How To Break Into The Hive God Of War?


How To Break Into The Hive God Of War
How to Break into the Hive – To break into the hive during The Light of Alfheim quest, solve the puzzle of the area to effectively cut off the root vines by throwing Kratos’s axe through the vines in particular arrangements. Make sure to line up your shot and then wind up Kratos’s axe throw by holding the attack button before throwing the axe. The Light of Alfheim Quest Walkthrough
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How do you get into the hive in God of War?

How to Break into the Hive – How To Break Into The Hive God Of War The Hive entrance involves a simple puzzle. Once players arrive at the Alfeim zone and find themselves among the giant tentacles and expanding nodes, they are ready to complete the challenge and enter the new area in God of War ‘s story, There are a few glowing webs of flesh attached to three different overhead tentacles,

Players need to line up the first set of glowing webs and, using the axe, destroy them with one throw, The overhead tentacle should then disappear. Players can then move to the two other tentacles. Once the webs beneath them have been destroyed as well, the entrance to the Hive is available. Within the Hive, players have a few goals.

They need to destroy the enemies of the Hive, find the Light, and Escape the Temple. These are elements of the main quest and are therefore important for completing the rest of God of War ‘s unique story experience, Fortunately, once players know what to expect from the entrance to the Hive, it is easy to break in and continue Kratos’ journey.

The Hive is certainly an area worth exploring, which is exciting for fans of the God of War franchise. And, now that God of War will soon be released on PC, there are soon going to be many new players who want to experience Kratos’ story for themselves. God of War is available now on PS4 and PS5 and will be released for PC on January 14, 2022.

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How do you break the hive in God of War Ragnarok?

Open the hive cage – Go through the new passage, kill the Bergsra and grab the Artefact and Legendary Chest. Climb up and use the purple crystals to destroy the dense hive matter. Head to the surface and travel slightly west to destroy the hive cage. This finishes Song of the Sands Side Quest in God of War Ragnarok. For all other quests refer to God of War Ragnarok Walkthrough,
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How do you cut red vines in God of War?

How To Break Into The Hive God Of War The very essence of most action games like God of War Ragnarok is that games create obstacles, and players will overcome them. These obstacles will be different in order to keep the game fresh. In one sequence, players might have to deal with a huge number of enemies, while in another try to solve a hard puzzle or find some item.

  1. In the case of God of War Ragnarok, there are locations and chests that are covered by Red Vines, and here is how to burn them in the game.
  2. While a big portion of God of War Ragnarok gameplay is basically fighting and combat sequences, there are times that you have to solve a puzzle or find the right tool to progress.

As you progress through the game and enter the Realm of Vanaheim, you will notice that Red Vines are blocking access to areas and chests. Before you reach this place, you have to see other types of Vines that you could destroy with your Blades of Chaos. How To Break Into The Hive God Of War To be able to destroy or burn Red Vines in God of War Ragnarok, you have to reach the end of Vanaheim and progress through the story. As you reach the end of this Realm, you will receive Sigil Arrows. What this type of arrow does is simple. It will enhance the magical skills of Kratos’ weapons which are the fire of Blades of Chaos and the ice of Leviathan Axe.
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How do you break into Alfheim?

Alfheim The Barrens southern cave Legendary Chest location in God of War Ragnarök – If you’re looking for the last Legendary Chest in The Barrens of Alfheim, it might be in the cave located in the southern section of the area. How To Break Into The Hive God Of War You’ll know it’s the right cave if you can see red nodes from the Dark Elf hive matter glowing inside. How To Break Into The Hive God Of War To gain access to the cave and its Legendary Chest puzzle within, enter through a narrow crack in the wall on the right-hand side if looking at the red nodes. Look out for the small tree growing from the nearby rocks above the crack to find where it is exactly. How To Break Into The Hive God Of War
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How do I get into the hive mother?

How To Find The Hive Mother – How To Break Into The Hive God Of War The Clay Caverns are home to Larva Hives, dangerous subregions filled with traps, acid, and of course Larva enemies. One (and only one) of these hives houses the Hive Mother. You’ll need to explore them one by one until you find her. Larva Walls are extremely durable, so it’s best to only attempt to dig your way into a hive with an Iron Pickax or better.

Even then, it will take several swings to excavate a single block. Meals cooked with Orange Cave Guppy increase your mining damage, which can speed up the process a bit. Don’t bother trying to blast your way through Larva Walls with bombs – they can withstand the explosion. Once you’ve dug your way into a hive, most of the chambers within should be accessible without further excavation.

The exceptions are some isolated chambers that contain chests. To easily track down the Hive Mother once you’ve located a hive, bring a Hive Mother Scanner. This tool can be crafted at the once it’s been activated at the Core. It costs five Mechanical Parts and five Ancient Gemstones, and you should only need one scanner. How To Break Into The Hive God Of War The Hive Mother will not attack you until you attack her first. Use this to your advantage, preparing the battlefield for the upcoming fight. Start by using a shovel to clear any acid pools and hive spike traps in the room. Next, surround the Hive Mother with Spike Traps crafted at a Tin Workbench.

Each trap costs one Tin Bar and you’ll need twenty-four to completely surround the boss. If you have extras, add another ring of traps, especially at the corners. The Hive Mother has tentacles that spread around the floor surrounding her. These must be cleared away with a melee attack before a trap can be place on their tile.

Be careful not to hit the Hive Mother while removing the tentacles or the fight will begin prematurely. Remember, Spike Traps only trigger if enemies step on them – you can walk on your traps in complete safety. Once the Spike Traps are in place, add at least one meal to your item bar that contains Green Blister Head, a fish that can be caught relatively easily in the waters of the Clay Caverns.

  • You’ll need this to provide acid immunity in the coming battle.
  • Add any healing and buff items you would like to your item bar at this time.
  • When you’re ready, attack the Hive Mother to begin the fight.
  • Hold down the attack button and strike relentlessly – you need to eliminate the boss as quickly as possible.
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The Spike Traps should keep you save from the Larvae that she summons, but you’ll need to move to avoid incoming acid bombs. Watch for the target indicator after the Hive Mother launches a glob and get out of the way. In earlier versions of the game, Spike Traps would prevent acid pools from forming.

  1. This is no longer the case, so watch out for Spike Traps with yellow bubbles.
  2. These are covered in acid and will damage you while you’re on top of them if you don’t have immunity.
  3. When the Hive Mother’s HP drops to half, she will enter her second phase.
  4. The spawn rate of her Big Larva minions will increase dramatically, but as long as you keep moving the Spike Traps will take care of them.

The Big Larvae that the Hive Mother spawns can smash through walls with their attacks. They can even destroy Larva Hive Walls in a single chomp, so if you need to flee expect them to pursue. Drop a few torches as you withdraw to distract them while you make your escape.

  1. The real threat during the second phase are the homing acid bombs that will begin to appear.
  2. You may have seen some of these on your way to the fight.
  3. They’ll spawn in clusters of three and will chase you down before exploding.
  4. When a group of homing acid bombs draws near, eat your fish meal to get the acid immunity granted by Green Blister Heads for thirty seconds.

Ideally, you will only need one to survive long enough to finish off the Hive Mother. If you’re out of food, you can also destroy the acid bombs from a distance using ranged weapons, If the fight goes wrong, and you are defeated, the Hive Mother will be dormant again when you return. How To Break Into The Hive God Of War In addition to the Hive Mother’s Heart, which activates her statue at the Core, the Hive Mother will drop an assortment of loot chosen from the following list:

Item Effect Percentage Chance
Ancient Gemstone 82.29
Battle Axe

Melee weapon. Deals 149-181 damage per swing. Increases melee damage by 17.6 percent.

Broken Handle

Part of the Rune Song sword.

Clot Ring

Equip to Ring slot. Regain 3 HP every time you hit an enemy in melee.

Fiber 66.48
Gold Ore

Can be smelted into Gold Bars.

Grub Egg Necklace

Equip to Necklace slot. Increases melee damage by 18.1 percent. Part of the Larva Set, which allows you to ignore ground slime when completed.

Grub Knot

Can be sold for 17 Coins.

Hand Mortar

Ranged weapon. Deals 103-105 explosive damage per shot.

Hive Mother Figurine 2.46
Iron Ore

Can be smelted into Iron Bars.

Larva Helm

Helmet. Slows movement speed slightly when equipped. +20 HP +10 Armor Increases mining damage by 26 per swing.


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How do you open the hidden chamber door in God of War?

How to Open Hidden Chambers – You need the Magic Chisel, which is an unmissable item that you gain as part of the main story quest. Just work your way through the campaign and you’ll know when you’ve got it. To use it, interact with mirror doors using the Circle button and move Kratos’ hand around until the lightbar glows red and the controller starts to rumble.
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How long is the god of war?

Main Story: 21 hours. Main Plus Extras: 33 hours. Completionist: 52 hours. All Playstyle Average: 34 hours.
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How do you stop harpies in God of War?

God of War – How To Break Into The Hive God Of War Harpy concept art Harpies are the infamous servants of God of War, Ares, who once brought his gift, the Blades of Chaos, to Kratos. In-game, he encounters them the first time while protecting his fleet from Hydra and the undead. Kratos can easily kill them by grabbing them, throwing them to the ground, and ripping off both of their wings.
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How do I fight Baldur in God of War?

Baldur boss fight and how to beat Baldur – Alright, so Baldur’s pounded the hell out of the giant World Serpent and you’ve been spat out on dry land, listend to some of Freya’s weird monologuing. and here comes Baldur. How To Break Into The Hive God Of War After a lot of chit chat, it’s time to get fighting. The very first stage sees Freya try to break the two of you up by tying you up in vines, which you have periodically break free of by mashing Circle – then mashing Baldur’s face a bit too before you repeat the process of being tied up and breaking free. How To Break Into The Hive God Of War When his health bar’s down by about a fifth, it’s time for a quick cutscene, and Baldur absolutely nails Atreus in the gut! After a seriously worrying moment, it looks like things are okay. it turns out that little bit of leafy arrow you used to patch up Atreus’ strap much earlier on is the one type of arrow that can make Baldur mortal again – what a coincidence! How To Break Into The Hive God Of War So, Baldur can now be killed, and Freya is absolutely livid. She decides to reanimate the corpes of Thamur the Giant and pick you both up! You’re dropped out into an arena and it’s back to some standard combat. Baldur will attack periodically, and at the same time Freya – as Thamur – will smash their fist into the ground to send an icy shockwave out towards you. How To Break Into The Hive God Of War Mash circle to break free of the vines when you get caught up in them and continue pounding the hell out of each other, until you end up in a new arena and Baldur’s attacks start to expand into a proper roster of boss tactics. He’ll mimic a lot of the attacks he used when you very first faught, like darting towards you for a blockable (and counterable) punch, or sending out straight-line shockwaves of ice from the ground towards you. How To Break Into The Hive God Of War Try to time counters when he uses blockable attacks, and unleash what you can on him with your chains until he resets, attacks again, and you can repeat. When he’s down to about two-thirds of his HP, another cutscene will trigger, but don’t switch off! You need to press Square as soon as the prompt appears, and Atreus will nail the red crystal on Thamur’s hand and trap Baldur in the process. How To Break Into The Hive God Of War That won’t hold him off for long though, as you’re dropped into another arena and this time he’s using fire-based attacks – so time to switch to the Leviathan Axe! How To Break Into The Hive God Of War Unload everything you can – especially Runic attacks as soon as they’re off cooldown – and be especially careful of Baldur’s jump-up-and-slam attack. If he lands it on you, it’ll do heavy fire damage over time. Use the red directional indicators to know which direction to dodge away from. How To Break Into The Hive God Of War Up there, it’s time for a good old fashioned punchout. Use the same strategies as the last time you faught on a big aerial thing. Dodge to one side when he goes to take a big swing, then counter with some punches. When he pounds you straight-on, block, and when the Square prompt appears, mash it for Atreus to pepper him with arrows. How To Break Into The Hive God Of War The cutscene will progress and it’s more quick-time-events as you plummet to earth, Atreus absolutely ruining Baldur until eventually he grabs the boy by the neck, threatening to end it there and then. You know what time it is. How To Break Into The Hive God Of War It’s Spartan time! Pop Spartan Rage and then you’re back in one final arena for the last third of the battle. How To Break Into The Hive God Of War This time, Baldur will change from ice mode to fire mode on the fly, and that means you have to do the same – switch to the axe when he’s in fire mode and the chains when he’s icy blue. He’ll use all the attacks he’s used before, but especially the one that sees him jump into the air as he gets really low on health. How To Break Into The Hive God Of War Remember Atreus’ abilities too, as they’re really helpful for stunning him a bit and opening up chances to attack, and when he’s down to the last segment of health, another cutscene: follow the Square prompts and then mash the shoulder buttons to punch the hell out of him, and then watch the final cutscene of the battle. How To Break Into The Hive God Of War With that, it’s done. Your path to Jotunheim is finally clear. Follow the waypoint to sail back to the Realm Travel Room.
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Do red vines pull apart?

RED VINES Red Licorice Candy Bars are 2.5 ounces of play-with-your-food fun! This pull-apart RED VINES candy delivers all of the classic Original Red licorice flavor in a snack-size piece. Celebrate life’s sweet moments any time with the soft & chewy texture of a RED VINES licorice bar.
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How do you cut red vines back?

To get past the red vine barriers in Returnal you’ll need the Atropian Blade. For more info on getting this, head to our Returnal Melee guide. Once you have the sword you will be able to press square to break red vines.
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How do you open the door in Alfheim?

Alfheim Barrens Keys Location In God Of War Ragnarok – How To Break Into The Hive God Of War The first half of Alfheim Barrens Key is located right next to Freyr’s statue west of The Forbidden Sands desert. Players can find it immediately after they get out from the side location and taking the Key will initiate The Desert Door Favor. How To Break Into The Hive God Of War The second half of Alfheim Barrens Key can be found southeast of The Forbidden Sands desert. After getting the full key, players can now unlock the Desert Door.
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How do you open Alfheim gate?

Across the Realms – Elven Cap – The Elven Cap for Across the Realms is found in the North-Western part of The Forbidden Sands. Head for that area, where the giant rock arch is. If you’ve been to The Forbidden Sands before, this will be where one of the Nornir Chests was.
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Why is Alfheim important?

Alfheim – Mythopedia Seldom mentioned Alfheim was one of the in, a world inhabited by elves. There were two types of elves in Norse lore: the Ljósálfar, or “Light Elves,” and the Dökkálfar, or “Dark Elves.” Though Alfheim was never described in the sources, it may be surmised that the realm embodied the extreme luminosity and darkness characteristic of its inhabitants.

Alfheim was said to be ruled by, suggesting a deep association with the magic of the Vanir gods. Like the other realms, Alfheim hung from the branches of, the world tree at the center of Norse cosmology. The name “Alfheim” (Old Norse: Álfheimr ), was derived from the Old Norse words for “elf” and “home,” and meant “elf home” or “the home of the elves.” Little is known about Alfheim and its origins.

In the of the, compiled by Snorri Sturluson in the thirteenth century, Alfheim was described in only the briefest of detail. It appeared in a long list of places recited by Odin (disguised as a traveler named Grimnir): Ydalir call they the place where Ull.

  1. A hall for himself hath set; And Alfheim the gods to Freyr once gave As a tooth-gift in ancient times.
  2. The home of the elves appeared again in the of the, Sturluson’s rendition of mythological events drawn from the Poetic Edda,
  3. In this tale, Alfheim was mentioned by King Harr in a conversation with Gangleri, the story’s main narrator: ‘Many places are there, and glorious.

That which is called Álfheimr is one, where dwell the peoples called Light-Elves; but the Dark-Elves dwell down in the earth, and they are unlike in appearance, but by far more unlike in nature. The Light-Elves are fairer to look upon than the sun, but the Dark-Elves are blacker than pitch.’ Though this description largely focuses on the region’s elves, it also hints at Alfheim’s complex and somewhat contradictory nature.

Alfheim was prominently featured in the video game God of War (2018), where players could explore the realm as the warrior hero Kratos. One of the key worlds in the game, Alfheim was a place of constant warfare. In Marvel Comics’s Thor, Alfheim was described as a wondrous place with springs of wine, trees that produced candy fruit, and endless gardens.

In addition to sprightly elves who commanded flying machines, Alfheim was inhabited by faeries, pixies, unicorns, and other fantastical creatures.

Thomas Apel is a historian of science and religion who received his PhD in History from Georgetown University

: Alfheim – Mythopedia
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How do I get the hive mask?

Mask Shard #9 – advertisement NOTE: This Mask Shard requires the Tram Pass. This Mask Shard is located in The Hive, a sub-area of Kingdom’s Edge, which can be accessed after the player gains access to Ancient Basin and has a Tram Pass. Towards the end of The Hive, and located just before the area boss, you’ll see a Mask Shard hidden behind a breakable wall.
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How do you open the hidden chambers of Odin?

The Hidden Chambers of Odin are scattered throughout Midgard and other realms in God of War, and they contain powerful gear and additional fights. How To Break Into The Hive God Of War As Kratos and Atreus make their way through God of War they’ll encounter multiple Hidden Chambers of Odin. There are seven Hidden Chamber locations which span across three of the six realms in God of War, and each of them is locked behind powerful magic.

Once Kratos and Atreus are able to unlock the Hidden Chambers of Odin, however, they’ll face another mini-boss and gain access to powerful gear. Accessing each of the Hidden Chambers of Odin can be done after players beat God of War, and each of the Hidden Chambers is guarded by a Valkyrie, one of the strongest types of opponents Kratos and Atreus face,

Additionally, defeating every Valkyrie unlocks God of War’s Queen of the Valkyries boss fight. Kratos should at least be level six in his overall power before trying to take on each of these bosses, and level seven for the Queen of the Valkyries, otherwise each fight is nearly impossible to get through. How To Break Into The Hive God Of War Before Kratos and Atreus can face each of the Valkyries and claim the rewards of God of War’s Hidden Chambers of Odin, they’ll have to first get the Magic Chisel. Getting the Magic Chisel is part of the main story, so while players may begin to cross paths with Hidden Chambers of Odin during their playthrough, they’ll have to wait to open them until they defeat Magni and Modi, How To Break Into The Hive God Of War Once players have acquired the Magic Chisel, each of the Hidden Chambers of Odin in God of War can be opened by interacting with the specific parts of the door that glow brightly as Kratos brings the chisel over them. Hidden Chambers of Odin can be found in the following locations in the realm of Midgard :

Wildwoods Behind Kratos’ home.
Witch’s Cave Near the entrance to Freya’s home.
Foothills Where Kratos meets Sindri for the first time.
The Mountain Inside the large cavern, after Kratos and Atreus ride to the top.
Thamur’s Corpse Between the giant’s fingers.

There are also two Hidden Chambers of Odin in God of War which can be found outside of Midgard. They are:

In Alfheim Stay to the left side of the lake heading toward the Ringed Temple to find a beach with two caves. The Hidden Chamber of Odin is in the cave marked by a horseshoe.
In Helheim Reach this Hidden Chamber of Odin by having Atreus clear sap on the left side of the main path near the bridge

Several hidden areas throughout God of War require the Magic Chisel to open them as well, but they are not the Hidden Chambers of Odin. To see God of War’s Hidden Chambers of Odin locations in action for yourself, check out the YouTube video from Thomas’ Trophy Tutorials below, which will provide a video walkthrough of all the locations listed above.

    How To Break Into The Hive God Of War
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    How do you open the door to the hidden chamber in Odin?

    Valkyrie Geirdiful Location –

    • Recommended Level: Level 6 for a challenging fight, or Lvl.7 for an easier one.

    advertisement Gierdful’s Hidden Chamber of Odin is in the Foothills, the area between the Lake of Nine and the Mountain, accessed by going through the Vanaheim Tower. From Sindri’s camp you’ll climb up a cliff and pass through several cursed smoke totems, then come upon a tunnel to the left that leads to The Mountain.

    How to Defeat Valkyrie Geirdiful

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    How do you open the hidden chamber of Odin in foothills?

    Where to Find Valkyrie Geirdiful – advertisement Gierdful’s Hidden Chamber of Odin is in the Foothills, the area between the Lake of Nine and the Mountain, accessed by going through the Vanaheim Tower. From Sindri’s camp you’ll climb up a cliff and pass through several cursed smoke totems, then come upon a tunnel to the left that leads to The Mountain.
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    How do you get into the Temple of Pandora’s God of War?

    This temple was erected in honor of and at the command of the mighty Lord Zeus.’ Only the bravest hero shall solve its puzzles and survive its dangers. Only one man will receive ultimate power. All others shall meet their doom.
    –Pathos Verdes III to Kratos in God of War,

    img class=’aligncenter wp-image-189362 size-full’ src=’’ alt=’How To Break Into The Hive God Of War’ /> Pandora’s Temple Concept Art God of War. Pandora’s Temple was a temple that Pathos Verdes III constructed to house Pandora’s Box, the most powerful weapon a Mortal could wield. Its construction was commanded by Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, The temple and its traps were made to prevent those who sought to use Pandora’s Box against Zeus and Mount Olympus,

    1. The building of Pandora’s Temple was the largest architectural undertaking of its time.
    2. To begin the construction on the temple, a base was first set in the Desert of Lost Souls to oversee the project.
    3. People on pegasi or Griffins tied down the Titan, Cronos and then built it on his back, as well as chaining it in place.

    To get to the temple, one had to cross the Desert of Lost Souls, resist the song of the Sirens, and kill all three of them. The temple represented the growing madness of Pathos Verdes III as the first tasks were straightforward, but, later on, become more tasking and gruesome.

    Eventually, Pathos started to use the bodies of family members as part of the trials. Many heroes and soldiers attempted to breach Pandora’s Temple, but none of them succeeded and died to the many traps and enemies in the temple. As Kratos attempted to reach the temple, many soldiers were still inside, battling its guardians.

    No one before had ever reached Pandora’s Box, except for Kratos, who was the first and only person to do so. After 2,500 years, and having completed all of the challenges, its door was finally closed to Kratos after retrieving the box. The temple appeared again in God of War III and was still on the wounded back of Cronos.
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    Where are the hive destiny?

    Where to farm Hive enemies in Destiny 2 – Occasionally you may need to farm Hive in Destiny 2. This might be to complete specific bounties or gather Chitin Powder for The Dawning event at Christmas time. Either way, the best location to farm Hive enemies in Destiny 2 is on The Moon.

    1. Admittedly you can also find a lot of hive on Savathun’s Throne World, but if you’re looking to farm hive quickly your best bet is the Altars of Sorrow activity on the moon.
    2. For those who don’t know, Alters of Sorrow is a guardian-initiated activity that can be triggered as a Public Event in the Sorrow’s Harbor on the Moon similar to Escalation Protocol and Blind Well.

    Give this activity features waves of Hive and Nightmares to kill, it’s arguably your best bet for farming a lot of Hive in 2022.
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    How do I get back to the cabin in God of War?

    Q. How do I get back to the cabin in God of War? – A. A Mystic Gateway may be found in the southwest of the map, not far from the homestead. Take it, and then open the cabin door. : How to get to Sanctuary Grove in God Of War Ragnarök
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