How To Do Fias Quest Elden Ring?


How To Do Fias Quest Elden Ring
Complete Fia quest walkthrough for Elden Ring – The Elden Ring Fia questline for the Age of Duskborn ending can be broken into these distinct steps and locations:

  1. Talk to Fia the first time you reach Roundtable Hold
  2. Talk to her again and hug her after reaching Altus Plateau
  3. Talk to D, Hunter of the Dead
  4. Kill two Shardbearers and talk to Fia
  5. Come back to the Roundtable Hold to enter the locked room
  6. Access the Deeproot Depths by any method
  7. Kill Fia’s Champions
  8. Hug Fia in Deeproot Depths
  9. Retrieve the Cursemark of Death from Liurnia
  10. Bring it back to Fia and reload the area
  11. Fight and kill Lichdragon Fortissax in a boss fight
  12. Obtain the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince
  13. (Optional extra) Give D’s brother the Twinned Armor

Elden Ring Patches questline How To Do Fias Quest Elden Ring (Image credit: FromSoftware) Want even more backstabbing and betrayal in your quests? The Elden Ring Patches questline is laid out for you here! Clearly there’s a lot to this, so if you’re confused, you can either scroll down or click on any of these points for more information about how it’s accomplished.

  • You can also check the maps we’ve attached, though the reality is that the vast majority of this quest takes place either in the Roundtable Hold (steps 1-5), or in one single arena in Deeproot Depths (steps 7-12).
  • There’s actually a lot of very simple steps to this quest – but then you hit stage 6 onwards and things get very complicated very fast.

Don’t worry though – we’ll take you through every phase of the quest to make sure you’re never lost or confused along the way.
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Can you do FIAS quest without ranni?

Can you have Ranni and FIA ending? – It’s worth noting that you can still finish Fia’s quest without this impacting your ability to choose Ranni’s at the end. You can also complete Dung Eater and Goldmask’s quests without any problems either. |
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Can I still do FIAS Questline?

Siofra River – Head north from the Ancient Grounds Site of Grace (away from Nokron) to find the aqueduct to which Rogier was referring. Be wary, as there are two Crucible Knights here, one of which is waiting at the top of a waterfall. Head into the aqueduct, away from the Crucible Knight, to eventually find D’s brother collapsed against a railing before a stairway upward.

  • Depending on how far you have progressed D’s questline, you may have the option here to give D’s brother the Twisted Armor Set,
  • NOTE: Giving D’s brother the Twisted Armor Set here will result in D’s brother killing Fia later on in the questline; however, whether or not he kills Fia does not ultimately impact the end of her quest.
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Here you’ll also be able to continue ahead to a boss battle with two Valiant Gargoyles, To continue Fia’s questline, you will need to dispatch these two; upon doing so, head to the open coffin at the very back of the room and interact with it. Choosing to do so will activate a cutscene that results in your arrival at a new location.
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What ending does FIAS quest give you?

How To Get The Age Of The Duskborn Ending – How To Do Fias Quest Elden Ring As mentioned above, the Age of the Duskborn ending is one of the alternate endings you can choose when you become Elden Lord. To get this ending, you will need to complete Fia’s questline, Fia is a Deathbed Companion who you first meet at the Roundtable Hold.

  • Following her questline will eventually lead you to the Deeproot Depths where you will battle Lichdragon Fortissax,
  • At the end of Fia’s questline, you can acquire the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince,
  • Be sure to follow our complete walkthrough for Fia’s questline for detailed information of each step.

After acquiring the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince, continue through the game until you challenge Godfrey, First Elden Lord, After defeating him, you will be able to enter the Erdtree and fight Radagon of the Golden Order and the Elden Beast, who are the final two bosses of the game.

Once the Elden Beast is defeated, you will be able to repair the Elden Ring when interacting with Marika’s fractured body. To get the Age of the Duskborn ending, instead of repairing the Elden Ring, you must use the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince, This will cause you to restore the Elden Ring using the Death-Prince’s Mending Rune, ushering in the Age of the Duskborn, bringing true Death back to the Land Between.

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Is FIA’s quest worth it?

Gluten, Dairy, Sugar Free Recipes, Interviews and Health Articles The Elden Ring Fia quest allows you to take part in an optional boss fight and gain an alternate ending. Many of the Elden Ring quests can be quite difficult to follow due to the cryptic objectives, but they are always worth it for the items, |
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Do you need FIAS quest to fight Lich dragon?

How To Unlock Lichdragon Fortissax – How To Do Fias Quest Elden Ring For the short and sweet answer, to unlock Lichdragon Fortissax, players must fully complete the Fia questline (our full walkthrough will provide in-depth instructions on doing so), of which the Lichdragon is the final fight. When the time is right, players must travel to the bottom of the Deeproot Depths, where Fia will be waiting for them to give her the Cursemark of Death.
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How do you get the Sifi true ending?

Secret Ending – Sifu Wiki Guide – IGN There is, in fact, a true ending hidden within Sifu, and the game doesn’t actively telegraph the steps to achieve it. Fear not! To unlock the true ending, one must not kill any of the bosses, and instead spare them to obtain the 5 Talismans in the game and attain Wude.

It becomes clearer through subtle lines of dialogue across the game, as well as hints on some descriptions on the Board, but sparing your enemies is the key to fully completing Sifu. advertisement As you complete Sifu by killing Yang and visiting the Tombstones, you’ll be presented with a symbol. The game doesn’t clarify what this is, but you will note there are 5 blank spaces; 4 around the edge and one in the center, that looks like something is missing.

And that’s because there is! Each slot represents one of the elemental Talismans you’ll need to acquire in order to attain Wude (martial morality) and follow a higher, better path. How To Do Fias Quest Elden Ring Upon sparing Yang, you’ll enter a short cutscene, which leads into a third phase against Yang. Don’t worry here, your health disappears so you can keep fighting until you break Yang’s Structure and perform a takedown. How To Do Fias Quest Elden Ring You’ll get the upper hand, get close to a death blow but stop yourself. You’ll then collapse to the ground from the blow Yang delivered earlier. From there, you are teleported to a sacred mountain. How To Do Fias Quest Elden Ring How To Do Fias Quest Elden Ring Walk up the steps to the top, and on the clearing at the top you’ll be greeted with a gorgeous view, a dragon flying in the distance, and your character smiles, leading into the credits. How To Do Fias Quest Elden Ring How To Do Fias Quest Elden Ring After the credits, you’ll see that you in fact seem to still be alive, as an elderly Sifu yourself presiding over trainees, like your father before you. Congratulations on achieving the true ending of Sifu!
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What happens if you keep hugging FIA?

What does Fia’s hug do in Elden Ring? – How To Do Fias Quest Elden Ring (Image credit: FromSoftware) Whether you should hug the lady Fia, Deathbed Companion in Elden Ring is up for debate, but you probably should if you’re a shield-focused character who’s about to go into a boss fight very soon. Hugging Fia gives you a special item that boosts your Poise stat (which we’ll explain momentarily), but also afflicts you with a minor penalty to your max HP that won’t go away until the item is used.

We’ll go into the specifics below, but that’s the basic choice here – whether you want this arguably good item and you’re willing to tolerate a temporary reduction in health to have it. People have turned on Fia and her offer since discovering that her embrace has its negatives, but they’re arguably worth it, depending on your circumstances.

If you decline to let her hold you, she’ll simply say that the offer remains open regardless – which it does, you can come back for a quick hug and a pat on the head at any point, even if you have the item already. However, if you choose to let Fia hold and hug you, you’ll get a new item in your inventory, a consumable called Baldachin’s Blessing.
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What happens if you let FIA hold you again?

Who is Fia and why does she want to hold people? – How To Do Fias Quest Elden Ring Fans are already quite fond of Elden Ring’s kindest NPC. Like most pieces of Soulsborne lore, it’s tough to parse exactly what’s going on with her, but some key facts are emerging. If players allow Fia to hold them multiple times, the option to ‘Talk in Secret’ will appear.

Fia will share a little bit of her past over multiple visits, unpacking some of her motivation and role in the world. Check out Elden Ring PS4 here. Fia is a deathbed companion, but what that means is slightly opaque. Evidently, holding champions, like the player character, grants her a bit of ‘warmth’ that she can then transfer.

She held multiple champions, then laid with the corpses of royalty to somehow heal their condition. She was later chased from her home for unknown reasons and she desires only to return to her duties. Until then, she’ll stay right where she is and offer a hug whenever necessary. GIF Cancel Reply ❮ ❯
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What happens if you lay with FIA in Elden Ring?

Let Fia hold you in Elden Ring? – How To Do Fias Quest Elden Ring Fia’s offer (Image via FromSoftware) Yes, players should let Fia hold them, and they should do it often. Fia offers an item that cannot be obtained in any other way and will help throughout Elden Ring. Once allowed, Fia will hold the player for nearly a full minute while offering soft reassurances.
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