How To Cheese Niall Elden Ring?


How To Cheese Niall Elden Ring
Commander Niall is one of the most, if not the hardest boss in Elden Ring. Like just look at him; he’s agile, looks like he started hitting the gym from the moment he was born, can deal frost, lightning, pierce, standard damage, can summon two guards, and on top of all of that, you can’t parry as well.

Long story short, they’ve made him a literal cheat, so it only makes sense to fight fire with fire and give him a taste of his own medicine. That said, you don’t need to defeat him to progress through the story, but if you are a dedicated completionist with an irresistible urge to complete every game a hundred percent, then we welcome you aboard on our ” Elden Ring Commander Niall Cheese Method ” guide.

Key Highlights

  • Commander Niall is located in Castle Sol, Mountain Top of the Giants, He is one of the hardest bosse s in the game due to his agile attacks, summons, and a small arena.
  • In order to cheese Commander Niall, the first thing the players need to do is to turn his summons against him. This can be done by letting them close their distance and using a bewitching branch on them.
  • Once the bewitching is done, the two guards will focus on Niall and keep him preoccupied. This gives the player a window of opportunity to chip away at Niall’s health via ranged attacks.
  • Once Niall’s health reaches 50%, he will activate his second phase where he will be able to use lightning attack s along with some other brand-new devastating attacks, The second phase of Commander Niall can be defeated by three methods.
  • The first cheese method is using Glintblade Ash of Wa r on him. Keep summoning Glintblade until Niall becomes vulnerable to riposte. Stab him with any weapon and repeat the process until he is dead.
  • The second method is to properly face him in battle. When the summons is gone, dodging Niall’s attacks isn’t that difficult. They are heavily telegraphed and quite easy to dodge once the player has understood the moveset. Just keep hitting him once after dodging until his entire health bar reaches zero while keeping yours above it.
  • The third method is to cheese him with Mimic Tear and Bloody Slash Ash of War. Summon the Mimic Tear as soon as he enters his third phase. Mimic Tear will keep him occupied and will open the window for you to spam Bloody Slash for heavy damage.
  • Once Niall is down player will obtain the second half of Rold Medallion which is located in a chest just further up ahead.
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What is Niall weak to Elden Ring?

How to prepare for Commander Niall – Not only is he a very hard-hitting human opponent with high defence, but he also summons two spectral knights at the start of the fight. It’s then highly recommended that you summon a spirit ash of your own (you can summon other players too but be aware that this raises the defence of Niall and his lackeys, which doesn’t happen with spirits). How To Cheese Niall Elden Ring Commander Niall is very similar to another optional boss, Commander O’Neill in Caelid’s Swamp of Aeonia, who you have to fight to progress Millicent’s quest, Both attack with a halberd with huge range that can inflict elemental damage and status ailments and both summon other enemies into battle. How To Cheese Niall Elden Ring Frost resistance is measured by the robustness stat. Equipping the Stalwart Horn Charm Talisman or consuming the Flask of Wondrous Physick mixed with Speckled Hardtear will help improve robustness, while you can also consume Thawfrost Boluses to alleviate frost buildup.

  • As a human enemy, Niall is weak to bleed damage so weapons like Bloodhound’s Fang will be very useful for this fight.
  • The Mimic Tear will be very helpful in this fight but so will spirit ashes that can make very good tanks like Lhutel the Headless or Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff, who both bear great shields.

Since you’re outnumbered to begin with, spirit ashes that summon multiple spirits like the Greatshield Soldiers can also even the score. While Niall is found near the top of Castle Sol, you should activate the lift near the boss entrance so that you can reach him from the Site of Grace at the main gate. How To Cheese Niall Elden Ring This may seem counterintuitive, but the Site of Grace at the midpoint has more annoying enemies en route who will follow you all the way to the boss fog, and they still poke through during the boss fight, which risks distracting your summoned spirit(s).
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Is there a cheese for Commander Niall?

Home Player Finds The Ultimate Cheese For Commander Niall in Elden Ring

Elden Ring players have found a new cheese for the frustrating Commander Niall boss which makes the boss pretty easy to defeat. How To Cheese Niall Elden Ring Elden Ring players have found a new cheese for the frustrating Commander Niall boss which makes the boss pretty easy to defeat.

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If you have progressed far enough in Elden Ring, you might have definitely come across Commander Niall, one of the toughest and most annoying bosses in the game. Commander Niall is a totally optional boss, so there is a good probability that you can miss it.
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What are Commander Niall summons weak to?

Commander Niall Overview –

Commander Niall Overview
Location Castle Sol, Mountaintops of the Giants
Optional Yes
Summons Spirit Ashes and Player
Drops Veteran’s Prosthesis
Weak To Physical Strike and Thrust Attacks

Commander Niall is an optional boss that you face at the top of Castle Sol, located in the Mountaintops of the Giants, far to the northwest of The Lands Between. Defeating the boss is not mandatory; however, you will have to face Commander Niall if you want access to the Haligtree side area to face Shardbearer Malenia – essential for an all Remembrances run.

You can summon Spirits Ashes and online players to help you in the fight. After taking out the boss’s health bar, you will be rewarded with Veteran’s Prosthesis, Proceed further ahead after defeating the boss to acquire the Haligtree Secret Medallion (Left). The boss is weak towards any Physical Strikes and Thrust attacks you perform using your weapon.

The boss is quite strong against Slash attacks, so we recommend not doing Slashes. This boss has a very high resistance against Frostbite, Scarlet Rot, Poison, and Hemorrhage, Avoid using skills or spells that might deal with the mentioned affinity damage,
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How hard is Commander Niall?

Why Commander Niall is so hard – Much like his Caelid counterpart, Commander Niall summons additional enemies to fight you. However, Commander Niall’s two knight summons are even more aggressive and take quite a few hits to take down. And because the fight takes place in a very cramped arena, you have limited space for getting away to heal, especially with Commander Niall also tracking you with large, sweeping attacks.
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Can you cheese bosses in Elden Ring?

If players ever get tired of getting demolished by a particular boss in Elden Ring, these “cheesing” methods will certainly come in handy. How To Cheese Niall Elden Ring With a sprawling open world that is just begging to be explored, a lifetime’s worth of deep, interesting lore, and an abundance of possible character builds, there are plenty of things Elden Ring deserves praise for. It is a FromSoftware game, though, and these titles have built their reputation on excruciatingly difficult (but also very satisfying) boss battles.

  1. Elden Ring ‘s bosses are no different.
  2. Intimidating and hard to beat, some of these creatures have stopped players in their tracks plenty of times.
  3. Thankfully, just like in any other Soulslike title, there are certain clever exploits, i.e.
  4. Cheeses,” that can turn these formidable bosses into dust in a matter of seconds.

While some of the more hardcore fans will vehemently disapprove of using these in any circumstances, they can come in handy for players who simply want to progress further. Updated on January 19, 2023, by Maciej Grzymkowski: Ever since its release in February 2022, Elden Ring has gone through multiple updates and patches, which rendered some of the boss cheese methods that relied on bugs useless for players desperate for an easy way out of some battles.

Thankfully, most of the tricks included in this article are still possible to pull off in the game, except for the Radagon cheese that entailed getting the boss to glitch out and get stuck in a single spot. This is because rather than exploiting the game’s code, they focus on clever ways to utilize perfectly legitimate mechanics to make fights easier.

The list has been expanded by three more entries focusing on simplifying the fight against arguably the toughest bosses in Elden Ring. GAMERANT VIDEO OF THE DAY How To Cheese Niall Elden Ring
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Is it possible to cheese Elden Ring?

Cheese Elden Beast with Melee Attacks – How To Cheese Niall Elden Ring Perhaps the most straightforward method of cheesing Elden Beast is using the confusion method while spamming melee attacks. Although the Elden Beast may not be the most difficult Elden Ring boss in the game, any cheesing method is still a viable one. Players’ melee attack preferences will differ, but heavy, high-damage attacks to its rear will result in quicker success.

  1. Players can also chase down the Elden Beast while Mimic Tear takes aggro, striking the boss’ rear legs from behind.
  2. If players can dodge the Elden Beast’s close-range attacks while managing distance to outrun its AoE attacks, they can make quick work of the fantastical beast.
  3. Having trouble getting the confusion method to work? Check out the video guide from ItHadToBeDan on YouTube below to see just how exactly a melee build should tackle cheesing Elden Ring’s Elden Beast: More: God Of War Ragnarök Vs.

Elden Ring: How The Two Games Compare