Elden Ring Where To Sell Weapons?


Elden Ring Where To Sell Weapons
You can sell to just about any vendor in the game. should be a sell option when you talk to them some shops have a sell option (I believe that Hewg in Roundtable Hold has it), it’s an option in the menu seperate from buying~ only certain vendors will have the option “sell” but me personally i don’t see equipment like armor or weapons. plenty of room in the storage chest. The blacksmith in roundtable hold has the sell option aswel as many traveling merchants. Press R1,L1 to swap tabs. The sell menu does NOT have an “All” category like there is when you are buying items. Originally posted by Math : is there a way to sell your old equipment? chain mail helm, chest, swords, etc? I don’t see a way to access those slots in the trade screen. scroll through the different windows. One of them will be all just boots, another will be all torso pieces, etc. I think for controllers its the bumper buttons the only options I have in the sell menu are tools, ashes, crafting materials, bolstering materials and key items. The only option on this one vendor I’m standing at is “sell” there’s nothing like “sell equipment” or anything. I’m at Smithing Master Hewn. my bad, I assumed the Z & X buttons were to scroll through the tabs on the screen. I see now that there are others off screen. u can sell them to the troll smith in roundtable only certain vendors will have the option “sell” but me personally i don’t see equipment like armor or weapons. plenty of room in the storage chest. It gets annoying though when you farm a specific thing like for example the Godrick soldier’s hammer and end up with 3x surcoats and 5x helmets. I know I’m a bit late in the discussion, but just discovered that if you’re at the merchant (I’m with the one at the church), for PC, press the Z tab on the top left of the sell window. It brings up the equipment selling menu. Last edited by LauraLAX ; 9 Jan @ 4:22am If i where you, i would keep at least 2 of every weapon and chest armors. You can sell the hand and leg armor dublicates without worring about anything. But you maybe want to dual wield some weapons later or want to have alternative chest pieces for switching. Trust me, weapon or armor farming is not funny, so think about what you sell, just saying 😉 It’s surprising how old armor often fits in the poise/load/style minigame sometimes. It’s surprising how old armor often fits in the poise/load/style minigame sometimes. Yeah thats true, i play that game frequently, i really have become a fashion souls player with Elden Ring xD Yes you can sell armor/talismans/weapons to various NPCs. Specially master Hegh, he will be always there for yoooouuuu. Anyways you should do it because eventually you can run out of space EVERYWHERE (grace chest included). Trust me.you dont want to end like that.
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Where can you sell items in Elden Ring?

Gameflip is the simplest way to sell Elden Ring items, whether you no longer want it or just need some cash. You can sell any in-game items on Gameflip that you can transfer to the buyer’s game account, except for Prohibited Items, Whether it’s a cosmetic skin or a rare item, you can sell them all on Gameflip.

  1. Simply list your Elden Ring items using our website or our free mobile app.
  2. Choose code auto delivery, coordinate transfer, or Bot delivery if applicable.
  3. With coordinate transfer, arrange with the buyer to send the item to the buyer account when the item is sold.
  4. After the buyer receives your item and completes the transaction by rating, the sale proceeds are immediately deposited into your Gameflip wallet.

You can choose to withdraw your sale proceeds any time or spend it on building your next collection. Still have more questions? Visit our help center Elden Ring is an action RPG from the creators of Dark Souls with fantasy elements in collaboration with novelist George R.R.
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Can you buy back items you sell Elden Ring?

You’re in luck! After you sell an item to a shop NPC, a new tab labeled Buy Back will appear in their store menu. You will be able to purchase the item back from the shop NPC, but only until you log out of the game.
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What to do with items in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring: How to Use Pouch Items – After assigning items to the pouch Elden Ring players can use them by pressing the Interact button (Y or Triangle) and the d-pad input for one of the slots at the same time. As you hold down the Interact button, the bottom left menu shows your pouch slots instead of equipped Quick Items and armaments.

This allows the Pouch to essentially function as a quick-select wheel, though remember that the bottom two slots in the six-slot pouch do not show up here and must be used directly from the menu. The difference here is that Quick Items are the 10 items that players can swap between using the down directional input, and are used by pressing X or Square.

Only one can be accessed at a time, meaning you have to flip between equipped items to use them. Elden Ring pouch items, on the other hand, can be accessed at the same time by holding the Interact button, making them much faster to use. Generally it’s best to keep the Quick Items bar free except for Flasks for ease of swapping in the heat of combat, and use the pouch for consumables and other items.
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How do I drop items for trade Elden Ring?

How to give weapons and armor as a gift to a friend –

Step 1 | Create a private game: to do this you only have to set a password to ensure that you are paired up in the same session. You can do this in any area of the game that allows summoning. If you don’t want to waste time, it’s as simple as teleporting to the first Site of Grace that you activate when you first exit Limgrave after the tutorial.Step 2 | Enter the inventory and drop items: once you are in your friend’s world (or he is in yours), you just have to access your weapons and armor catalog, select the one you want to give and choose the “drop” option. You will drop it on the ground and your friend will see a huge glowing orange object in the shape of a shield and a sword. As soon as he picks it up it will be theirs. This is a very useful way for someone who has advanced in the game to give another user an upgraded weapon that will surely help them.

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Can you exchange weapons in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Player Trade Guide – Items and equipment that can be traded :

Weapons (another player needs to own any weapon of same level or below in the inventory to see the drop) Armor Runes Consumables Starlight Shards Crafting materials Ashes of war Talismans

Items and equipment that cannot be traded :

Key Items Upgrade Materials Great Runes Remembrances Rune Arcs Spirit Ashes Crystal Tears Magic Spells

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Is it worth killing merchants in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring: Should You Kill the Merchants – To put things simply, there is no apparent negative consequence for killing the game’s merchants. In fact, there is a very compelling reason to slay them, and that is that each one drops a Bell Bearing when dispatched. Elden Ring Where To Sell Weapons Despite the convenience that killing the merchants in Elden Ring offers, some players may still be uncomfortable with executing them. For those fans that are indeed on the fence, a bit more information about the merchants may be helpful, as the lore that surrounds them may serve to inform the decision.

Here is that information, which has been pulled from the Nomadic Merchant’s Armor Set, and players that want to discover this lore in-game are advised to stop reading now: These merchants once thrived as the Great Caravan, but after being accused of heretical beliefs, their entire clan was rounded up and buried alive far underground.

Then, they chanted a curse of despair, and summoned the flame of frenzy. One final point that may be worth mentioning is that Merchant Kale, who is located in the Church of Elleh in Limgrave, does a play a role in the beginning of Blaidd’s questline in Elden Ring,

  • However, dispatching the vendor will not prevent players from seeing that story to its conclusion, as he will drop the item that is relevant to the questline when slain.
  • Additionally, fans should not be too worried if they do not receive the item upon killing Kale, as they can still pickup Blaidd’s thread later in the game.
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Elden Ring is available now for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series X|S. MORE: Complete Guide To Elden Ring: Weapons, Items, Tips, Tricks, Bosses, & Builds
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Is it worth killing the merchants in Elden Ring?

There is no good reason not to do this. You can kill all merchants to have all their stuff at the Twin Maidens. I do it in all my playthrough and I always was able to finish the game. And like that no forth and back to those merchants in the map.
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Can you sell key items Elden Ring?

Edit: There’s no buyback feature right now. A lot of good gear can be dropped from enemies so you can beat the game with those and get lost items in NG+. Also, you can trade items with other players so maybe ask a friend that doesn’t use the same build.)
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Where is selling in Limgrave?

How to start Sellen’s quest – You first meet Sorcerer Sellen at the Waypoint Ruins (opens in new tab) in Limgrave. She’s located in the cellar there and you can access her room once you’ve defeated the Mad Pumpkin Head boss inside. Locate the door at the back of the cellar to find Sellen.

  1. Sellen will ask if you want to study under her and if you say yes, will sell Elden Ring sorceries and receive sorcery manuscripts.
  2. You need to accept this if you want to start her main quest.
  3. You need to progress a lot further into the game to trigger the next part of this quest.
  4. You should also make sure you’ve beaten the main boss of the Raya Lucaria Academy, Rennala.

You need to head to the Hermit Village in Mt. Gelmir. To get here, head to the west side of the Altus Plateau, past the Wyndham Ruins, and look for the Seethewater River site of grace. Keep heading along the river, past the fort, and past the lava pool with Magma Wyrm boss.
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Can I sell my runes Elden Ring?

How To Sell Golden Runes – Now technically, this was a system in Dark Souls 3 as well, but, with the larger amount of Golden Runes spread like glitter across the Lands Between, this system comes in handy a bit more often in Elden Ring, All this trick requires is any one of the NPC Merchants in the game that have a “Sell” option.
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