How To Deliver Supplies To Bunker Gta 5?


How To Deliver Supplies To Bunker Gta 5
How to deliver supplies to bunker gta 5 – Askingames – Open up the GTA Online menus. Go to players and stay there. Wait for a few seconds and the mission should complete. How Long does it Take,
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Why can’t i deliver supplies to my Bunker GTA?

Try to suicide and pick up your supplies again or let them pick by a friend. If you cant or it doesn’t work anyways, you better just give up and blow up your own supplies to try again.
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How do you resupply the Bunker in GTA V?

Steal Supplies – The other way of obtaining supplies is by stealing them. Stealing supplies is free of charge, but often requires lengthy drives and carefulness upon delivering. A resupply mission can be started in the Resupply menu of Disruption Logistics.

  1. Once selected, the player will immediately spawn outside the bunker with their active personal vehicle nearby.
  2. Agent 14 will regularly call the player informing them on the situation.
  3. Once the phone call has been initiated, a GPS marker indicating the primary location will be marked on the map.
  4. Resupply missions can often be as far as 8 miles away, depending on the bunker location, but the first mission will always be relatively easy.

The first mission will consist of the player stealing a parked Duneloader loaded with ammunition supplies outside an Ammu-Nation, The player can choose to drive the vehicle back, which can take up to 6 minutes depending on the route chosen and the bunker’s location, or alternatively use a Cargobob to transport it back.

Enemies can sometimes spawn in pairs along the journey back, similar to Vehicle Cargo missions, every once in a while. For this instance and only this instance will the supply bar be completely filled up from one mission. Stealing supplies is free of charge, like Vehicle Cargo, The player will always be given 30 minutes to obtain the supplies and bring them back to the bunker.

In most circumstances, the player can die as many times as they want, but must note that dying may jeopardize the mission, especially on long journeys back, or during a shootout. There are circumstances where dying will cause the mission to be failed, such as the use of the Railgun, where the player’s death will result in the supplies being destroyed, and thus the mission failing.

There is also the consideration that most resupply missions only fill the supply bar by 1/5th, or 20 units, while a few give 2/5ths, or 40 units—it can take up to five missions to get one full supply bar of 100 units—and assuming the bunker is set to manufacturing only, will convert it into 4 and 8 units of stock.

Not only that but while a resupply mission is active, production on stock is paused until the supplies from that mission is brought back to the bunker. Unlike Vehicle Cargo or Special Cargo supply missions, Gunrunning Supplies have no cooldown timer after delivery, although the player cannot start another resupply mission if the supply bar is full.
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Is it better to steal or buy supplies for Bunker?

Buying supplies will save time – How To Deliver Supplies To Bunker Gta 5 GTA Online players can run businesses more easily with the master control terminal. As a result, gunrunning supplies no longer take up too much time. This is where one can buy their supplies now. Players will spend a little money to make a lot of money.

Nonetheless, it’s a great trade-off. Stealing other supplies will take a while so players are better off buying their own. Once they buy it, they can send it to the research labs in the bunker. In the meantime, they can perform active businesses. When players buy or steal supplies, they need to consider time management.

Stealing the supplies will give more profit, but it takes time. Buying supplies is the complete opposite. Players have to decide whether they value a little money and more time, or a little more money and less time.
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Why are my supplies not showing up GTA V?

Supplies will only arrive when you are in free mode BUT production will continue as long as you are logged into GTA Online, have supplies, and NOT at a loading or lobby screen.
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How long does it take for stock to get to Bunker?

Using Supplies & Producing Stock – Note that research, supply usage and producing stock to sell are all based are time, not around units. So 100 units in does not really mean 100 units out. You need to use the timings in this guide to estimate how much supplies you’ll need to get the amount of stock you want to sell.

  1. Also note that when you are doing a Gunrunning mission (either a supply or sell mission) then the whole process is put on pause.
  2. So factor that into all your calculations.
  3. Using Supplies If you’ve completed all the research projects as we’ve suggested then you’ll be free to focus 100% of your staff on production.

You’ll use up supplies during manufacturing at the following rates depending on whether you’ve upgraded your bunker or not (see performance under Bunker Upgrades above):

No upgrades: 1 unit / 60 seconds Partial upgrades: 1 unit / approximate 72 seconds Full upgrades: 1 unit / 84 seconds

This means that you’ll need to resupply every 1 hour 40 mins with no upgrades (100 minutes) or every 2 hours 20 minutes (140 minutes) with full upgrades. Producing Stock In terms of actually producing stock to sell, you bunker can hold 100 units of stock which will be created over time (while you are in GTA Online only, ie NOT if you are playing story mode) at the following rates:

Non-upgraded Bunker: 1 unit every 10 minutes. Each stock unit is worth GTA$ 5K in Blaine County and 7.5K outside Blaine County (without upgrades). Just under 17 hours for a full bunker. Partially upgraded Bunker: 1 unit every 8.5 minutes. Each stock unit is roughly worth GTA$ 6K in Blaine County and 8.5K elsewhere. Fully upgraded Bunker:1 unit every 7 minutes. Each stock unit is worth GTA$ 7K in Blaine County and 10.5K beyond. Just under 12 hours for a full bunker.

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How do you resupply in GTA?

Description – ” Okay, okay, you doin’ some barwork, huh? Smart. Ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it. You grab that hooch, you bring it back to the clubhouse without spilling it all over the road, and you gonna have yourself a dive bar everybody talking about.

Word of mouth spreads fast in these crews, man, you know they like, yackedy yackedy yackedy yack. Yo, just keep that shit stocked up, and they’ll keep comin’ back, and you’ll keep getting paid. ” — Malc’s phone call during the first Bar Resupply. The player can start a Bar Resupply mission by talking to Sindy behind the Clubhouse Bar and selecting “Resupply bar”.

The player does not have to be registered as a Motorcycle Club president to start a Bar Resupply, though they may not start the mission if registered as a CEO, ” Hey pres. You’re all set to get the liquor. Just bring it back to the clubhouse. Fair warning – you might get some attention from other clubs.

Address Map Image
Cockatoos Night Club, Burton How To Deliver Supplies To Bunker Gta 5 How To Deliver Supplies To Bunker Gta 5
LTD Gasoline, Grapeseed How To Deliver Supplies To Bunker Gta 5 How To Deliver Supplies To Bunker Gta 5
Hookies, North Chumash How To Deliver Supplies To Bunker Gta 5
La Spada, La Puerta How To Deliver Supplies To Bunker Gta 5 How To Deliver Supplies To Bunker Gta 5
24/7, Harmony How To Deliver Supplies To Bunker Gta 5 How To Deliver Supplies To Bunker Gta 5
Liquor Store, Zancudo Avenue and Marina Drive, Sandy Shores How To Deliver Supplies To Bunker Gta 5 How To Deliver Supplies To Bunker Gta 5
LTD Gasoline, Mirror Park How To Deliver Supplies To Bunker Gta 5 How To Deliver Supplies To Bunker Gta 5
Paleto Boulevard, behind The Bay Bar and The Hen House, Paleto Bay How To Deliver Supplies To Bunker Gta 5 How To Deliver Supplies To Bunker Gta 5
RON Gas Station, Tataviam Mountains How To Deliver Supplies To Bunker Gta 5 How To Deliver Supplies To Bunker Gta 5
Rob’s Liquor, Banham Canyon How To Deliver Supplies To Bunker Gta 5 How To Deliver Supplies To Bunker Gta 5

The bar supplies in the van are fragile. Avoid taking too much damage while delivering them to the Clubhouse. Once the supplies are collected, the player must drive them back to their Clubhouse, keeping cautious of their Supplies health bar, which will lower if any damage is done to the vehicle, such as gunfire and crashes.

The game will also accept airlifting the vehicle via Cargobob hook as a legitimate method of transport. Normally during a delivery, three groups of four members of The Lost MC will spawn and attempt to shoot the player and their supplies. They will shoot at the stock through the open rear doors of the van, rapidly diminishing its “health”.

Liquid can be seen pouring out the back from damaged beer boxes. At approximately 75% health, the health bar will turn red. There is an unseen time limit of 30 minutes (real time) to deliver the supplies. A countdown timer will appear on the lower right of the HUD with 5 minutes left to deliver.

  • With 30 seconds remaining, the timer will turn red and audibly count down the final 5 seconds.
  • If the supplies health diminishes completely, or the time expires, the resupply mission will fail.
  • The van engine will catch fire and the van will eventually be immobilised.
  • You delivered the supplies.
  • On successful delivery, the mission is completed and the players receive a reward of $10,000, as well as a fully restocked bar.
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Damaged goods will not diminish the reward or stock level – a red health delivery will still fully re-stock the bar. There will immediately be drinking customers standing or sitting in the bar’s vicinity. The bar is fully stocked. There is a delay before you can start another resupply. Your bar earnings are currently full. No more money will be added until this is collected. Your Clubhouse bar earnings are currently full at $100000 ” Hey Pres. The bar’s been standing room only lately. I gotta use my whole bodyweight to get that moneybag shut, even with a rear bumper like mine.

Wanna pick up the cash sometime? ” — Sindy’s text advising the Earnings bag is full. Each day the bar has stock, $5,000 in Bar Earnings is added to the bag. When entering the Clubhouse office area, the current accrued earnings value is shown on the player’s HUD in the bottom right. The bag will store up to a maximum of $100,000 and must be emptied regularly like the safes in other businesses.

When full, Sindy will text the player to suggest they empty it. The bag will be marked with a red When emptied, the bag disappears, the cash icon turns grey, and the money is added to the player’s bank account. Unlike other daily earning safes in the game, the money will be added to the bag even when a player is not online. One successful restock will keep the bar supplied for four in-game days and accrue $20,000 in Bar Earnings.

  • If the bar is not restocked after this, no further earnings will be added to the bag.
  • Players therefore only need to restock every four days (real time: 3 hours, 12 minutes), a total of five times to completely fill the bag.
  • Although the player is allowed to restock every day, restocking more regularly, e.g.

on consecutive days, will not extend the duration of the supplies, the bar will always run out of beer four days after the last restock.
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How many resupply does it take to fill a bunker?

Unless you have friends to help you, I wouldn’t recommend getting a full bar of stock. At certain stock levels you will need to deliver more things depending on how much you have and are trying to sell. If a sell goes above 250k for example, you will have 2 vehicles you need to use to deliver.

  1. If you can’t deliver everything within 15 minutes, you lose money from the potential sell amount.
  2. The more stock you have, the more vehicles need to be used meaning more help you will need if you wish to gain the full sell amount.
  3. As for how many resupplies, it varies really.4 is the amount I see the most, but sometimes one resupply could fill half the bar.

Don’t worry too much about it. You can optionally buy supplies, but that’ll cut into your profits.
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How long do supplies last in bunker?

For Bunkers in GTA Online with no upgrades, stocks will last for 1 hour and 40 minutes so that’s the risk you’re taking by not paying for improved equipment.
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How do you maximize a Bunker profit?

What is a Bunker in GTA Online and how to buy one – How To Deliver Supplies To Bunker Gta 5 Bunkers are one of the best way to earn money on the game (Image via GTA WiKi) Bunkers were added to the game via the Gunrunning update. These are purchaseable properties that gamers can use to earn money. By the looks of it, they seem to be some sort of military facility.

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Bunkers can be bought via the Maze Bank Foreclosures website, and are unlocked after gamers receive a call from Agent 14. The properties are used to produce and sell illegal arms. Bunkers are passive businesses that produce goods in the background. Simply being online helps in production. All gamers need to do is partake in the source and sale missions.

There are 11 bunkers to choose from, and choosing the right one makes a huge difference. Beginners may think that buying the cheapest one at the absolute top of the map is the best idea. However, this tactic may make the source and sale missions a nightmare.
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How do you get the most money from Bunker?

A guide for earning money using bunkers in GTA online – How To Deliver Supplies To Bunker Gta 5 The easiest way to earn money from a bunker would be by first getting a good bunker. Bunkers are massive underground complexes that can be customized with a variety of modifications. After receiving an introductory phone call from Agent 14, Maze Bank Foreclosures will have 11 bunkers available for purchase.
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How much is a full Bunker worth?

You can collect 110 units of stock. Each unit is worth $7000 manufactured every 841s. This means after 25.7 hours you will have $770,000 of stock, if you choose to sell it further away you get 1.5x bonus giving $1,155,000 total. but you might not spend that much time on bunker.
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How long does it take for supplies to turn into stock GTA 5 Bunker?

One full bar of Bunker supplies takes 2 hours and 20 minutes to convert into stock.
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How long do supplies last in GTA Online?

Bunker Supplies – Supplies are vital when it comes to research or production/manufacturing, and you’ll be able to buy 20 supply units for $15,000, or fill up your bar for $75,000. Alternatively, you can also earn supplies by completing missions, with solo missions providing 20 supplies, with bigger groups offered the potential to make an additional 20.
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Does buying supplies fill the bar GTA?

Yes its normal, the supplies bar is not directly proportional to the stock bar. It takes a few resupplies to fill up a business, bunker taking the most at about 5 and MC businesses take about 2.5.
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Can I sell my bunker stock solo?

If you sell close, not far, you have a better chance to finish in time. It is even possible to solo a full Bunker sale then.
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How much stock does full supplies give Bunker?

Without upgrades in the bunker it is a 10:1 ratio.10 supplies to 1 product.
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Is the bunker profitable?

Profit-wise, Bunkers in GTA Online can make up to $45,000 an hour and $7,500 per unit so make sure to keep yourself up to date with your business. While there are seemingly better ways to make money in GTA Online, having more than one business is just smart so make sure to get a Bunker when you can.
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How does the Bunker business work in GTA?

What’s the best Bunker to buy and how do you get rich from Gunrunning in GTA Online ? Bunkers form the foundation of the Gunrunning business in Rockstar’s online sandbox, allowing you steal firearms and redistribute them to the highest bidder. You can also use the Bunker to store vehicles, like the Mobile Operations Center,

  • As part of our GTA Online guide, we’re going to introduce the best Bunker to buy and how to get rich from Gunrunning,
  • You may also be interested in Best MC Businesses to Buy, How to Get Rich with Warehouse Management at the Nightclub, and How to Get Rich with Vehicle Cargo and Special Cargo at the Office,

Furthermore, if you’re using the Career Builder, you can learn about the Best Career Builder Business, Vehicles, and Weapons to Pick,
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How much money will full supplies Bunker GTA?

How much product does 1 full bar of supplies get you in the bunker non upgrade vs upgrade? $100k without upgrades, $140k with. Upgraded, the Bunker also produces faster. Base gives 1 stock every 10 minutes.
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