How To Use Bewitching Branch Elden Ring?

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How To Use Bewitching Branch Elden Ring
How to Use Bewitching Branches in Elden Ring – How To Use Bewitching Branch Elden Ring First, you need 14 FP to use a Bewitching Branch. Next, you must pierce an enemy with it. Once pierced, the enemy will become your temporary ally and attack other enemies for you. You can carry 10 Bewitching Branches on your person and also store 600 of them.
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How do bewitching branches work in Elden Ring?

Effect Uses FP to charm pierced enemy Scaling –
FP Cost 14

Bewitching Branch is a Consumable Item and optional Keepsake in Elden Ring, Most Consumables grant various effects such as restorative properties for recovering HP, removing certain negative status effects or applying temporary buffs and debuffs, while others can be thrown at enemies to deal damage.
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What do you do with Bewitching Branch?

Elden Ring’s Bewitching Branches can be used to charm certain enemies temporarily, and this guide details how players can get them. How To Use Bewitching Branch Elden Ring Bewitching Branches are interesting items in Elden Ring that can be used to charm foes, turning them into a player’s ally temporarily. While these consumable items do not work on absolutely every enemy in the game, they can still be useful, particularly when fighting Commander Niall.

For those players that would like to try out Elden Ring ‘s Bewitching Branches for themselves, details on several ways to obtain them can be found in this guide. To note, it is possible to receive one Bewitching Branch as a keepsake when creating a new Elden Ring character. Additionally, one of these items can be looted from a corpse just northwest of the Church of Pilgrimage in Weeping Peninsula.

These two Bewitching Branches will not last for very long, but they are being mentioned here for the sake of completeness.
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Does the Bewitching Branch work on bosses?

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(Image credit: FromSoftware) The Bewitching Branch doesn’t rank high on our list of Elden Ring Keepsakes (opens in new tab) : you can find the item throughout the game, and more crucially, its utility seems situational. While turning enemies into temporary allies is an interesting and useful tactic, it’s less impressive once you consider the game’s extensive Spirit Ash summoning system (opens in new tab),

  • Light Spoilers for the Mountaintops of the Giants Below.
  • However, one area where the Bewitching Branch can prove useful is the Commander Niall boss fight in Castle Sol, a dungeon found in the late-game Mountaintops of the Giants area.
  • Niall himself is a classically difficult FromSoftware acrobatic big-armored sword guy—see also Artorias, Gwyn, and Isshin Ashina from previous games.

He’d be hard enough on his own, but he opens the fight by summoning two ghost knights to fight alongside him. They’re big, mean, fast, and have varied, punishing movesets. That’s where the Bewitching Branch comes in. Souls series challenge runner, Ongbal (opens in new tab), as part of an ongoing quest to beat all of the game’s bosses without leveling up (opens in new tab), demonstrated their strategy for taking down Commander Niall (opens in new tab) with the help of the Branch.

  1. Not only did turning the Knights over to their side eliminate the extra threat, but the soldiers proved just as deadly against the boss as they do when fighting a player, wiping out half of Niall’s health before Ongbal even had to lift a finger.
  2. When I took on Commander Niall, it was two hours of old fashioned trial and error attempts, and it was quite the treat to see someone not only beat him handily, but also turn his own advantage against him.

It’s also an exciting demonstration of Elden Ring’s mechanical depth and flexibility: a creative player was able to use a mechanic many others completely write off to turn a high-level challenge on its head. Who knows how many similarly surprising, creative strategies remain to be uncovered? Sign up to get the best content of the week, and great gaming deals, as picked by the editors.

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How do you turn enemies against each other in Elden Ring?

Enemies swarming you? Why not make them fight each other instead? How To Use Bewitching Branch Elden Ring If you’ve been exploring Elden Ring ‘s many catacombs, you’ve undoubtedly faced off against the weird Imps that love to ambush you and cause Bleed buildup. You’ve also probably had your arse handed to you by an Erdtree Burial Watchdog, which, despite the name, is clearly a cat.

  1. Even FromSoftware thinks everything is a dog,
  2. Well, turns out there’s a new cheese to make these enemies easier.
  3. It’s uncertain right now if this is a feature or a bug – it may be a bug that gets turned into a feature – but throwing four or five Crystal Darts at an Imp or Watchdog will make it fight other enemies around it.

Just don’t attack them anymore after as it seems to break the spell. This does make some sense as a feature. The Darts cause magic damage, so it’s very possible that they’re doing something weird to the minds of these creatures when they’re hit with a lot of them really quickly.

  • That being said, there’s nothing in the item description that points to this, so we can’t know for sure if it’s intentional.
  • Another point in the ‘feature’ column is that it affects two enemies found most commonly in the Catacombs, and also often found in groups.
  • While the first Watchdog you fight will likely be the lone one in the Stormveil Catacombs, other dungeons have you fighting two or three simultaneously.

We may never know if it’s a bug or a feature, but what we do know is that now is the time to take advantage of it. Go back into those catacombs and give those Imps and Watchdogs what for. The latest patch removed some bugs, like broken Arcane scaling, and also nerfed quite a few weapons and ashes of war, so the developers clearly have a close eye on things.
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What enemies do Bewitching Branches work on?

Bewitching Branch Stats – Bewitching Branch yields the incantation power of unalloyed gold that will turn your enemies into an ally for a certain amount of time. You can charm all kinds of enemies such as Commander Nial’s Summons. All you need to do is to reach one of the Phantom Knights and use the Bewitching Branch to turn him against their Commander Nial. How To Use Bewitching Branch Elden Ring Bewitching Branch Elden Ring However, utilizing the Bewitching Branch also involves a certain FP cost. It requires 14 FP to use the Bewitching Branch that you have purchased or crafted for your character. Your character can hold a total of ten Bewitching Branches.

  • This means you can craft as many as you want and take them with your journey to the dangerous world of Elden Ring.
  • Bewitching Branch is a great resource available to players to make the most out of their playthrough.
  • You can either incorporate the item as a Keepsake earlier in the character creation.
  • Or you can turn the tides by crafting your own items by collecting the right material.
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Only this way you can benefit from the tactical advantage offered by the unique consumable item. That is about it for finding the Bewitching Branch in Elden Ring. Do you find this guide helpful in finding and crafting your own Keepsake item in the game? What are your thoughts on the best approach to obtain the Bewitching Branch? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below.
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How do you get unlimited Bewitching Branch?

Elden Ring: How to Find (& Craft) The Bewitching Branch The Bewitching Branch is Consumable in, it allows the player to brainwash enemies turning them into allies instantly. When players use the Bewitching Branch, they will have to get close to their target in order for it to land.

  • There is also a long animation that plays when using the Bewitching Branch, so players can easily be punished while using it.
  • After the enemy has been, they will fume with purple smoke, indicating that the Bewitching Branch worked.
  • Players can acquire the Bewitching Branch in a multitude of ways, but the fastest way of getting a Bewitching Branch is by buying it at a Nomadic Merchant.

The Nomadic Merchant that sells the Bewitching Branch is located in Liurnia of the Lakes, he is the merchant next to the Bellum Church. He will sell the player five Bewitching Branches for 1,600 Runes each. The closest Site of Grace is the Bellum Church.

If players do not want to purchase the Bewitching Branch, they can also find them in the world. Three Bewitching Branches can be found in the same location at one time. There is a corpse pick up surrounded by bats in the Church of Pilgrimage that contains all three Bewitching Branches, it is located in the Weeping Peninsula, South of,

The corpse itself will be on a ledge north of the Church of Pilgrimage. The closest Site of Grace is the Church of Pilgrimage.
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How do you summon boss altar?

Recepies – The Boss Summoning Altar can be crafted by putting an ender pearl and 8 uranium blocks into a crafing table. The Altar Key Can Be Crafted with a Gold ingot, an ender pearl and 7 uranium ingots.
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How do you turn Commander Niall’s summons against him?

Use Bewitching Branches on Commander Niall’s summons – The consumable item Bewitching Branch can be used to charm Commander Niall’s spectral knights, which will make them begin attacking their master, By doing this, you’ll free up a lot of room for your own movement while also benefiting from their additional damage.

  1. Even better, having them fighting on your side doesn’t negate your ability to summon Spirit Ashes-the is an especially useful option.
  2. With the knights now on your side and your Spirit Ash of choice wailing away, too, you’ll be able to focus all of your attention on doing as much damage as possible to Commander Niall.

Due to his wide-sweeping attacks, it’s not a bad idea to hang back and use ranged attacks like sorcery, incantations, arrows, or throwing knives to help your allies drop his health. If you’re staying back this way, you’ll primarily just need to keep an eye out for his jumping lightning kick and roll at the right moment before backing away again.
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Is Royal Knight Loretta a hard boss?

How to defeat the Caria Manor boss. How To Use Bewitching Branch Elden Ring Royal Knight Loretta is a mandatory boss in Elden Ring, who you’re going to have to fell if you want to progress the overall story. The boss rides atop her own spectral steed, not unlike Torrent, and can be found in Caria Manor, in the north western reaches of the Liurnia of the Lakes region of Elden Ring.

How to prepare for Royal Knight Loretta Royal Knight Loretta tips: How to beat Royal Knight Loretta Royal Knight Loretta reward

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Do enemies get stronger in Co op Elden Ring?

‘Elden Ring’ True Co-Op Is Live And Works Better Than Anyone Thought Elden Ring FromSoftware A short while ago, I talked about how Elden Ring was getting multiplayer through a new “seamless co-op” mod by an expert creator. Now, as of this weekend, that mod has launched in beta, and if you were expecting some sort of disaster, given that this is fan-created, think again.

Teaming up in combat anywhere in the game. It persists through player death. You can both ride your own horses. Progression and item gain is shared. You can turn on friendly fire for extra chaos. You can spectate your co-op partner when you’re dead during a boss fight. You can vote for fast travel. You can have a max of four players in your party. Enemies will scale to be harder with more players.

Even though it’s in beta, it has 50,000 downloads already, and most are suggesting you don’t wait until it’s out of beta, because it works fantastically right now. Here are some endorsements from, and the mod also has its own : “It really is seamless, you can teleport anywhere together, ride torrent at the same time, progress and collect the same items.

And you can also play with mods! This is amazing! “When I heard it was in beta I expected it to be one of those seamless co-op mods that are really broken and are indefinitely in a broken state, but almost everything seems to be working here. Serious props to the devs.” “Didn’t expect it to be SO well functioning in a beta version, but I’m shocked! It doesn’t feel like a mod, playing it feels like the game was released this way.

Serious props to the mod author!” It is hard to understand just how difficult this mod would be to make, and to make it well, used a closed source game like this, but it does work, and if you do want to play Elden Ring with your friends on PC, this is definitely the way to go.

Console players are out of luck without official mod support, and that does not seem likely to ever arrive. I do wonder if FromSoft will ever take notice at how well these mods are received and think about true co-op outside of boss summons and invasions in future games, but that does seem unlikely. But get in there and experience Elden Ring in a totally new way.

Follow me, and, Subscribe to my free weekly content round-up newsletter,, Pick up my sci-fi novels the and, : ‘Elden Ring’ True Co-Op Is Live And Works Better Than Anyone Thought
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Can you backstab Commander Niall?

Learn the Commander Niall fight – Niall’s attacks can be absolutely brutal due to their massive areas-of-effect and quick animations that give you little time to react. However, once you learn his patterns, Niall’s combos become incredibly easy to predict and avoid.

  1. In this guide, we’re going to go over the moves you should watch out for, and highlight your best attack opportunities,
  2. Phase 1 In Commander Niall’s first phase, you’ll need to take care of the two Spectral Knights he summons.
  3. Luckily, you can start things off right by running to Niall’s side as soon as you enter the arena and backstabbing the dual-wielding knight, as he’s by far the tougher to deal with of the two.

From there, dodge away, and use whatever you must to deal with Niall’s summons. Generally that means something that can stagger them or hit them from a distance. Naturally, spellcasters have an easier time here. For our most recent playthrough, we found Carian Greatsword to be highly effective against them.

Any hard-hitting Ashes of War you might have in your arsenal are sure to be effective as well. During this time, Niall will generally walk slowly around the battlefield, only bothering to attack should you get too close, so you can mostly ignore him. Shortly after both knights die, Niall will enter his second phase.

Notably, he’ll also do so if his health hits about 50%. That might make it seem tempting to try keeping one knight alive so that Niall spends more time in his easier first phase, but the challenge needing to keep a knight alive makes that option impractical.

  1. And you’ll need to learn the intricacies of phase 2 either way, so you may as well get on with it.
  2. Phase 2 Niall’s transition to phase 2 is marked by a series of massive overhead swings, accompanied by a swirling ice effect that imparts frostbite on you if you fall within its radius.
  3. This should be a lesson to you: Don’t be near Niall when his frost wind abilities are in play.

The boss’s attacks during this phase can be grouped into a few categories:

Melee swings. Niall swings his weapon around in fairly predictable patterns. Get used to the timings and you should be able to reliably dodge, block, or parry these most of the time. Lightning attacks. These stem from Niall’s prosthetic right leg, and they can be quite troublesome thanks to their massive area-of-effect. They come in a few forms, which we’ll discuss shortly. Frost abilities. If Niall isn’t lightning-stomping you, he’s probably about to frost-stomp you. These are his most annoying attacks by far, since they’re basically impossible to dodge if he catches you with one up close. By studying them, though, you’ll learn to predict exactly when a frost ability is coming, and put yourself at a safe distance before it arrives.

Niall generally begins phase 2 with a Lightning jump attack. This is always preceded by a swirl of frost wind around him; when you see him pause as his right leg ignites with lightning, you know the leap is coming. It’s easy to dodge, and it’s always followed by at least one, and sometimes two, melee attacks.

This is your most consistent attack opportunity in the whole fight: Dodge the lightning slam, dodge the melee(s), then get your hits in. Once you’re up close, Niall’s attacks can vary. He often follows the leap up with either a frost whirlwind or a close-range lightning stomp, The lightning is what you want; when you see that crackling leg come up, prepare to jump over it.

By leaping just before his leg comes down, you’ll avoid damage the vast majority of the time. If your positioning is such that the stomp will catch you in the air, dodge toward him instead. Either way, this is your next best attack opportunity, The frost whirlwind is another story.

  • Here’s a good rule of thumb: If you’re close to Niall and you don’t see him start a lightning stomp, dodge away, because a frost whirlwind is coming.
  • This is when you want to put distance between yourself and the boss and wait to see what he does next.
  • If he stomps and launches into another lightning leap, repeat the process and get some more damage in.

If, however, Niall swings his halberd in a circle above his head, get ready to dodge his lunge attack, This can cover serious distance, and the timing can be tricky, because it’s not the actual lunge that damages you, but a swing of his weapon that takes place a few frames after he reaches you.

  1. The timing is consistent, though, so you can learn to dodge it with some practice.
  2. That lunge is always followed by another frost whirlwind, so dodge or run away from him after he does it.
  3. However, you’ll want to stay in the medium distance, because he often follows this combo up with an overhead swirl and a wide frost-infused halberd swing that leaves him vulnerable.

That’s your third attack opportunity, Lastly, be on alert for when Niall pauses for a few seconds and gathers a cyclone of cold wind around him. He’s about to unleash his biggest area attack, a massive frost whirlwind, Run away and wait for him to finish his combo, which ends with a dash in your direction.

  1. Dodge the swing, then get ready to go nuts, because the Commander gets so tuckered from this that he actually collapses on the ground to catch his breath.
  2. It’s the single best attack opportunity in the fight, and it can easily allow you to get off entire combos of your own.
  3. And that’s it.
  4. Master these rhythms and Niall will be nothing but icy motes in the wind before long.

He’ll drop the Veteran’s Prosthesis fist weapon. Proceed past the boss room and up the elevator to finally find the other half of the Haligtree Secret Medallion, Now you’re well on your way to Elden Ring ‘s most challenging secret zone.
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What is General Radhan weak against?

Radahn Phase 1 – Unlike most fights, you can summon several NPC companions once the battle against Radahn begins. Also unlike most fights, Radahn can one-shot you with his homing gravity arrows. Keep your target lock on Radahn so you can see the arrows, then dodge once they get near.

The debris doesn’t always stop the arrows from hitting you, so don’t count on them as foolproof cover. Make your way to the golden summoning signs as you go along, activating each when you get to it. You can summon Blaidd, Alexander the pot warrior, Okina, and at least three more. None of them last long, but they’re a good distraction to make approaching Radahn easier.

As you get closer, Radahn shoots a series of spears at you. These rain down in a straight line and follow you, so continue dodging them until the rain stops. If this attack is giving you trouble, you can continue dodging the gravity arrows until one of the NPC summons reaches Radahn.

  1. Once you or an ally gets closer, Radahn starts charging around on his impossibly tiny, beleaguered horse and slashing at everything in his way, abandoning his ranged attacks.
  2. He’ll engage in one of several potential attacks, often with little warning.
  3. The most common seems to be a general slashing combo, where Radahn will use between one and four wild slashes and possibly end with a slam.
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The main thing about Radahn and his other attacks is that they’ll take time to learn. Perhaps in keeping with his rot-addled frame of mind, Radahn’s timing is unpredictable at first. Aside from his dive attacks, which he telegraphs by bringing his swords in front of him, almost all of his attacks have odd, delayed timing.

  1. His swing combo features multiple delays, for example.
  2. He hold the first swing for roughly three seconds, then slams his fist down immediately afterward, followed by a few more slashes with a second-long delay between each.
  3. Another attack to watch for in this phase is his gravity smash.
  4. Radahn plunges his swords into the ground and surrounds them with a purple gravity field.

He then pulls them out with huge pieces of stone attached, slams them down, and creates a massive gravity shockwave. The shockwave is potentially an instant kill attack. Radahn moves fast, but there are some key openings for melee builds to exploit. As with most large bosses, Radahn is vulnerable for a brief time at the end of a combo or major attack-enough for two, maybe three hits, before you need to retreat.

Some players recommend using the Icerind Hatchet’s Frostbite skill or Hoarfrost Stomp to inflict damage and build Radahn’s Frostbite meter, though it does require good timing-and time you could spend rushing in to attack before retreating. Radahn is vulnerable to Frostbite and other status conditions, but especially Scarlet Rot.

Rot Pots and arrows tinged with Scarlet Rot are good options if you want to take advantage of status effects for this fight. These weaknesses remain even in phase two. Magic wielders should focus on spells with short casting times or with more defensive properties, such as Glintblade Phalanx.
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Is The Bewitching Branch Good Elden Ring?

Bewitching Branch in Elden Ring is a consumable item with a unique item that will allow players to turn the enemy into their ally. Since battle in the Elden Ring is not going to be an easy feat, using this tactical advantage of turning the enemy to your side can be a great assistance. Key Takeaways

Bewitching Branch helps you convert enemies into allies. It is a beneficial item in conquering dangerous combats of Elden Ring. Bewitching Branch can be purchased from the Nomadic Merchant at the Liurnia of the Lakes. It costs 1600 runes. Another way of obtaining this item is by visiting Weeping Peninsula, You need to kill the bats and access a corpse from which you receive the Bewitching Branch. Bewitching Branch can be crafted using Fevor’s Cookbook, a Sacramental bud, and a Miquella’s Lilly. This item’s use costs 14 FP, and you can hold 10 of them.

There are numerous ways to obtain the Bewitching Branch for your character. With that said, let’s discuss a complete guide on different ways you can get Bewitching Branch Elden Ring during your endeavor in the dangerous world of Lands Between. Similar Read: Elden Ring Best Vagabond Build
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How do spells and Incantations work in Elden Ring?

Incantations – How To Use Bewitching Branch Elden Ring Incantations vary greatly in use and can be used for both offensive spells along with many buffs or healing spells. To use an incantation, you will need enough Faith to memorize the spell and enough FP each time you cast it. Memorizing spells equips them in your hot bar slots and allows you to cycle through them as you play.

Equipping a hand seal and using it in either hand will have your character casting the selected incantation. Leveling up your Faith more will increase the damage done or the amount of healing done from a spell. Many incantations deal high amounts of damage, while others alter and boost the damage output of your main weapon.

Other incantations can buff multiple stats for a short time or heal yourself and nearby allies. There are also numerous dragon incantations, which summon an aspect of a dragon and use it to cast a powerful attack. Most of these dragon incantations also require Arcane to memorize along with Faith.
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How does the darkness spell work Elden Ring?

Darkness – Elden Ring Wiki Guide – IGN The Darkness is a defensive Two Fingers Incantation found in Elden Ring, unlocked by the Assassin’s Prayerbook. Incantation of the Two Fingers’ servants, who once served as the assassins of the Roundtable Hold. Creates a veil of darkness that conceals the caster. Darkness can be obtained from the, which is located past the second Imp Statue Door in Roundtable Hold. Once picked up, it can be given to either Brother Corhyn or Miriel and is then sold for 2,000 Runes.

FP Cost: 34 Memory Slots Used: 1 Requirements: 18 Faith

Darkness creates an area of darkness that conceals the caster, temporarily blinding enemies and making them unable to see you so that they will drop out of combat, allowing for you to either escape or get behind enemies to unleash critical strikes.
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What happens if you serve the Witch Elden Ring?

Should You Serve Ranni the Witch? – Ranni will ask you to serve her once you reach her. There are no negative consequences to saying yes – only boons, such as more story questlines and unique rewards. You must complete Ranni’s questline to continue Fia’s Questline, which unlocks yet another unique ending as well.

Alexander the Iron Fist Questline Blaidd Questline Seluvis Questline

After you’ve exhausted the conversation with Ranni, she’ll ask you to speak to three people in her service: Blaidd, Iji and Seluvis. To speak to them, simply make your way back down Ranni’s Rise and you’ll encounter apparitions of all three along the way.

  • Once you’ve exhausted each NPC’s dialogue, Blaidd will tell you that you can next see him in Siofra River and that the Seluvis’s Rise will be unlocked, which allows you to begin the Seluvis Questline,
  • Head to Siofra River and find Blaidd just north of the Hallowhorn Grounds Site of Grace,
  • Exhaust the dialogue options with him and he’ll tell you that he thinks Seluvis knows more about accessing Nokron than he’s pretending.

Head back to Seluvis’s Rise to speak with him advertisement NOTE: If you haven’t spoken with his corporeal form yet, this conversation will initiate the Seluvis Questline, Seluvis will tell you that Sorceress Sellen may have some information, and will give you Seluvis’s Introduction to take to Sellen and learn more.

Sellen will tell you that Starscourge Radahn is the key to unlocking Nokron, but as he holds the stars, you’ll need to defeat him to gain access to it. If you’ve been looking for the festival that Alexander the Iron Fist mentioned in his questline, the conversation with Seluvis is the only way to trigger it.

Once you learn this information about Radahn, you’ll be able to return to Blaidd. He says he’ll meet you at Redmane Castle to fight alongside you against Radahn, so this is where you should head next.
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