How To Do Varre Quest Elden Ring?

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How To Do Varre Quest Elden Ring
In Mohgwyn’s Palace – At this point, you can choose to go to Mohgwyn’s Palace using the Pureblood Knight’s Medal, Make your way through these ruins until you reach the Mausoleum Dynasty Midpoint Site of Grace, Activate it and rest at it to reveal a red summon sign on the ground.
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How do I continue the Varre quest?

Elden Ring Varre Quest: Walkthrough – Click to enlarge After speaking to Varre, he will tell you to head to the Roundtable Hold to speak to Finger Reader Enia, who will be through the doors directly behind where you spawn. She’s the character just next to the two giant fingers, so continue speaking to her until the only options you have are the Remembrance menu and the shop.

It’s time to meet Varre again, but he’s changed spots. You’ll have to find him at the Rose Church, which is located in the Liurnia region. It’s found just south-west of the Raya Lucaria Academy entrance, isolated in some shallow water. After finding Varre there, talk to him again, and select the dialogue option “something seemed off.” The conversation will continue and Varre will give you five Festering Bloody Fingers.

This allows you to invade other players to attempt to kill them. To continue the quest, you’ll need to use three of these Festering Bloody Fingers from your inventory to invade other players, however you don’t need to win, so you can make it quick by invading and then quitting instantly.

  1. Return to Varre once you have finished this process, and he will anoint you as a Knight of Mohg.
  2. Continue talking to him so you get given another item called Lord of Blood’s Favor, which you’ll need to use on a dead maiden for the next section of the quest.
  3. There are a few options for this, such as the Church of Inhibition in Liurnia, but we prefer the Four Belfries instead.

If you travel west from the Rose Church until you reach solid land again, continue north and follow the road until you come to a large hill with giants patrolling. Make your way up there while being sure to avoid the enemies, and you’ll find four large monuments, or belfries.

In front of three of them are deactivated teleporters that require Imbued Stonesword Keys. One of these can be found at the top belfry, and you’ll need to use it in the second belfry. You can note which one is the second by finding the message in front, which reads “Precipice of Anticipation.” This teleporter will take you to the Chapel of Anticipation, which is the first area in the game, where you’ll likely have died to the Grafted Scion.

You’ll need to defeat this boss if you didn’t before, but once you have, make your way back to the building at the end of this island, and you’ll find a maiden. Just follow the button prompt, and you will use the Lord of Blood’s Favor. You can now return to Varre and talk to him again.

  1. Speak to Varre after defeating Godrick.
  2. Talk to Enia at the Roundtable Hold.
  3. Return to Varre at the Rose Church in Liurnia, and tell you don’t trust the Two Fingers.
  4. Use three of the Festering Bloody Fingers he gives you.
  5. Talk to Varre again to receive the Lord of Blood’s Favor.
  6. Get the blood of a maiden from the Chapel of Anticipation.
  7. Return to Varre and let him cut off your finger.

We have a breakdown of all the Elden Ring Legendary Talismans if you’re looking out for the achievement.

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How do I get to Mohgwyn Palace after Varre quest?

How To Get To Mohgwyn Palace Without Using The Pureblood Knight’s Medal – How To Do Varre Quest Elden Ring If you killed Varre or just don’t feel like doing his quest, you can still reach Mohgwyn Palace and defeat Mohg, it just takes much longer. You’ll need to reach the Consecrated Snowfield, which involves gathering the Haligtree Medallion halves and using the Grand Lift of Rold.
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Does killing white mask Varre do anything?

Dialogue in Elden Ring: White Mask Varré – Introduction

  • Oh yes. Tarnished, are we? Come to the Lands Between for the Elden Ring, hmm? Of course you have. No shame in it. Unfortunately for you, however, you are maidenless. Without guidance, without the strength of runes, and without an invitation to the Roundtable Hold. You are fated, it seems, to die in obscurity.
  • Luckily for you, however, there is one shining ray of hope for even the maidenless. Me. Varré. Take care to listen. Are you familiar with grace? The golden light that gives life to you Tarnished. You may also behold its golden rays pointing in a particular direction at times. That is the guidance of grace. The path that a Tarnished must travel. Mm, indeed. Grace’s guidance holds the answers. It will lead you Tarnished to the path you are meant to follow. Even if it leads you to your grave.
  • Grace’s guidance will reveal the path forward, most certainly. To Castle Stormveil, over on the cliff. The home of the decrepit demigod, Godrick the Grafted.
  • It’s time you set off, I should think. To Castle Stormveil, on the cliff, where grace would guide you. If you seek the Elden Ring, maidenless as you are.

If attacked

  • Oh?
  • Do you even comprehend the gravity of this choice?
  • Very well. If you mistake kindness for frailty of heart, then perhaps a more physical lesson is in order!
  • (On player kill) You will die nameless, without ceremony.


What’s the matter? Shouldn’t you be off proving yourself, or some such? Then go on, take the hint and follow the guidance of grace. To castle Stormveil, on the cliff. And if, by chance you do find your way to the castle, you may receive a summons. To the famed Roundtable Keep.

After defeating Margit, The Fell Omen and accessing to Roundtable Hold

Ohh, well done, well done indeed. You made it through that entire mess, all the way to Stormveil. And off you trotted to the Roundtable Hold. My sincerest congratulations. But, how did you find the Roundtable? Oh, you don’t have to say it. Before, the Roundtable was chock full of venerated warriors, but now, it’s home to puff-chests and has-beens. I fear you’ve been terribly disappointed. I don’t blame you. But still, the Roundtable has its perks. Why not earn a seat? Fly straight and true, so to speak.

Choosing “I’ll fly straight and true!”

  • Ahh, then you’re interested? A wise choice indeed. To join the Roundtable proper, you must acquire a Great Rune, and request audience. with the Two Fingers, in the inner chamber. They are the purported masters of the grace that guides your kind, the Tarnished. Mm, yes, pay them a visit, so that you may see for yourself.
  • Challenge Godrick the Grafted, lord of Stormveil, to acquire a Great Rune. Decrepit, he may be, but a demigod he remains. And of course, an inheritor of a Great Rune. Worse yet, I hear old Godrick’s acquired a ferocious new toy to graft. So. Prepare for the worst.

Choosing “I don’t need a seat”

, Yes, I see. Perhaps it’s just as well. Besides, you are maidenless. One can only do so much with the materials provided. But then again, if you should realize the error of your ways, I’m always willing to hear you out.

Talking again, after choosing ” I don’t need a seat ”

Oh, have you decided to have a go after all? At joining the round table proper?

Visit after

What’s the matter? Aren’t you supposed to be earning your place at the Roundtable Hold? Then you must face Godrick the Grafted, lord of Stormveil,for without a Great Rune, you will not be granted audience. With the Two Fingers, in the inner chamber.

Visit after killing Godrick or obtaining any other Great Rune

Ah, there you are. You claimed a Great Rune, and had your audience. With the Two Fingers, at the Roundtable Hold. What was your impression?

Choosing “They didn’t seem right”

Ah-ha, your intuition serves you well. My doubts had been piling up, you see The words of the Two Fingers cannot be trusted. Truly, naught but rambling, senile delusions. I believe, that when the Elden Ring was shattered, the Two Fingers were corrupted, their guidance; skewed. Even worse, the Fingers harbor no love for our kind. That’s the part that irks the most.

Choosing “They were magnificent”

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You don’t say. Well, what a relief that must be. You may go, then. My work here is done. May the wisdom of the two fingers guide you.

Receiving the Fingers

Oh, I have a gift for you, something fit for only the wise. A means for circumventing the draw of the Two Fingers. Give it a try, won’t you? And if it please you, may we meet again. I’ve high hopes for you. My lambkin. Be sure to try that finger I gave you. There’s no reason to dither.

Visit at the Rose Church, after using the Finger three times.

  • Oh, lambkin, so pleased you’re here. I’m glad you’re enjoying my gift. Mmm, I knew from the very start. You have a taste for noble blood.
  • I wish to anoint you a proper inductee. A knight to serve Luminary Mohg, the Lord of Blood, and establish a new dynasty. Luminary Mohg has strength, vision, and of course, love. So, what do you say, my lambkin?

Choosing “Anoint me.”

Mm, yes, who would have it any other way? Now, take this. For your final trial. Soak the cloth with a maiden’s blood. Normally, this ritual would involve killing one’s own maiden, and recanting the wisdom of the Two Fingers. But since you are maidenless, the blood of anyone’s maiden will do.

Choosing ” Refuse. ”

Oh my. Perhaps you misheard me. Nothing wrong with giving you a day or two. For your ears to clear out.

After returning with the blood-soaked Favor.

Ahh, my lambkin. You’ve completed your final trial. And with this, you are a formal inductee. A knight who will assist Luminary Mohg, the Lord of Blood, in the establishment of a new dynasty. Now, give me your finger. This noble blood will be an immutable badge of honor, once it settles. Inside of you.

Upon offering finger.

Oh, good heavens. Clench your teeth, or something.

After receiving Bloody Finger.

Never forget that feeling of agony. For it is what binds you to Luminary Mogh, to all of us. Ha ha ha. You have the sweetest scream. My lambkin.

Talking again, after offering finger and receiving Bloody Finger.

Oh another thing. You should have this.

After receiving Pureblood Knight’s Medal.

  • A medal granted by the new Mohgwyn dynasty. With the power to grant audience with Luminary Mohg. I’ve gone out of my way to provide one to you. But you mustn’t use it just yet.
  • The meeting must wait until the Mohgwyn dynasty commences. Luminary Mohg yet slumbers beside the Divinity. We must endure a little longer.

Talking again, after receiving Pureblood Knight’s Medal but before using it.

Ahh, it is trying, but we must be patient. One day, you will be elevated, deservedly, basking in love. Right, my lambkin? Ha ha ha.

Upon invading him near the Mausoleum Dynasty Midpoint grace.

You seek violence, heedless of my warning, though you have been raised to a knight of the dynasty? I am pained, to the very depths of my being. I’ll ensure you regret this, my lambkin. Enjoy your miserable death.


You maidenless runt. Who do you think I am?

When killed while invading him.

Why must I be. disgraced by this lowborn

Final dialogue when talked to after invading him

  • O. Luminary. Mohg. Please grant. the strength. you promised I have given. everything. Please. my lord.
  • Please, answer me. Luminary. Mohg. A-ahh. Bless the Mohgwyn Dynasty, with love!

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Can white mask Varre Respawn?

Enter Mogwyn Palace early – Varre will then invite you to join the Mogwyn Dynasty to serve, and will then give you the Pureblood Knights Medal, This can be used to warp to Mohg’s lair at any time you like, this is where you can find the White Mask Article continues after ad Varre will tell you not to use it yet and to wait for Mohg’s summons, but this will never come, so use it whenever you’re ready to invade Mohg’s lair and go looking for the mask. FromSoftware You’ll need to kill one of the White Masked Surgeons to find a mask – not Varre himself. If you choose to use the Pureblood Knights Medal and warp to the Mogwyn Palace after Varre gives you the medal, this will be seen as an act of treachery by Varre.

  • Be warned, the Mogwyn Palace and surrounding area is a high-level part of the game.
  • So, if you’re still exploring Liunia you’ll be very underleveled – so tread carefully.
  • Article continues after ad The good news is you don’t need to fight/kill Varre or Mohg to get the White Mask, this is something we advise you to do later when you’re able to take both characters down.
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Mohg is at the top of Mogwyn Palace and Varre can be invaded at the bottom of the stairs to Mohg’s lair. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates on Esports, Gaming and more. To get the White Mask, explore the lake of blood area until you’re invaded by one of the Bloody Surgeons.

These invaders aren’t so tough one-on-one and each one can potentially drop a White Mask and other parts of the Surgeon’s set. Article continues after ad Kill them one at a time to be safe, and keep farming them until one drops a White Mask. You may need to return to the Site of Grace to make them respawn.

You can then snag the item and carry on with the main quest, leaving Mohg and Varre for later. FromSoftware The White Mask of Varre used as part of a bleed build. Those looking to create a still in Elden Ring will need the White Mask of Varre. This is a lightweight mask offering moderate protection from damage, but its main draw is that it increases bleed damage nearby by 10% for 20 seconds.

  • It then does it again and again, essentially making the 10% bleed damage boost permanent if you’re using a build that causes hemorrhage every few attacks.
  • Couple this with some weapons that cause bleed build-up, and the Lord of Blood’s Exaltation Talisman (that increases bleed damage by 20%), and you’ve got a build that does a huge amount of extra damage when you inflict bleed on your enemy.

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How do I start the RIA quest for Elden Ring?

How to start Rya’s quest in Elden Ring: Rya’s location – Rya’s quest begins east of the Scenic Isle Site of Grace in Liurnia. She’s in the stone gazebo near the telescope marker on the map and asks for your help recovering a stolen necklace. Agree to help her look for it, and she’ll tell you where to look in vague terms.
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How do you start the Roderika quest in Elden Ring?

Roderika & Smithing Master Heug – How To Do Varre Quest Elden Ring You will find Roderika standing before the grand fireplace beside the big table in Roundtable Hold. Speak with her, and she will thank you for all your help and give you a Golden Seed, After that, go and speak with Smithing Master Heug, and select ‘About Roderika’ from his dialogue options. He will explain that he can tell she has a power about her, something to do with Spirit Tuning, How To Do Varre Quest Elden Ring

Return to Roderika and tell her about what Smithing Master Heug said. She shows surprise and interest in learning about this power from Smithing Master Heug. Speak with Heug again, and select ‘About Roderika’ once again. When the prompt show up, select ‘ Would you watch over Roderika? ‘ Heug will be a bit taken aback, valuing his own guidance very little. You will gain another prompt. Make sure to select: ‘ It’s what she wants,’

How To Do Varre Quest Elden Ring After finishing the conversation with Smithing Master Heug, go rest at the Roundtable Hold’s site of grace. Once you reload the area, you’ll notice Roderika is no longer standing by the fireplace in the main room. Head over to Smithing Master Heug’s station, and you’ll now find Roderika with her own setup just across from him. She will re-introduce herself as Roderika the Spirit Tuner, How To Do Varre Quest Elden Ring From her Spirit Tuning menu, you are able to upgrade any Spirit Ashes you’ve acquired with either Grave Glovewort or Ghost Glovewort —depending on the type of Spirit Ash. With her ability to upgrade your Spirit Ashes, you can keep your favorite one(s) upgraded and useful throughout the rest of the game. How To Do Varre Quest Elden Ring You’ll notice, since becoming a Spirit Tuner, she has not worn her Crimson Hood, You can find this helm if you return to the location where you originally found the Crysalids’ Memento in Stormveil Castle. On the same pile of bodies in the small courtyard, you’ll be able to acquire and equip her Crimson Hood helm.

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