How To Fight Melania Elden Ring?

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How To Fight Melania Elden Ring
Melee Strategy – The main trick here is to attack her when she’s not in an attack animation in order to stagger her, typically after she is done with a combo. Once you hit her and it staggers her, keep attacking to keep the stagger going while paying attention to when she side hops as this interrupts the stagger.

When she does so, roll out of the way, keep some distance, and dodge her attacks until you get another opening, while keeping a keen eye on the startup for her waterfowl dance, to which you should run away from the first two volleys and dodge through the final volley. Be mindful of your positioning at all times, you do not want your back to a wall when she does her waterfowl dance.

Stay calm, do not panic, watch some videos of her attacks, and you’ll realize her flashy moves just seemed intimidating/impossible at first. Do not rely on a shield to do the work for you due to her healing ability, at most you should only use it to block the stray hit.
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How do I get to Melania Elden Ring?

To find Malenia, the most important thing you need to do is get so far in the game that you have reached the Mountaintops of the Giants and find the two halves of the Haligtree medallion. With these, you’ll just have to solve a puzzle and fight your way through the toughest legacy dungeon in the game.
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Where to fight Melania Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Malenia location – If you’re wondering why you haven’t encountered this demi-god yet, it’s probably because you haven’t progressed to her region. Malenia feels like one of those bosses from a Dark Souls 3 DLC; like an optional endgame extra who is incredibly tough, but off the beaten track.
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What level should you be in Elden Ring to fight Melania?

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(Image credit: FromSoftware) Wondering how to beat the Elden Ring Malenia boss fight? The Blade of Miquella is one of Elden Ring ‘s hardest bosses, as her lifesteal katana attacks and Scarlet Rot attacks as the Goddess of Rot make incredibly deadly, inflicting a barrage of strikes that heal her while also devastating the player’s health.

The recommended level for Malenia is 120 at least, ideally 125+, with weapons of +23 or more. You can’t really be overleveled for this fight.

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How do I start the Melania quest with Elden Ring?

Return to Millicent twice to wrap up the quest – After leaving Millicent’s world, go rest at the Drainage Channel Site of Grace again, then return to where you just fought the invaders to find Millicent. Exhaust her dialogue, rest once more, then come back a final time to find her dead.

Looting her body will earn you the Unalloyed Gold Needle. You can use the needle at the flower that spawns in Malenia’s boss fight room after you defeat her to obtain Miquella’s Needle, an important item that can be used in a specific place near the very end of the game to reverse the Frenzied Flame ending, should you so choose to do so.

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What weapon is best against Melania?

Colossal Sword is probably the most straightforward way to kill Malenia. However, using just a Colossal Sword alone is going to take a long time, and each mistake you make — and of course you’re going to make a lot, this is Malenia we’re talking about — is going to hurt you big time.

  • You’re going to have to put in the legwork to memorize her full moveset if you want to both win and feel like you earned it without the move selector RNG handing the win to you on a silver platter.
  • Basic git-gudding aside, here’s a few of my tipperinos: 1.
  • Ashes of War, just in general, are almost all disgustingly broken compared to the rest of your normal kit.

Whichever one you choose, analyze the moments in Malenia’s moveset where you can get away with it and use it as often as you can. I myself used Flame of the Redmanes, for both its easy stancebreaking power and its ability to manipulate Malenia’s AI from long range.2.

  • Bring a projectile with you.
  • In phase 1, Malenia literally can’t do any of her moves if she’s out of melee range, except for stepdodge and — this is important — Waterfowl Dance, if she’s able to use it.
  • Once you get a feel for when Malenia’s likely to throw out Waterfowl Dance, you can chuck a throwing knife or Ash of War projectile at her to force her to waste it.

(You will still need to run away and then dodge the third hit, but it’s a much better chance than trying to do it at melee range.) 3. With a Colossal Sword, you can usually take the initiative in phase 1 by running at Malenia from outside melee range and bonking her with a jump attack.

This is Elden Ring though, so this tactic is beholden to Malenia’s move selection RNG, and won’t always work safely.4. Malenia’s 4-hit “swish-swish-swish swoosh” combo (you know the one) has two variants: fast and slow. The fast variant will always be followed up with another attack, while the slow variant will always be a combo finisher, allowing you to get in a safe punish.5.

Malenia opens phase 2 with Scarlet Aeonia. This is the attack that leaves her vulnerable the longest out of her entire toolkit, but you will need potent projectiles to be able to take advantage of it. She will be able to use it again, this time at will whenever she wants, once you knock her down to roughly 1/3rd of her phase 2 HP.

  • If you botch up the roll timing, Scarlet Aeonia has a second hitbox designed to rollcatch you that will kill you if it connects, so don’t mess this one up.6.
  • Malenia can still use Waterfowl Dance in phase 2, but it’s much less common since she now has many more moves to pull from her move pool.
  • Don’t feel bad about playing hyperdefensively.7.
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Malenia’s phase 2 Phantom Spirits attack has 7 hits to it, with each individual attack having different timings made to throw you off. If you have a good projectile and enough distance, you can just run away, roll away and basically the entire combo will miss, giving you a free projectile hit.
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How much vigor should I have to fight malenia?

How to prepare for the Malenia, Blade of Miquella boss fight – It’s certainly possible to defeat Malenia with a low-level character and weak weapons, but you’ll have a much easier time if you prepare. For this fight, we advise coming to it when you’re at least character level 100, with around 45 Vigor (the higher, the better) since Malenia has multiple one-hit-kill attacks.

  1. It’s recommended to bring as many with you as possible to help you survive.
  2. Malenia is unique in that she heals when she deals damage.
  3. Bandai Namco It’s also highly recommended to come with the Mimic Tear Ashes to help distract the boss.
  4. This Spirit is found in the Night’s Sacred Ground area Nokron, Eternal City.

This Spirit is ideal since it mirrors many of your attacks. In terms of viable, we suggest using something with blood loss buildup, such as the Keen Nagakiba or the Bloodhound’s Fang, It might seem obvious, but having high damage output with powerful scaling will work wonders during this fight.

When it comes to armor, it’s best to use gear with high physical defense, even if it slows you down a tad. This boss can take you down in one hit, so having high defense will serve you well. We also recommend a shield, which will preserve your equipment load and stamina consumption. To round out the build, it’s important to bring the Hoarfrost Stomp Ash of War, which is found just west of The Ravine Site of Grace.

Destroy the invisible scarab to obtain it. Finally, try to apply Freezing Grease to your weapon for extra damage.
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What is Melania weak against?

Malenia, Blade of Miquella Tips & Strategies – It’s worth mentioning at the top that the Rivers of Blood Unique Skill: Corpse Piler is so effective on Malenia that if you are finding the fight extremely difficult, you should consider being reborn to use it.

Silver Tear Mask can give you +8 Arcane if you need bolstering there. Don’t neglect Mind when you are reborn. Fight Breakdown Malenia, Blade of Miquella is a two-phase fight, with the second phase beginning once her health is reduced to zero for the first time. Malenia has an active healing effect throughout the fight which provides her with 300 to 400 HP per hit, even if the attack is blocked.

Throughout phase one, she is extremely mobile, being able to close gaps through attacks and dashes. Of the notable attacks, one is an unparriable kick with high poise damage; another is a series of three rapid slashes which is then followed by an additional slash that she sometimes delays.

  1. When Malenia goes below 75% HP, she unlocks her Waterfowl Dance attack.
  2. This attack is indicated by a huge leap, where she then dives on you with a series of three spinning AoE slashes, followed by a big AoE slash at the end.
  3. This ability is deadly to even the tankiest builds and can be extremely hard to deal with.

Phase two begins immediately after a cutscene wherein Malenia sprouts wings and gains access to an array of new attacks, in addition to most of her moveset from phase one. She also gains increased damage. She begins the phase with 80% of her maximum life and always opens with a diving attack immediately followed up with Scarlet Aeonia, a large AoE explosion which leaves a short-lived mist that applies scarlet rot.

This phase is mostly similar to the first, except when she leaps she can now decide to: cast Waterfowl Dance (which now applies scarlet rot), cast Scarlet Aeonia, bombard you with scarlet rot butterflies that are in the shape of her (and can also both slice and stab you) or dive on you while triggering a scarlet rot explosion.

The Best Tips for Malenia, Blade of Miquella

She can avoid most spells/throwable items, with a few exceptions like uncharged Lightning Spear (after being hit with spear, she always dashes two times) or the Night Sorceries of Sellia, such as Night Shard, Therefore, either bring homing spells, night spells, or attack during her attack animations.

Spells with longer duration such as Dragon Communion Incantation can be a risky alternative, as in second part of this spell she tends to dash towards caster. Dragon Communion Incantations, most notably Agheel’s Flame, are useful in co-op

At the center at the arena there is a pool, that decrease her resistance to Lightning Damage and increases to Fire Damage (about 10%). Most of her attacks have to be dodged by rolling to the side. Her attacks deal Physical-type damage only, so Incantations/Items (f.e.

Black Flame’s Protection, Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman ) that boost this type of defense are recommended. Her low Poise makes it easy to interrupt most of her actions by just relentlessly attacking her. Stacking poise on your character (around 60) will allow you to keep attacking through most of her own attacks.

She is also vulnerable to knockdown attacks in her first phase, so using a weapon or Spirit Ash that abuses this can be helpful. Weapons with Bleed are recommended, as it’s easy to proc the status on her and it allows you to more easily outpace her self healing.

Frost is also a valid option. Curved Swords are a good choice as their dual-wielded jumping attack hits four times allowing quick Bleed build-up. This can be paired with the Raptor’s Black Feathers, Claw Talisman, Beastman’s Curved Sword, and Rotten Winged Sword Insignia for high DPS. The Scavenger’s Curved Sword dual wielded with another Curved sword with a bleed affinity is a good choice for such a build.

Malenia heals every time she hits you with an attack, even when blocked. In addition, she often dodges backwards at the end of a combo, making parries and guard counters hard to land. This makes most shields less useful than normal. It is recommended that you two-hand your weapon and dodge roll her attacks.

Ogha’s greatarrows will often stagger Malenia and can even interrupt her during the Flower Fountain attack. Additionally he will stay in the back and she will focus on you as long as you keep her attention.

Using any ranged attacks, perfumes, or throwables will cause Malenia to not only dodge left or right to avoid them, but also cause her to rush the player. Spells or incantations that can track her are recommended. Once she reaches 75% health and starts using Waterfowl Dance, she will proceed to dodge any range attack as usual but will then activate Waterfowl dance directly afterwards. The only time the player should use ranged attacks is if Malenia is being distacted by a summon. The Night Shard spell will not trigger her evasion, as it’s invisible to non-player characters. Her opening move in phase two, Scarlet Aeonia, as described above, can be easily avoided by immediately running towards her and turning right upon being almost directly underneath her. She will turn to follow your movement, but as soon as she is looking leftwards you can start moving right and you should be far enough away to avoid both parts of the attack. If the method above does not work or is hard to follow, knowing when to roll the attacks may be a bit easier. When Malenia is in the air and she has the Scarlet Aeonia’s petals on her (which will look like orange flowing wings), pay attention to her stance and movement. She will first make the petals appear while raising her sword before she makes any movement. The best time to roll would be a little than a second after she starts moving down toward you. After that, roll again about 1 1.2 seconds later to avoid the second attack from Scarlet Aeonia. When you have avoided the Scarlet Aeonia attack, there is a window of about 5-7 seconds where Malenia is unable to move or attack while at the centre of the scarlet rot mist. Use this opportunity to unleash powerful ranged attacks or spells/incantations with a DoT area effect. If you have the FP, Comet Azur can take off a sizable chunk of her HP before she becomes active again. This can be repeated every time she does this attack and is your best opportunity for heavy damage. You can also attack her freely in melee during this window but be aware you will take heavy DoT (Damage over Time) and Scarlet Rot buildup. If Malenia is running at you at the start of the fight, she will proceed to rush you with a horizontal spinning attack once you are in range. This attack is telegraphed and easily parried. If you’re not good at parrying, then dodge toward Malenia’s left side (the player’s right). If she slows down or starts moving left or right, she will not do the spin attack. In order to avoid her Waterfowl Dance combo you must start running away from her while maintaining lock-on as soon as she leaps, which will let you avoid the first two spin attacks entirely if done soon enough (if not you will have to roll the second one). The third spin attack has to be rolled through, and make sure to stay away from her until the final AoE triggers. If you are caught by the attack it is better to roll towards her than away; the extreme edges of the attack seem to have more hitboxes. Ash of War: Bloodhound’s Step makes dodging Waterfowl Dance significantly easier. Using that ability, you can completely avoid the combo, even if you’re close to Malenia when she starts its windup. Dash away from her, out of range of the first and second flurries (possibly multiple times depending on how far away she is), and toward her (once) to avoid the third flurry. (During the third flurry she jumps to you regardless of the distance, but the first and second flurries have a fixed jump range.) In Phase 2, make sure you are constantly topped up to full HP. Many of her basic combo attacks are strong enough to deal well over 1000 damage to heavy armour users very quickly, so sitting at 80% HP or below to save on flasks is liable to get you killed. A weapon with the Ash of War: Wild Strikes and the blood affinity can trivialize the first phase of the fight. Black Knife Tiche is an effective summon. She frequently knocks Malenia down and her special attack deals 2000+ damage. Plus her frequent dodges reduce Malenia’s tendency to devour summons for heals. While the Mimic Tear is a generally good summon for this fight, note that it doesn’t get stat boosts from Godrick’s Great Rune, equipment, or other sources; so if you’re using any of those to meet the requirements for spells or weapon skills, the mimic won’t be able to use them. Using the Spread Out gesture can allow the player to avoid most of Malenia’s attacks, though don’t stay down for too long because her slam can still hit you. Ash of War: Golden Parry is useful for easily parrying most of her attacks. The increased parry range and window can be of tremendous help to players with less experience in parrying her attacks.

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What weapons are good for malenia?

How to make the Malenia fight easier – You’ll also want a strong Spirit summon, though you have a few options here. Mimic Tear is still a popular choice, even after the nerf, if only because it distracts Malenia and gives you an opening to attack. Lhutel is another good choice, but only for melee classes.

Lhutel’s tendency to teleport means you’re more likely to attract Malenia’s attention while casting spells, which defeats the purpose of summoning Lhutel to begin with. Black Knife Tiche – one of the Legendary Spirit Ashes – is an excellent choice if you want your summon to fight for you. Aside from dealing high damage, her mobility confounds Malenia and makes it difficult for the boss to land a hit.

Whatever your choice, we recommend saving your summon until the fight’s second phase unless you’re having a lot of difficulty in the first half. Having a tank and distraction in the second phase makes it much more manageable. Sorcery-focused classes have a slightly easier time thanks to the wider variety of spells at their disposal.

  • Stars of Ruin is an excellent choice.
  • The homing abilities and the number of projectiles it fires means you’ll land at least a few hits even if Malenia dodges.
  • Comet Azur or Ranni’s Dark Moon are helpful in the second phase, where Malenia tends to remain still for longer after her attacks.
  • Faith builds should rely on lightning Incantations, such as Lightning Strike or the Gransax Bolt’s Ancient Lightning Spear.

These deal high damage and, unlike most Incantations, affect a broader area, which is a nice counter for Malenia’s dodging. If you grabbed the Triple Rings of Light Incantation in Elphael, that’s also a solid choice thanks to the wide area it effects.

Melee classes can be less choosy with their weapons and skills. Any skill that pulls off multiple hits, such as Blood Tax and Waterfowl Dance, is a good pick. Ideally, you’d want a weapon with long reach so you don’t have to get right up to Malenia, so consider benching the fists and hatchets for this fight.

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Shields are pretty much pointless unless you have incredibly high endurance, so you may want to dual wield or one-hand your weapon for extra damage.
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Who is Millicent to Melania?

Elden Ring – Millicent Is The Daughter Of Malenia – How To Fight Melania Elden Ring While progressing through Millicent’s questline in Elden Ring, she even admits to believing she is related to the Rot Goddess, though not knowing if she is either a daughter, sister, or ” offshoot,” Gowry more directly confirms that Millicent is the daughter of Malenia, although he continually refers to her and her sisters as ” buds ” rather than daughters.

Because buds are essentially offshoots of a greater plant, this suggests Millicent and her sisters are akin to budding flowers off of the plant that is the Scarlet Aeonia – that is Malenia. In turn, Millicent is essentially both a daughter and extension of Malenia. This is why her invader version uses the same Waterfowl Dance that Malenia does and also why she blossoms into a flower of the Scarlet Rot upon being betrayed by Elden Ring ‘s Tarnished protagonist.

But more importantly, Millicent’s relation to Malenia shows that she lost her arm because she grew in the same pattern as Elden Ring ‘s Goddess of Rot. Next: Elden Ring: Where To Find The Unalloyed Gold Needle For Millicent
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How do I get to Malenia goddess of rot?

How to find and get to Malenia in Elden Ring – Malenia can be found at the base of the Haligtree resting in a chair next to her brother, Miquella. The closest Lost Grace is the Haligtree Roots, which is at the base of the tree, so you’ll need to make your way all the way through the Haligtree dungeon. The Haligtree dungeon is located past the Consecrated Snowfield. You gain immediate access to this dungeon by completing the Evergaol challenge in Ordina, Liturgical Town. In order to access Ordina and the whole western side of the Mountaintops of the Giants region, you need to obtain both halves of the Haligtree Secret Medallion and join the medallions at the Grand Lift of Rold.
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Where can I find Melania?

Exploring The Outer Haligtree & Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree To Reach Malenia – How To Fight Melania Elden Ring The Tarnished will arrive at the Haligtree in an area outside Elphael, the main city for those who the world has forsaken, and this is where Malenia resides. To get through this first area, the player will need to follow the branches down (being careful not to fall off) and reach a number of interconnected pathways and greenhouses.

From here, there will be several Misbegotten and other nasty enemies that are challenging in close quarters, so it’s key that the Tarnished draw them out and face them one at a time they can. Keep naturally progressing onward, and the Tarnished should keep heading down until they’re eventually at the “bottom” of the city.

At the end of this area, the player will face Loretta, Knight of the Haligtree, the real version of the specter Royal Knight Loretta they faced in Caria Manor. And, once she is dispatched, the Tarnished can ride a lift to arrive at the final hurdle before fighting Malenia, getting through Elpheal, Brace of the Haligtree.

When the player first arrives in Elpheal, Brace of the Haligtree, the player needs to travel along the outer wall of the Tree, which is full of Cleanrot Knights and multiple Erdtree Avatars, The Tarnished can either move along the upper section of the outer wall or descend to the lower area where there is more valuable loot (but it is populated with Revenants ). The Tarnished will eventually reach a courtyard with an Erdtree Avatar and Haligtree Soldiers blocking the player’s path; once they are killed, the player will be able to reach the inner wall of the Haligtree and the final descent to Malenia. The inside of the Haligtree is covered in a Lake of Rot, and here the player can also finish the NPC Millicent’s questline if they managed to progress it this far. Follow the drainage channel on the opposite side of the isolated area of the Rot Lake, where Millicent’s summon and the Ulcerated Tree Spirit resides, and traverse out of the Haligtree again. Around this area is a building with a lift near the southwestern entrance. Using this lift will take the Tarnished to the roots of the Haligtree where they will find a room with a large scarlet flower and the Haligtree Roots Site of Grace, Past this, the Tarnished will find the fog door that leads to the hardest boss ( usually, at least ) in Elden Ring, Malenia The Severed, one of the most memorable characters in the game and a character fans just can’t seem to get enough of.

Elden Ring is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. MORE: Elden Ring: Every Merchant, Ranked
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Where is the moon lady in Elden Ring?

How to defeat the Raya Lucaria boss. How To Fight Melania Elden Ring Renalla Queen of the Full Moon is one of many bosses you’re going to have to fight through to continue the story of Elden Ring. This witchy boss can be found in the Raya Lucaria area of Elden Ring, which itself is nestled in the middle portion of the Liurnia of the Lakes region of the game.

How to prepare for Renalla Queen of the Full Moon Renalla Queen of the Full Moon tips: How to beat Renalla Queen of the Full Moon Renalla Queen of the Full Moon reward

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How do I visit Melina Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Melina location – Melina is the mysterious NPC that uses the runes you’ve accumulated through killing enemies to grant you power. If you’re just starting out and she hasn’t appeared yet, don’t worry—you need to visit and rest at three Sites of Grace in the open world before she shows up,

This doesn’t include those you discover in dungeons, so you’re likely to come across her at either Agheel Lake North or the Gatefront Sites of Grace. After you meet her for the first time, you should pay attention whenever you rest at a Site of Grace as she has quite a bit of extra dialogue that can give more context to what’s going on in the Lands Between.

Keep an eye out for the “Talk to Melina” option in the Site of Grace menu.
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