Where Is The Weeping Peninsula Elden Ring?

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Where Is The Weeping Peninsula Elden Ring
Weeping Peninsula (South Limgrave) is a smaller region of Limgrave in Elden Ring. This page includes an overview of the area, including all main dungeons, bosses, loot, and secrets to find in this region. advertisement Weeping Peninsula is the region directly south of West Limgrave.

  1. You’ll first access this region by crossing the Bridge of Sacrifice, a bridge camp filled with Soldiers of Godrick.
  2. As a sub-region, Weeping Peninsula does not contain a Legacy Dungeon.
  3. However, there are many small dungeons, side quests, and roaming bosses to tackle.
  4. Though not connected to any other mainland, you can be transported north to Lleyndell Divine Bridge via a treasure chest.

To reveal the details and topography of the whole Limgrave region, you’ll need to find three Map Fragments at the Steles located in West Limgrave, East Limgrave, and the Weeping Peninsula.

The Weeping Peninsula Map Fragment is located just south of the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace, where a Golem will start firing giant arrows from afar. If you follow the direction from that Site of Grace, you’ll be able to see as soon as you pass the stone wall next to it.

Although the Weeping Peninsula does not contain a Legacy Dungeon, it is home to a few Field Bosses, one of which is located in an Evergaol—you’ll need one Stonesword Key to access this boss.

Boss Name Reward
1 Erdtree Avatar Opaline Bubbletear, Crimsonburst Crystal Tear
2 Night’s Cavalry (Nighttime Only) Ash of War – Barricade Shield, Nightrider Flail
3 Ancient Hero of Zamor (Weeping Evergaol) Radagon’s Scarseal
4 Weeping Deathbird Sacrificial Axe

Here you’ll find all the available minor dungeons located through the Weeping Peninsula, their respective dungeon bosses, and the special reward you get from clearing them. Click on a dungeon below to read the walkthrough for traversing it and finding all the secrets within.

Dungeon Name Boss Notable Loot
1 Eathbore Cave Runebear Spelldrake Talisman
2 Impaler’s Catacombs Erdtree Burial Watchdog Demi-Human Ashes
3 Morne Tunnel Scaly Misbegotten Rusted Anchor
4 Tombsward Catacombs Cemetery Shade Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook 9 (Imp Seal), Lhutel the Headless Spirit Ashes (Legendary Ashes)
5 Tombsward Cave Miranda, the Blighted Bloom Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook 8, Viridian Amber Medallion
6 Castle Morne Leonine Misbegotten Grafted Blade Greatsword (Legendary Weapon)

advertisement As you explore the region of Limgrave, you’ll find various friendly (or seemingly friendly) faces you can find and speak to – and even buy and sell with to obtain unique wares.

Irina – A blind young girl who belongs to a royal family. She’s been separated from her family during an enemy invasion at the family’s castle. You can deliver a letter to Castle Morne for her as a side quest.

Nomadic Merchant – The same merchant you find in West Limgrave, this merchant provides slightly better wares than you’d find in the other parts of Limgrave, including a Talisman if you haven’t already found one to equip.

Nomadic Merchant’s Wares
Kukri (60 Runes) Cracked Pot x1 (600 Runes) Stonesword Key x1 (2000 Runes) Bastard Sword (3000 Runes) Light Crossbow (1500 Runes)
Arrow (20 Runes) Great Arrow x8 (300 Runes) Bolt (40 Runes) Ballista Bolt x8 (300 Runes) Red Thorn Roundshield (600 Runes)
Round Shield (1000 Runes) Iron Helmet (1500 Runes) Scale Armor (2400 Runes) Iron Gauntlets (1500 Runes) Leather Trousers (1500 Runes)
Crimson Amber Medallion (1500 Runes) Note – Demi-human Mobs (500 Runes)

ul> Isolated Merchant – A merchant whose shop is situated at the south westernmost point in the Weeping Peninsula. It’s been years since he last had a customer. He sells arrows, Stonesword keys, and other goods. Most importantly, he sells an item crucial for your journey—a lantern that you can equip on your waist.

Isolated Merchant’s Wares
Lantern (1800 Runes) Arteria Leaf x5 (1000 Runes) Stonesword Key x3 (2,000 Runes) Lost Ashes of War x1 (3000 Runes) Zweihander (3500 Runes)
Arrow (20 Runes) Great Arrow x15 (300 Runes) Bolt (40 Runes) Ballista Bolt x15 (300 Runes) Sacrificial Twig x3 (3000 Runes)
Note – Walking Mausoleum (600 Runes)

ul> Edgar – The commander of Castle Morne can be found on the far eastern ramparts – going north past the soldiers and Misbegotten fighting after crossing the main ramparts towards the cliffs. He’ll give you a Sacrificial Twig for checking in, and state that he can’t leave the castle until it’s legendary weapon is secured from the boss of this outdoor dungeon. Fulfill his request and he’ll return to Irina, but don’t expect a happy ending.

The Weeping Peninsula is home to many interesting locations, enemy camps, and other points of interest that you can discover in your journeys. Though they differ in the enemies and treasure found within, each place has something worth discovering. advertisement Click on a point of interest to jump to the sections below that explain them in greater detail, including the enemies you’ll face and secrets you can find.

Point of Interest Enemies or NPCs Notable Loot and NPCs
1 Bridge of Sacrifice Soldiers of Godrick Smithing Stone 1 Stonesword Key Irina’s Letter
2 Ruined Caravan Troll, Soldiers of Godrick, Attack Dogs, Misbegotten Strip of White Flesh Morning Star Golden Rune 2 Smithing Stone 2 Ash of War – Mighty Shot (Scarab)
3 Forest Lookout Tower Poison Plants, Foot Soldiers, Attack Dogs Golden Rune 1 x6 Hand Ballista Ballista Bolt x5
4 Demi-Human Forest Ruins Demi-Humans, Demi-Human Chief, Demi-Human Queen Shield of the Guilty (in cellar behind low walled ruins) Demi-Human Queen’s Staff Crystal Burst Spell Arteria Leaf x2 Faith-knot Tear (to the north)
5 Crater-pocked Glade Alabaster Lord, Gravity Acolytes Stonesword Key (to the north)
6 Oridy’s Rise Wolves Memory Stone
7 Ailing Village and the Callu Baptismal Church Frenzy Rats, Frenzied Commoners Yellow Embers Eye of Yeloughs Flame Crest Wooden Shield The Flame of Frenzy (Spell) Sacred Tear
8 Lightning Strike Canyon Demon Bats Lightning Strike (Spell) Fulgurbloom
9 Tombsward Ruin Rats, Assassins x2 Beast Liver Winged Scythe Divine Fortification (Scarab on top of nearby ruins)
10 Church of Pilgrimage Skeletons Sacred Tear Blood Grease x2 Gilded Iron Shield Sliver of Meat and Bewitching Branch x3 (over the cliffs on a far ledge below)
11 Fourth Church of Marika Mausoleum Guards Sacred Tear
12 Tower of Return Foot Soldiers, Soldiers of Godrick, Godrick Knight (on horseback) Great Dragonfly Head x3 Trapped Chest (transporter to Lleyndell Divine Bridge) – if you can beat the Golem you can get a Smithing Shard 5 and a Blessed Dew Talisman
13 Isolated Merchant’s Shack Lots of Undead Golden Rune 1 Golden Rune 5 Isolated Merchant (NPC)
14 Witchbane Ruins Marionnette Fighters, Giant Magic Head Sphere Great Dragonfly Head Ambush Shard (Spell) Sorceress Sellen
15 Morne Poison Field Putrid Undead, Toxic Slime, Giant Crab Golden Rune 4,

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How do I get to the Weeping Peninsula in Elden Ring?

The Weeping Peninsula is another portion of the beginning area, Limgrave. Before venturing past Limgrave or setting foot inside Caelid, you’ll want to explore this part of the map in Elden Ring, To get to the Weeping Peninsula, you have to reach the Agheel Lake South Site of Grace.

As the name suggests, this grace is South of the large lake in Limgrave, as seen on the map. It’s just off the beaten path. From here, you’ll have to go South-East and find yourself a great bridge known as the Bridge of Sacrifice. This bridge will have a couple of Noble enemies, including one controlling a deadly catapult.

It may be easier to ride in on Torrent and quickly gain access to the catapult enemy, to stop those ranged attacks first. Then you can take on the rest of the enemies. This walkthrough will detail all points of interest within the Weeping Peninsula, including all the pit stops you should take so that you don’t miss out on anything important.
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Is the Weeping Peninsula part of Limgrave?

Weeping Peninsula is a Location in Elden Ring, The Weeping Peninsula region is a region players can reach by heading south east from Limgrave, The Weeping Peninsula is a land with many changes in height, featuring a Minor Erdtree in its center and is constantly raining. The peninsula, to Limgrave’s south, is named for its unceasing rainfall, redolent of lament.
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What level is Weeping Peninsula Elden Ring?

Best Route & Boss Order In Elden Ring –

Area Recommended Weapon & Character Level
West Limgrave The recommended level for this area is between 1 to 10. The recommended weapon level is 0 to +1.
East Limgrave & Mistwood The recommended level for this area is between 5 to 10. The recommended weapon level is 1 to +2.
Weeping Peninsula The recommended level for this area is between 1 to 20. The recommended weapon level is 3+.
Roundtable Hold
Stormveil Castle The recommended level for this area is between 30 to 40. The recommended weapon level is +3 to +4.
Liurnia of the Lakes South The recommended level for this area is between 40 to 50. The recommended weapon level is +3 to +4.
Raya Lucaria Academy The recommended level for this area is between 50 to 60. The recommended weapon level is +4 to +5.
Liurnia of the Lakes East The recommended level for this area is between 50 to 60. The recommended weapon level is +4 to +5.
Ainsel River (Underground) The recommended level for this area is between 50 to 60. The recommended weapon level is +4 to +6
Liurnia of the Lakes West The recommended level for this area is between 60 to 70. The recommended weapon level is +8 to +12
Siofra River (Underground) The recommended level for this area is 60+. The recommended weapon level is +8 to +12
Caelid South The recommended level for this area is 60+. The recommended weapon level is +8 to +12
Nokron, Eternal City & Siofra Aqueducts The recommended level for this area is 70+. The recommended weapon level is +15 to +20
Deeprot Depths, Eternal City & Siofra Aqueducts The recommended level for this area is 70+. The recommended weapon level is +20 to +25
Lake of Rot, Nokstella & Liurnia West Special The recommended level for this area isThe recommended level for this area is 80+. The recommended weapon level is +20 to +25
Mt Gelmir The recommended level for this area is 80+. The recommended weapon level is +20 to +25
Leyndell, Royal Capital The recommended level for this area is 80+. The recommended weapon level is +20 to +25
Forbidden Lands The recommended level for this area is 90+. The recommended weapon level is +20 to +25
Mountaintops of the Giants The recommended level for this area is 90+. The recommended weapon level is +20 to +25
Consecrated Snowfield The recommended level for this area is 90+. The recommended weapon level is +20 to +25
Mohgwyn Castle The recommended level for this area is between 100+. The recommended weapon level is +20 to +25
Miqeulla’s Halligtree The recommended level for this area is 100+. The recommended weapon level is +20 to +25
Crumbling Farum Azula The recommended level for this area is 100+. The recommended weapon level is +20 to +25
City of Ash The recommended level for this area is 100+. The recommended weapon level is +20 to +25
Sewers The recommended level for this area is 100+. The recommended weapon level is +20 to +25

Just like the areas, you can take on the bosses in any order you feel like as well. Since there are over 200 bosses in Elden Ring, we have just included the ones who are absolutely necessary to progress in the game. Players should be able to other world bosses without much hassle if they have the recommended level for the respective region.

Margit, the Fell Omen Godrick the Grafted Red Wolf of Radagon Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon Morgott, the Omen King Fire Giant Maliketh, the Black Blade Godfrey, First Elden Lord Radagon of the Golden Order Elden Beast

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How do you unlock the weeping peninsula map?

Weeping Peninsula Map Fragment location – The Weeping Peninsula Map Fragment is located in the south-east of the region, If you haven’t already visited the area, you can do so more or less from the start of the game – make sure you have the horse Torrent, then speed over the Bridge of Sacrifice in the south-east of Limgrave, then follow the road south. Where Is The Weeping Peninsula Elden Ring Proceed south down the path, and very shortly, the Map Fragment will be on your right. Where Is The Weeping Peninsula Elden Ring Where Is The Weeping Peninsula Elden Ring Don’t proceed any further – huge arrows will rain down upon you otherwise!
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When should I go to Weeping Peninsula?

How to reach Weeping Peninsula in Elden Ring – First of all, it’s worth mentioning that Weeping Peninsula is an optional area thought to be visited early in Elden Ring. You won’t need to have overpowered spells or super strong weapons; you might be able to experience a fair challenge by getting here at around Level 20 to 30, Where Is The Weeping Peninsula Elden Ring The path to Bridge of Sacrifice is pretty straightforward; ride Torrent south from the previous Site of Grace and you’ll find four towers and multiple soldiers between barricades defending the bridge. Where Is The Weeping Peninsula Elden Ring While you can start taking one or two enemies at a time if you approach cautiously, and even summon Spirit Ashes to aid you, you shouldn’t do it. The thing is, there’s a soldier using a heavy stationary crossbow behind the enemy lines. He’ll start using the weaponry as soon as you get close to the bridge, so you might end up receiving a shot while focusing on the first enemies. Where Is The Weeping Peninsula Elden Ring Where Is The Weeping Peninsula Elden Ring After cleaning the bridge, check the left side of it. There will be three Smithing Stones 1. There’s also a Stonesword Key on a corpse near the barricades behind the crossbow. Where Is The Weeping Peninsula Elden Ring Where Is The Weeping Peninsula Elden Ring At the end of the bridge, you’ll have reached Weeping Peninsula. You can also see the first Site of Grace from there, on the right side of the path. Where Is The Weeping Peninsula Elden Ring
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Is there a main boss in Weeping Peninsula?

Every Elden Ring Boss Location in the Weeping Peninsula – Where Is The Weeping Peninsula Elden Ring It is recommended that Elden Ring Tarnished adventurers ensure they are at least between levels 20-30 before attempting to face the Weeping Peninsula’s ten Bosses. The Bosses that players will encounter are the Ancient Hero of Zamor, Cemetery Shade, Erdtree Avatar, Erdtree Burial Watchdog, Deathbird, Night’s Cavalry, Leonine Misbegotten, Miranda the Blighted Bloom, Runebear, and Scaly Misbegotten.
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What are the easiest Elden Ring dungeons?

Demi-Human Chiefs (Coastal Cave) – Coastal Cave is probably the easiest dungeon in Elden Ring, located on the beach to the west from when you first set foot in Limgrave. At its end are the Demi-Human Chiefs – two relatively strong Demi-Humans who can nonetheless be very easily overwhelmed by distracting them with your Spirit Ashes, and dealing with them one at a time.
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What is the secret in Castle Morne?

Castle Morne enemies and items – Where Is The Weeping Peninsula Elden Ring Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon First, past the Castle Morne Lift site of grace, activate the elevator by stepping on the pressure plate. This will take you to the first open area, which is filled with Undead Dogs and Misbegotten. The campfires in Castle Morne are surrounded by Smoldering Butterflies, a crafting material to make many fire-based items. Where Is The Weeping Peninsula Elden Ring Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon Before you continue the main route up the ladder, consider climbing the corpse pile first. You only need to take down a few Misbegotten to be able to collect the Fire Grease from the corpse hanging over the wall.

  • There’s a secret passageway behind that corpse (see above) that will lead you to a room with a chest containing a Claymore,
  • Eep going on your castle tour, and you’ll find several groups of Misbegotten and Soldiers fighting each other.
  • Sit back, relax, and then finish off the survivors.
  • Once you’ve reached the higher stone walls, make sure to collect the Furlcalling Finger Remedy and Steel Torch from the corpses.

After this, you’re back on the main route through Castle Morne. Defeat the Misbegotten on the stone walls ahead, and don’t forget to collect a Golden Rune from the corpse in the middle. If you want extra loot again, don’t go to the campfire in front of you yet. Where Is The Weeping Peninsula Elden Ring Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon Take the ladder to your right to find two Misbegotten (watch out, because one of them will appear from the sky) and a corpse holding two Smithing Stones, Go down the second ladder to find another group of Misbegotten and Soldiers in the midst of an argument.
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What is the hardest map in Elden Ring?

1. Crumbling Farum Azula – Where Is The Weeping Peninsula Elden Ring The penultimate location in Elden Ring is also the toughest. With a huge whirling tornado as its centrepiece, Farum Azula’s decaying structure is home to some of the toughest enemies in Elden RIng, Beastmen of Farum Azula, one of which was an early-game dungeon boss, roam the land in large numbers.

  • Eeping them company are a couple of huge dragons.
  • These guys are capable of cooking up electrical storms that will make your life very difficult.
  • Whether you are up close or seemingly at a safe distance (spoiler warning – you’re probably not at a ‘safe’ distance!).
  • Then there are the knights.
  • Some of the toughest iron-clad knights in Elden Ring,

They hit extremely hard, have a vast array of moves making them difficult to predict, and come in lots of varieties from sword wielders to mages. As if all of this wasn’t difficult enough to contend with, the area is also home to two of the toughest boss fights in Elden Ring, The Godskin Duo, and Maliketh The Black Blade.

Both of these bosses will force you to dig deep, and likely take numerous attempts to beat. Those who reach this area without finding the spirit summon Mimic Tear will likely struggle to progress any further. The Mimic summon is almost a necessity at this point. If you don’t believe us, just try beating the Godskin Duo without it! Crumbling Farum Azula will make you realize just how far you have come on this journey and it’s a great way to bring events to a climax before the game’s finale.

Without a doubt, it was tough to narrow the list down to just 5. Every area in Elden Ring is tough in its own way. Do you agree with the rankings? Did you find other areas trickier? Let us know in the comments! Remember to keep it LOGNET for all your latest gaming news and views.
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What level should I be when I go to Stormveil?

Stormveil Castle holds Godrick the Grafted as well as many useful items, and these steps will help any Tarnished navigate the Castle properly. Where Is The Weeping Peninsula Elden Ring Stormveil Castle is the home of an Elden Ring Shardbearer called Godrick the Grafted. Godrick can be found in the northern section of the building. Before meeting him, players should go through Stormveil Castle and maybe collect items along the way. The recommended level to fight Godrick is between 30 and 40, as there are plenty of mini-bosses and strong foes in this Legacy Dungeon.

  • Unfortunately, Tarnished aren’t allowed to use Torrent, the Spirit Horse, while exploring Stormveil Castle in Elden Ring,
  • But luckily, there are a few tips players can utilize to complete the Castle.
  • Updated on July 23, 2022, by Nahda Nabiilah: Stormveil Castle serves as a key location for every Tarnished, as it grants them many useful items that’ll help in the journey of becoming the Elden Lord.

Players can get better equipment and Elden Ring Armor, as well as save up some Runes to be able to level up. The castle is located in Limgrave, which is the first area Elden Ring players get thrown into after finishing the tutorial boss. However, it’s important to first clear out Margit the Fell Omen, who’s blocking Stormveil’s gate, or Tarnished can follow a simple method to skip the whole castle altogether. Where Is The Weeping Peninsula Elden Ring
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What is the best weapon in Weeping Peninsula?

The best melee weapons for dexterity, strength and magic – Once you have your hands on a strong early weapon, and build your character, you’ll get a taste of your preferred playstyle and which stats you want to invest in, or build on depending on your starting class choice. Where Is The Weeping Peninsula Elden Ring For example, for high strength and / or dexterity weapons, you’ll want high strength and dex stats to begin with, such as confessor, vagabond, prisoner and samurai and then continue levelling them. But some weapons will also require investing in faith or intelligence. Here’s our best weapon choices by various stats:

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The best dexterity weapon is the Bloodhound’s Fang, a curved greatsword that can be found near the start of the game in Limgrave, although you’ll need to overcome a pretty tough boss fight to get it. The best strength weapon is Grafted Blade Greatsword, found in Castle Morne in Weeping Peninsula, a region to the south of Limgrave that’s accessible from the start of the game. The best magic melee weapon is Sword of Night and Flame, which can inflict both magic and fire damage. It does however require an equally significant amount of intelligence and faith. You’ll find it in Caria Manor in northwest of Liurnia, which is on the way to the start of the Ranni quest,

Once you have settled on a starting class and starting Keepsake item, you should first work out how to level up, how to respec and use Ashes of War, Need some direction from there? Our Elden Ring walkthrough and Elden Ring boss order can help with where to go next, but we also recommend hunting down Golden Seeds, Sacred Tears, Crystal Tears, Talismans and some of our best weapon and best armor choices.
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Where is the boss in Castle Morne?

Leonine Misbegotten (Castle Morne Boss) – Elden Ring Wiki Guide – IGN The Leonine Misbegotten is one of the miniboss Foes you can fight in one of the optional Limgrave Dungeons in Elden Ring. The Leonine Misbegotten can be found at, a sizeable but optional dungeon in the Weeping Peninsula Region, located far down the main road on the southeast side of the region.

  • Advertisement A humanoid beast with a red mane and a large sword, this foe is an agile fighter.
  • Capable of closing short distances very quickly, efficient and conservative use of your Stamina bar will be key to your success.
  • One of its main attacks is a four-move combo, involving three swings back and forth with its sword, finishing with an overhead vertical slam.

Again, with the speed of this opponent, it will be very difficult to keep any kind of distance between the two of you, so dodge-rolling through the swings and away from the slam are essential. If you’re confident in parrying, you can interrupt any of the swings bar the final slam so attempt to get a critical strike there if you think you can execute the timing. Where Is The Weeping Peninsula Elden Ring It can also get on all fours and launch towards you with a swing, then a 360-degree spin into a launch into the air and stabbing its sword into the ground. The stab with the sword has a lock-on that is best countered by staying underneath the beast as it’s in the air and rolling at the last second; your I-frames will help with the resulting shockwave. Where Is The Weeping Peninsula Elden Ring With dashing swipes at longer distances, the beast is best faced aggressively. A brutal move to watch out for at close range is a foot stomp, that immediately leads into two 360-degree spins with the sword. This above any other attack in this fight has the highest chance of killing you outright, as if you get caught during the first spin you will be hit by the second.

You can block the foot stomp with minor impact on your Stamina, but be prepared to immediately execute two dodge-rolls to evade the swings. Whilst the beast can strike very fast, most of its moves are telegraphed relatively well and therefore this is a battle of attrition above all else. Due to its speed, it is heavily recommended to not get greedy with attacks of any kind, and whittle down its health until you best it.

Upon defeating the Leonine Misbegotten, it will drop the weapon, and a new Site of Grace will emerge in the center of the arena for easy traversal back to the mainland.
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Should you do Weeping Peninsula before Stormveil?

The Weeping Peninsula is off the beaten path to Limgrave’s south, but provides plenty of experience and materials for struggling Elden Ring players. Where Is The Weeping Peninsula Elden Ring Many players who have already jumped into Elden Ring may have found themselves struggling to make any progress in the main quest, and one of the best possible solutions is to explore to the south. The game drops the player unceremoniously into a region known as Limgrave, and points them toward the first of the game’s major dungeons, Stormveil Castle.

  • While Elden Ring keeps Dark Souls ‘ themes alive, the open world design changes how progress is intended to be made, and exploring the Weeping Peninsula on Limgrave’s southern end can be incredibly helpful to those who have hit a wall.
  • Despite having fewer restrictions on exploration than previous FromSoftware games, Elden Ring quite literally points the player to their next destination with the Grace that guides the Tarnished.

At the beginning of the game, this will lead players to the Stormgate, up Stormhill, and into Stormveil Castle, where under-leveled characters might get pummeled by Margit the Fell Omen and Godrick the Grafted. Although Elden Ring never explicitly tells players, these seemingly insurmountable challenges are hints that the player should try a different path, at least for the time being.

A highlight of Elden Ring is the thrill of the unknown, where near aimless wandering can be incredibly rewarding. Anyone who is struggling in the beginning of the game should simply abandon what they’re “supposed” to be doing and explore Limgrave, with the Weeping Peninsula being an especially helpful locale.

It’s the southern most landmass on Elden Ring ‘s map, and can be accessed by crossing a bridge connecting it to Limgrave. Seeing all that the Weeping Peninsula has to offer can help prepare players for the challenges ahead, and give them the experience and items necessary to finally conquer Stormveil Castle.
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How do I get into Morne tunnel?

Morne Tunnel location – The entrance to the Morne Tunnel dungeon is way down below at the bottom of the Weeping Peninsula canyon. Where Is The Weeping Peninsula Elden Ring Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon If you follow the path from east to west, you’ll cross a hanging bridge. Go directly left after that, then (carefully!) descend from the cliffs, and then go south until you see the Morne Tunnel entrance. There’s a brazier right next to it.
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