How To Equip Ash Of War Elden Ring?

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How To Equip Ash Of War Elden Ring
How to use Elden Ring Ashes of War on weapons – (Image credit: Bandai Namco) Get more Runes with the Elden Ring Golden Scarab Talisman (Image credit: FromSoftware) Did you know the Golden Scarab Talisman will permanently boost the Runes you get? Check out how to get the Elden Ring Golden Scarab right here! It’s simple enough to apply Ashes of War to your equipment in Elden Ring – when you’re at a Site of Grace, rest next to it and select the ‘Ashes of War’ menu option to manage all your owned Ashes.

  1. Here you can remove or apply them to any compatible gear you have.
  2. This process is free and can be done whenever you want.
  3. It’s also useful to know that any gear you remove the Ashes from will return to its default state, so to carry on the above example, the shield you take Holy Ground off will get the Parry skill and standard stats back.

In this menu you can also see how different Weapon Arts work and what their FP cost is (that’s the blue bar between your health and stamina). More powerful weapon skills will obviously cost more FP, so bear in that in mind. You’ll also be able to see how you weapon damage scaling changes based on the Affinity that gets applied – further down, we’ve got a section all about the different Affinities, so look there for more advice. (Image credit: Bandai Namco) For example, if you’re using a sword and only a sword, pressing LT/L2 will always use the sword’s skill. Although, if you’re using a sword and a shield with the parry skill, the parry will always override the sword. To avoid this, you can either remove the Parry Ash of War from your shield, quickly put away your shield, or two-hand your weapon to also put away the shield.
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Why can’t I equip my Ash of War?

How to equip an Ash of War – To equip an Ash of War, once you have a Whetstone Knife, visit a Site of Grace. The option for Ashes of War should now be visible, and it’s this menu where you can equip an Ash of War. From here, you can select a weapon and assign an Ash of War. Not all Ashes of War will work for every weapon – but you’ll see which are available as you select a weapon. Once an Ash of War has been assigned to a weapon, it cannot be equipped to another without unequipping it first. In summary – Ashes of War are reusable, nor are Weapon Arts replaced for good. This allows you to experiment and try which Ashes of War work best for your weapons of choice. Finally, though an Ash of War can only be used on one weapon at a time, you can acquire a second of that type for another weapon once you have found a Lost Ash of War and visited a Blacksmith. A Blacksmith will be available in the Roundtable Hold, of which access becomes available in the Site of Grace just before the Margit fight. In other words – not long into the game at all.
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How do I equip Ash of War without skills?

Elden Ring: Purchase “No Skill” Ash of War from Knight Bernahl – The “No Skill” Ash of War can be found and purchased relatively early on. The player will have to visit the Warmaster’s Shack and speak to Knight Bernahl. The shack can be found in Limgrave, just outside Stormveil Castle in Stormhill. It sits along a major road, perpendicular to the bridge above. If you were feeling murderous and killed Knight Bernahl, then you would’ve looted Bernahl’s Bell Bearing. This can be given to the Twin Maiden Husks in Roundtable Hold. By doing so, they will absorb Knight Bernahl’s shop and sell the “No Skill” Ash of War.

If you haven’t reached the Roundtable Hold yet, you can also apply the Ash of War to your weapons and shields yourself. However, this requires the Whetstone Knife. The knife can be looted from a chest in Gatefront Ruins, also found in Limgrave. With the knife in hand, visit a nearby Site of Grace in Elden Ring and select the “Ash of War” menu option.

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Why cant I use my summoning ashes Elden Ring?

No White Gravestone on Left Side of the Screen – If there isn’t a white gravestone icon on the side of your screen, that means you can’t summon your Spirit Ash. Unfortunately, this is Elden Ring’s way of telling you that you’re on your own. If you’re finding it hard still, you may need to find a new area.
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Is Ash of War reusable?

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(Image credit: From Software) The best Elden Ring Ashes of War can complement your build or give your weapon added range or utility. You can apply them to weapons—and in some cases, shields—at Sites of Grace to grant a skill that uses FP and can change up the scaling in some instances.

  1. Ashes of War basically act as a more flexible version of the weapon arts from Dark Souls 3.
  2. Many of the Ashes of War you find in the starting areas scale with stats like strength and dexterity, but you can find others with more exotic properties: fire, lightning, magic, and even blood.
  3. The best thing about the Ashes of War system is that they can easily be swapped out and reused without changing your weapon’s upgrade level, meaning you can switch out damage types to take advantage of boss weaknesses (opens in new tab),

Every weapon also has a default skill that the Ashes of War will replace, and some can only be equipped with certain weapons. This guide shows you the ones that are worth seeking out, which weapon types they work with, and where to find them. A couple drop from the Teardrop Scarabs pushing around glowing white balls in the Lands Between, while others you’ll have to win by defeating bosses.
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How do I equip Ashes of War jellyfish?

How to use the Spirit Jellyfish Ashes – (Image credit: Bandai Namco) To use the Spirit Jellyfish Ashes, you simply equip them and summon them during boss fights, just like any other Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring. A spectral Jellyfish will fight at your side until a boss defeats it, or until you defeat the boss.

At first, it’s not entirely clear why you’d want to use the Jellyfish over other early-game summons, such as the Lone Wolf or the Fanged Imp. The Jellyfish takes a long time to wind up for attacks, and bosses can interrupt it easily. While the Jellyfish can poison enemies, a lot of bosses aren’t susceptible to this condition.

However, if you upgrade the Jellyfish with Grave Glovewort, you’ll soon see why it’s such a worthwhile companion. Relative to other summons, the Jellyfish has a great deal of health and defense. A boss that’s focused on the Jellyfish could conceivably attack it for quite a while.

As such, a reliable strategy is to let a boss focus its attention on the Jellyfish, then run up and attack from behind. Likewise, let the boss target the Jellyfish if you need to hang back and heal. Granted, the Jellyfish isn’t invincible, and if you play too defensively, bosses will slaughter it before you have a chance to do much damage.

But if you’re willing to play aggressively and dish out damage as quickly as possible, the Jellyfish should give you ample opportunity to do so.
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