2013
59 Hanuman Statue at Puttaparthi Hanuman , Andhra Pradesh India 18 metres (59 ft) Found on top of the Vidya Giri Hill overlooking the Sri Sathya Sai International Hillview Stadium. 1985
60 Hanuman Statue at Kondagattu Hanuman , India 17.06 metres (56.0 ft) Standing Hanuman statue 2003
61 Sai Baba Statue at Machilipatnam Sai Baba of Shirdi , Andhra Pradesh India 16.4 metres (54 ft) 2007
62 Blenheim Hanuman Statue Hanuman Blenheim, Guyana 15.85 metres (52.0 ft) 2017
63 Shri Hanuman ,, Tamil Nadu India 15.54 metres (51.0 ft) 2008
64 Bangeswar Mahadev Shiva ,, India 15.54 metres (51.0 ft) Tallest Shiva Idol In Eastern India Bank of River Ganges 2016
65 Shiva , Nepal 15.5 m (51.0 ft) 2021
66 Mangal Murti Hanuman Ji Statue Hanuman Vishnu Mandir,, Canada 15.24 metres (50.0 ft) 2016
67 Hanuman Statue at Bathinda Hanuman , Punjab India 15.24 metres (50.0 ft) Hanuman Chowk
68 Hanuman Batu Malai Sri Subramaniar Temple,,, Malaysia 15 m (50 ft) 2001
69 45 ft Sri Abhaya Anjaneya Swamy Hanuman , India 13.7 metres (45 ft) Tallest Hanuman in 2015
70 45 ft Sri Abhaya Anjaneya Swamy Hanuman Shri Vishnu Temple Society,,, South Africa 13 metres (43 ft) Tallest Hanuman statue and second tallest Hindu statue in South Africa 2010
71 Statue of Lord Hanuman at Dharwad Hanuman Temple Line Bazar,, Karnataka India 12.9 metres (42 ft) Tallest Hanuman statue in North Karnataka 2016
72 Vekkaliamman Statue ,,, Tamil Nadu India 12.8 metres (42 ft) 9th century
73 Balamurugan Statue Murugan , Tamil Nadu India 12.2 metres (40 ft) Monolith sculpture of a young Lord Bala Murugan 2020
74 Subramani Swamy Temple Murugan Arulmigu Subramanyaswamy Temple, Pachaimalai, Gobichettipalaiyam, Modachur India 12.2 metres (40 ft) 1980 11.449374475418542, 77.44625365435539
75 Jourian Shani Dev Statue ,, India 11.89 metres (39.0 ft) 2017
76 Anjaneyar statue, Hanuman Ayipettai,, Tamil Nadu India 11.28 metres (37.0 ft) 2015
77 Horse statue of Lord ,,,, India 11.27 metres (37.0 ft) The structure is so unique in its construction and Devotees believe that it is the biggest Horse idol in the world. 18th century
78 Mounagiri Hanuman Statue Hanuman , Andhra Pradesh India 11 metres (36 ft) Tallest monolithic statue in South India located at Mounagiri Global Trust 2010
79 Statue of Lord Hanuman in Saifai Hanuman ,, Uttar Pradesh India 10.7 metres (35 ft) 2016
80 Agasthyacodu Mahadeva Statue Shiva Agasthyacodu Mahadeva Temple,,, India 10.67 metres (35.0 ft) 2012
81 Viswaroopa Bhakta Anjaneya Statue Hanuman ,, Tamil Nadu India 9.8 metres (32 ft) 1989
82 Kempfort Ganesha Statue Ganesha ,, Karnataka India 20 metres (66 ft) Unveiled by Dada J.P. Vaswani. 2003
83 Konanatha Swami Statue Shiva ,, Sri Lanka 9.75 metres (32.0 ft) The statue of Lord Shiva was reconstructed in 2018. 2018
84 Kubereshwar Mahadev Shiva , India 9.45 metres (31.0 ft) Second tallest statue in Baroda, Gujarat 2008
85 ,, India 9.14 metres (30.0 ft) Statue of Parashurama located at Mangomeadows Agriculture Theme Park 2015
86 Statue of God Shiva and Uma Uma-mahesvara God Shiva and Uma roundabout, Cambodia 9 m (30 ft) (17 tonnes) A copper statue on a 6.15 m (20 ft) base.15.15 m (50 ft) in total. 2021
87 Neelkanth Varni (Swaminarayan as Teenage Yogi) , New Delhi, India 8.23 metres (27.0 ft) A beautiful 27 ft. high bronze murti (Statue) of Neelkanth Varni stands in a determined pose 2005
88 Hanuman Statue of Hockessin Hanuman ,, United States 7.62 metres (25.0 ft) 2020
89 Statue of Shirdi Sai in Nemli Sai Baba of Shirdi , Andhra Pradesh India 7 metres (23 ft) 2011
90 Hanumanji Moorti Hanuman United States 6.4 metres (21 ft) 2014
91 Statue of God Skanda on a peacock Cambodia 6.18 m (20.3 ft) A copper statue on a 6.18 m (20 ft) base.12.36 m (41 ft) in total. 2022
92 Hanuman Statue at Biramitrapur Hanuman ,, India 6 metres (20 ft) A kneeling hanuman 2011
93 Hanuman Statue at Hanuman , Tamil Nadu India 5.5 metres (18 ft) More than 1500 years old Namakkal Sri Anjaneyar temple 5th century
94 Embassy of Indonesia in Embassy Row, Washington, D.C. , United States 4.9 metres (16 ft) The work was created by multiple Balinese sculptors and installed in 2013. The 16-foot (4.9 m) gold and white statue depicts Saraswati standing on a lotus with three young students at her feet, one of which is, 2013
95 Rishikesh Shiva Statue Shiva Parmarth Niketan Ashram,, India 4.27 metres (14.0 ft)
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How tall is Cronos?

Powers and Abilities – Cronos possessed extreme strength and stamina, which can be attributed to his massive size. As King of the Titans, he is the biggest and most powerful from them, and his physical prowess was arguably almost as great if not completely matched with Atlas,

Immeasurable Strength: Cronos was strong enough to hold the entire temple of Pandora on his back for centuries without resting, and even walking on both legs with it. Immeasurable Durability and Stamina: Proof of his enormous stamina was the fact that he endured his punishment for a long time, and he also suffered massive wounds from Kratos that would have killed any mortal, gods and even other titans, such as having his stomach sliced and his intestines spilled, as well as having his jaw impaled, and finally surviving some seconds with the Blade of Olympus on his forehead, whereas other gods were killed almost instantly by Kratos with much less effort.

Power Bestowal: Cronos gave his remaining powers to Kratos on the Steeds of Time, which aided him in his quest to seek the Sisters of Fate. Cronos’ powers showed similar capabilities to that of his sons Zeus and Poseidon, being that he could control lightning and thunder. Regeneration: Although this is not confirmed, but it is possible that Cronos possess regeneration. When Kratos sliced his stomach, it is later seen that his wound was healed.

Resilience: Like Atlas, he was able to show a great deal of resilience against the Claws of Hades as he was able to hold on to his soul for a great amount of time.

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Does Atreus grow?

How old is Atreus in God of War Ragnarök? Image via Santa Monica Studio God of War Ragnarök is the latest single-player adventure to launch solely on the PlayStation and one of the few AAA games this holiday season. It seems that the game is living up to this occasion, with many of the rating it very highly.

  1. With it taking place after the events of 2018’s God of War, many fans are curious about how much Atreus has aged.
  2. Atreus is surely not the same young boy that he was at the start of the 2018 title.
  3. Here’s all the information you need to know about how old Atreus is in God of War Ragnarök.
  4. Atreus is around 14 years old in God of War Ragnarök since it takes place three years after 2018’s God of War.

In the novelization of God of War, it’s said that Atreus is 11 years old. Add the three-year difference between the games, and Kratos’s son comes out to be around 14 at the start of Ragnarök. Not only did Atreus grow in between these games, but his voice actor, Sunny Suljic, did as well.

Many of the young character’s voice lines had to be edited due to his rapidly changing voice over the years the game was being made. According to an interview with, dialogue designer Jodie Kupsco states “We had to go in and even-out that performance so it sounds like it took place over a short period of time.

That was a unique challenge on this one.” That’s all you need to know about how old Atreus is at the start of God of War Ragnarök. : How old is Atreus in God of War Ragnarök?
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How tall can Kratos get?

1 Will His Physique Change As A God? – How Tall Is Atreus In God Of War Ragnarok In God Of War, deities seem to have an ability to shapeshift into a gigantic form. Ares is a good example of this shapeshifting, as Kratos fights him as his gigantic self in the end of God Of War. If fans are to assume that this is Ares’s true form, then one can surmise that Kratos’s true form in his stint as the God of War is that of a giant as well.

After slaying Ares in the first God Of War game, Kratos officially becomes the new God of War. This comes not just with godly powers, but a new appearance as well. Just like Ares, Kratos as the God of War can change his size into a nearly 500-foot tall giant. However, Kratos seems to only possess this ability as a God, as he never shows this again past the original trilogy.

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How tall is Kratos as a god?

How Tall Is Kratos in God of War: Ragnarok? – Believe it or not, we actually know exactly how tall Kratos is thanks to this oddly detailed technical breakdown video from Santa Monic Studio’s Axel Grossman. Kratos is exactly six feet and four inches tall (or about 1.93 meters, if that helps) in God of War: Ragnarok,

That obviously makes him quite large for a human, though it puts him on the slightly shorter side so far as the game’s gods go. It’s also worth noting that Grossman was talking about Kratos’ height in the 2018 God of War game in the video above, but unless something truly tragic happened between that game and Ragnarok that we’re currently unaware of, he should be about the same height in the sequel.

That probably sounds like a joke, but Kratos actually used to be much taller. In the earlier God of War games (the original trilogy and its spin-offs), Kratos was actually closer to 7’6″. Why the change? Well, it seems that the God of War team wanted the new Kratos’ design to better match the slightly more realistic proportions of voice actor Christopher Judge.
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How tall is Greek Kratos?

Concept and design – In designing Kratos, God of War (2005) creator and game director David Jaffe attempted to create a character that looked brutal, but did not resemble a typical traditional Greek hero, The character would not wear traditional armor as Jaffe wanted him to be individualistic. Early concept art by Kratos’ original designer/creator Charlie Wen, depicting unused variations of Kratos (although the variations were later used in God of War III as bonus costumes). Charlie Wen, director of visual development on God of War (2005) and God of War II, was responsible for designing Kratos.

Wen said that his direction for designing Kratos was as much influenced by similarly themed films as it was by pop culture, which led him to conceive Kratos on a series of napkins at a restaurant, having forgotten his sketchbook, introducing the idea of the double-chained blades and eventually Kratos’ iconic design.

Double-chained blades were chosen as Kratos’ signature weapon because they emphasized the character’s animal nature while also allowing combat to remain fluid. Wen visualized the double-chained blades activating simultaneously as Kratos threw them with a balance of ferocity and accuracy.

Jaffe said of the final version of the character, ” may not totally feel at home in Ancient Greece from a costume standpoint, I think he achieves the greater purpose which is to give players a character who they can play who really does just let them go nuts and unleash the nasty fantasies that they have in their head.” Wen gave Kratos his most noticeable feature, his ash-white complexion, a story development that earns him the title “Ghost of Sparta.” Other distinctive features include a scar across his right eye, and a large, red tattoo that threads from his left eye, circles his left torso, and ends at his left shoulder.

The tattoo was originally blue, but was changed late in production. In the series lore, the scar is eventually revealed to be the result of a childhood encounter with the Olympian God, Ares, while the tattoo is a tribute to his dead brother Deimos, who had similar birth markings.

Other changes that occur during the course of the Greek era of the series include the temporary addition of divine armor when Kratos is the God of War, an abdominal scar, ability-enhancing armor such as an epaulet called the Golden Fleece (all God of War II ), and the Boots of Hermes ( God of War III ).

According to an early God of War script, the character is 7 feet 0 inches (2.13 m) tall, but this was later changed when Santa Monica Studios and Gnomon School delved deeper into the animation and rigging history of the games, showing Greek Kratos to be 2.34 metres (7 ft 8 in) tall, with Norse Kratos being 1.94 metres (6 ft 4 in) tall and weighing in at roughly 250 pounds (110 kg).

In 2018’s God of War, the designers gave Kratos a more Nordic look, including a full beard. They also changed his main weapon to a magical battle axe to make the combat more grounded. Unlike previous games, players can change and upgrade Kratos’ three different armor pieces, one of the game’s various RPG elements.

Kratos’ appearance throughout the Greek games can be altered in bonus play ; completing the game at certain levels of difficulty and in challenge modes unlock bonus costumes. Several costumes were available exclusively via pre-order and other promotions (e.g.

  • God of War III, which features three costumes based on early sketches of the character) from the PlayStation Store,
  • Although many bonus costumes are consistent with story themes, others are humorous or farcical—such as the female costume “Athena” and the “Spud of War”.
  • The character was given his name at a late stage in the development of the original game after the character had already been fleshed out.

Unaware of the actual mythological god named Kratos appearing in Prometheus Bound, the creators coincidentally chose Kratos, the same Greek word meaning “Strength”, of which the mythological figure is the personification. Stig Asmussen, who worked on the first two games and was game director of God of War III, called the naming coincidence a “happy mistake”, noting that the Kratos in the game and the one in Prometheus Bound are both “pawns”.

Zoran Iovanovici of California State University, Long Beach observed with irony that, while the mythological Kratos is best known for chaining Prometheus, in God of War II, the video game character releases him. Classical scholar Sylwia Chmielewski states that the video game character Kratos draws extensively on other figures from Greek mythology, including the heroes Perseus, Theseus, and Achilles, but his strongest influence is the hero Heracles (Roman Hercules ), who appears in God of War III with the Romanized name and is the character’s half-brother.

For 2018’s God of War, game director Cory Barlog explained that Kratos had to change his cycle of violence and learn how to control his rage. He said that Kratos had made many bad decisions, which led to the destruction of Olympus, and wanted to know what would happen if Kratos made a good decision.

The birth of Barlog’s own son influenced the idea of Kratos’ character change. The canceled live-action Star Wars television series was also an influence. The bond between Kratos and his son is at the heart of the game and Barlog said “This game is about Kratos teaching his son how to be a god, and his son teaching Kratos how to be human again.” Referencing the Marvel Comics character Hulk, Barlog said that in regards to Kratos, “We’ve already told the story of The Hulk.

We want to tell the story of Banner now.”
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