How To Duplicate Cars In Gta 5 Online 2021?


How To Duplicate Cars In Gta 5 Online 2021
How do you dupe cars in GTA auto shop? – Duplicating cars in the GTA Auto Shop is a popular way to get around the game without having to spend money on cars. Here is how to do it: 1. Go to the Auto Shop and select the car you want to duplicate.2. Click on the “Duplicate” button and then click on the “Create a copy” button.3.
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Can you get banned for duping cars in GTA 2021?

Big big glitches, like giving yourself millions and millions in too short an amount of time, or having too many dirty dupes, or using a mod menu can get you banned.
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Can I get banned on GTA for duplicating cars?

So Can You Get Banned For Duplicating Cars? It’s not the duplicating that gets you banned, it’s selling too many dupes per 30 hour period(you should sell 8 maximum per 30 hour period, spread out at least 1-2 hours apart) or selling dirty dupes(same plate over and over).
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Why does the iFruit app not work?

Answer: The Grand Theft Auto: iFruit App will no longer be supported as of December 12, 2022. We are currently developing a new method to allow players to customize their license plates via the GTA Online website, and we will provide an update when there is more information to share.
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Can you steal and sell cars in GTA Online?

How to sell a car in GTA 5 story mode? – via GIPHY There is no option to sell cars in GTA 5 story mode. So to make money, you might have to use other methods like the ones mentioned above. But you can easily steal and sell cars in GTA online at all Los Santos Customs locations.
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Is the new GTA dupe glitch patched?

Arena dupe glitch – How To Duplicate Cars In Gta 5 Online 2021 GTA Online players were able to use this glitch to duplicate their Arena War vehicles as free-roam vehicles. Once duplicated, players could sell it to make unfair money in the game. Rockstar has resolved this issue with the most recent background update.
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Can I sell dirty dupes GTA?

I’m still seeing some wrong information being spread about duping so the time has come for a full guide, please be aware this will likely be heavily edited over time with more info, better formatting etc. CLEAN DUPES So let’s start with the easy one, clean dupes are dupes in which the licence plate of your fresh dupe is taken from the donor car, which should be a free elegy, these type of dupe glitches are the best, and imo are the only ones anyone should ever do.

WHAT TO DUPE AND WHY There’s only two cars you should sell for maximum profits from duping; Elegy retro custom: This is generally used by players low on funds until they can afford to upgrade, this will probably cost roughly 1.8m to fully upgrade, the dupes will be worth 800-900k roughly. When you have enough cash, upgrade to the arena war issi, it will set you back close to 4m to fully upgrade but each dupe peaks at around 1.8m resale value.

Please note: duping anything other than a benny’s vehicle or an arena war vehicle is only going to sell for around 200k at most, dupes are worth around 50% of the upgraded value of the original hence why benny’s / arena war is suggested TYPE OF DUPE GLITCH There’s two types of these, any dupe glitch that requires an MOC means that everytime you dupe, your fresh dupe will be the new one in your MOC and your original will get sent to whatever garage is used during the glitch, any dupe glitch not requiring an MOC means everytime you dupe, your original will always stay in the exact same spot.

  1. Please note this isn’t relevant to PC users, will get to you lot further on.
  2. DAILY SELL LIMITS Most of you will already know this by now, the limits for selling dupes are no more than two in a two hour period, and no more than seven in a thirty hour period, pretty straightforward, no need to overcomplicate it.
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SELLING METHODS There’s multiple ways you can go about selling your dupes safely within the limits, me personally i generally play for a few hours so i’ll sell 3 one day and 4 the next (following the 2/2hour limit) If you want to sell dupes but don’t want to track the sale times just sell two b2b every day.

If you want to sell more but again don’t want to track sale times fully, just sell like i do. If you want to go full dupe ahead this is how it should be done; (times are made up for examples) 1pm: sell two b2b 3:10pm: two b2b 5:20pm: two b2b 7:30pm: sell last one Wait 30 hours after your first sale before repeating the process all over again.

Also if you’ve noticed i’ve given 2 hours 10 minutes between each b2b that’s to allow for a full two hours gap, as if you sold the first at 1pm, then sold the second 1:02pm, then the third one at 3pm you would end up selling above the limit. Be careful you do not overlap sale times, this is how it works for the 30 hour periods when it comes to not going over the limit accidentaly; So first batch of 7 in 30 goes like this for example; 12pm: sell two dupes b2b 4pm: two b2b 6:10pm: two b2b 8:20pm: sell last one notice the 4 hour gap between first two and second two Now let’s say you wait 30 hours after the first batch started before you sell again, so it goes as follows; Next day 6:10pm: sell first two b2b of second batch 8:20pm: sell two b2b You’ve now sold 9 in 30 hours, 5 of them are still ‘active’ from the first batch, while you’ve sold 4 from the new batch thinking the 30 hour period has reset, but you didn’t take into account the 4 hour gap between the first two b2b sales from the first batch, what you should’ve done is wait 4 hours between the first two b2b sales on the second day too.

Thing is, selling 7 in 30 every 30 hours will result in this ‘overlapping of sales’ occuring regular as most people won’t consider this. The 30 hour period starts from the first car sale. BLANK PLATES I’m of the opinion that blank plates, although look blank, still have text behind, reason being is you can still get dupe detected for selling with blanks, which in theory should bypass the limits.

While i’m on the subject, please note that you cannot bypass the limits, and if there is a glitch that says you can, i suggest you don’t. DUPE DETECTION If you get dupe detected (receiving the daily sell limit message) there’s two reasons you’ve done so.

If they were clean dupes you’ve sold wayy too many, take a break from selling for a week or so and let your limit reset itself. If they were dirty dupes (GCTF) then you would’ve recieved the message after selling no more than 3 dupes. Getting your sell limit back after doing so is not as easy as it would be selling clean dupes, you’ll likely be stuck on a very small limit anywhere from a few weeks to a few years.

GCTF Give cars to friends is the only way a console player will most likely ever have a dirty dupe in their collection. GCTF is not primarily a dupe glitch and should therefore never be used as one. This type of glitch should be used to either; A) Recieve cars you don’t own so you don’t have to purchase them or B) Recieve modded cars with mods that you can’t acquire yourself such as yanktons, green tint, pure white rims etc.

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DIRTY DUPES For anyone that reads this post, please pay close attention to this particular section With regards to clean dupe glitches, don’t change the plates, there’s no need as your fresh dupes will have the random generated plates from the free elegys attached. For regular dirty dupe glitches ( not GCTF ), mainly for PC users.

Unfortunately, PC dupes are always dirty until the plate is changed, why these are still technically ok to do is because the player will already own the same custom plates as the ones on the original and the dupesdupes, which means changing the plate to a different custom plate after duping will clean it.

This will also apply to console users when a dirty dupe glitch comes along GCTF dirty dupes Why these are dangerous for your sell limit is because; If you recieve a car that has a random plate on it, you and the giver now own the same vehicle with the same random plate which in the games coding is super unlikely and will therefore flag as a dirty dupe.

If you recieve a car with the givers custom plate on it that you don’t personally own, the coding will register that you now own a car with a custom plate on it which isn’t yours, which isn’t normally possible, flagging it as dirty. There’s only two ways you can do GCTF and stay squeaky clean through the whole transfer and that is if both you and whoever you trade with both have the same custom plate in your inventory, and said custom plate is applied to the donor car before transfer, that way the car you recieve is clean because you own the custom plate that is on it.

  1. The other way is to recieve a dirty car, which most of you have done, but then dupe a clean copy of it and overwrite the dirty one before selling, which most of you haven’t done.
  2. LOSING CUSTOM PLATES There’s a few different ways you can lose your plates; For PC users that are stuck with dirty dupe glitches, if you dupe a car with the licence plate “DUPEGOD”, and proceed to sell said dupe with said licence plate and get dupe detected, you will likely lose access to this particular license plate and will not be able to sell any car with it on.

For console and PC, if you sell dirty dupes through GCTF you will likely lose access to all your custom plates. Sounds dumb but there’s no real way to forceback access to them, much like everyones sell limits will be different, how quick or slow you get your plates back will also vary, best advice is don’t sell any car with a custom plate on it, only sell dupes with a random plate if you’re on console, and generally just wait it out, you don’t lose them forever.

Quick side note here, if you decide to delete a custom plate from your inventory, all your cars with said custom plate still on them will now be dirty as technically, much like gctf, you now own a vehicle with a custom plate that you don’t, so just be wary if you ever go ahead and do so. SE7ENSINS Quick mention about this, i see players coming here with outdated info from Se7ensins which simple doesn’t apply anymore.

Dirty dupes don’t decrease in value when being sold anymore, now you just get hit with pretty much an instant sell limit. Custom plates are not needed for console dupes 99% of the time as they are clean dupes, stop telling other players custom plates are needed on clean dupes! SUMMARY Stick to clean dupe glitches only.

  1. Avoid GCTF unless you do either method that i’ve mentioned before selling.
  2. Stick to the sell limits.
  3. PC dupers must change their plates before selling.
  4. PLEASE NOTE You can’t get banned from duping.
  5. You can’t get money wiped from duping.
  6. Worst case scenario is dupe detection and a lower sell limit, so stick to the limits mentioned in the post.

As i mentioned this post will be heavily edited until i feel i’ve covered every single topic that i can, i may even add a FAQ section with answers at some point, but for now this is a start. Also please feel free to drop any duping related questions that i have not yet covered or any clarification on a topic in the comments below, cheers.
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What happens if you sell a dirty dupe in GTA 5?

Warnings of potential consequences of this glitch – How To Duplicate Cars In Gta 5 Online 2021 An example of a GTA Online player with duped Issis (Image via All Eyez On Glitch) As with any glitches, it’s always possible to get suspended or if abused too much. However, there is a specific issue related to the “dirty” car duplication glitch that is worth noting.

Rockstar Games tracks vehicles being sold with identical plates. Consistently selling “dirty” duped cars will decrease the value of each sale and may lower the daily limit for how many vehicles you can sell. GTA Online players used to “clean” the plates by using the, but that’s no longer an option after the app died.

Thus, gamers have to resort to other to avoid a dirty car dupe, making the process much more complicated than it needs to be. That’s why the aforementioned exploit involves a step that “cleans” the plate of the vehicle. Poll : Do you report players for abusing glitches in GTA Online? 16 votes Quick Links : New GTA Online dirty car dupe glitch: Explaining what it does, how to clean it, and potential consequences
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Can you spawn GTA Online cars in single player?

Importing Vehicles – To make use of GTA Online Vehicles in single-player, a player must first purchase a Garage, From inside a Garage, pressing right on the controller’s D-Pad reveals a Special Vehicles menu. From this menu, players can select Vehicles from any downloaded GTA Online Update, even Vehicles the player has not purchased for use in online play.
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How does Rockstar detect duplicates?

According to Rockstar, they can tell the difference automatically by using gameplay data between the players and the cheaters, who received their money legally. Players who consciously cheat will be notified about any action on their account. You don’t need to do anything further if you aren’t cheating.
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What gets you banned in GTA Online?

GTA Online bans are triggered by a number of factors, including modding in GTA Online, exploiting or abusing game mechanics, manipulating protected game data and code, or otherwise interfering with other players’ gameplay experience.
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Does God Mode get you banned GTA?

Miscellaneous notes – How To Duplicate Cars In Gta 5 Online 2021 There are several things to note regarding this glitch :

GTA Online players can get banned for abusing it, which is more likely to happen if they get reported by a player they’re griefing. However, there is no guarantee that a player would get banned for exploiting it.Most content nowadays can be indulged in Invite Only Sessions, so there isn’t much of a reason to interact with somebody abusing this bug.There isn’t just one way to activate it.The glitch is a separate issue from mod menus, although both can give players invincibility.The exploit is not always used for griefing.

Invincibility will always be useful in GTA Online, so God Mode glitches will always be relevant in this title. Players who wish to find new glitches after the old ones get patched should know that there are plenty of hungry content creators always posting new ways to activate God Mode. How To Duplicate Cars In Gta 5 Online 2021 The above video came out on August 16, 2022, and features one of many possible ways to use the God Mode glitch, If players want to do it themselves before it’s patched, they’re recommended to view the video to see the full details. The important thing to note here is that the exploit is real. GIF Cancel Reply ❮ ❯
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Will GTA Online shut down?

GTA Online for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Will Shut Down on December 16, 2021 – Rockstar Games.
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Is iFruit a real phone?

IFruit is a line of smartphones designed and marketed by Fruit Computers, in the HD Universe. It is an obvious parody of the Apple iPhone.
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