Elden Ring How To Get To Consecrated Ground?


Elden Ring How To Get To Consecrated Ground
How to get to the Consecrated Snowfield in Elden Ring – To get to the Consecrated Snowfield in Elden Ring, players need to take the following steps:

Reach the Grand Lift of Rold past Leyndell Get the Medallion right half from the Albinaurics Get the Medallion left half from Commander Niall Bring both to the Grand Lift and use them Get through the Hidden Path to the Haligtree

Elden Ring map fragments Elden Ring How To Get To Consecrated Ground (Image credit: FromSoftware) Want to fill out the last of the Elden Ring map fragments ? Check the link to find out! Having done all this, you’ll be in the Snowfield proper, though be warned – the area you emerge into is blanketed by a thick snowstorm that lowers your visibility to just a few feet.
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How do I get to consecrated ground Elden?

Consecrated Snowfield is the final region in Elden Ring. This page includes an overview of the area, including all main dungeons, bosses, loot, and secrets to find in this region. Consecrated Snowfield is a remote region located on the lower western plains of Mountaintops of the Giants,

  1. There is only one way you can gain access to this region, and that’s by finding both halves of the Haligtree Secret Medallion and hoisting it in the Grand Lift of Rold.
  2. Advertisement Almost half of the Consecrated Snowfield is constantly under a blizzard, reducing your vision significantly.
  3. Only until you reach the frozen river can you see the rest of the region without hinder.

Though it is the last region in the game, the Consecrated Snowfield holds secret entrances to two important late-game areas— Mohgwyn’s Palace and Miquella’s Haligtree, To reveal the details and topography of the whole Mountaintops of the Giants region, you’ll need to find three Map Fragments at the Steles located in Mountaintops of the Giants (East & West) and the Consecrated Snowfield.

The Consecrated Snowfield Map Fragment is located at a Stele found after making your way past the blizzard and across the frozen river. The Stele is nearby the pack of wolves chasing an invisible Teardrop Scarab.

This region is home to several world bosses that can be found outside of dungeons, some of which roam in certain areas and others that are hiding until you draw close enough to trigger their arrival. NPC humans also have several scripted invasions that will force you into a conflict. Click on a boss below to learn more about how to defeat them.

Boss Name Reward
Night’s Cavalry x2 Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone, Night’s Cavalry Set
Great Worm Theodorix Dragon Heart x3, Theodorix’s Magma (Dragon Communion Altar)
Sanguine Noble (NPC Invasion) Sanguine Set
Anastasia, Tarnished Eater (NPC Invasion) Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone
Putrid Avatar Ruptured Crystal Tear
Death Rite Bird Explosive Ghostflame (Sorcery)

Consecrated Snowfield is home to a few Minor Dungeons that dot its snowy landscape, from a catacomb connected to the Grand Lift of Rold to one hidden in a snowstorm. These locales can be tackled in any order, and each contains a miniboss at the end that holds valuable treasure. Click on a dungeon below to read the walkthrough and guide for traversing it and finding all the secrets.

Dungeon Name Boss Notable Loot
1 Hidden Path to the Haligtree Stray Mimic Tear Silver Scarab, Spelldrake Talisman +2, Grave Glovewort 9, Deathroot
2 Consecrated Snowfield Catacombs Putrid Grave Warden Duelist Imp Head (Elder), Rotten Gravekeeper Cloak, Grave Glovewort 8 x 1, Grave Glovewort 9 x6, Great Grave Glovewort x1
3 Yelough Anix Tunnel Astel, Stars of Darkness Meteorite of Astel (Sorcery), Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone
4 Cave of the Forlorn Misbegotten Crusader Golden Order Greatsword

Much like the eastern half of the Mountaintops of the Giants, there is no merchant or NPC that you can interact with here. However, you can find a non-speaking NPC named Phillia the Albinauric that serves as the end location for Latenna Questline, advertisement

Phillia the Albinauric – A giant Albinauric woman that sleeps inside the Apostate Derelict, You can summon Latenna in front of her to end the questline, rewarding you with a Somber Ancient Smithing Stone.

The Consecrated Snowfield region is home to many interesting locations, enemy camps, and other points of interest that you can discover in your journeys. Though they differ in the enemies and treasure found within, each place has something worth discovering.

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Point of Interest Enemies or NPCs Notable Loot and NPCs
1 Consecrated Grounds Rotten Duelist, Albinauric Wolfback Archers Rotten Duelist Helm, Rotten Battlehammer, Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook 23
2 Moving Caravan 1 Lesser Runebear, Trolls Golden Seed, St. Trina’s Torch, Larval Tear
3 Moving Caravan 2 Night’s Cavalry x2 (Boss), Pages Flowing Curved Sword, Night’s Cavalry Set, Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone
5 Albinauric Rise Imps, Wolves, Lesser Red Wolf of Radagon, Schools of Graven Mages Glintstone Craftman’s Cookbook 8, Graven-Mass Talisman
6 Frozen Waterfall Great Wyrm Theodorix (Boss), Land Octopuses, Crabs, Giant Crabs Dragon Heart x3, Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone
7 Minor Erdtree Putrid Avatar (Boss), Albinaurics Ruptured Crystal Tear, Somber Smithing Stone 7 x1, Somber Smithing Stone 8 x1, Somber Smithing Stone 9 x1
8 Inner Consecrated Snowfield Wolves, Anastasia, Tarnished Eater (NPC Invasion) Somber Ancient Smithing Stone, Ash of War – White Shadow’s Lure, Stonesword Key, Smithing Stone 8 x1
9 Yelough Anix Ruins Giant Rats, Rats, Trolls, Sanguine Noble (NPC Invasion) Unendurable Frenzy, Stonesword Key
10 West Consecrated Snowfield Sanguined Noble (NPC Invasion), Runebears, Albinaurics Sanguine Set, Smithing Stone 8 x1, Waygate to Mohgwyn Palace
11 Apostate Derelict Death Rite Bird (Boss), Walking Mausoleum Silver Mirrorshield, Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone, Somber Smithing Stone 9
12 Ordina, Liturgical Town Albinaurics, Albinauric Wolfback Archers, Rotten Duelist, Black Knife Assassins (Invisible) Golden Seed, Rotten Greataxe, Rotten Duelist Greaves, Black Knife Set, Ghost Glovewort 9 x1, Entry to Miquella’s Haligtree

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How do I get to Consecrated Snowfield map fragment?

Consecrated Snowfield Map – Elden Ring Wiki Guide – IGN The Consecrated Snowfield Map is only accessible after finding both halves of the Secret Haligtree Medallion and using them at the Grand Lift of Rold. You’ll find it just off the main road to the west.

  1. It’s a, advertisement Map of Consecrated Snowfield and environs.
  2. The route through this land, crossed east to west by a frozen river, leads to Miquella’s Haligtree.
  3. This is the path taken by those unchosen, though it is a trial all the same.
  4. The Consecrated Snowfield Map is a only accessible after finding both halves of the Secret Haligtree Medallion and using them at the Grand Lift of Rold.

It will uncover a portion of the world map to show more details, topography, and bodies of water. Elden Ring How To Get To Consecrated Ground The Consecrated Snowfield Map Fragment can only be accessed once you have gotten both halves of the Secret Haligtree Medallion and used it at the Lift of Rold to enter the snowfield. You’ll have to head north along the low-visibility snowdrifts until the blizzard clears halfway up by a frozen river, and you’ll find the map stele on the other side of the river by a giant tree, just a bit west off the main road where it has crumbled by the river.
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Where is consecrated ground?

Consecrated Grounds – Elden Ring Wiki Guide – IGN This unmarked location spans from the Consecrated Snowfield Site of Grace to broken pillars inside the snowstorm. When you first come across the grace site, head west until you see the stone coffins. You’ll soon hear the sounds of chains dragging across the ground, indicating that the Rotten Duelist is somewhere nearby.

Be wary of the edge of the cliffs when fighting him, as falling will cause instant death. The Rotten Duelist drops his helm and his Rotten Battlehammer upon defeat. Now go back to the Site of Grace and follow the main path north; though covered by snow, you can still find your course by following the Wandering Nobles holding torches.

The should be nearby on a corpse lying by the road. Elden Ring How To Get To Consecrated Ground advertisement
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Where is the catacombs entrance?

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Book your tickets online to avoid waiting in line. You can also visit the Catacombs sometime during the afternoon to avoid the long queues.
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Where is the map in Mohgwyn Palace?

Location Found/Purchased – The Moghwyn Palace Map Fragment can only be accessed either by following Varre’s Questline or finding the secret Waygate teleporter in the Consecrated Snowfield, at which point you can continue exploring to find a body holding the map at the entrance to the Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance Site of Grace.
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Where is Latenna Consecrated Snowfield?

Latenna’s location – Elden Ring How To Get To Consecrated Ground You’ll find the cave’s entrance on a cliff face on the lake. Make your way to the Lakeside Crystal Cave, just southeast of the Village of the Albinaurics. After defeating the Bloodhound Knight boss (who shouldn’t be too much of a challenge), head out the door to find Latenna, kneeling beside her injured wolf Lobo outside the Slumbering Wolf Shack. Elden Ring How To Get To Consecrated Ground Show her the medallion to progress her questline. Talk to her, and show her the medallion Albus gave you to gain her trust. She will ask you to show her the way to Miquella’s Haligtree, promising to lead you to the medallion’s other half in exchange. Hear her request, and she’ll reward you with Latenna the Albinauric, a powerful Spirit Summon that’s great for long-range battles.
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Can you build on consecrated ground?

Ecclesiastical law: consecrated land – In addition to the blanket ban under English law, for all but the smallest works proposed on consecrated land, under Ecclesiastical Law a ‘faculty’ (a right to do works) granted by the Bishop of a Diocese, is required.

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Can you unconsecrated ground?

Burials on private land In recent years, with the increasing public interest in natural burial, many people are considering the possibility of such a burial on their own property.

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  • There are however a number of statutory requirements which must be complied with, and some other points to bear in mind.
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How do you stay consecrated?

A life of consecration – On one hand, we all need to consecrate ourselves to God once and for all. But after our initial consecration, we should live a life of consecration all our days. We can do this by practicing to give ourselves to the Lord every day.

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How do I get to the church of communion Elden Ring?

How to get to the Church of Dragon Communion in Elden Ring – The Church of Dragon Communion is located in Limgrave, the first open area you emerge into after completing Elden Ring’s tutorial section. Getting there is relatively straightforward, although to describe it as “easy” would be pushing it slightly. Elden Ring How To Get To Consecrated Ground The beach is a long way down and, like most things, the fall will kill you, so you’re going to have to make the trek the long way: following the path north-west in the complete opposite direction from your eventual destination, until you find a more gentle gradient you can scramble down to get to the sandy coast.

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to drop by the Church of Elleh on the way and part with 200 Runes in exchange for a torch from merchant Kalé’s stock. Leave the church and continue north-west until you can make your way down to the beach, then start following the coast back south in the direction of the island.

You might be tempted to see if you can swim it at this point — it looks pretty close to the mainland, you might reason. You could probably walk that at low tide. Guess what happens if you try? That’s right: death. The actual way to gain access to the island is to enter the cave that’s just helpfully popped up on the map. Elden Ring How To Get To Consecrated Ground This is the Coastal Cave, one of the earliest cave-type dungeons you can find in Elden Ring. This is why you needed that torch so badly. Make your way through the Coastal Cave and defeat a pair of Demi-Human Chiefs and their numerous minions to clear the path to your destination. Elden Ring How To Get To Consecrated Ground The island spawns a number of flora and fungi that are useful as crafting ingredients, so by all means take a few minutes to catch your breath and pick some Erdleaf Flowers and Tarnished Golden Sunflowers, and gather up as many Mushrooms, Rowa Fruits, and Herbas as you can fit in your pockets. Elden Ring How To Get To Consecrated Ground
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