How To Copy Elden Ring Save File?


How To Copy Elden Ring Save File
About this mod – All Endings, Legendary Talismans, Legendary Armaments, and Legendary Spells/Incantations on both level 150 and 125 characters. No cheats or mods used so safe for online use. Permissions and credits Changelogs This is a save file that contains every legendary talisman, armament, and spell/incantations for the achievements on level 125 and 150 characters.

There’s enough materials to upgrade several weapons/ash spirits to max and a few million runes to use as you see fit as well. Every dungeon has been completed and every boss slain (I may have missed a few of the night time field bosses though). Every site of grace has been discovered and all merchants killed so their inventories are located at the Twin maiden Husks for convenience.

Use the Celestial Dew to bring them back to life if you wish. I picked up most of the armor and weapons as much as I could but there are a few that were missed. Yes, this is safe to use online. No mods or cheats were used in its creation. All 5 possible variations of the Elden Lord endings are ready to be selected as well as the Age of Stars ending.

  1. For the Lord of the Frenzied Flame ending, you must fast travel to the Frenzied Flame Proscription site of grace and meet the Three Fingers and then complete the game as normal.
  2. Make sure to make a backup of the save to complete all endings.
  3. All NPC quests have been completed. — 1.
  4. Download the save file and unzip it 2.

Download Elden Ring Save Copier 3. Locate your original (ER0000.sl2) save file here: C:\Users\your_name\AppData\Roaming\EldenRing\7656XXXXXXXXXXXX 4. Make two copies of your original (ER0000.sl2) save file: one on your desktop, and one on your google drive for safe keeping 5.

Open the executable program named Elden Ring Save Copier that you downloaded 6. Click on the Browse button under the Source File option 7. Select the borrowed (ER0000.sl2) save file that you extracted earlier 8. Click on the Browse button under the Destination File option 9. Select the copy of your original (ER0000.sl2) save file that you made on your desktop 10.

Now click the Copy button to finalize the conversion 11. The copy of your original (ER0000.sl2) save file will now be a registered copy of the borrowed (ER0000.sl2) save file 12. Go back to: C:\Users\your_name\AppData\Roaming\EldenRing\7656XXXXXXXXXXXX 13.
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Can you copy Elden Ring save?

How to Back up Elden Ring Save File – If your Elden Ring save file is corrupted or you lose your progress or game for some reason, you can copy and paste your previously backed-up,sl2 file into the aforementioned Steam ID folder. Now start the game and it should restore your save file.
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Where are Elden Ring save files?

Elden Ring players can trace their save file location and back it up now. There is a process to do so without losing any in-game progress. Here’s how to locate it. – Agencies Elden Ring is considered one of the most difficult and top-ranking games of 2022. The game offers detailed character models, gorgeous scenery, complex in-game mechanics, and dynamics bosses. But players die a lot in this game, over and over again.

  • Therefore, it is highly advised to back up and save the in-game progress on an external hard drive because there is a risk of losing the progress on the PC version.
  • Here is a guide to help you create a backup of those precious files and track your Elden Ring saves.
  • You can get your Elden Ring saves in your user directory.

You must first right-click the folder icon on your quick bar and then click the “File Explorer” option. After that, you need to select “This PC” from the menu and click through the directory to reach the specific location – C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\EldenRing.
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How do I copy my Elden Ring character?

You essentially turn off anti cheat, load up the game, open cheat engine, and under player parameters you can change the save slot that you are currently ‘taking up’ and change it and exit out the game to copy you character – or so I’m told.
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How do I transfer saves to seamless coop Elden Ring?

1. “Corrupted Save Data” error after updating to a new game version. – Simply launch the game in vanilla first and get to the title screen to update your saves to the new game version. If you are using Seamless Co-op, instead launch the game via the launchseamlesscoop.exe to update your Seamless Co-op saves to the new game version.
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Can I transfer my Elden Ring save from ps4 to PC?

How does Elden Ring crossplay work? – The best crossplay games are those like Minecraft, Fortnite and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, where there is a seamless integration between gamers playing from different platforms. As we’ve already clarified, there is no such cross-platform facility with Elden Ring at the moment, but you can play against gamers using the same family of consoles or PC.

Once you’ve completed the game’s basic tutorial, you’ll be given the option to select Multiplayer from the in-game menu, and from here, you’ll be able to play alongside other gamers or even battle them head-on. Just remember that your device will have to be online and that you will need to be connected to the game’s server.

However, once you’ve done this, you’ll find it easy to enjoy all of the multiplayer options Elden Ring offers.
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How do I backup my Elden Ring save for multiple endings?

Just go into your AppData/Roaming folder, find EldenRing, then copy your completed save elsewhere. You can copy it back overwriting everything as many times as you want to reset your game state to that save.
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Can you copy save files on PS4?

PS4: How to manage storage space To manage your PS4 Save Data, go to Settings > Application Saved Data Management, If you would like to access an application’s PlayStation Plus online storage save data from the content launcher or Library, highlight the application, press the OPTIONS button and select Upload/Download, There are multiple ways to free up memory when installing a new game. If you would like to install the game to the PS4 system storage, you may need to delete some applications. Don’t worry, you won’t lose access to any deleted games — you can redownload the application from your Library whenever you like.

Highlight the application you want to delete in the content launcher or Library, Press the OPTIONS button > Delete,

If you don’t want to delete the existing games in PS4 system storage, you can download the new game using an external HDD, or upgrade the existing PS4 HDD. Please select the appropriate guide below for further instructions.

Go to Settings > Application Saved Data Management, Choose either System Storage, Online Storage or USB Storage > Delete. Select a game and place ticks next to the files you wish to delete or Select All, Select Delete and then select OK to confirm your decision.

You can copy saved data to a USB storage device that is connected to the PS4 system. Saved data that you copy can be used as a backup. You can also copy saved data from the USB storage device to another PS4 and continue playing your games. Please note, you must be signed in to PlayStation Network to use this feature.

Connect a USB storage device to the PS4 system. Go to Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage > Copy to USB Storage Device, Select a game. Place ticks next to the data you wish to copy, or Select All, and select Copy,

“Do you want to overwrite this saved data” will display if the file you’re copying already exists on the USB storage device. The date and time shown for each version will help you determine which is the most recent save. Select Yes to replace the version in USB storage. Select No to cancel the copy.

Go to Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data on USB Storage Device and select Copy to System Storage, Select a game or application. Place a tick next to each save file that you wish to download, or choose Select All, and select Download,

“Do you want to overwrite this saved data” will display if the file already exists in system storage. The date and time shown for each version will help you determine which is the most recent save. Select Yes to replace the version in system storage or No to cancel the download. : PS4: How to manage storage space
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How do you copy game data on PS4?

When connected to the network with a LAN cable (wired) –

Two LAN cables (sold separately) are required. Before transferring data, you’ll need to do the following on your current PS4™ system:

Sign in to PlayStation™Network. Update the system software to the latest version.

1. Connect your new PS4™ system and your current PS4™ system to the same network. Use the LAN cables to connect both systems to the same router.2. On your new PS4™ system, sign in to PlayStation™Network. If an update file containing the latest version of the system software is available, a screen appears to guide you through the update process. (Settings) > >, Follow the on-screen instructions. If you’re using your new PS4™ system for the first time, the data transfer screen automatically appears after you sign in to PlayStation™Network.
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What happens if you quit game Elden Ring?

How to Save in Elden Ring – For players that are used to, then they probably already know that there is no way to manually save game progress in Elden Ring, The game will auto-save every few minutes when players do anything of importance, whether collecting an item or getting Runes from defeating an enemy. In the Site of Lost Grace menu, have several options to choose from. They can pass the time to change the time of day; they can level up their character using collected Runes; they can sort through their chest; and there are other options, too. To ensure that players’ Elden Ring progress is saved, the best thing to do is go to a Site of Lost Grace and then quit the game using the menu.

  1. Just head to the System tab, and then use the bumpers to go to the Quit Game option,
  2. This will save the game and boot players back to the title menu, where they can load up a different character profile or mess around with the game’s settings.
  3. There is no official way to pause Elden Ring,
  4. If players sit at a Site of Lost Grace, they should be safe from being attacked, but it’s worth noting that players cannot sit down at a Site of Lost Grace while enemies are attacking them -it needs to be safe first.

Even if, they will still be unable to pause the game in any way. Players can either hang out at a Site of Lost Grace or just find a safe location to chill at -just make sure no enemies are nearby. It’s best to just quit the game and save instead of having a character stand in a random spot on the map.
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What is the difference between Steam cloud save and local save?

Local saves reside on your device. In case you change your phone or the save file gets corrupted you will lose your progress. Cloud saves are safely stored on our servers.
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