Where To Buy Smithing Stones Elden Ring?

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Where To Buy Smithing Stones Elden Ring
Elden Ring Smithing Stones: How to Find Every Bell Bearing Elden Ring is, That won’t surprise anyone who’s played through a preview FromSoftware game, but even that won’t prepare you properly for all the “You Died” title screens you’re bound to see. If you’re going to make it through this adventure, you’ll need powerful weapons.

And to get powerful weapons, you’ll need Smithing Stones, Lots of ’em. Smithing stones are what you use to level up your weapons, be they blades, staffs, shields or spears. To upgrade your weapons, you offer these stones (plus some runes) to Master Blacksmith Hewg at Roundtable Hold, Smithing Stones can be found out in the world and dropped from a few enemies.

But to expedite the leveling up process, it’s much easier to just buy them. It’s embarrassing to say, but this is something I only found out I could do about 50 hours into the game. Learn from my mistakes. To get easiest access to Smithing Stones, you’ll need to collect Bell Bearings.

There are nine such Bearings in the game, and this guide contains the locations of all of them. First, the basics. There are two places you can buy smithing stones: From Smithing Master Iji, a giant in northwest Liurnia of the Lakes (pictured above), and also the Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold.

Iji is simpler, so let’s start with him. Once you (good luck!), you’ll enter the Land Between’s second major area: Liurnia of the Lakes, To find Iji, you need to travel all the way to the northwest region of the lake. When you come up to shore, you’ll find the Kingsgrave Ruins, Here’s where you’ll find him on your map. Bandai Namco/Screenshot by Daniel Van Boom Iji’s offering of stones. Bandai Namco/Screenshot by Daniel Van Boom Iji will get you going and prove a big help, but if you’re serious about upgrading your weapons, you’ll need to consult the Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold. To get them to sell you Smithing Stones is going to take some work.

To get the Twin Maiden Husks to sell you stones, you’ll to give them Smithing Miner’s Bell Bearings, There are four Smithing Miner’s Bell Bearings, and five Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearings. If you collect all nine of these, the Twin Maiden Husks will sell you all the Smithing Stones you need to get any weapon up to level nine.

Let’s start with the regular Smithing Miner’s Bell Bearings.
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Can you buy smithing stone 1 Elden Ring?

How to buy Smithing Stone 1 and 2 with Smithing Stone Bell Bearing 1 – To make Smithing Stone and available for purchase in the Roundtable Hold, you need to navigate a cave and beat a boss. The cave, Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel, can be found in Liurnia, towards the northeast side of the sunken lake. Where To Buy Smithing Stones Elden Ring Where To Buy Smithing Stones Elden Ring Once inside, you should find the Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel Site of Grace, then make your way down the cave itself. Along the way you should also find Smithing Stones in the cave walls, so be sure to acquire them by exploring as you go. Where To Buy Smithing Stones Elden Ring When you get to the very bottom of the cave you’ll face a boss called the Crystalian, defeat it and you will then automatically be given the Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing – take this to the Twin Maiden Husks in the Roundtable Hold and you’ll then be able to purchase the Smithing Stones and, Where To Buy Smithing Stones Elden Ring Where To Buy Smithing Stones Elden Ring
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Where can I buy smithing stone?

How to buy Smithing Stones: Bell Bearing locations – As you progress through Elden Ring, you’ll find Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearings, You can give these items to the Twin Maiden Husks in the Roundtable Hold, which will then allow you to purchase Smithing Stones. We’ll explain how to get each Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing below:

  • Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing (1): Allows you to purchase Smithing Stones (1) & (2). Obtained by killing the Crystalian boss in Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel.
  • Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing (2): Allows you to purchase Smithing Stones (3) & (4). Found in the Sealed Tunnel, on the Capital Outskirts in the Altus Plateau.
  • Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing (3): Allows you to purchase Smithing Stones (5) & (6). Found in a cellar in the Zamor Ruins, located in the Mountaintops of the Giants region.
  • Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing (4): Allows you to purchase Smithing Stones (7) & (8). Obtained by killing the Godskin Duo main boss in Crumbling Farum Azula.

The table below shows the costs of each Smithing Stone at the Twin-Maiden Husks and the upgrades you will get from each tier:

Tier Price in Runes Weapon upgrade level
Smithing Stone (1) 200 +3
Smithing Stone (2) 400 +6
Smithing Stone (3) 600 +9
Smithing Stone (4) 900 +12
Smithing Stone (5) 1200 +15
Smithing Stone (6) 1500 +18
Smithing Stone (7) 2400 +21
Smithing Stone (8) 3600 +24

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Where can I find smithing Stone 1 and 3?

Where to find Smithing Stones in Elden Ring – The Limegrave Tunnels area is an excellent source of Smithing Stone, Bandai Namco As you play naturally, you’ll likely come across plenty of Smithing Stones to earn you a few levels on your starter weapon, but you’ll need many more if you plan on using a variety of armaments.

Smithing Stone — Limgrave Tunnels, just northeast of the starting area. Smithing Stone — Highroad Cave, directly north of the Murkwater Catacombs. Smithing Stone — Raya Lucaria Crystal Cave, on the northeastern side of the Liurnia of the Lakes area.

The Somber Smithing Stones are harder to come by, but you can find a handful of them across the game’s various caves and from certain enemies.

Somber Smithing Stone — Limegrave Tunnels close to Golden Rune and to the west of the Deathtouched Catacombs after defeating the Teardrop Scarab. Somber Smithing Stone — Found in a chest inside Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel and three in a chapel just west of the Rose Church in Liurnia of the Lakes.

Thankfully, you don’t need to rely on simply finding these items throughout the world since you can eventually purchase them from NPCs.
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How do I get smithing stone 1 Unlimited?

If you want to get infinite amounts of Smithing Stone 1 and 2, you will need to offer a specific Bell Bearing to the Twin Maiden Husks.
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How many Smithing Stones 1 are there?

Smithing Stone Upgrade Chart –

Smithing Stone Weapon Level Upgrade Amount Needed for Upgrade
Smithing Stone 1 +1 +2 +3 x2 x4 x6
Smithing Stone 2 +4 +5 +6 x2 x4 x6
Smithing Stone 3 +7 +8 +9 x2 x4 x6
Smithing Stone 4 +10 +11 +12 x2 x4 x6
Smithing Stone 5 +13 +14 +15 x2 x4 x6
Smithing Stone 6 +16 +17 +18 x2 x4 x6
Smithing Stone 7 +19 +20 +21 x2 x4 x6
Smithing Stone 8 +22 +23 +24 x2 x4 x6
Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone +25 x1
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From the chart, you can see that for any given upgrade tier, you will need 12 stones of each type to reach the next upgrade tier (excluding the final tier for a +25 weapon). Once you have located all the Bell Bearings to buy Smithing Stones 1 through 8, it will cost 129,000 Runes to upgrade a weapon to +24.
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Where are the 7 smithing stones?

Smithing Stone Location in Elden Ring – See Smithing Stone for upgrades past +21. Where to find Smithing Stone :

  • Sold by the Twin Maiden Husks in the Roundtable Hold for 2400 Runes after obtaining the Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing dropped by the Godskin Duo in Crumbling Farum Azula,
  • Caelid :
    • Using the Spirit Spring located to the north of the Church of Plague will allow players to leap onto a rock formation with several corpses lying around and propped up on chairs. Two of them hold Smithing Stones,
  • Sellia Crystal Tunnel

    5 stones are acquired by defeating the Fallingstar Beast at the end.

  • Mountaintops of the Giants :
    • 3x Can be found on a corpse sitting in a chair atop a small ridge immediately east of the First Church of Marika grace.
    • 3x West Consecrated Snowfield : There’s a breakable statue with x3 Smithing Stone (7) and Smithing Stone (8) north of the portal in Consecrated Snowfield that takes you to Mohgwyn Palace, There is a a bear uphill to the east that can be used to break it
    • 3x Found inside a statue with a glowing crack at the bottom of the western side of the frozen lake. Lure one of the nearby Golems to destroy the statue and collect the item.
  • Castle Sol :

    3x can be found on a corpse inside a building full of rats. This building is accessed by climbing the ladder behind the church in the southeast and following the path along the outer walls. The building has an opening on the roof that you can jump to.

  • Guardians’ Garrison :

    1x can be looted on the upper ramparts of the fort, past a Flame Guardian at the end of an upper walkway.

  • Grand Cloister :

    1x can be found on one of the corpses near the bottom of the waterfall. A non-boss Putrid Tree Spirit will ambush from underneath when you approach the items. Avoiding the wide-reaching attack before attempting to grab an item is recommended.

  • Moonlight Altar :
    • There is an open area far south of Ringleader’s Evergaol with three gazebos by the cliffs.3x stones can be found in the gazebo on the right. Beware of the Lesser Red Wolf of Radagon guarding the site.
      • In the same location, check the gazebo on the left for another 3 Smithing Stone (7).
  • Crumbling Farum Azula – A total of 5 can be found in the region:
    1. Found on a sarcophagus closest to the balcony in the next room after the Crumbling Beast Grave Depths site of grace.
    2. Found on a corpse behind a fallen pillar in the northern section past a narrow path laden with dragon statues.
    3. Found on a corpse on an upper cliff east of the fountain plaza. This is in an upper area accessed after ascending the Dragon Temple Lift northwest of the temple. From the lift, head east and down the stairs past a tree. Climb up the ledges to reach the top of the cliff and collect the stone.
    4. Found on a corpse in the second large segment of the upper crumbled section west of the Dragon Temple, To get up here, you need to ascend the Dragon Temple Lift northwest of the temple and then head south from the fountain plaza until you reach the Phantom Tree surrounded by pillars. From here, head west and use the top of another group of pillars to make your way to the start of the upper crumbled section.
    5. Found on a corpse near a Phantom Tree amongst several sets of pillar structures up on a hill in the plaza southeast from the Dragon Temple Rooftop site of grace. Beware the Warhawks guarding the area. Video Location
    6. Video Location
    7. Video Location
  • Video Location
  • Subterranean Shunning-Grounds :
    • 1x can be found on a corpse in the Aqueducts section. The corpse is in a room with Wraith Callers, found by dropping into a hole in the aqueduct tunnels.
    • 4x can be found on two corpses (2 each), both guarded by two Giant Crayfish,
    • 4x more can be found after making significant progress through the tunnels. From the shortcut doors opposite the Underground Roadside site of grace, continue until you can drop into a hole on top of a pipe (if you have kicked down the shortcut ladder atop this pipe, you can skip the imp-infested room behind the shortcut doors; otherwise, you’ll need to fight through the imps to reach it). Once inside the pipe, face southwest and go straight (up and past a Crimson Teardrop Scarab ) until you reach an intersection with a Golden Rune, From there, take a left and the stones will be on a corpse around the next curve.
    • Video Location
    • Video Location
  • Mohgwyn Palace :
    • 1x can be found on a corpse in the dry section north of the blood marsh.
    • 1x can be found on a corpse by a cluster of graves along the steps leading to the mausoleum.
    • Video Location
  • Miquella’s Haligtree :
    • 1x can be found on a corpse in front of a gazebo connecting 3 bridges. This area is guarded by two Battlemages, Video Location
    • Video Location
    • Video Location
    • Video Location
  • Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree :
    • 1x can be found on a corpse inside a wine cellar/storage room below the eastern walkway.
    • 1x is found on a corpse in a room with many braziers and two Cleanrot Knights, at the end of the eastern walkway on the bottom level.
  • Deeproot Depths

    Upgrade material. Found on the stairs near the whirlpool in Deeproot Depths

  • Ainsel River
    • Ainsel River Video Location
    • Video Location
  • Shunning Grounds, Video Location
  • Video Location, Volcano Manor

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Where are the 5 Smithing Stones?

Smithing Stone Location in Elden Ring – See Smithing Stone for upgrades past +15. Where to find Smithing Stone :

  • To buy from Twin Maiden Husks in the round table, Offer the Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing (3) to the Twin Maiden Husk. They cost 1200 runes.
  • 1x can be looted off a corpse at the end of the cut out steps of the Iron ball trap in Raya Lucaria Academy,
  • Wyndham Ruins : Found on a body in the southern section of the ruins.
  • Found on a corpse slouched over in a corner in the courtyards of Nokron, Eternal City,
  • Found on a corpse in a graveyard in Nokron, Eternal City,
  • Found on a corpse on the ruined supporting structures of Nokron, Eternal City, It is located a level below the phantom on the bridge ruin.
  • Found on a corpse sitting against a column ruin in Nokron, Eternal City,
  • Found on a corpse sitting by the edge of the water flowing down the Siofra Aqueduct,
  • Mt Gelmir : One can be found north from Seethewater River site of grace, near Seethewater Cave
  • Found on a corpse in the caves of Ainsel River Main,
  • Castle Sol : One found under a wooden platform directly opposite the main gates.
  • Leyndell Royal Capital : At the balcony of the fortified Manor, next to the room with the swords on the table.
  • Leyndell Royal Capital : Found at the lower level of the Fortified Manor. Behind the weapons rack in the armory.
  • The Shaded Castle : A total of 5 can be found in this dungeon:
    1. Found on a corpse in an alcove in the southern battlements.
    2. Found on a body between a large dead tree and the southern ramparts.
    3. Found on a body in the corner behind the Large Poison Flower, in the northwest of the outer courtyard. You can access this area by getting up on the western ramparts and following it north past the rock wall.
    4. Found on a body in the corner atop the eastern inner walls. You can access this area by climbing a ladder in the eastern side of the inner courtyard.
    5. Found on a body being chewed up by a Rotten Stray on the roof of the northeastern building. This can be accessed by crossing the northern ramparts from the northwestern building and then climbing up the stairs in the northeastern building.
  • 6x can be found in the Altus Tunnel,
    1. In the first cavern past the Site of Grace, head through the door on the right to find the first stone in the far wall.
    2. Back in the main path, head east into the next cavern. The second stone can be found just past the entry point, to the right.
    3. In the same cavern, check under the wooden walkway for the third stone.
    4. Still in the same cavern, check next to the overgrown root in the southeast to find the fourth stone.
    5. The fifth stone is found in the cavern with the boss door, to the left just as you enter.
    6. The final stone is also in the cavern with the boss door, next to a root on the left, closer to the boss door.
  • Northern Caelid : North of Sellia Crystal Tunnel,3 can be found within a Breakable Statue. The Dragon east of this location can be used to break it.
  • 8x can be found inside the Sellia Crystal Tunnel,
    1. The first one is found behind the storage shed on the bottom level of the main cavern.
    2. The second stone is found on the slope next to the storage shed at the bottom of the main cavern.
    3. The third stone is found on the same slope.
    4. Continue heading up the slope all the way to the top. The fourth stone is found in the deep indent on the western wall.
    5. Jump on top of the central shed in the main cavern and then onto the wooden platform in the east to hop over the barricade blocking a tunnel. Go through the tunnel and pick up the fifth stone on the left.
    6. Continuing on from the previous stone, head up the ladder in the next room and head north to find the sixth stone in the cavity in the wall.
    7. The seventh stone is found in the same wall cavity.
    8. In the same area, climb up the ladder on the side of the shed and continue along the tunnel ahead to find a cavern with a raised wooden platform. Head up to the platform and check the left wall for the final stone.
  • Redmane Castle : A total of 2 can be found inside the castle:
    1. On a corpse inside the southern-most building of the castle.
    2. On a corpse at the top of southeast tower of the castle, accessible by climbing ladders inside and on the roof of the southeast building it is attached to.
  • Old Altus Tunnel : A total of 8 can be found inside the dungeon.
    1. The first is found by the wall to the right of the first storage shed you encounter.
    2. In the main chamber with the wooden walkways, head to the right and climb the ladder into a smaller cavern with a storage shed. On the right side of the miners, check the cavity in the wall concealed by explosive barrels to find the second one.
    3. Back on the wooden walkways, take the path to the left of the ladder to find the third stone by the wall.
    4. Jump down on the roof of the northern shed, fourth stone is on the wall on the western side.
    5. In the same area, check the space between the southern shed and the wall for the fifth stone.
    6. In the same area, Sixth stone is on the left side next to a resting miner.
    7. In the same area, go behind the northern shed and follow the tunnel to a small cavern to find the seventh stone.
    8. Eighth stone is next to the seventh stone along with a Somber Smithing Stone 5.
  • Sealed Tunnel : A total of 5 can be found inside the dungeon.
    1. In the hidden chamber past the Site of Grace, drop off the ledge into the lower section and check the alcove in the back for the first stone.
    2. In the same chamber, head west to find a chest. Dispel the illusory wall behind the chest to reveal a lift but don’t ride it. Instead, drop down the ledges on the left to find the second stone.
    3. At the bottom of the lift chamber, look to the south and dispel two illusory walls to reveal a large cavern with overgrown roots. Navigate the roots to reach the tunnel in the east and drop down an opening on the right to find the third stone in the back. Beware of the exploding Abnormal Stone Clusters,
    4. In the same chamber with the exploders, look for a set of wooden stairs. The fourth stone can be found on a wall next to these stairs.
    5. Still in the same chamber, check the wall opposite the stairs. Beware the exploder hidden behind crates and barrels. Hit the wall to reveal a deep pit with roots strewn across. Drop down to the second root and check the ledge in the corner for the final stone.
  • Deeproot Depths : Found on a rooftop, jump from the root next to it.
  • Deeproot Depths : Found on the ground.
  • Video Location, Nokron
  • Video Location Nokron
  • Video Location, Nokron
  • Video Location, Nokron
  • Video Location Leyndell
  • Video Location, Shunning Ground
  • Video Location, Volcano Manor
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Are Smithing Stones random drops?

Elden Ring players need to upgrade their weapons to survive in the Lands Between. Other than equipping Ashes of War, you can use smithing stones to upgrade your favorite weapon’s overall damage. However, there are several schools of thought in play when upgrading weapons.

Some weapons require different kinds of smithing stones, whereas others require different tiers of smithing stones. Furthermore, you can only upgrade weapons on your own up to a certain point. Then you’ll have to bring them to Roundtable Hold and talk with Smithing Master Hewg. Smithing stones are the most important piece of the upgrading puzzle.

They’re scattered all over the Lands Between but can also be found as random pick-ups from dead enemies. So, where do you find more smithing stones in Elden Ring ? Specifically, where can players look if they need to find them quickly?

Is Elden Ring cross-platform? How to play Elden Ring with friends 7 Elden Ring tips you should know before starting

Smithing stones are random and rare. Most of the time, you won’t know which enemies drop them. That means upgrading weapons, especially in the early game, is no easy task, nor is it something you should take for granted. As you venture across the Lands Between, you’re bound to find weapons you like using more than what you have equipped.
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Are Smithing Stones limited in Elden Ring?

Are smithing stones limited resource??? Or can they be infinite cause I’m afraid of running out of smithing stones Showing 1 – 5 of 5 comments AFAIK all except the biggest ones are infinite. You need to find bell bearings in the caves and dungeons to be able to buy em. Every stone up to +24/+9 are infinite. Technically, yes: they are finite in terms of the ones you pick up as ‘dedicated items’ (i.e. when you see a shiny in a location that always holds smithing stones). But you can farm smithing stones from certain enemies (the enemy/location depends on the smithing stone type and level). you can get bells to make all the normal one s +24 and the somber ones +9 the ancient ones are the limited things and as far as i know there are 8 ancient somber stones in game, idk how many of the +25 ones are in, you can get two early though by helping and doing a couple npcs quest though. Also, be sure to google up the locations so you get a feel for when it is actually “So EZ” or “Oh it will be hours before I get to that location” per shard tier. Showing 1 – 5 of 5 comments
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Where can I get 7 and 8 Smithing Stones?

Smithing Stones 7 and 8 will now be on the sellers’ inventory, costing 9,000 and 12,000 Runes respectively. You can buy as many Smithing Stones 7 and 8 as you like from the Twin Maiden Husks as long as you have Runes to spend on them, just like the other stones.
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Can you farm smithing stones?

Early-game Smithing Stone locations – Where To Buy Smithing Stones Elden Ring (Image credit: FromSoftware) Elden Ring Blaidd quest Where To Buy Smithing Stones Elden Ring (Image credit: FromSoftware) Want a free Somber stone? There’s one early in the Elden Ring Blaidd questline by finding him at the Mistwood Ruins! For those starting out looking for Elden Ring Smithing Stones, we recommend heading straight away to an area called Limgrave Tunnels.

It’s very close to the beginning of the game, Northwest of the optional boss fight dragon Agheel where the cliffs taper to a point. At the bottom you’ll see the entrance to the tunnels itself. Limgrave Tunnels is a mid-sized dungeon with a boss at the bottom – the Stonedigger Troll – but you don’t have to fight him for your valuable Smithing Stones.

Instead, the area is full of enemies mining the walls – look for the gold outcroppings and interact with them to get the Smithing Stones you’re looking for! They’re not unlimited, but you’ll find of a decent number of tier 1 Smithing Stones, so you’ll be able to upgrade your weapon to +3 at a Smithing Table if you get enough – we’ve got you covered if you need to know how to strengthen weapons in Elden Ring too.

The miner enemies in the tunnels also have a small chance of dropping level 1 Smithing Stones, so you can farm them to try and get a few more. Although there are plenty of other farming locations that are easily accessible out in Limgrave. There’s a toppled statue on the cliffs directly North of the Stormgate with a light-filled crack running down it.

Aggro one of the giant trolls nearby and lure it over – if it hits the statue it’ll break, giving you five tier one Elden Ring Smithing Stones and a single tier 2 stone to boot! Once you’re done with that, the best place to find tier 2 Smithing Stones to get your regular armaments up to is inside Stormveil Castle itself.

  • They’re lying around everywhere, though not especially common – we actually struggled to find tier 2 Smithing Stones more than any other kind – but once you get through Stormveil Castle you can start getting them a lot easier.
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How many smithing stones is 25?

What Are Smithing Stones In Elden Ring? – Smithing Stones are upgrade materials in Elden Ring that allow you to strengthen your armaments. Each armament has different stat scaling, but they all do more damage when upgraded. You may wonder why the numbers I mentioned regarding how many are found in the wild are a guestimate.

Well, in Souls games, it takes players ages to see everything. There’s a good chance that some stones still haven’t been found. There’s also a chance that the next patch will move some around, changing the number even. So it’s better to stick with an estimate rather than a set number. Don’t worry; every Smithing Stone, aside from the Ancient Dragon one, can be farmed.

You can either farm them from specific enemies or buy them from Twin Maiden Husks. But more on that later.

Smithing Stone Cost From Vendor (each) Number Found In The Wild Number Needed To Level Total Cost For Specified Smithing Stone Total Cost To Level Armament From 0
Smithing Stone (1) – upgrades to +3 200 Over 40 12 2400 2400
Smithing Stone (2) – upgrades to +6 400 Over 30 12 4800 7200
Smithing Stone (3) – upgrades to +9 600 Over 25 12 7200 14,400
Smithing Stone (4) – upgrades to +12 900 Over 40 12 10,800 25,200
Smithing Stone (5) – upgrades to +15 1200 Over 40 12 14,400 39,600
Smithing Stone (6) – upgrades to+18 1500 Over 30 12 18,000 57,600
Smithing Stone (7) – upgrades to +21 2400 Over 20 12 28,800 85,400
Smithing Stone (8) – upgrades to +24 3600 Over 20 12 43,200 129,600
Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone – upgrades to +25 20,000 Around 12 1 20,000 129,600

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