Elden Ring What To Do After Rykard?


Elden Ring What To Do After Rykard
After Rykard is defeated, Elden Ring players have a handful of new things to do. Beating the Lord of Blasphemy is only the beginning. Elden Ring What To Do After Rykard After beating a major boss Elden Ring players are often presented with new paths to take and options to consider. For example, downing Godrick in Stormveil Castle leads players to Liurnia of the Lakes, and from here players can get all the way to the Altus Plateau and Mount Gelmir by bypassing the Dectus Lift.
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What to do with Tanith after killing Rykard?

After Slaying Rykard – When you’ve beaten Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, you’ll receive Rykard’s Great Rune and Remembrance of the Blasphemous, Speak to Tanith again and she’ll say that Rykard was weak, and that she is planning to leave the Volcano Manor.

  • If you rest at a Site of Grace, Tanith (as well as all other NPCs) will be gone from the Volcano Manor.
  • Return to Rykard’s chamber, and you’ll find Tanith crouched over Rykard’s corpse.
  • As you approach, it will become apparent that she is eating his remains.
  • NOTE: At the end of the Patches Questline, Patches will give you Dancer’s Castanets to take to Tanith.

You can choose to give these to her when she is eating Rykard’s corpse, although you receive no special items for doing so. advertisement At this point, you can leave Tanith to her meal or choose to put her out of her misery. While she will die in a single hit, her Knight will invade you immediately and silently, so be prepared to turn around and do battle with a defector Crucible Knight,
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What happens if you kill Rykard Lord of Blasphemy?

Rykard, Lord Of Blasphemy Overview –

Rykard, Lord Of Blasphemy Overview
Location Volcano Manor, Mt. Gelmir
Optional Yes
Summons Spirit Ashes and Players

Rykard’s Great Rune Remembrance of the Blasphemous

Weak To Serpent-Hunter

The boss is located inside the Volcano Manor in Atlas Plateau, He’s one of the Shardbearers of the Elden Ring and is considered an optional boss. Not facing him in the game will not change the plot in any way. You can spawn any Spirit Ash or online players to help you in this fight. Defeating the boss will get you his Great Rune as well as his Remembrance, which you can trade in with Finger Reader Enia at the Roundtable for a weapon or Sorcery. The boss is massively weak to Serpent-Hunter ( Weapon ). This is one of the fights in the game with two proper phases. In the first phase, you will take on God-Devouring Serpent, After depleting all of its health, Rykard will show his face and declare to devour the very gods. Return to Quick Links
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Can you finish RYAS quest after killing Rykard?

Finish Up Volcano Manor, Then Head To Leyndell (or Beyond) – Elden Ring What To Do After Rykard After beating Rykard players can no longer progress the Volcano Manor questline, but this implies that they did not finish the questline to reach Rykard in the first place. The Volcano Manor questline rewards players with a variety of neat armor sets, but as soon as their Lord is killed, the Letters from the Manor dry up entirely.

For this reason, be sure to finish all of Volcano Manor’s requests before taking on Rykard by taking the teleporter deep into the Legacy Dungeon. If you finished the Volcano Manor questline and didn’t break out into the rest of the Volcano Manor, you can teleport directly to Rykard. However, there are a lot of things in and around Volcano Manor that make it worth checking out the Legacy Dungeon.

To enter this area, break an invisible wall in one of the side rooms of the manor hall and continue to the Prison Town Site of Grace, the first in the larger area. If you have already cleared Volcano Manor entirely, then beating Rykard only really leaves one path forward: Leyndell.
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Should I kill Tanith after Rykard?

Elden Ring: Should You Kill Tanith? – For all intents and purposes, this is the end of Tanith’s quest in Elden Ring and players can safely ignore her without worrying about it having any kind of impact on the ending. However, some Elden Ring players may want to know if there’s any benefit to killing Tanith.

As it so happens, Elden Ring players can kill Tanith to get some rewards, and since it doesn’t really have an impact on what ending they’ll get, there aren’t any serious consequences. If players choose to kill Tanith, they can then loot her body and face off against Tanith’s Knight. Tanith’s Knight will attack in the style of an Elden Ring Invasion, which is rather fitting if one considers the quests that Tanith had players complete.

After killing Tanith and her knight, players can get the Consort’s Set and Aspect of the Crucible: Breath items. Of course, those who aren’t interested in these can simply leave Tanith be while she eats Rykard’s head. Elden Ring is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.
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Can you do Diallo’s quest after Rykard?

Find Diallos at Volcano Manor – Note: You won’t be able to complete the Diallos quest if you defeat Rykard at Mt Gelmir early. Doing so causes everyone to leave Volcano Manor. Now you should continue exploring the Lands Between until you reach Mt. Gelmir and access Volcano Manor.

You’ll need to join the Recusants to access the room where Diallos resides. Once Tannith hands over the Drawing Room Key, use it to access the room down the corridor on your left. It’s the same room where you find the Volcano Manor letters on the table and Bernahl (opens in new tab) is sitting close by.

Diallos can be found leaning against a wall, so talk to him and exhaust his dialogue. To continue the quest further, you should progress through the Volcano Manor questline. Return to Diallos and speak to him whenever you complete a contract, and he will eventually leave.
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Does Tanith ever finish eating Rykard?

Tanith Questline: How to complete Tanith’s Quest –

When asked if you would like to join the Volcano Manor family, say yes and she will give you the Drawing-Room Key, This will allow you to access the other dorms and meet the other NPCs in the area. Once you enter the room with Rya, there will be a Letter from Volcano Manor left on the table for you along with a Recusant Finger, Read the note and return to Tanith where she will tell you to assassinate Old Knight Istvan,

In order to assassinate Istvan, you will need to invade him back in Stormhill, next to the Divine Bridge.

Return to Tanith and you’ll be rewarded with Magma Shot, Reload. In the room with Knight Bernahl (second/third left door in hallway) will be a Letter from Volcano Manor on the table for you. Read the note and then assassinate Rileigh the Idle in Altus Plateau,

Note: If you have defeated Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy before returning, the reward will appear on the table on the same spot as the letters.

Once you have completed her assassination quests, she will ask if you would like to meet their lord. Accepting her request takes you directly to a site of grace immediately before the boss Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, Once you have defeated Rykard, return to Tanith and speak to her once more.

Once Tanith has disappeared from Volcano Manor, you will find her back in Rykard’s boss area feasting on his corpse. At this stage you can give her Dancer’s Castanets that you receive from Patches at the Shaded Castle, although this doesn’t seem to any known effect. She can be killed. Doing so causes Tanith’s Knight to invade you.

Upon defeat he will drop Aspect of the Crucible: Breath and Tanith’s attire, Consort’s Set, will be found where she left;

Note: It is unconfirmed whether this is her final destination. Reports have shown she will still be eating Rykard’s corpse at the end of the game. Receiving the Dancer’s Castanets from Patches will not continue her quest after Rykard is defeated.

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Does Rya disappear after killing Rykard?

Rya Questline: How to complete Rya’s Quest –

  1. First meet her at Liurnia of the Lakes under the pavilion next to the Birdseye Telescope north of Laskyar ruins. Exhausting her dialogue she will ask you to retrieve a necklace from someone who stole it.
  2. Head north west from the pavilion until you reach the Boilprawn Shack and its Site of Grace.
  3. Speak to the thief there, Blackguard Big Boggart, who will offer to sell Rya’s Necklace back to you for 1000 runes. Alternatively, you can kill him and it will drop.
    • NOTE : Killing Boggart here will lock you out of being able to complete his quest later
  4. Return the necklace to her and she will reward you with a Volcano Manor Invitation,She will also tell you about the two main ways to reach Altus Plateau,
  5. When reaching Altus Plateau, you can talk to Rya, and she will teleport you inside Volcano Manor, Depending on which route you took to first reach the plateau, she can be found at one of two locations:
    • the lower part of Lux Ruins, up the stairs from the Erdtree-Gazing Hill site of grace, if you went through the Ruin-Strewn Precipice first
    • the top of Grand Lift of Dectus, to the left of the top of the stairs leaving the lift platform, if you used the lift first
    • NOTE : If she does not appear at either of these locations, try teleporting to the Grand Lift and riding it to the top again to trigger her spawn.
    • NOTE: You can reach Leyndell, Royal Capital through Fia’s questline, If done so, Rya won’t appear at either of these locations.
  6. After joining Volcano Manor and completing the first part of Tanith questline (i.e., assassination of Old Knight Istvan ) she will move to a different room in the manor and appear in her snake form. Speaking to her during her snake form will progress the questline.
    • NOTE: If you do all contracts in the Volcano Manor, to the point where you get ported to Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy from Tanith, she will no longer have dialogue related to Rya and you will be unable to pursue her optional objectives in this questline.
  7. Complete the second part of Tanith questline: assassination of Rileigh the Idle
  8. She will be in human form in the same room where she was seen in her snake form. she complains about hearing noises in the adjacent room: a clue to the secret passage therein. She asks you to investigate. To proceed in the questline, enter the illusory wall in the room right of hers and reach the grace in Prison Town Church. Return to Zorayas and tell her what you have seen to continue.
    • NOTE : You must open the doors leaving Prison Town Church to continue in the questline.
  9. (OPTIONAL) Speak to Lady Tanith and choose the “Zorayas’ troubles” option.
  10. Defeat Godskin Noble in the Temple of Eiglay to get the Serpent’s Amnion,
  11. Give the Serpent’s Amnion to Zorayas and she will disappear from the manor once you rest at the grace.
  12. (OPTIONAL – But crucial, see step #13 below) Speaking to Lady Tanith will have the new option “Zorayas’ absence”. She will give a Tonic of Forgetfulness to give to the upset Zorayas.
  13. Zorayas has moved to the Legacy Dungeon’s interior, in a small room adjacent to a lava pit filled with cages and skulls, just before a rope ladder. If you have fully unlocked the area, you can reach it by taking the wooden elevator next to the Temple of Eiglay, getting off at a hidden doorway just below the lift’s highest point, and heading straight through the room, out a window, and jump across a lava floe. She is inside the room directly across.
    1. If the elevator is not yet active, you can reach the lava floe (or unlock the elevator) by jumping off the balcony of the top floor of Temple of Eiglay.
      • To clarify – take the lift within the Temple of Eiglay (SE of the grace) up and go out through the door to reach the balcony. Jump down to the lava pit with slugs that leads to a rocky bridge you need to jump off, and then climb up the path afterwards. Hop across the lava to find a window on the left, but be ready for the Iron Virgin waiting behind the corner. Once inside there’s a door to the right which leads to a bridge with a man-serpent – go passed him, the stairs, and then down the hall a bit to find a ladder in one of the windows to your left. You will find Rya in a small alcove at the bottom of it.
    2. You can also reach this room by taking the wooden elevator to the top, going straight ahead toward the man-serpent with the lava sword, and jumping out the windows on the left.
      • To clarify – Turn NW from the Temple of Eiglay grace to find the door which leads to the lift if you have access. Right before it reaches the top there is a door leading to an open room with an enemy inside where you will find a window to jump out of. Straight across is Rya’s alcove.
  14. In her new location, the player is given a choice between three actions:.
    1. If you kill her, she will transform back into a snake and drop Daedicar’s Woe,
    2. If you leave her alive and return after killing Rykard, she will have new dialogue. When you reset the area, she is gone and has left Daedicar’s Woe and Zorayas’ Letter in her place.
    3. If you give her the Tonic of Forgetfulness, she simply goes to sleep. After Rykard is killed and the Manor’s inhabitants have all left, she will return to her original location in the Manor. Exhaust her dialogue and reload the area to find Daedicar’s Woe in her place.
  15. If you get to Volcano Manor and complete her snake form questline before talking to Blackguard Big Boggart, the necklace won’t trigger anything, so there is no reason to kill him for it(It is requested for his questline to buy it).
  16. If you kill Rykard before speaking to Rya in her room inside the dungeon, it appears that she will disappear from the manor.

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What weapon is best vs Rykard?

Getting To Rykard – There are two primary ways to do this. The first is to make your way to Volcano Manor from Mt. Gelmir and then proceed to accept and complete a series of assassination missions given to you by Tanith. After those missions are complete, Tanith will ask if you would like to see the Lord of Blasphemy himself.

  1. Accepting her offer will teleport you directly outside Rykard’s boss room.
  2. The second method is to fight your way through Volcano Manor proper.
  3. To do this, you’ll first need to talk to Tanith inside Volcano Manor, accept her offer, and receive the Drawing-Room key.
  4. Inside one of the doors unlocked by the key is an illusory wall in the back right corner.

From there, keep fighting your way forward. You’ll eventually have to engage in a boss battle against a Godskin Noble. After that, continue making your way through the manor until you reach the mist gate leading to Rykard’s boss room. Right inside the boss room door will be a corpse with an item.
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Why does Tanith eat Rykard?

Lady Tanith’s consumption of Rykard seems to be an attempt at resurrecting the slain Shardbearer.
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Where is Rya after killing Tanith?

Finding Rya At Altus Plateau – Elden Ring What To Do After Rykard There are many ways to reach Altus Plateau – heck, you could make it there before you cross swords with Margit if you know the way. The most straightforward method, however, is to just ride the Grand Lift Of Dectus, Once you’ve made it to the Altus Plateau, kill or avoid the fire giants and head north,
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Can you get Tanith Knights armor?

The Consort’s Set of armor is incredibly strong against magic and elemental attacks in Elden Ring, though it has poor physical defensive stats. Elden Ring What To Do After Rykard The Consort armor is a unique three-piece set in Elden Ring that has some fantastic overall defensive stats in terms of magic resistance and is extremely light in weight, though it severely lacks any resistance against physical attacks. While most armor sets consist of a helmet, chest piece, gauntlets, and greaves in Elden Ring, the Consort’s Set lacks a gauntlet piece.

  • This allows players to equip the gauntlet armor of their choice to make up for the abysmal physical damage negation and extremely low poise stat.
  • Conversely, the Consort Set has magic, fire, lightning, and holy resistances in the mid-twenties, and its vitality and focus stats are even higher than the Bull-Goat armor set in Elden Ring with 137 and 147 values, respectively.

It’s definitely one of the better armor sets to use against enemies who primarily elemental and magic damage, but players will want to steer clear of any physically strong opponents. There’s only one way to get the Consort’s Set of armor in Elden Ring, as the armor is worn by Lady Tanith up until the death of her and her Crucible Knight.

  • Lady Tanith is the head of the Volcano Manor in Elden Ring, and players can align themselves with her and her faction to receive assassination missions and access to new NPCs.
  • Lady Tanith will ask players to join her and her forces against the Fingers in Elden Ring, and they’ll need to in order to receive the Drawing-Room Key.

With this key, players can meet other characters in Volcano Manor, including a Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy. Before acquiring the Consort’s Set of armor, the Tarnished will need to defeat this Demigod Boss in the Volcano Manor Legacy Dungeon.
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Do I give Rya the serpent’s amnion?

Use – The Serpent’s Amnion may be given to Rya as part of her questline. After completing at least two of the assassination quests for Volcano Manor, Rya will comment that she has heard noises and asks the Tarnished to investigate. Rya will later appear near the temple and speak of her plans to leave the manor.
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What happens if I give Tanith the dancers castanets?

What do you do after giving Tanith the Dancer’s Castanets? – If players meet Patches at Shaded Castle, he’ll ask them to give Tanith the Dancer’s Castanets to snap her out of her malaise. Her armor set explains that before she met Rykard, she was a dancer: “Long ago, when Rykard first set eyes on Tanith, she was working as a dancer in a foreign land. Soon, he made her his consort.

  1. She was the only human to remain by his side when he became the serpent of blasphemy.
  2. In that moment, Tanith was truly charmed by him.”
  3. Unfortunately, giving her the castanets only produces one line from her:
  4. “What is it?
  5. I have no need of that.
  6. I must continue devouring my beloved lord”

After that, she continues to repeat the dialog she had previously. It seems like this might be the end for her as no further dialog has been found for her. Perhaps she’ll play a part in a future DLC, or her final fate is to try to resurrect Rykard by devouring his remains futilely. : Elden Ring Tanith After Volcano Manor: What Do You Do After Giving Her the Dancer’s Castanets?
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What happens if you tell Lady Tanith?

After Defeating The Godskin Noble – Elden Ring What To Do After Rykard The next quest progression trigger doesn’t have anything to do with assassinations (yet) but instead requires you to explore Mt. Gelmir, You will have to defeat the Godskin Noble boss who resides in the Temple Of Eiglay, On an altar at the back of the Temple, you can find the Serpent’s Amnion,

Once you have the Serpent’s Amnion, complete Lady Tanith’s second assassination mission and return to Rya/Zoraya, You will have the option to reveal the truth about Volcano Manor to her. Speak to Lady Tanith about Rya/Zoraya and immediately rest the nearby Site Of Grace, Speak to Lady Tanith again, and she will reveal that Rya/Zoraya has gone missing,

She will hand you the Tonic Of Forgetfulness and you give it to Rya/Zoraya.
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