How To Get Raging Wolf Set Elden Ring?

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How To Get Raging Wolf Set Elden Ring
Travel Into Leyndell, Royal Capital – How To Get Raging Wolf Set Elden Ring The dot will appear in the Capital City – players should have at least a couple of Great Runes before heading to this area. Players should try to reach the Fortified Manor, First Floor’s exact location. Go into the dimly lit building – on the floor in the center of the room, there’s a sign where you can invade,
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Is the Raging Wolf Set good Elden Ring?

Raging Wolf Set – How To Get Raging Wolf Set Elden Ring For players who are interested in a balanced playstyle, medium armor sets are largely the idea. The Raging Wolf set is the best among these, boasting good defenses for a reasonable weight load that won’t have the tarnished slow-rolling across the battlefield.
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Can you get Raging Wolf Armor after beating the game?

Join The Covenant & Complete Quests – How To Get Raging Wolf Set Elden Ring Inside the manor, take a left to find two NPCs. Lady Tanith, the woman, will be sitting in a chair. Speak to her – she will ask if the player wants to join the manor. Answer yes. Tanith will hand the player a key to another room within the manor. In the room right of where Tanith is located, there’s a large table and a letter on the corner of it – pick it up,

Taking the letter will initiate a quest line imperative to acquiring the Raging Wolf Armor, Next to the table, Knight Bernahl will be sitting in a nearby chair. If players have already killed Knight Bernahl, they will not be able to progress through the quest and thus will be unable to acquire the Raging Wolf armor set.

It is important to keep him alive. Speak to Tanith once again, and she will inform the player that they have a task. Open the map, and a red dot will appear northeast of the manor and far off to the side, this is where a task is. Keep in mind, the player will need to accomplish two tasks – before and after each, have a conversation with Knight Bernahl.

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Travel to this location and defeat the NPC that awaits. After fulfilling this task, head back to Volcano Manor. Tanith will reward the player, and another letter will spawn on the same table where the other letter was located. Pick it up to initiate another quest. Complete this task for the covenant and then speak to Knight Bernahl,

He will give the player a letter – the next red dot on the map will lead players to the Raging Wolf Armor,
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How early can you get Raging Wolf Armor?

How To Get The Raging Wolf Armor Set In Elden Ring – To get your hands on the Raging Wolf Armor set, you will need to progress through the questline. To start this quest, get to Manor and join the faction by talking to Lady Tanith. Doing so will give you a series of NPCs that you will need to hunt down and kill, all of which are marked on your map with a red icon after picking up a letter in the Drawing Room of the Manor.

  1. You will need to kill Old Knight Istvan in Limgrave and then return to the Volcano Manor to get another letter for Rileigh the Idle, who you can find in the Altus Plateau.
  2. Once both of these targets are dealt with, talk to Recusant Bernahl, the NPC in the Drawing Room sitting in a chair with a large club weapon next to where you pick up the letters.

He will give you a new request of hunting down the Raging Wolf Vargram, which he will mark on your map and can be found in Leyndell, The Royal Capital. This is where you can get the Raging Wolf Armor set.
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Where is the Raging Wolf Armor?

Where to find Raging Wolf Armor in Elden Ring – The Raging Wolf Armor Chest Armor can be found at:

Leyndell Royal Capital, After obtaining the second to last letter from Volcano Manor, You will be sent to assist Bernahl with an invade in a familiar location. On completion of the invade, You will receive the full Raging Wolf set. See it on the Elden Ring Map here,

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Is Raging Wolf Armor worth it?

7. Raging Wolf Set –

Type Raging Wolf Set Stats
Dmg Negation

Phy: 25.9 VS Strike: 23 VS Slash: 25.9 VS Pierce: 24.9 Magic: 19.8 Fire: 22.1 Ligt: 13.8 Holy: 18.5


Immunity: 75 Robustness: 131 Focus: 42 Vitality: 42 Poise: 42



If you’re looking for a versatile Medium weight armor, Raging Wolf is a great choice. The value is really solid for the weight-to-defenses tradeoff. How to obtain: You can find the Raging Wolf set at Leyendell, Royal Capital after you get the second to last letter from Volcano Manor. Upon assassinating Vagram the Raging Wolf and Errant Sorcerer Wilhelm, you’ll obtain the full set.
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Where do I get Blaidd’s armor?

Blaidd’s Armor – How To Get Raging Wolf Set Elden Ring Blaidd is distraught, causing him to attack you. While Blaidd does have his own short questline that coincides with Ranni’s, none of it is necessary to acquire his armor set. Instead, after completing Ranni’s quest, return to Ranni’s Rise and you will find Blaidd sitting outside the steps to the tower, mumbling to himself. How To Get Raging Wolf Set Elden Ring Blaidd’s armor with the Black Wolf Mask. Head to Seluvis’ Rise, the southernmost tower in the Three Sisters area. Outside the tower on the left side you can find the Black Wolf Mask after using Torrent to jump up the ruins. While your former friend might now be dead, you can “honor” him by using his stuff.
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Does armor not matter in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is a brutal game, and finding the right armor can be a big help. With that in mind, avoid these sets at all costs. How To Get Raging Wolf Set Elden Ring Armor is supposed to protect its wearer. But at some point in video game history, developers probably thought that would be boring. So they gave some armor pieces a bit of personality, with some going as far as contradicting their original intended purpose.

  1. Such an antithesis to the concept of armor can be seen in full force in Elden Ring,
  2. That lovely stress relief of a video game has armor that doesn’t protect, armor that’s actually for sleeping, and even armor that’s obviously just a bad case of fungal infection.
  3. Sure enough, they’re about as protective as they look.

But luckily, armor having protection in Elden Ring doesn’t matter much. Players will die countless times regardless. Still, players will want to lower their expectations when wearing these armor sets. GAMERANT VIDEO OF THE DAY How To Get Raging Wolf Set Elden Ring
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Does every enemy drop their armor Elden Ring?

This guide will show you all Elden Ring Armor Sets available in the game – a full catalog with high-quality images of the front and back visuals as well as detailed descriptions and information on where and how to get the sets! The Guide is up-to-date for Patch 1.08.1 Elden Ring has a vast collection of armor sets you can wear and continues the tradition of “if you see it, you can wear it” like other From Software games.

  • There are some exceptions, particularly with enemies that have less humanoid appearances, but usually enemies have a chance to drop a piece of the armor set they’re wearing upon being defeated.
  • For friendly NPCs and more unique enemies like bosses, these are typically obtainable through specific drops where you’ll get most or all of the armor set at once.

In this guide, I’ll be showcasing all the different armor sets you can get in the game from both front and back and where you can find them, In addition, I also have some tips on how you can make farming for a specific set more efficient at the end of this guide.

  • Some sets, particularly lighter ones, do not contain a full set of 4 pieces of gear.
  • In order to be on this list, the armor set must contain at least 3 unique pieces, though there might be a couple of 2-piece sets that slipped through the cracks.
  • I will specify when an armor does not contain a full set of 4 pieces or when a specific piece is located elsewhere.

The only 3 armor sets that are missing from this list are regular Duelist, High Page, and Goldmask. This list is ordered with the heaviest armor sets at the top and lightest at the bottom and should be pretty close to the exact order you see in your inventory.

Full Armor Sets Catalog Farming Tips – how to get Armor Sets quicker Table of Contents in a list format

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