How To Become Lord Of Chaos Elden Ring?

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How To Become Lord Of Chaos Elden Ring
Beat The Final Boss To Unlock The Elden Ring Lord of Chaos Ending. – How To Become Lord Of Chaos Elden Ring The Frenzied Flame unlocks a new ending for Elden Ring – the Lord of Chaos (and Age of Chaos) ending. While all other unlockable endings to Elden Ring are interchangeable, players are locked into becoming the Lord of Chaos. For instance, if a player has unlocked the Age of the Stars and the Age of the Duskborn endings then two options to select a mending rune will be available after beating the Elden Beast.
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How do you become a Lord in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Melina ending – This is the standard Elden Ring ending, the one that Melina (opens in new tab) has been leading you to throughout the game. Once you’ve defeated the Elden Beast, walk over and touch Fractured Marika, choosing the option to mend the ring.
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How do you activate the Elden Lord ending?

Elden Lord, Age of the Duskborn – The Age of the Duskborn ending is centered around Fia, the Deathbed Companion. The second version of the Elden Lord ending, Age of the Duskborn, involves completing Fia’s quest, or at least the last couple steps of it. I will cover the entire side quest here, but there is a jumping on point if you missed the early steps, which need to be done early in the game.

Fia is the deathbed companion who hangs out in the Roundtable Holding area. She asks to hold you, giving you a consumable item and a health debuff if you agree. For Fia’s quest, we must first speak with Rogier, the magic user that helps you during the Margit fight, After speaking with Rogier at Stormveil Castle, you need to navigate to the secret area underneath the castle.

Elden Ring – Lord of Frenzied Flame Ending Guide

Down here you will find the base of the death root tree that has been spreading throughout the castle. Look for a particular bloodstain, which shows Rogier getting killed by the death status effect. Later, go back to the Roundtable Hold and ask Rogier about this.

  • Rogier’s side quest continues from here, but this is as far as you need to go in order to achieve this ending.
  • Now for Fia, you will need to get held a bunch.
  • The best way to complete this is to get held, pop the blessing she gives you immediately, and get held again.
  • Eventually, she will give you a weathered knife and ask you to return it to its owner.
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Talk to D, another NPC in Roundtable Hold. It’s not his knife but he knows who it belongs to. In a cutscene Fia will kill D, which is supposed to happen, after which she will leave the Roundtable Hold. After this you will need to travel to Nokron, Eternal City.

  • After defeating Radahn, head to where the star fell in Limgrave and head underground.
  • Eventually you reach an aqueduct, which will have a set of twin bosses after it.
  • After defeating them, head up the waterfall and you will reach Deeproot Depths.
  • The main bosses arena is located in the northeast section of this area, which can be reached by climbing up a series of tree branches in the Nameless Eternal City,

For anyone who missed the opportunity to do the first half of Fia’s quest, this is where you can hop back onto this ending. Once you reach the Deeproot Depths, Fia will murder D offscreen and leave the Roundtable Hold for the Deeproot Depths. The ending is the same regardless if you did the first half of Fia’s quest.

In the boss arena you will have to defeat Fia’s Champions, who are a bunch of NPC invaders. After killing them, you will find Fia sitting next to a teleport gate that isn’t active. You will need to be held by Fia and exhaust all of the dialogue options multiple times. Eventually she will ask for the Cursemark of Death, which can be acquired at the Divine Tower of Liurnia.

In order to get into the actual Divine Tower of Liurnia you will need to advance about halfway through Ranni the Witch’s side quest, The short version is that you need to pledge yourself to Ranni, travel to Nokron, Eternal City, and find the Fingerslayer Blade.

  1. After turning that into Ranni, she gives you the Carian Inverted Statue.
  2. Head to the Carian Study Hall, located in the southeastern part of Liurnia and use the Carina Inverted Statue to invert the Study Hall.
  3. You will need to navigate down and through the Study Hall, where an elevator will eventually take you to the Divine Tower of Liurnia, where players can find the Cursemark of Death.
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Return to Fia in the Deeproot Depths and she will allow you to head into the boss arena where you will fight Lichdragon Fortissax, who drops the Rune of the Death-Prince. After defeating the final boss, players will have the option to use the Rune of the Death-Prince at Marika, triggering the Age of the Duskborn ending.
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Do you become elder lord in Elden Ring?

Elden Lord endings – In all of the Elden Lord endings, the Tarnished becomes Elden Lord and ushers in a new age for The Lands Between. Exactly what this age is can vary based on your actions, however. To achieve this ending, all you need to do is follow the main narrative of the game – obeying the requests and directions of Melina throughout the game and eventually become Elden Lord after defeating the Elden Beast and repairing the Ring.

The Age of Fracture ending is achieved by choosing to Mend the Elden Ring, which you can do by default by just following the critical path. The Age of Duskborn ending is achieved by using the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince, which is obtained by following the quest lines related to Fia, The Deathbed Companion and D, Hunter of the Dead The Age of Order ending is reached by choosing to use the Mending Rune of Perfect Order, which you get by following the quest of Brother Cohryn and Goldmask, The Blessing of Despair ending can be unlocked by using the Mending Rune of the Fell Curse, which is obtained by following the Loathsome Dung Eater’s quest and giving him Seedbed Curses found on corpses across the land.

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What happens when you become a lord in Elden Ring?

Ending 6 – The Lord of Frenzied Flame – Image from Wiki Fandom The Lord of Frenzied Flame is the last ending and another departure from prior endings. This time, you’ll have to meet the Three Fingers and inherit the Frenzied Flame. This ending locks you out of the other endings, so only go for it if you’re sure you want to.

Find the Three Fingers. They are below the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds and near the Cathedral of the Forsaken. You’ll have to remove your armor to enter the room where the Fingers are. Receive the Flame of Frenzy. Upon entering the room, the fingers will wrap around you and burn your body, giving you the flame which unlocks this ending. Make your way to the final boss. Kill the Elden Beast. Interact with Marika and choose to become the Lord of Frenzied Flame.

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Upon becoming the Lord of Frenzied Flame, the head of Marika will break apart, and your head will be replaced by fire. Chaos flames will consume the world and burn everything in the Lands Between. The Order falls apart, the Elden Ring is never fixed, and the Greater Will’s influence disappears.

Instead, a frenzy overtakes the land. The fingerprints of the Three Fingers appear everywhere, and the Erdtree is destroyed. This seems to be bad at first glance, but dialogue from Hyetta reveals that there may be a purpose to burning the world. According to her, there was the One Great before the Greater Will.

the Greater Will made a mistake that led to everyone in the Lands Between being born of torment, despair, and affliction. In burning the world with chaos flames, you are taking away the mistake and bringing everything together, creating one entity. I think this means that you would be uniting the world to reform the One Great and preventing the torment, despair, and affliction that Hyetta speaks of.

  1. Still, I’m not entirely sure about it; it seems to be more harmful than good, and the benefit of uniting the world in the image of the One Great isn’t clear.
  2. There’s also the question of the Three Fingers.
  3. Are they connected to the Two Fingers? Could a giant Hand form somehow? Why are the Two Fingers part of the Order and the Three aren’t? The game isn’t really clear on why any of this has happened, so it all depends on theories like usual.

My theory is that the Three Fingers were banished from the Order and somehow found a way to control chaos flames. This is why some areas in the game are predominantly made up of frenzied enemies, and why the Fingers are locked deep underground. The Fingers might want revenge or a way to take power, which is why the ending has you burning the world with chaos flames and why the fingerprints show up everywhere; it could be that the Three Fingers are establishing their position as ruler in that moment.
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