How Many Hours Is God Of War?


How Many Hours Is God Of War
32 Hours –

His vengeance against the Gods of Olympus years behind him, Kratos now lives as a man in the realm of Norse Gods and monsters. It is in this harsh, unforgiving world that he must fight to survive and teach his son to do the same. When focusing on the main objectives, God of War is about 20½ Hours in length.
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How many hours is God of War 4?

How many hours is God of War Ragnarök? – It should take you over 20 hours to finish the story in God of War Ragnarök. That’s the time it should take you if you focus on and steamroll your way through the story, ignoring side quests and not pausing to take in the sights, sounds, and smells of Kratos’ latest adventure.

  • According to How Long To Beat, focussing on just the story takes players an average of 21.5 hours to complete.
  • As stated above, this is if you focus solely on the story and don’t take your time to absorb everything.
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You can unsubscribe at any time. If you are one to take your time, however, and complete a few side quests on the way toward finishing the story, it should take you around 25.5 hours to beat Ragnarök. Those looking to 100 per cent complete the game and earn its Platinum trophy, meanwhile, are looking at a staggering 53.5 hours to do it all.

The above times are based on player averages filled in on How Long To Beat. You may find that the time it takes you to complete the game varies wildly from someone else’s play-through. It’s not one to complete in a weekend, at least. Sony and Santa Monica Studio have crafted quite a hefty action game. It’s comparative in length to the 2018 God of War, but it is certainly bigger, taking on average at least an hour or two more to complete than the previous game.

God of War Ragnarök is the longest game in the series to date and a bit of a beast.
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Is God of War Ragnarök longer?

How long does God of War Ragnarok take to finish? – How Many Hours Is God Of War We’ll start off with the most streamlined approach to God of War Ragnarok, If you simply focused on the story, ignoring or doing very little side content, it should take you somewhere between 20 and 25 hours. This, on average, puts it just a couple hours over what most people ended up putting into the 2018 game.

  • However, you may want to assume it will be closer to the 25-hour mark if you play on normal, or especially any difficulty level above that.
  • God of War Ragnarok is a bit harder than its predecessor, so you may end up retrying some battles here and there.
  • Playing on the easiest mode, obviously, will let you bring that time down just a bit.

While the main story isn’t drastically longer than the first game, the amount and scale of side content certainly is. Doing just the major side quests could bring your total up to 30 to 35 hours easily.
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Is God of War 4 open world?

Development – Development on the next God of War began in 2014. This was confirmed by Santa Monica Studio ‘s creative director Cory Barlog at the first annual PlayStation Experience on December 6 that year, where Barlog said the game was in very early development, and that it would not be a prequel, but possibly a reboot.

  1. In April 2016, concept art was leaked that showed images of Kratos in the world of Norse mythology, a concept originally considered by series creator David Jaffe after Kratos eliminated the Greek gods.
  2. The game’s official announcement came at the 2016 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) with a gameplay demo that confirmed the setting.

The demo showed a fully bearded Kratos teaching his son how to hunt. The pair also battled a troll, The end of the demo showed the title God of War and confirmed it was in development for the PlayStation 4 (PS4). The E3 announcement also confirmed that Barlog had returned to the series as game director for the new installment.

Since the original 2005 game, Barlog has been a major contributor in the development of the series, previously most notably as the director of God of War II (2007); this new installment was his fifth God of War game. Barlog said the game was titled God of War with no numeral or subtitle because, although it was a continuation of the series, “we,

everything.” Head of Santa Monica Studio, Shannon Studstill, and Barlog said that Sony Interactive Entertainment had to be convinced to do another God of War game as many people at Sony wanted the series to “sleep and rest” due to the lackluster response to the previous game, Ascension,

In explaining why Barlog was brought back, Studstill said he knew the series very well, “and bringing in someone that understands that history is the respect the franchise deserves.” Barlog responded, “You gotta know the rules to break the rules.” Series creator David Jaffe was also considered but was unavailable.

In explaining the transition from Greek mythology to Norse mythology, Barlog said: “It’s kind of this BC–AD change over kind of thing. We’re moving and starting from zero and kind of moving forward on that.” In adapting the Norse myths, Barlog said there were so many different translations and interpretations, and the writing team read the Prose Edda to learn how the myths were translated and told.

  • Just like they did with Greek mythology in the previous games, they found ways to parallel path things from the Norse myths to fit their story.
  • Before settling on Norse mythology, Egyptian mythology was also considered.
  • Barlog said that half of the team was for it, but because Egypt has “a lot more about civilization – it’s less isolated, less barren”, he decided on the Norse setting to keep the game focused on Kratos.

Barlog explained further: “Having too much around distracts from that central theme of a stranger in a strange land.” To explain why Kratos was now in the Norse world, Barlog said that different cultures’ belief systems coexisted, but they were “separated by geography”, suggesting that Kratos traveled from Greece to Norway ( Scandinavia ) after the conclusion of God of War III,

Clarifying the conclusion of that game, Barlog said Kratos did not destroy what was believed to be the entire world, but only the portion ruled over by the Greek pantheon. Barlog said the new game predates the Vikings as it takes place in the time when their gods walked the Earth. Most of the development team that worked on the original God of War worked on the new installment.

They claimed they matched the new gameplay with the same level of accessibility as the previous installments. It was confirmed that the game would not feature any morality system or branching story; all players have the same story experience. The developers also confirmed that some of the more controversial mini-games found in previous entries (such as the sex mini-game) would not return.

The enemy count was increased to up to 100 enemies on-screen, although this limit is never approached; God of War III and Ascension had up to 50. Some gameplay characteristics such as jumping, swimming, and instant-death platforming challenges found in the previous installments were cut because of the camera being closer to Kratos.

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Although the previous installment, Ascension, introduced multiplayer to the series, the team decided to drop it and focus on the single-player experience. In changing the gameplay, Studstill said, “I felt like, in order to reinvent, we really needed to turn a lot of things around.” With regard to the camera change, Barlog said they wanted a more intimate and player-controlled experience.

  • The entire game was done in a single shot with no camera cuts; there are no loading screens and no fade-to-black between gameplay and cutscenes.
  • Barlog said about forty percent of the team did not originally agree with this decision due to the increased work and production to implement the feature, especially since this was the first time that a one-shot technique was being used for a three-dimensional AAA game,

This meant Barlog had no examples to show if this would work or was a good idea. After the game was finished and the team got to play through it, Barlog said they finally understood his vision and said it was a feature they should use from now on. Barlog had originally pitched the idea for a one-shot camera while he was at Crystal Dynamics working on 2013’s Tomb Raider, but he was turned down.

Sony, however, was much more supportive of Barlog’s creative ideas. Furthermore, Barlog and lead level designer Rob Davis were also influenced by the Resident Evil series, particularly Resident Evil 4 ‘ s “combination of poised camera exploration and scavenging” and Resident Evil 7 ‘ s “strong vision” from a team making “bold decisions, and actually hav the audience follow them.” Barlog noted how there was initial disagreement over the camera distance.

He wanted it close whereas the combat team wanted it further away, like the Assassin’s Creed and Batman: Arkham games; he eventually convinced the team to go with a close camera. Explaining Kratos’ axe, lead gameplay designer Jason McDonald, who had worked on the series since the original game, said the axe was chosen because they wanted a more grounded direction for the game.

  1. Initially, they were unsure how to make it unique.
  2. After they came up with the concept of throwing the axe and having it return to Kratos, “things started to fall into place.” McDonald said that combat with the axe was a little slower than with the Blades of Chaos, “but it’s just as fluid and just as brutal as it’s ever been.” Barlog took inspiration from Dark Souls (2011), which influenced the game’s combat system, particularly its gameplay loop and strategic decision-making, as well as the game’s approach to storytelling.

In addition, designers Anthony DiMento and Luis Sanchez revealed how God of War ‘ s level design and exploration were influenced by Bloodborne (2015). They wanted to “just have the world breathe a little bit” and expand upon player discovery by including “micro-loops where you’re unlocking paths, unlocking shortcuts” that gave purpose.

  1. DiMento said that a team dedicated to focusing on the game’s exploration was formed.
  2. One challenge was creating quests in a world that did not have non-playable characters outside of the core narrative.
  3. DiMento said, “I set out to create a quest giver that was light-weight, but also flexible enough to be used in multiple locations, while providing a varied suite of quest activities.” This resulted in the “wayward spirits” (ghosts with ties to the world) found throughout the game.

Having the spirits tell their stories “made feel more alive”. The developers ended up with a four-tiered system for side quests: the top tier quests were from the characters Brok and Sindri, the next level from wayward spirits, then treasure maps and artifacts, and the bottom tier were milestones, such as destroying all of Odin’s ravens.

  1. Brok and Sindri’s quests were made into dungeons while the others were used for exploration.
  2. The developers also had to find the reasons that would motivate Kratos to undertake these quests.
  3. For Brok and Sindri, it was to obtain more powerful gear, but for the wayward spirits, it was because of Atreus’ naiveté and kind-hearted nature, as well as opportunities for Kratos to teach him a lesson.

Unlike the previous games, Santa Monica did not make a demo specifically for public release. Barlog explained that doing so would have delayed the game by a couple of months. He also confirmed the game was built for the standard PlayStation 4 but would “benefit from the power” of the PlayStation 4 Pro ; an updated version of the PlayStation 4 that can render games in 4K and was released a few months after God of War was announced.

  • Players with a Pro have the option to favor resolution or favor performance when playing the game.
  • Favoring resolution runs the game in 4K with checkerboard rendering at a target frame rate of 30 frames per second (fps), while the performance option runs the game at 1080p and targets 60fps.
  • In late December 2016, Barlog confirmed the game was playable from start to finish, and later said its story would take 25–35 hours to complete.

This is significantly more than the previous four main installments, which each took an average of 10 hours to complete. A new trailer was shown at E3 2017, featuring new gameplay, cinematics, and characters. In it, Kratos was shown using a shield that he could use offensively and defensively.

At one point, Kratos finds a Greek vase with himself on it, wielding his infamous double-chained blades. During the trailer, an unnamed woman warned Kratos about the Norse gods, as they knew what he did to the Greek gods, while a pair of wolves were also shown. The trailer ended with Kratos and Atreus encountering the World Serpent.

Atreus was able to translate what it said, which was that it wanted to help the pair. It was confirmed that the game would release in early 2018. Until the game’s launch, Santa Monica included a section on the God of War website titled “The Lost Pages”, detailing some of the lore of God of War ‘ s Nordic world.
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How long is God of War 5?

How long to beat God of War Ragnarok – If you just stick to the main story missions, God of War Ragnarok will take you approximately 20-25 hours to finish, Naturally, there’s a lot more to see beyond that though, including several elaborate side missions that further expand on the relationships between Kratos and others in the story-we dare not spoil any here! Want us to remember this setting for all your devices? Sign up or Sign in now! Please use a html5 video capable browser to watch videos.

This video has an invalid file format. Sorry, but you can’t access this content! Now Playing: God of War Ragnarok Review For a typical playthrough that consists of playing the story and some but not all side missions, you’d be looking at something more like 25-35 hours, For the completionist, someone seeking to fully complete every major and minor task in the game, you’d be looking at something like 50-60+ hours,

To that end, we also have a Platinum guide with all Trophies listed to help you plan ahead so you can earn the Platinum Trophy. Below we’ll break down how all that content shakes out, but the chapter titles may be more revealing that you’d want to know in advance too, so while we’ve omitted the names of the chapters for now, take note that the below section may still be considered a spoiler simply because it quantifies the game’s breadth of content in a way that demystifies it.
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Does Kratos stop Ragnarok?

God Of War Ragnarok’s Ending, And The Future Of The Franchise God of War Ragnarok Sony Alright, I’ve waited long enough. It’s time to talk about the ending of, and what it means for the future of the franchise. Obviously, this is going to be a spoiler-heavy discussion, so you should turn back now if you haven’t finished the game, though really, you should not have clicked on this article in the first place.

Ready? Okay. The ending of God of War Ragnarok concludes the end of the Norse saga in that yes, Ragnarok does in fact come, Asgard is destroyed and characters like Odin and Thor are dead, albeit not butchered by Kratos like the Greek pantheon were. Thor is killed by Odin for disobeying his orders. Odin’s soul is trapped by Kratos, Freya and Atreus in a frenetic final battle, but ultimately destroyed by Sindri, taking revenge for the death of Brok when Odin was posing as Tyr.

From here, Atreus tells Kratos that he needs to go on a giant-finding quest all by himself, and that leaves Kratos to travel with Freya and Mimir in the post-game section. There are minor plot developments that happen here, wrapping up some lose ends.

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You can find Thrud picking up the hammer of Thor, and jetting off into the sky to start wielding it herself. You will locate the real Tyr in an icy prison. You’ll fight and kill a new Valkyrie queen. There’s a funeral for Brok, which is the mission that triggers the full end credits of the game. Atreus SSM But what the ending of the game does not do is definitively tell us where Kratos is going next after the Norse duology.

The only indication of the future we get out of the entire ending is Kratos discovering a giant prophecy that shows him being worshipped as a god, tying into an earlier conversation he had with Odin about whether, as a god, anyone had actually ever worshipped him, actually loved him.

The answer is no, of course, given that Kratos’ time spent as the God of War was just murdering his way through every god and titan in Greece and Olympus. What’s not clear is what exactly this means. Is Kratos meant to take Odin’s place as the main god of the Norse realm? Or is the giant prophecy showing some vision where he’s meant to be worshipped somewhere else? There is a general “Assassin’s Creed” style idea that Kratos will now start hopping around different pantheons of gods, with perhaps ancient Egypt being the next logical choice for him to land.

Though I do wonder if there could be some sort of story in trying to rebuild what he helped destroy in his own, home realm. Restoring Olympus somehow. And maybe not all Norse characters need to be left behind. Ragnarok SSM What’s the least clear to me is what’s going to happen with Atreus/Loki, who if I didn’t know any better, would seem to be heading out to his own spin-off game or DLC.

  • But I don’t think that’s happening, and while I would expect Atreus to return in whatever next God of War game exists, my guess it would be a fully grown, god version, and he’d no longer function as Kratos’ little arrow buddy.
  • It is clear there is really nothing left to extract from the Norse storyline after Ragnarok.

Perhaps the restoration of the giants, but that’s it. It does seem like Kratos will need to move on, and given how massively well this game has performed, you can bet that no, this is certainly not the end for the character, even if it may not be the worst ending point for his arc.

Still, there are not any specific cliffhangers to tell use where to go next, only the general knowledge that other realms exist he can leap to. Egypt seems a little too obvious, and we’ll have to wait and see if Sony Santa Monica will surprise us from here. But don’t expect anything official for a long while.

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Is Gow Ragnarok harder than God of War?

God of War Ragnarok Difficulty Settings – How Many Hours Is God Of War Difficulty Settings menu God of War: Ragnarok offers 5 difficulty settings which are mostly similar to the 2018 GOW. According to most community reviews, God of War 4 was tougher than Ragnarok especially on the Give Me God of War difficulty, but it’s still fairly hard to play.
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Is God of War a hard game?

What difficulty level should you choose for God of War Ragnarök? is a, no matter what difficulty option you choose. There are a wide variety of different challenges to complete, optional side-missions and goodies to collect. And let’s not count out the main story mode, which is teeming with boss fights that might make you tear your hair out. How Many Hours Is God Of War Kratos and son Atreus stand back to back. Atreus is poised to strike with his bow raised and Kratos is looking behind him ready to pounce on coming enemies. Sony Interactive Entertainment
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What type of God is Kratos?

Theogony – Kratos and his siblings are first mentioned in the Theogony, which was composed by the Boeotian poet Hesiod in the late eighth or early seventh century BC. Hesiod states: “And Styx the daughter of Ocean was joined to Pallas and bore Zelus (Emulation) and trim-ankled Nike (Victory) in the house.

Also she brought forth Cratos (Strength) and Bia (Force), wonderful children. These have no house apart from Zeus, nor any dwelling nor path except that wherein God leads them, but they dwell always with Zeus the loud-thunderer.” Here Kratos is merely listed as a deified abstraction with little development or explanation.

Hesiod goes on to explain that the reason why the children of Styx were allowed to dwell with Zeus was because Zeus had decreed after the Titanomachy that all those who had not held offices under Kronos would be given positions in his regime. Because Styx came to Zeus first, along with her children, Zeus honored them as among the highest members of his new regime.
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Should I play all God of War games before 4?

How Many Hours Is God Of War Image: Push Square Do you need to play old God of War games before you play God of War Ragnarok ? The God of War series is one continuous journey that follows the bloody path of Kratos, a god with a violent past. While each game is largely self-contained, there is some connective tissue that might make you wonder if you should play the previous games before jumping into the new one.

  1. As part of our God of War Ragnarok guide, we’re going to tell you whether you should play old God of Wars before getting started.
  2. It’s a slightly tricky question to answer, as it depends on how much you’re willing to invest in God of War’s overarching narrative.
  3. In our opinion, you don’t need to play previous God of War games to enjoy God of War Ragnarok, but you probably should if you want to get the most from it — God of War 2018 in particular.

Ragnarok is a direct sequel, picking up a few years after what transpires in the previous game. It doesn’t waste any time in building on the plot lines from the last adventure, introducing more characters and upping the stakes in the opening hours. While you can absolutely play Ragnarok on its own, it’s definitely “part two”; the pair of games share a lot of the same DNA and tell one epic story.

If you have the time, we’d encourage you to play God of War 2018 before you play Ragnarok so you don’t get lost. If you’d rather get stuck in, you have a couple of other options. Firstly, when you start up Ragnarok, the main menu has a recap of the events from the previous game for you to watch. It’s pretty brief, though, and doesn’t really get into the nitty gritty details.

Your second option is to check out our much more detailed God of War story recap, which not only goes over the main events of the 2018 game, but also briefly covers the Greek era games, giving you the full picture. Did you feel the need to play old God of Wars before playing God of War Ragnarok ? Tell us in the comments section below, and read our God of War Ragnarok guide for lots more.
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Is Kratos bigger in Ragnarok?

How Tall Is Kratos in God of War: Ragnarok? – Believe it or not, we actually know exactly how tall Kratos is thanks to this oddly detailed technical breakdown video from Santa Monic Studio’s Axel Grossman. Kratos is exactly six feet and four inches tall (or about 1.93 meters, if that helps) in God of War: Ragnarok,

  1. That obviously makes him quite large for a human, though it puts him on the slightly shorter side so far as the game’s gods go.
  2. It’s also worth noting that Grossman was talking about Kratos’ height in the 2018 God of War game in the video above, but unless something truly tragic happened between that game and Ragnarok that we’re currently unaware of, he should be about the same height in the sequel.

That probably sounds like a joke, but Kratos actually used to be much taller. In the earlier God of War games (the original trilogy and its spin-offs), Kratos was actually closer to 7’6″. Why the change? Well, it seems that the God of War team wanted the new Kratos’ design to better match the slightly more realistic proportions of voice actor Christopher Judge.
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What happens 100% God of War?

100% completion in God of War Ragnarok: What does it get you? – In short, hitting 100% completion across every realm in God of War Ragnarok doesn’t come with its own bonus reward, As far as we could tell from our own playthrough, no additional content opens up, no equipment is unlocked, there’s no Trophy, and there’s no post-credits scene exclusively available to those who do everything. Sony Hitting 100% completion across all realms is an achievement in itself, but don’t expect any bonus rewards just for getting there. From valuable resources to the most powerful weapon upgrades and armor pieces on offer, completing as much of Ragnarok as possible is your key to the absolute best builds.

  1. So it’s definitely still worth the effort in reaching that ultimate goal of 100% completion.
  2. Perhaps down the line, with the addition of New Game Plus, we might have more of an incentive to thoroughly clear out the entire game.
  3. Given the original game saw new rarities, upgrades, and full armor sets added through this mode, there’s every chance the same happens here in the sequel.

Article continues after ad We’ll be sure to update you here should things change in the near future with God of War Ragnarok. : What happens when you reach 100% completion in God of War Ragnarok?
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How long does it take the average person to beat God of War?

In the early days, God of War games were linear adventures. Each of those early titles funneled gamers down glorified corridors filled with enemies, punctuated by the occasional (and easily missable) side path. However, those games were focused more on spilling as much monster blood as possible over exploration.

  • The God of War reboot changed the franchise’s formula with a semi-open world, and God of War Ragnarok continues that trend with action that should keep gamers entertained for months.
  • How long does it take to actually beat the game, though? Long story (and game) short, it will take most players around 30 hours to beat God of War Ragnarok,

At the very least, it will take you about that long to see much of what the game has to offer. It took our gaming editor about 32 hours to complete the story and many of the game’s side quests the first time around on “standard” difficulty. Sites such as Forbes and Eurogamer took around the same amount of time (30 and 35 hours on default difficulty, respectively) to beat much of the game.

But what if you’re more interested in just completing the campaign over exploring every piece of side content? Well, Forbes estimates that will only require a 20-hour investment, but you will miss out on quite a few memorable encounters and rewards. Furthermore, certain boss fights and puzzles may take you longer to overcome than others, so that number could shoot up a bit if you suddenly get stuck on one of the game’s mandatory challenges.

Like the God of War reboot before it, God of War Ragnarök has plenty of post-campaign content to keep players going after the credits roll. Gamers can pick up artifacts, read stone markers, and solve puzzle chests they missed. Forbes claimed that anyone who wants to see everything Ragnarök has to offer will spend around 40-45 hours in total, while Eurogamer placed their estimate between 50 and 60 hours.

  1. Either way, anyone who sticks around for the completionist lifestyle will receive a platinum trophy.
  2. If you take those “time to beat” estimates and their many variables to heart, you’ll find that Ragnarök is just as long as 2018’s God of War (give or take a few hours).
  3. While this news might sound disappointing, 30-60 hours is more than decent, especially for an adventure as epic as God of War Ragnarök,

Moreover, most reviewer game lengths were calculated using the default game difficulty, so anyone who plays the game on lower difficulties will (probably) breeze past challenges much faster. Conversely, gamers who play on higher difficulty settings will spend more time with the title not only because enemies will soak up more damage but because all the deaths players will inevitably suffer will eventually add up.

  • For what it’s worth, Ragnarok also feels much bigger than its predecessor, both in terms of the narrative scope of the game and its structure.
  • If you want to spend dozens of hours in this game, you will have the chance to do so.
  • So while it probably won’t take you much longer to beat Ragnarok than it took you to beat 2018’s God of War, those who choose to hunt down every collectible, finish every sidequest, and play on the harder difficulty settings may find that Ragnarok at least feels like a slightly more substantial experience.

In any case, those expecting more God of War won’t be disappointed.
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How long does it take to clear God of War?

How long to beat God of War Ragnarok – If you just stick to the main story missions, God of War Ragnarok will take you approximately 20-25 hours to finish, Naturally, there’s a lot more to see beyond that though, including several elaborate side missions that further expand on the relationships between Kratos and others in the story-we dare not spoil any here! Want us to remember this setting for all your devices? Sign up or Sign in now! Please use a html5 video capable browser to watch videos.

This video has an invalid file format. Sorry, but you can’t access this content! Now Playing: God of War Ragnarok Review For a typical playthrough that consists of playing the story and some but not all side missions, you’d be looking at something more like 25-35 hours, For the completionist, someone seeking to fully complete every major and minor task in the game, you’d be looking at something like 50-60+ hours,

To that end, we also have a Platinum guide with all Trophies listed to help you plan ahead so you can earn the Platinum Trophy. Below we’ll break down how all that content shakes out, but the chapter titles may be more revealing that you’d want to know in advance too, so while we’ve omitted the names of the chapters for now, take note that the below section may still be considered a spoiler simply because it quantifies the game’s breadth of content in a way that demystifies it.
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