How Many Hours To Complete Elden Ring?


How Many Hours To Complete Elden Ring
About 55½ Hours And become the Elden Lord. When focusing on the main objectives, Elden Ring is about 55½ Hours in length. If you’re a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 133 Hours to obtain 100% completion.
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How many hours should Elden Ring take?

The Animal Crossing series is king when it comes to long games. The popular Nintendo social simulation game series is a timesink in every sense of the word. For example, it will take around 422 hours to complete everything that the latest installment, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, has to offer. How Many Hours To Complete Elden Ring For some players, Elden Ring is just a game. For this gamer, Elden Ring is a lifestyle. According to Redditor, u/JayzRebellion15, he has played Elden Ring for at least a thousand hours and he’s not even done yet. As JayzRebellion15 explains, the game has a 999-hour time limit. This means that the internal clock maxes out at 999:59:59 and the system will not recognize a second more of playtime.

In theory, JayzRebellion15 could log in another 999 hours playing Elden Ring and we would not know. I meanit’s a damn fine game if I do say so myself from Eldenring Now, because this is the internet we’re talking about, other Redditors jumped in to do some quick maths. As per the calculation of the more arithmetically-gifted gamers, the enormous playtime imputes that JayzRebellion15 has played Elden Ring for at least 7,35 hours a day since it launched.

This pretty much means that JayzRebellion15 dedicates as much time to playing Elden Ring as most people do to work. The good news is that he probably does this for a living. As JayzRebellion15 points out, he’s got a YouTube channel dedicated to Elden Ring, among others. The average Elden Ring playthrough is around 50-70 hours. Now that JayzRebellion15 has gone viral for this very specific reason, we hope that Bandai Namco and FromSoftware take notice. Just a few days ago, the publisher gave Let Me Solo Her a commemorative sword for killing Malenia over a thousand times.
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Can you finish Elden Ring in one day?

Here’s an estimate of how long it will take you to beat Elden Ring. FromSoftware’s latest adventure is one of its grandest yet. Elden Ring is an expansive open-world experience that gives players a plethora of things to do. Although it’s easier to sink plenty of hours into the experience, many players will want to know how long it will take for them to complete the game’s main story. It will take you around 40 – 50 hours to beat Elden Ring if you progress through the game at a steady pace. However, this is one of those games where your mileage may vary dramatically. Elden Ring is incredibly open-ended, allowing players to access most of its locations and bosses from a very early point in the game.

You could easily blow past the 50 hour mark without getting anywhere near the final boss. On the other hand, some players have been able to finish the game in just several hours, completely forgoing every optional boss and area of the game. Elden Ring, like most FromSoftware games, has a reputation for being difficult, which will certainly factor into how long it takes you to beat the game.

If you’re a Soulsborne veteran, you’ll probably be able to get through the game’s gauntlet of bosses a bit easier. Newcomers may find a harder learning curve. Elden Ring players are likely in for a 40 – 50 hour commitment if they intend to roll credits on the FromSoftware game, but that number could easily balloon to a much higher amount if they decide to take their time and explore all of the optional content that The Lands Between has to offer. Donovan is a young journalist from Maryland, who likes to game. His oldest gaming memory is playing Pajama Sam on his mom’s desktop during weekends. Pokémon Emerald, Halo 2, and the original Star Wars Battlefront 2 were some of the most influential titles in awakening his love for video games.
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Who has 100% Elden Ring?

A seriously dedicated Elden Ring player spends over 100 hours playing the game in order to unlock all of its achievements. How Many Hours To Complete Elden Ring Elden Ring has only been out for a week, but it’s quickly become one of the most popular games in the world. Elden Ring is smashing FromSoftware sales records and stands as one of the highest-rated video games of all time. Many fans have dumped dozens of hours into Elden Ring, but one player in particular holds the distinction of being one of the very first people to complete the game 100%.

Elden Ring player RondogeRekt shared their accomplishment on the game’s subreddit, with the post amassing thousands of upvotes. RondogeRekt provided visual evidence to back up their claim, showing that they have unlocked the Elden Ring achievement for unlocking all the other achievements in the game.

According to the achievement’s stat tracking, this is a feat that 0.00% of gamers have accomplished at this point, making RondogeRekt legitimately one of the first people in the world to do this. Even though this doesn’t take into account Elden Ring PC players or those on PlayStation, it’s still safe to say that RondogeRekt is one of the first to get 100% completion.

  • According to RondogeRekt, it took them a whopping 101 hours to achieve 100% completion in Elden Ring, reaching New Game+3 in the process.
  • RondogeRekt described Elden Ring as their favorite Souls game and thanked director Hidetaka Miyakazi and the development team at FromSoftware or making it.
  • Even though RondogeRekt has unlocked all the achievements in Elden Ring, they still plan on playing the game for years to come.

And if they’re lucky, maybe FromSoftware will make some Elden Ring DLC expansions to give them even more achievements and trophies to unlock in the game. The possibility of DLC aside, anyone hoping to unlock all the achievements and trophies in the Elden Ring base game will have a seriously challenging task ahead of them.

  • Elden Ring is notoriously difficult, just like other FromSoftware games, and while players can grind for higher stats to make their lives a little easier, skill still plays a significant factor.
  • There are other ways that Elden Ring players can make their lives a little easier when it comes to exploring the game world and defeating its bosses.
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For example, Elden Ring co-op allows players to summon other players into their world to get help when they need it, though co-op players have some notable limitations to keep in mind. They don’t have nearly as many Flask of Crimson Tears uses as the host player, and so it’s easier for them to die and get booted back to their own world.
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Has anyone beat Elden Ring without getting hit?

Streamer beats every Elden Ring boss without taking a hit

  • Twitch Streamer GinoMachino has completed the world’s first Elden Ring all bosses no hit run.
  • After two months of planning, the streamer finally finished the challenge on 25th October.
  • There are 165 bosses in the game, which GinoMachino defeated without a single hit.

Elden Ring Lore: Miquella Explained It’s a seriously impressive run, using various techniques to kill most bosses in just a handful of hits. You can watch the run on his,

  1. Of course, I had to skip ahead in his run to watch a few key battles, even if the sight of Radahn defeated in mere seconds without even triggering the second phase is depressing.
  2. As for the Malenia battle, the game’s most infamous boss was laughably easy.
  3. Amusingly, GinoMachino left the training boss right until the end, pulverising it in one hit with a wide grin.

“We did it you guys,” he said after almost nine hours of streaming. “I can’t believe we did it. I came into today not confident at all.”

  • GinoMachino might be the first to do a no hit all bosses run, but there are plenty of other weird runs out there.
  • Earlier in the year, there was an, with some players completing the game in under ten minutes.
  • Then there’s Twitch streamer MissMikkaa who, but later,

: Streamer beats every Elden Ring boss without taking a hit
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