How To Beat Melina Elden Ring?


How To Beat Melina Elden Ring
How to avoid Malenia’s fast attack: Waterfowl Dance – The advantage of that three-person stun-lock fest is that sometimes Malenia won’t even get chance to do her killer attack, but honestly, it’s better to have a solution if it does happen, and there are two options I’ve used that work most of the time:

  • Equip a greatshield in your off-hand, and quickly switch when she jumps into the air, to tank the blows. Keep moving backwards and make sure you’re not directly below her. You’ll need a decent amount of endurance for this and it will heal a chunk of her health.
  • When she jumps into the air, run away as fast as you can until she’s completed the first two phases of the attack, then dodge back through her when she comes at you for the third. Positioning makes this possible. If you are directly below her, or switch aggro as she’s jumping, you are basically dead.

If you’re facing her alone, though, clever Elden Ring players have discovered a simple counter for Waterfowl Dance (opens in new tab) that seems to work every time. Throwing a Freezing Pot while she’s charging the attack in midair will completely cancel the attack, leaving her open for a follow-up.

  1. This will work twice, but after that, she’ll gain resistance to Freezing Pots.
  2. It’s still possible to stun her afterward, but you’ll need to throw two pots instead of one.
  3. Finally, consider optimising your talismans for max damage.
  4. If you’re running a light equip load, you can use the Blue Dancer Charm to increase damage.

The Ritual Sword Talisman will also do the same, as will the Claw Talisman for jumping attacks.
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What is Melina Elden Ring weak to?

Malenia is weak to Fire attacks, Bleed status effects, and weapons – Malenia is most vulnerable to Fire attacks and has less resistance to Bleed attacks than she does to most status effects. This works out fairly nicely, as weapons that specialise in Bleed and Fire tend to be fairly fast-hitting, like whips and the Hookclaws, which builds into the aggressive strategy we’ll outline further on.
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Why is Melina so hard Elden Ring?

Failing to Dodge Malenia’s Combos and Scarlet Rot – How To Beat Melina Elden Ring Unlike most Elden Ring bosses, Malenia is a humanoid character with quick movements and even quicker attacks. Players who are used to hiding behind a shield will find it hard to block her advances due to how fast they can sap players’ stamina meters.

  • Add to this that Malenia heals a portion of her health regardless if players are blocking or not, and they would be better avoiding her attacks altogether.
  • According to Let Me Solo Her’s video, what gets players killed most often are Malenia’s Waterfowl Dance and Scarlet Aeonia.
  • Waterfowl Dance is a flurry of attacks executed by Malenia that closes the distance between her and players while dealing a massive amount of damage.

The timing of each attack is different, making it extremely difficult for players to gauge when to dodge. What’s more, the final slash of Waterfowl Dance is followed up by an area-of-effect attack that throws players off if they aren’t careful. Unless players are a good distance from Malenia when she performs the attack, the only way to avoid Waterfowl Dance is to learn the timing for each of her slashes.

Scarlet Aeonia is a much easier attack to dodge, but it can also instantly kill players who don’t understand the way it works. Malenia only does this move in her second phase, diving toward the player and summoning a giant Scarlet Rot flower. The flower explodes soon thereafter and continuously damages those who are caught in its effective area.

Players who manage to survive the explosion and damage over time usually neglect the fact that standing in the Scarlet Aeonia also builds up Scarlet Rot – resulting in a slow but almost inevitable death. The initial dive is quite easy to dodge, but players have to be mindful of the continuous damage and Scarlet Rot build-up that ensues whenever they get near Malenia.
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Can you fight Malenia if you burn the Erdtree?

What unlocks after burning Erdtree? – After using the Flame of Ruin to burn the Erdtree yourself and defeating Malenia, there’s just a secret boss fight in Crumbling Farum Azula between you and becoming a normal Tarnished once again. Elden Ring is available now for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series X|S. |
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What level should you be to fight Melina?

Elden Ring: How to beat Malenia – How To Beat Melina Elden Ring Malenia is a devastating foe, but you can best her. © FromSoftware To beat the Malenia boss fight in Elden Ring, you’ll need to prepare in advance. This isn’t a fight you should go into without the right items, armor, or build. We don’t recommend facing her until you’re at least level 120.

Ideally, you’ll want to be closer to level 150. In addition, your weapons and equipment should all be upgraded to max level before you fight her. Because of the serious challenge Malenia presents, this is a boss you should spend Rune Arcs on, though we recommend learning how to beat her first phase before you start consuming them.

We found equipping either Radahn or Morgott’s Great Rune valuable for the increase to maximum health. Below are the key Malenia tips you should keep in mind before beginning the battle.
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Is there a way to not burn Melina Elden Ring?

Where Can You Find Melina? – Melina appears to you in many places during the, However, the key place to locate Melina is at the Site of Grace as you rest. If she doesn’t appear during these sessions, you can still talk to her via the option ‘Talk to Melina’ while at the Site of Grace.

The first Site of Grace to encounter Melina is at the Gatefront in the Gatefront Ruins or the Limgrave after unlocking a couple of the Sites of Grace. The other common Sites of Grace to locate Melina include the Seaside Ruins, Agheel Lake South, and the Church of Elleh. Unlocking the Site of Grace located at the Limgrave will require you to rest, triggering a conversation with Melina.

How to beat Malenia Blade of Miquella in Elden Ring (No Cheese Guide)

She will then teleport you to a site known as the Roundtable Hold. Such a phenomenon will also happen at the Lake Facing Clife Site of Grace, found in Liurnia of the Lakes, the Smoldering Church Site of Grace in Caelid, and the Sellia Under Stair. Since Elden Ring is an open world, you can access all these locations early in the gameplay.

  • The other possible way of meeting Melina is by NPC Summon during the battle with Morgott, the Omen King.
  • Summoning Melina will significantly help you in this quest since she combines Erdtree healing incantations and Blade of Calling.
  • Are you still interested in saving Melina despite the consequences involved? If the answer is yes, or you probably want to give it a trial and find out what happens, then here is how to go about it.

Saving Melina requires you to find Three Fingers and get the Frenzy Flame. Frenzy Flame is an Elden Ring item to be used at the Forge of Giants, where she sacrifices her life by lighting the Erdtree. If you were wondering how Melina died, there you have it.

  1. Getting intertwined with the Three Fingers will cause Melina to hate you forever.
  2. However, by now, I guess saving her is more important; who knows, she might be more valuable alive than dead later in the quest.
  3. Three Fingers is located deep in Leyndell, Royal Capital.
  4. To access Leyndell, Royal Capital, you must jump onto the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace rooftop.

Down the site, you’ll locate a well that leads to the Subterranean Shunning Grounds. You should beware of high-level enemies at this place who are ready to make your quest hard or impossible. One of the enemies you’ll find here is Mohg, the Omen King. You must eliminate Mohg to access a movable altar that houses a hidden underground location.

What follows after locating the underground basement? If you’re tired of the boss fight, you may wish this was the quest’s end. Unfortunately, you must descend to the basement, where you will find another Site of Grace. Here, you will find two doors; one is hidden behind an illusion war, and the other is revealed.

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The bad news is the revealed door doesn’t open. However, the good news is you can access the illusionary door. All you need to do is strip down all your armor and walk in. Three Fingers will then award you the Frenzy Flame. Melina will not be happy with this, and she will get angry and disappear forever.
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Is Malenia Blade of Miquella the hardest boss ever?

Elden Ring’s Toughest Boss, Malenia, Was Even Tougher to Beat in an Unpolished Version of the Game Elden Ring is in no shape or form an easy game, and most players will struggle in order to complete the game. This is due to the vast nature of the title and the plethora of enemies and enemy types that players have to face during their journey.

  • From minions to bosses, countless of them exist in the game and players will have to kill off most of them in order to finish the story of the game.
  • Also read: One of the bosses in Elden Ring, Malenia, is considered to be one of the toughest bosses in all of gaming.
  • What if we told you, that this boss was designed to be even tougher in the earlier versions of the game.

Then she was softened in order to match the skill level of the vast majority of gamers. Professional dataminer, kotn3l, has gone through the untouched version 1.0 of the game and has provided new details about Malenia to the players. The version this dataminer was combing through was made before the network test for the title was held, this version dates back to October 8, 2021.

The first thing that he observed was many of the details of the game were different from the final version. He observed that enemy and item placements were different, item descriptions were either missing or completely different, AI files were different and even the UI was slightly changed. The main focus of this process was determine the difference between the unpolished version of Malenia, the Blade of Miquella and the final version of her.

One of her popular attacks, Waterfowl Dance, which she can do only after 20% of her health is dropped in the final version, she could do it at will in the earlier version of the game without the attack being tied to her health. The dataminer also saw that Malenia would block attacks more regularly when compared to the final version of the game.

The combinations she used in the phase 1 of fighting her were different and she also seemed more aggressive. The dataminer also discovered that attack we know as Waterfowl dance was originally called Malenia’s blade. She had two flurried sword and both of them could be done in close succession if the AI wished too.

In the Phase 2 of her fight, the dataminer observed that her Boom Explosion attack was a bit slower. The Aeonia attack was a lot more prevalent in Phase 2 when compared to the final version of the game. The dataminer also observed that she did not have any death dialogues.
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What is Malenia weak to?

Malenia, Blade of Miquella
HP = 33,251 (Demigod)
Strong VS Poison Rot Holy Weak to Fire Frostbite Hemorrhage

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What makes Malenia the hardest boss?

Malenia’s Broken Moveset – How To Beat Melina Elden Ring To not bury the lead, Malenia’s Waterfowl Dance attack is beyond unfair and is outright broken. While it might be true that the Waterfowl Dance can be dodged, the timing and spacing for actually getting out of the way of the attack requires such pinpoint precision that most players won’t be able to execute without hours of practice.

This one attack is so overpowered that it alone can make players want to quit fighting her forever. It feels like a cheat, rather than an advantage, when Malenia can pull out a move that instantly kills players through max HP and while wearing the strongest armor. Some other issues crop up in Malenia’s second phase as well, such as when she is able to counter being hit with an attack, rather than by being staggered the way she normally is.

This can leave players with seemingly no windows to inflict any real damage. However, even beyond the lack of attack opportunities, the Waterfowl Dance is rough enough to bring down what could have been FromSoftware’s best optional boss to date. Elden RIng is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.
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Do you have to beat Melina to beat Elden Ring?

If you were to ask any accomplished Elden Ring player which boss gave them fits, there’s a good chance nearly all of them would give you the same answer: Malenia. This optional boss can be found at the bottom of the Haligree, and though fighting her is optional, you’re going to want to take her down on your quest to prove that you’re the true Elden Lord and score her Great Rune, which can be converted into one of the best weapons in the game.
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What element is Elden Ring weak against?

Elden Ring – How To Use Lightning Damage – How To Beat Melina Elden Ring Lightning damage can electrify foes, and Elden Ring enemies with heavy, metal armor are particularly weak against this type of elemental damage. Additionally, dragons are notably susceptible to this type of damage. The Dragon King’s Cragblade deals lightning damage by default, but players can use lightning Ashes of War or Lightning Grease to add the lightning affinity to their armament before battle.
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Is there a way to beat Elden Ring without killing Melina?

Here’s how you can save Melina from dying in Elden Ring 9 9 Here’s how you can save Melina from dying in Elden Ring Melina meets a sad fate in Elden Ring, but is there any way to save her? The Tarnished’s impromptu finger maiden’s story has a sad ending.

  1. After making it to the Mountaintops of the Giants, she’s sacrificed to light the Erdtree on fire and ultimately isn’t able to see the player’s journey through to its end.
  2. This stands out as quite unusual for FromSoftware games where characters like the Fire Keeper, Plain Doll, and Emma are one of the few constants.

So is there any way to get around this? Can Melina be saved or do Elden Ring players just need to accept her death? Something can be done, but players might not like it. How To Beat Melina Elden Ring Melina can be saved in Elden Ring, but only if the player makes an enemy of her. Melina cannot be resurrected after she dies. The player winds up at odds with Melina if they are embraced by the Three Fingers. These are the chaotic foil to the Two Fingers that players encounter throughout the game, including the ones at Roundtable Hold.

Players can find the Three Fingers in the depths beneath Leyndell, Royal Capital. To head to the depths beneath Leyndell, Royal Capital, the player needs to, On the ground is a well that leads to a new area called the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds. This is a difficult, labyrinthian area with tight quarters full of big enemies.

The big boss of the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds is Mohg, the Omen. Though they share the same name, the battle with this Mohg is quite, The lore implications of two different Mohgs are uncertain but either way, beating Mohg, the Omen offers access to an altar that can be moved to reveal another underground area.

Three Fingers Elden Ring Location – How To Find The Three Fingers What follows is a platforming area where the player needs to drop down between platforms. The bottom has a breakable floor that reveals another area with a Site of Grace. There are two doors here. One is behind an illusory wall while the other is very obvious, but doesn’t open.

The trick to getting through is to take off all armor. The Three Fingers will then greet the player. The player inherits the Frenzied Flame by meeting the Three Fingers. After speaking to Melina again, she will express her frustration to the player and leave for good.
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Can you prevent Melina from dying Elden Ring?

Can You Save Melina in Elden Ring? – During regular playthroughs, Melina the Kindling Maiden makes her way to the Mountaintops of the Giants to be sacrificed and ignite the Erdtree. While this noble deed helps the Tarnished progress further, her storyline ends there, and you will have to carry on unaccompanied until the end.
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