How To Fight Radahn Elden Ring?


How To Fight Radahn Elden Ring
If you want to fight Radahn, you will need to speak to Jaren, who can be found up the stairs. Speaking to him will trigger a cutscene about Radahn and how the festival is a way to celebrate Radahn. Once it’s finished, the church doors will open, and you will find a lift you will need to take down.
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How do I get to Radahn in Elden ring?

Grand Lift of Dectus Method – The Grand Lift of Dectus method for starting the Radahn Festival requires players find two halves of the Dectus Medallion. The first, and easier, of the two halves is found in Fort Haight, to the southeast of the Mistwood.

  1. The second half is found in the Dragonbarrow, a particularly tough zone in northern Caelid.
  2. To get here, players can either take a slope leading up from Sellia, Town of Sorcery, or travel to the Bestial Sanctum and head south.
  3. The other half of the Dectus Medallion is located in Fort Faroth, on the southern cliffs of the Dragonbarrow overlooking Radahn’s boss arena.

After acquiring both halves of the Dectus Medallion, head to the Grand Lift of Dectus location in northeast Liurnia. Stand on the raised platform and press the interact button when the “Use Dectus Medallion” prompt appears. The lift will take Tarnished to Altus Plateau.
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How do you trigger Radahn?

The Soulslike series of games, to which Elden Ring belongs, is a dark masterpiece of design, creativity, and pure and challenging fun! The latest entry also gave us some of the most memorable bosses in gaming history. So, players often wonder how to trigger the Radahn Festival to fight Elden Ring’s Starscourge Radahn—the game’s most popular Legend Boss.
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Why won’t it let me fight Radahn?

How to fight Radahn in Elden Ring – You won’t be able to fight against Starscourge Radahn until you bring together the Dectus Medallion, activating the Grand Lift of Dectus between Altus Plateau and Liurnia of the Lakes. The Radahn Festival begins once you use the Grand Lift for the first time, allowing you to challenge Radahn, but you’re free to continue with the rest of the game until you decide the time is right. How To Fight Radahn Elden Ring
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Can you miss the Radahn fight?

Does it matter if you summon for Radahn? – In fact, you don’t need to engage with Radahn at all. You can simply ride around the dunes on your horse, continuously re-summoning Blaidd, Okina, and the rest while letting them fight for you. |
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How do you trigger Radhan festival?

How do you start the Radahn Festival in Elden Ring? How To Fight Radahn Elden Ring Elden Ring has plenty of unique and challenging bosses that players will need to face along their journey and one of these is Starscourge Radahn. The demigod character is a formidable foe who has a variety of ranged and melee attacks capable of dealing incredible damage during your battle. How To Fight Radahn Elden Ring Image via FromSoftware Starting the Radahn festival isn’t as simple as it may seem. Before you can kick things off and take on Radahn you’ll first need to activate the Grand Lift of Dectus. The Grand Lift of Dectus is located a great distance from Redmane Castle, in the northern portion of Liunia of the Lakes.

To activate this lift you’ll need both sides of the Dectus Medallion. The right side can be in a chest up the ladder in Fort Faroth, which can be located in Caelid. Back in Limgrave, you’ll locate the left side of the medallion in Fort Height on the east of Mistwood. Once you have activated The Grand Lift of Dectus you’ll want to head back to Redmane Castle, which can now be accessed via the teleporters at the Impassable Greatbridge Site of Grace.

Now, head through the castle until you happen upon NPC soldiers gathered in the courtyard. Continue up the stairs and speak to the soldier looking over the courtyard. In this dialogue, you can begin the Radahn festival and head through the church, down the lift to face the Demigod himself, and continue your Elden Ring story.
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Is it OK to summon for Radahn?

In Elden Ring, Starscourge Radahn is one of the greatest challenges the Tarnished will have to overcome. With Gravity spells that allow him to deal damage from range, and two colossal machetes to engage the player up close, going toe to toe with this Demigod — who literally halted the movement of the stars — can seem overwhelming.
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Why is Starscourge Radahn so hard?

Starscourge Radahn Attacks – How To Fight Radahn Elden Ring Starscourge Radahn has a metric ton of attacks that can be extremely hard to keep up with, and that’s just when speaking about his first phase. As with most grueling FromSoftware encounters, Radahn has two phases, with his second one making him much more aggressive, stronger, and almost impossible to approach.

Luckily for you, this fight is a tad gimmicky but a significantly challenging gimmick fight as opposed to the history of the more set-piece, easy-peasy ones in FromSoftware’s past titles. Though incredibly unforgiving, complex, and brutal, it isn’t impossible and is quite manageable once you see what’s going on and what you’re expected to do.

So, don’t lose hope, Tarnished! Magic Arrow How To Fight Radahn Elden Ring This will be Radahn’s opening attack every time you enter the arena. He will pull his mighty arrows back, charge it up with magic/gravity, then launch it towards you. He only performs this attack in the first phase and whenever you’re extremely far away from him. How To Fight Radahn Elden Ring As you get closer to Radahn, he will switch his ranged attacks up by launching a volley of arrows at you. You will have arrows falling out of the sky in a strategical path towards you, as well as sporadically placed shots to keep you on your toes. Counter: Similarly to the first step, you can roll past the more sporadically shot arrows but might struggle to get away from the ever-encroaching path of arrows forming on the ground towards you. How To Fight Radahn Elden Ring Starscourge Radahn will typically perform a series of Spinning Slashes the moment you finally get in close to him. He starts this move with a large wind-up, giving you ample time to prepare for it. He will launch himself into four big Spinning Slashes, attacking seven times total, dealing mass amounts of damage he catches you.

Counter: As you see Radahn start to wind up, roll towards him, then gradually adjust your next rolls to adapt to the subsequent Spinning Slashes. This will be tricky to pull off at first, but it is the best method for foot-based players. Additionally, if you’re on Torrent, you can ride away from him, then time your reentrance with his final spin to land a few hits on him.

Galloping Slashes How To Fight Radahn Elden Ring At some point during the encounter, Radahn will ride away from you then circle back with a series of three violent slashes from the side of his horse. While clearly telegraphed, they are still very hard to dodge, so be prepared for them. Additionally, if one slash hits you, the subsequent ones will as well, which will likely kill you.

Counter: If you’re on the ground, you must time your rolls perfectly to evade getting combo-ed by Radahn. This is rather tricky to dodge on foot, and we certainly don’t recommend it over using Torrent. For those on Torrent, however, we recommend using the same strategy here as you did for his Spinning Slashes.

Ride away from Radahn, and then charge back in when you see him perform his last swing to land a few uncontested shots. Jumping Slam How To Fight Radahn Elden Ring Occasionally, after performing his slashing attacks, Radahn will end the attack chain with a Jumping Slam attack, which has him propel himself into the air before slamming his massive swords into the ground and dealing mass damage. Counter: When Radahn performs this attack, the camera can become a bit wonky, making it much more challenging to dodge. How To Fight Radahn Elden Ring Radahn will submerge his giant blades into the sand before swiftly pulling them back out, creating a massive surge of gravity to emit out from them, imbuing them with the very same element in the process. The Gravity Surge is a wide AoE that covers a pretty big zone. How To Fight Radahn Elden Ring Radahn raises his hands high into the air while creating a gravitational orb that pulls you in towards him. This attack is quick but doesn’t deal much damage. However, since the attack is meant to set up other attacks, Radahn will start slashing away the moment this attack is over.

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Counter: If caught in the Gravitational Pull, immediately begin rolling whenever you are close to Radahn to avoid his slashes. Though, for the most part, we recommend creating distance and letting him do his thing while you watch from a safe distance. This attack isn’t worth risking getting caught up in.

Crash Landing How To Fight Radahn Elden Ring After whittling Radahn’s health down to 50 percent, he will propel himself into the stars, disappearing momentarily. Then, just as quickly as he took off, he will come hurtling back to earth like a meteor, Crash Landing into the world with great force. How To Fight Radahn Elden Ring In phase two, Radahn will heavily rely on his gravity abilities. Here, he will summon eight Orbs of Gravity around himself and periodically hurl them at you. Counter: Dodge to the right or left of the launched Gravity Orb. Getting hit by one won’t be the end of you, but it will temporarily stun you. How To Fight Radahn Elden Ring When things start going in your favor, Radahn will activate his Rinnegan and use Planetary Devastation, calling four large orbs of the earth to his side via Gravity Orbs. Just one of these orbs will almost assuredly kill you on contact, so proceed with caution when you see them around him.

  1. Counter: Be sure not to bump into them or make any contact with them whatsoever.
  2. Additionally, Radahn will wave his sword out in front of him whenever he’s about to fire one off at you, which is your queue to get ready to dodge.
  3. Generally, we recommend keeping your distance and summoning in the NPCs to keep him occupied until they go away.
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Due to these being an instant kill, you do not want to risk it when he’s this close to death.
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