Elden Ring How To Get Horse?


Elden Ring How To Get Horse
How to unlock the horse in Elden Ring – As we mentioned, the Elden Ring horse is not available from the get-go. Once you’re out into the world, you must look for Sites of Grace, which are Elden Ring’s equivalent to Dark Souls’ bonfires. In order to unlock the horse in Elden Ring, you must rest at a Site of Grace near the Gatefront Ruins, Elden Ring How To Get Horse North-west and south-east to Gatefront Ruins are Sites of Grace, and either will do. Activate then rest there, and you will be greeted by Melina in a cutscene. If this doesn’t happen, it’s possible you might need to have rested at a number of other Graces first – for us, we visited Stranded Graveyard, The First Step, Church of Elleh, Groveside Cave and then Gatefront. Elden Ring How To Get Horse This is the Grace point south of Gatefront Ruins – either should do for Melina to pay you a visit. Once done, the character Melina will pay you a visit. She’s one of the key characters in the game, providing you with lore snippets of the world as well as allowing you to level up your stats. Elden Ring How To Get Horse Before you leave the Gatefront Ruins area, know you can also pick up a Map Fragment and the Whetstone Knife, If you’re wondering how the horse works both in combat and during free roam, jump (or gallop?) to the next section.
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How do you equip a steed whistle?

How to get a horse in Elden Ring – To acquire Torrent, you must visit the Gatefront Site of Grace in Limegrave. It’s just west of the Gatefront Ruins, which lead up to the first boss, Margit, the Fell Omen. Interact with the Site of Grace and you’ll meet Melina, who will give you an item called the Spectral Seed Whistle,

This item is used to summon Torrent. We advise keeping this item equipped at all times so you can quickly use it when you please. Head into the Equipment menu, then go to your Quick Items, and pick an empty slot to assign the Spectral Seed Whistle. When you use the Spectral Seed Whistle, your character immediately appears atop the horse, meaning you don’t have to go through any button inputs to mount Torrent.

It’s pretty convenient and can be done in most areas outside. You cannot ride Torrent inside dungeons, castles, or any other inside section. Gallery You acquire access to Torrent at the Gatefront Site of Grace. To dismount your horse, simply use the Spectral Seed Whistle once again. This will cause the horse to disappear quickly, and you’ll be back on foot. Alternatively, you can click in the left stick to dismount, which causes your character to jump off quickly, rather than slowly climbing down.

This can be a much more effective way to demount, especially if an enemy is nearby. Speaking of which, you can attack enemies while on top of Torrent. To swing to the right, use R1 or RB, and to swing to the left use L1 or LB. You can also use the triggers to utilize a charged attack on either side. Players are able to use flasks and other items, as well as magic while atop the horse.

Hold Circle or B to ride faster, but be aware that doing so will deplete stamina, as will attacking. One nifty thing about Torrent is the ability to double jump, which comes in handy when trying to scale up cliffsides, or when dodging enemies. Torrent technically has their own health bar, so keep this in mind when battling enemies.

  1. It’s possible for Torrent to die temporarily, and if this happens, you’ll need to use a Flask of Crimson Tears to bring them back.
  2. Alternatively, resting at a Site of Grace allows them to respawn.
  3. You can use Raisins to heal Torrent while riding them, as well, but oftentimes, this won’t be necessary due to the abundance of checkpoints around the map.

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Are you supposed to fight the horse guy in Elden Ring?

Do you have to defeat the Elden Ring Tree Sentinel? – Elden Ring How To Get Horse (Image credit: Bandai Namco) Looking to (Mar)git gud? Elden Ring How To Get Horse (Image credit: Bandai Namco) The first mandatory boss in the game is some way past the Tree Sentinel, and while he’s easier, he’s no slouch either. Check out how to beat Margit in Elden Ring so you’re ready for that challenge! The Tree Sentinel is one of the many optional bosses found in Elden Ring, which means he is not critical to progression, or the story, and you never have to fight him.

It’s a good job that he is an optional boss because he’s very difficult to deal with initially. For your first few hours of playing Elden Ring, you should absolutely avoid the Tree Sentinel as best you can until you’ve spent a good number of Runes to boost your Attributes, perhaps by doing some Elden Ring Rune farming.

To avoid his attention, you’ll have to skirt around the main path between the first open world Site of Grace you find – known as The First Step – and the ruins of the Church of Elleh where he patrols. If you are spotted, you can take cover in the church or run across uneven terrain that the Elden Ring Tree Sentinel’s horse can’t easily navigate, allowing you to get away.

  1. The boss’s health bar will disappear once he’s lost interest so you can carry on about your quest.
  2. The reality is that it’s good to fight him now because there’ll be bigger, stronger, less optional Tree Sentinels later in the game – and this guy makes for good practice.
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How do you mount an Elden Ring?

How to get a mount in Elden Ring – You can get Torrent shortly after you leave the Stranded Graveyard and make your way into the open world. Head north towards the ruined Church of Elleh and activate the Site of Grace there. The next Site of Grace you activate and rest at will prompt Melina to appear.

Head along the east road to the Gatefront Ruins: it boasts two Sites of Grace to choose from on either side. Melina will offer you a bargain, and if you say yes, she’ll give you the Spectral Steed Whistle. Even if you say no to her initially, you’ll still be able to call her at a Site of Grace and change your mind.

Once you’ve acquired the whistle, you can equip it along with your consumables and use it to summon Torrent. Torrent can sprint just like you. He can also jump, though he has a second jump charge, making him better for climbing and platforming. Here are some other points to remember:

  • You can use specific attack buttons to dictate which side you swing your weapon during combat. If you’re using a controller, R2 and L2 are slow attacks with a long windup, R1 and L1 are quick attacks.
  • If you run over glowing skulls with Torrent, you can also pick up golden runes from them.

Now you’ve got Torrent, don’t forget to get the Elden Ring Spirit Calling Bell (opens in new tab) before you carry on. Elden Ring How To Get Horse (Image credit: FromSoftware, Bandai Namco)
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How do you get the whistle in Elden Ring?

Spectral Steed Whistle – Elden Ring Wiki Guide – IGN The Spectral Steed Whistle is one of the many Tools found throughout Elden Ring, and allows you to summon your trusted mount. advertisement A delicate goldwork ring. Can be used as a finger whistle. Upon death, the spectral steed can be summoned again, but doing so consumes the Flask of Crimson Tears.

The Spectral Steed Whistle is the key tool you need to summon the spectral mount called Torrent, allowing you to quickly mount and ride off on your stag-like mount. This whistle can be bound to your quick items or toolbelt for ease of use, and can be used again to dismount. Note that Torrent suffers damage just as you do, and large attacks can dismount you completely.

If enough damage is done to Torrent, it will die and cannot be re-summoned until you either rest at a Site of Grace, or expend a charge from the Flask of Crimson Tears. On long dangerous journeys, you can also feed Torrent a craftable Rowa Raisin to replenish lost health. Elden Ring How To Get Horse The Spectral Steed Whistle is given to you by Melina the Finger Maiden, and she will appear to you after resting at three Sites of Grace once entering Limgrave. You can learn how to make her appear with our
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Is Melina and Malenia the same?

Home Gaming News Elden Ring Player Creates Stunning Art of Malenia, Ranni, and Melina

One talented Elden Ring player creates breathtaking artwork featuring famous in-game characters like Malenia, Ranni, and Melina. One Elden Ring player has created fascinating art featuring famous characters like Malenia, Ranni, and Melina. Elden Ring has witnessed tremendous success since its launch in February, amassing numerous fans in the process. Some Elden Ring fans are also highly talented artists who regularly show their admiration via captivating artworks like paintings, pencil drawings, and even 3D-printed sculptures.

  • Most fan art is centered around a single Elden Ring character, like the Sorceress Sellen painting revealing her true identity or the doll version of Ranni The Witch.
  • In contrast, others put multiple characters in a single artwork to depict an iconic moment from the game, like Ranni and Blaidd being reunited.

Similarly, another Elden Ring player has made a unique art featuring three well-known characters. Twitter user emeldraws recently shared an image showing a stunning piece of art featuring three notable female characters of Elden Ring, These are Malenia, Ranni The Witch, and Melina.

It is a digital art featuring three personalities adjacent to one another but in different settings. The first shows Melina, who appears to be standing underneath the burning Erdtree while holding the ashes. The second features Malenia in her signature armor and surrounded by Scarlet Rot, evident by the signature reddish tint.

Malenia seems to be in a strike position and has a stern expression. The third and final piece shows the doll version of Ranni The Witch, who is seen in a starry background with celestial bodies around her. Notably, all three female figures from Elden Ring are signified by the colors associated with them, like red with Malenia and blue with Ranni.

  • Melina and Ranni are NPCs in Elden Ring, whereas Malenia is a boss, arguably the most challenging.
  • Melina is the first to meet Elden Ring players in Limgrave and frequently appears when resting at sites of grace.
  • Meanwhile, Ranni is the one who gives the Spirit Calling Bell, a key item that is required to summon spirits.

She also gives the Lone Wolf Ashes, which can be very helpful in the early stages of the game. On the other hand, Malenia is a very powerful Elden Ring boss found in Miquella’s Haligtree area, which is unlocked after making significant progress in the game.
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Why can’t I use my Spectral Steed Whistle?

didn’t he die and you need to use a flask charge to revive him? Mutuh 12 Mar, 2022 @ 4:48am Why you kill your goat man? Goat horse good man – don’t be mean to it. He didn’t die but the slot with the ring is buggered. It shows the whistle with a flask behind it. I assume this is a bug? Anyway I can’t call him because I can’t use the whistle. Furin 12 Mar, 2022 @ 5:06am Haven’t had that yet, but I once floated in the air when mounting, staying afloat for 25ish seconds, then dieing to “fall damage”. Edit: Isn’t that icon you describe active in a no horse zone? Try going in a mine and back out and see if that fixes it. Last edited by Furin ; 12 Mar, 2022 @ 5:07am Last edited by dcgames ; 12 Mar, 2022 @ 5:12am Originally posted by Furin : Haven’t had that yet, but I once floated in the air when mounting, staying afloat for 25ish seconds, then dieing to “fall damage”. Lol, I had that happen, too. I rode through a narrow passage and I got stuck and the horse disappeared but I was still hanging in midair. Eventually I died. It was quite hilarious. Dop 12 Mar, 2022 @ 5:19am have you tried removing everything from your tool bar? i use the pouch system on up to call my horse personally. That won’t help because it doesn’t get my whistle back – it’s still buggered with that flask. jerfy 12 Mar, 2022 @ 5:34am Even if you switch it and put it in the pouch is bugged? (menu on the right when you hold Y on xbox controller) I validated the game then restarted it and the whistle is back. Must be some kind of bug. Crap, now it’s buggered again. Grrr. What the heck. Even if I go into my equipment screen you can see it’s still buggered with the flask. https://i.imgur.com/K4f93MQ.jpg If Torrent dies in certain places (I think some open world bosses, for example) you need to use a flask to revive him and the icon shows like that. I know you’re saying that’s not what happened but if it’s not that, it’s probably a bug tied to it. Maybe try killing yourself? That would usually reset the need to use a flask in a non-bugged circumstance, might work here too maybe? Edit: Also in the second screenshot you were out of flasks so it wouldn’t have worked to use it even if you aren’t bugged. Do you have a spare red flask? This whistle-icon usually comes when your horsey dies and you need to spend a flask to call it again. I have had that happen in the game – if Torrent gets killed and I try to call him again I will get a box saying to use a flask to revive him, but this isn’t the same thing. I’m not getting a box saying to revive him, it’s just the icon messed up and I can’t use the whistle at all. Originally posted by dcgames : I have had that happen in the game – if Torrent gets killed and I try to call him again I will get a box saying to use a flask to revive him, but this isn’t the same thing. I’m not getting a box saying to revive him, it’s just the icon messed up and I can’t use the whistle at all.
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Is Killing the Tree Sentinel worth it?

Tree Sentinel: Boss Fight Strategy – The Tree Sentinel boss fight takes place in an open field close to the Church of Elleh, The boss itself is a huge soldier riding a horse, equipped with a spear and a shield on its side. With a variety of attacks up its sleeve, it’s a tough enemy to fight at the very start of the game.

We recommend avoiding the Tree Sentinel until you’ve levelled up a few times and are packing more attack power and health. The best piece of advice we can give is — honestly — leave it alone for a few hours. Once you’re able to summon Torrent, then return. You’ll want to fight Tree Sentinel on horseback; it makes the fight so much easier to manage.

You’re essentially going to treat this like a jousting match. Get a hit in on the boss and then immediately retreat. The swings it makes with its spear are extremely wide-reaching so you’ll always want to be on the move in order to avoid them. Torrent can also take damage, so you need to care for it too. Elden Ring How To Get Horse Tree Sentinel never takes a second for a breather, it’s always on the move. You’ll want to be doing the same: lock onto the boss so it’s always in your sights. Another thing to take note of is your stamina gauge. You use up a lot of stamina — a surprising amount, actually — when fighting on horseback. Elden Ring How To Get Horse The only attacks you really need to watch out for once you’re fighting atop your trusty steed are the jump attacks, which have a slightly longer wind up. You’ll notice when Tree Sentinel kneels down — that’s when it’s about to do one. Speed up by holding the circle button at that point to make sure you get out of the way.
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Can you cheese the Tree Sentinel?

Tree Sentinel tips: How to cheese Tree Sentinel – You can fight the Tree Sentinel fairly out in the open – or find a way to limit its mobility and range. To cheese the Tree Sentinel, draw its attention then head to the Church of Elleh’s entrance. This archway is small enough that the Tree Sentinel cannot fit inside – but is long enough that you can stand at the other entrance, be out of range of the melee strikes, and also have the boss in your sights. Elden Ring How To Get Horse There are some complicating factors, of course. One is the Tree Sentinel’s melee range is pretty decent – so definitely make sure you stand at the other end of the entrance and not any closer. This is important to know as it’s difficult to get the boss to stand or roam exactly in the middle. Elden Ring How To Get Horse Similarly, the Tree Sentinel can make way round the ruins and flank you. If the boss disappears, check your sides to see if the boss is coming, and move back through the entrance to the other side until settling back in the archway again. Elden Ring How To Get Horse Also, there is a rare shield counter which sees the Tree Sentinel reflect your magic back at you. This is rare, but can be very damaging – so look out for it and dodge to the side if you can. Despite the cheese strategy, there is still some risk – so if you find yourself dying, then come back later with more upgrades to help.

  • Once you have settled on a starting class and starting Keepsake item, you should first work out how to level up, how to respec and use Ashes of War,
  • Need some direction from there? Our Elden Ring walkthrough and Elden Ring boss order can help with where to go next, but we also recommend hunting down Golden Seeds, Sacred Tears, Crystal Tears, Talismans and some of our best weapon and best armor choices.

If you are approaching the end game, we can help with the Volcano Manor quest and Rykard, Haligtree Secret Medallion locations, solving the Ordina, Liturgical Town puzzle, the Millicent quest, Commander Niall, Morgott, Godskin Duo, Maliketh and Malenia,
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