What Does Patches Sell Elden Ring?

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What Does Patches Sell Elden Ring
Patches the Untethered is a Merchant, NPC, and Boss in Elden Ring, Patches is a recurring character in From Software games, usually playing the part of a trickster. He can be found in Murkwater Cave, This is an optional boss as players do not need to defeat him to advance.
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What item does patches give you?

Where to find Patches after Volcano Manor – To continue Patches’ quest and move him from Volcano Manor, you will need to continue the manor’s questline, which leads to fighting and defeating the God-Devouring Serpent (AKA Lord Rykard ). The next place you’ll find Patches is at the Shaded Castle, which you will have visited if you are following Millicent’s questline, What Does Patches Sell Elden Ring What Does Patches Sell Elden Ring At this point, Tanith and her knight will have left the manor. However, if you fast-travel back to the Site of Grace where you fought Rykard, you’ll find that she’s lying next to her fallen lord, eating him. You can talk to her and have the option to give her the Dancer’s Castanets although she will ignore you. What Does Patches Sell Elden Ring
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What armor does Patches sell Elden Ring?

Leather Set is a light weight armor set worn by Patches the Untethered. Sets of Armor in Elden Ring are composed of four armor pieces which are Helms, Chest Armor, Gauntlets, and Leg Armor.

Leather Gloves
Gauntlet Wgt.2.4

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Are patches worth killing?

Should I Kill Patches in Elden Ring and What Happens if I Do? Did you just stumble into an Elden Ring cave, open a chest, and were immediately attacked by a bald character accusing you of theft and demanding vengeance? Yep, that’s Patches! He’s here to trick you with empty promises yet again.
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Does Patch sell anything?

Patches is the only merchant who sells the Crescent Axe, the Cleric Set, the Eyes of Death, and the Masks of the Father, Mother, and Child.
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Why should I keep patches alive?

Patches is best kept alive until later in Elden Ring – What Does Patches Sell Elden Ring Should you spare Patches, he will seemingly turn over a new leaf. He’ll offer some help to the player by opening up a shop. Much of what he sells are consumables, most notably Margit’s Shackle and a Stonesword Key, Other items include:

Ballista BoltFan DaggersFestering Bloody FingerFurlcalling Finger RemedyGlass ShardGold-Pickled Fowl FootGrace MimicGreat ArrowHorse Crest Wooden ShieldMargit’s ShackleMissionary’s Cookbook (2)Parrying DaggerSacrificial TwigStonesword Key

Aside from access to a useful shop, accepting Patches’ surrender also opens up a quest later in the game. After he leaves Scenic Isle, players will once again encounter Patches in Volcano Manor. By joining the covenant there, Patches will give you a quest to assassinate Great Horned Tragoth. When this is done, Great Horned Tragoth will drop the Bull-Goat set that offers amazing poise stats. What Does Patches Sell Elden Ring If players decide to kill Patches, no one will blame them. Patches has been causing trouble for players in many of FromSoftware’s games, including Elden Ring. However, his death is easier to overcome if players have no intentions of using the Bull-Goat set.

  • Click here for Elden Ring PS4 When killed, Patches will drop his Bell Bearing.
  • This can be given to the Twin Maiden Husks after reaching the Roundtable Hold,
  • In return, every item Patches’ would have sold himself will now be available in the Twin Maiden Husks’ store.
  • Players will also receive a set of Leather Armor and a Spear +7, which is great to have early on in Elden Ring.

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Do patches work better than pills?

– Both the patch and pill are equally effective at preventing pregnancy. Your likelihood of getting pregnant depends on how closely you follow the directions. Fewer than 1 out of 100 people who take the pill or apply the patch as directed will get pregnant in any given year.
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What happens if you spare patches?

For Elden Ring players wondering if they should kill or spare Patches, here is what happens if they choose to let him live. What Does Patches Sell Elden Ring FromSoftware’s games don’t have many recurring characters, but one that has popped up numerous times over the years is Patches. Patches once again returns in Elden Ring, found in a cave that players can reach very early in the game. After making their way through Murkwater Cave in Limgrave, Elden Ring players can open a chest to trigger a boss fight with Patches, who accuses the player of stealing his belongings.

The Patches boss fight in Elden Ring is one of the easiest in the game and should be resolved fairly quickly. After Elden Ring players have dealt some damage to Patches, he will then try to surrender. At that point, Elden Ring players have the choice to kill or spare Patches. If players choose to spare Patches, then they will potentially have more encounters with him later in the game.

The immediate effect of sparing Patches in Elden Ring turns him into a merchant that players can use at Murkwater Cave and other locations. When players reach the Radahn boss fight, they will notice that Patches is one of the options for NPCs that players can summon into the battle.

However, if players actually summon Patches in to help with the Radahn fight, they will find that he leaves to go back to his world fairly quickly and so isn’t much help. Patches will later trick the player into following a trail of Rainbow Stones and kicking them off the cliff. After this, players can still encounter Patches when in Volcano Manor to start a special questline.

Obviously, anyone that chose to kill Patches earlier will not be able to start this particular quest until they start a New Game+ run. The final location Elden Ring players see Patches is at the Shaded Castle in the Altus Plateau. Once here, players can get the Dancer’s Castanets from him.

Anyone that regrets not killing Patches in Elden Ring at their first meeting can then kill him here now if they’d like with no real consequences. Patches has become a sort of unofficial mascot for FromSoftware, appearing in many of the company’s games ever since his debut appearance in Armored Core: For Answer,

Considering how many times he’s popped up over the years, it seems highly likely that fans will see Patches again in FromSoftware’s next game, whatever that may be. While they wait to learn more about FromSoftware’s next project, fans can continue exploring Elden Ring ‘s massive open world,
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What loot does patches drop?

If defeated, drops: 800 Runes. Spear+7. Leather Armor.
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Does the patch buy clothes?

We buy modern and vintage clothing for cash or credit! We are looking for on-trend items that are in good condition. All items must be pre-washed and brought in reusable bags.
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What do you get for completing patches questline?

Where to Find Patches in Limgrave (First Encounter) – You’ll first find Patches in Murkwater Cave in Limgrave. Upon entering the final cavern of this cave, you will find it empty save for a chest. Upon opening it, you will hear a voice call out to you, shaming you for assuming you could simply take any treasure you find.

Kill Patches: If you choose to continue the fight, he will begin to fight you again. At this point, you have no choice but to end the fight with death, as he will not return to his pacified state during this time. Upon killing him, you will receive his unique armor as well as his +7 spear, which is a strong weapon early in the game. You will also receive the Patches Bell Bearing key item, which can be taken to the Twin Maiden Husks in the Roundtable Hold to unlock his merchant inventory. However, this will end his questline.

NOTE: If you let him surrender (allowing you to learn the Grovel for Mercy gesture) and then attack him again, he will become aggressive after 2-3 hits and fight back. However, once he’s gotten your health down to around 1/4 HP, he will ask you if you would like to beg for your life. Performing the Grovel for Mercy gesture at this point will cause him to once again become mollified.

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Let Patches Live: If you stop attacking Patches when he grovels and begs for mercy (thereby teaching you the Grovel for Mercy gesture), his boss health bar will disappear after a few seconds, and you will be able to speak to him. He will ask for your forgiveness. Regardless of your answer, he will now act as a merchant at this location.

Assuming you chose to let Patches live, reload the area to find that a new chest as appeared next to Patches. This is a teleporter trap that will take you near the Mistwood Outskirts in Limgrave. You’ll need to interact with a Site of Grace before you can fast travel again (the closest Site of Grace is the Mistwood Outskirts, just northwest of your destination location).
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Can patches save Greirat?

Questline – Greirat’s questline is short, but filled with tragedy.

Step 1 – Free him from the cell beneath the Tower on the Wall bonfire. You find the Cell Key in the large room just before the blue winged knight, It’s guarded by a dog. Once you have it, return to Greirat’s cell, free him, and agree to help. Step 2 – Reach the Undead Settlement, From the first bonfire, enter the building and walk onto the balcony that overlooks the huge fire. Chop down the body, then go pick up the item on it. It will be Loretta’s Bone, Bring it to Greirat. Step 3 – After getting a little further through the Undead Settlement, return to Greirat and he will ask to go on a loot run. Agree to this. He will now disappear until you get to the Road of Sacrifices, Step 4 – Reach the area of Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, Before speaking with Greirat, you now must complete either the Siegward of Catarina or Unbreakable Patches questline. You must complete them to the point that Siegward is waiting for you in Irithyll, or get far enough with Patches that he is in Firelink Shrine as a vendor. As a note, do not buy the Catarina armor from Patches if you wish for Patches to save him. Patches will only save Greirat if he has the Catarina armor in his inventory. Step 5 – Allow Greirat to go on a scavenging mission into Irithyll. Step 6 – Go somewhere, then teleport back to the shrine to confirm he is gone. If you did Siegwards questline, you can continue on as normal. If you did Patches, then go speak to him. Patches will say he owes Greirat a favor, so tell Patches where you sent Greirat. Step 7 – Proceed beyond the Church of Yorshka, and follow the path to the water and into the sewers. If you didn’t do either Siegwards or Patches quest, you will find Greirat dead in the sewers and can get Greirat’s Ashes, However, if you don’t find his body, that means either Patches or Siegward have saved him. Step 8 – Return to Firelink and speak with him, and he mentions being saved by someone in odd armor. Step 9 – Proceed through the Lothric Castle area. Speak with Greirat now and he asks to go scavenging again. Allow him to. Step 10 – It seems no matter what, Greirat dies now, and you can find his ashes on the roof area of the Grand Archives, Bring them to the Shrine Handmaid,

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Is patches friends with Greirat?

Patches and greirat are friends.
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What loot does patches drop?

If defeated, drops: 800 Runes. Spear+7. Leather Armor.
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What does patches drop bloodborne?

Notes –

When encountering Patches in the lecture building he teaches the “beg for life” gesture when asking for forgiveness. Whichever option you pick next, you receive the Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis Caryll Rune. Patches drops a Great One’s Wisdom if killed in the Lecture building. He will also leave the item on the desk where he once sat in the Lecture Building when he leaves after Amygdala ‘s death. If the player chooses not to kill Patches after his betrayal, he will rarely appear as a merchant in certain Chalice Dungeons. However, he sells items at extremely high rates, the same prices as the Chalice Dungeon Bath Messengers,

If Patches is killed in a Chalice Dungeon, a Bath Messenger shop will spawn in his place upon reloading the area.

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What does patches drop in demon souls?

Defeat The Armored Spider – What Does Patches Sell Elden Ring Before players can meet Patches for the first time, they need to get through the first third of Stonefang Tunnel.2-1 isn’t especially challenging, especially for mages, but the Fat Officials pose a menacing early-game threat and there are enough hidden areas where players can realistically reach the boss gate low on Grass, Health, or MP on a first run. What Does Patches Sell Elden Ring 2-2 is one of the shorter stages in Demon’s Souls, but it’s also filled with hazards that are designed to kill impatient players who aren’t observing their surroundings. Pools of lava flood most of 2-2, mine carts explode once they’re walked by, and Giant Bearbugs are lurking around most corners, making it difficult to make quick progress without abusing the Flamelurker shortcut.

Take the elevator near the Fat Official down. Kill the 2 Crystal Lizards and head into the tunnel across the room. Take the first right. Kill the Scale Miner halfway through the tunnel and head further down to read a fog gate.

Once outside of the tunnel, Patches will wave down the player while surrounded by Bugbears. He’ll try to trick the player into grabbing treasure beneath a Big Bugbear, an act which immediately results in them dropping down. If the player survives, Patches will reward them with a Ring of Flame Resistance as penance. What Does Patches Sell Elden Ring With Patches met and outsmarted in Stonefang Tunnel, it’s time to head to the Shrine of Storms. Like with Stonefang, Patches only appears in the second stage of the Shrine, requiring players to get through 4-1 first. Thankfully, the Shrine of Storms’ opening area is fairly linear save for a few illusory walls that lead to their own respective dead ends.

By simply following the path, players will comfortably reach the boss gate. Alternatively, it’s possible to skip over 90% of the stage by rolling off the side of the first watchtower. The Adjudicator itself is one of the easiest bosses in Demon’s Souls. Ranged characters will be able to kill the Adjudicator rather quickly by aiming at the bird atop its heads, while melee players simply need to attack the blade lodged into its stomach to make the demon lower its head.

Slow and comparatively weak, the Adjudicator is a cakewalk. What Does Patches Sell Elden Ring Getting to Patches in 4-2 isn’t half as involved as it was in 2-2, but the consequences are a bit more daunting. Patches is positioned fairly early into the stage, at the bottom floor with the Reaper and its Shadowlurkers. Once inside the main structure, kill any Shadowlurkers close by and then take out the Reaper by either sniping it from up above or landing behind it a combo.

Once the Reaper is done, head to the backroom behind the altar to find Patches staring down what appears to be a bottomless pit. He’ll urge the player to check the pit themselves so they can see treasure, but Patches immediately kicks the player into the hole. Talk to Saint Urbain, kill Satsuki’s Black Phantom, and then confront Patches to be rewarded with a Ring of Gash Resistance.

With Saint Urbain saved and Patches outwitted (debatable) yet again, both characters will make their way to the Nexus so they can set up shop. What Does Patches Sell Elden Ring Now that Patches is in the Nexus, he’ll sell his wares to players. In spite of all his mischief throughout the game, Patches is a genuinely great vendor who sells some of the best items in Demon’s Souls. His stock also increases based on how many Archdemons are defeated, even selling Stone of Ephemeral Eyes.

Heavy Bolt: 30 Souls Heavy Arrow: 30 Souls White Arrow: 500 Souls Half Moon Grass: 300 Souls Late Moon Grass: 500 Souls Full Moon Grass: 1000 Souls Fresh Spice: 800 Souls Shard of Archstone: 5000 Souls Sticky White Stuff: 5000 Souls New Moon Grass: 5000 Souls Dark Moon Grass: 10000 Souls Stone of Ephemeral Eyes: 50000 Souls Fragrant Ring: 60000 Souls Cat’s Ring: 40000 Souls

Sticky White Stuff and the Cat’s Ring can be purchased after defeating 2 Archdemons; White Arrows and New Moon Grass can be bought after defeating 3; and Dark Moon Grass & Stone of Ephemeral Eyes show up for sale after 4. NEXT: : Demon’s Souls PS5: How To Meet Patches & Get Him To The Nexus
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