How To Get Elden Ring Early?


How To Get Elden Ring Early
To gain early access to Elden Ring on Xbox, you must change your location settings to New Zealand. This will trick your console into believing you’re based in the Oceanic region, who are almost a whole day ahead of US time zones! Open the console Settings menu. Press System, then Language & Location. Within Location, select New Zealand.
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Where can I get Elden Ring early?

Visit the Dragon-Burnt Ruins-But Don’t Get Burned – On the south side of Agheel Lake is a set of ruins called the Dragon-Burnt Ruins. A number of weak enemies call this area home, making it a decent spot for some early-game Rune farming. There are two staircases leading down in the ruins.
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Can you download Elden Ring early?

Is there an Elden Ring pre-load? – Pre-loads for Elden Ring will be fully live on all platforms 48 hours ahead of release. BANDAI NAMCO Yes! Provided you have pre-ordered Elden Ring from a digital storefront, you’ll have two opportunities to pre-load the game ahead of its aforementioned release time.

Xbox : Pre-loads are available now. PlayStation and PC : Pre-loads are expected to go live around February 23 at 12 a.m. Eastern.

Here’s a brief explanation of how pre-loading works on your platform in case you need it.

Xbox : If the download doesn’t start after you’ve made your pre-order, go to My games & apps > Full library > All owned games, and scroll down to Elden Ring, You should see a small download icon in the logo’s bottom-right corner. Select Elden Ring, and then press the large button that says “pre-install.” PlayStation : Scroll over to your games Library, and you should see Elden Ring in the list. Select its icon and then press the button to “download” it. PC : The game should appear in your Library, so just right-click select the option to preload.

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What is the best beginner weapon in Elden Ring?

The best melee weapons for dexterity, strength and magic – Once you have your hands on a strong early weapon, and build your character, you’ll get a taste of your preferred playstyle and which stats you want to invest in, or build on depending on your starting class choice. How To Get Elden Ring Early For example, for high strength and / or dexterity weapons, you’ll want high strength and dex stats to begin with, such as confessor, vagabond, prisoner and samurai and then continue levelling them. But some weapons will also require investing in faith or intelligence. Here’s our best weapon choices by various stats:

The best dexterity weapon is the Bloodhound’s Fang, a curved greatsword that can be found near the start of the game in Limgrave, although you’ll need to overcome a pretty tough boss fight to get it. The best strength weapon is Grafted Blade Greatsword, found in Castle Morne in Weeping Peninsula, a region to the south of Limgrave that’s accessible from the start of the game. The best magic melee weapon is Sword of Night and Flame, which can inflict both magic and fire damage. It does however require an equally significant amount of intelligence and faith. You’ll find it in Caria Manor in northwest of Liurnia, which is on the way to the start of the Ranni quest,

Once you have settled on a starting class and starting Keepsake item, you should first work out how to level up, how to respec and use Ashes of War, Need some direction from there? Our Elden Ring walkthrough and Elden Ring boss order can help with where to go next, but we also recommend hunting down Golden Seeds, Sacred Tears, Crystal Tears, Talismans and some of our best weapon and best armor choices.
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Can I play Elden Ring now?

Where Can You Play Elden Ring ? – You can play Elden Ring on your PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and even on older consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Elden Ring can also be played on your PC, although we recommend getting it on your console as PC players have reported a bunch of technical issues since the game’s release.
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Why is Elden Ring only 30 gigs?

For the update to complete, it needs to unpack large files, replace the smaller ones inside, then repack them. That’s what’s taking up so much space, the unpacking and repacking.
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How many GB does Elden Ring take?

Memory: 12 GB RAM. Graphics: NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1060 3 GB or AMD RADEON RX 580 4 GB. DirectX: Version 12. Storage: 60 GB available space.
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What is the best armor in Limgrave?

Twinned Armor Set – How To Get Elden Ring Early Twinned Armor This armor set is unlocked before the Royal Remains set and offers even better protection, robustness, poise, and Vitality. However, it is also heavier and doesn’t have the HP replenish effect. The Twinned Armor set is the one worn by D, who players first encounter in Limgrave or at the Roundtable Hold.

If players loot this set in the early game of Elden Ring, it will all but certainly be the best overall armor set that players have come across. To add it to the inventory, players can either kill D the first time they see him in Limgrave or advance Fia’s questline at the Roundtable Hold. Fia is the NPC who offers a hug on the bed.

Once players have received two hugs, Fia will give them a dagger, which belongs to D. Return it to D and then reload the Roundtable Hold. Go into the room past Hewg, the blacksmith to find D dead and his armor set lying on top of him.
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Is Samurai good for beginners Elden Ring?

Home Gaming News Elden Ring Clip Shows Why the Samurai is the Most OP Starting Class

An Elden Ring player shows off some serious martial prowess with the Samurai starting class when facing one of the game’s most notorious threats. How To Get Elden Ring Early Elden Ring is not an easy game by any stretch of the imagination. While some builds will cut through the game faster than others, it is and always will be an enormous game filled with huge challenges, easily warranting the official Elden Ring guide coming out in Japan,

  1. Every step along the road of Elden Ring expects more of the player than the previous part, with higher stats and more powerful builds being necessary.
  2. For all that though, a huge part of the game is decided by the starting build that a player chooses, and one player makes a convincing argument about which one is best: the Samurai.

Players in Elden Ring frequently push themselves to find the limits of what the game can handle. Sometimes this is hitting the actual rune cap of the game, sometimes it’s finding the absolute best build for every boss. And sometimes, as is the case with Redditor Noraje_, it’s demonstrating the power of the Samurai.

Rather than a detailed argument, Noraje_ used a video for evidence showing their Samurai taking down the first boss of the game, a Grafted Scion, using its starting equipment. This is impressive for a couple of reasons. The first is that the Grafted Scion is meant to be a scripted loss at the start of the game.

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On a starting playthrough, very few players can bring it down, even knowing what to expect. The second reason is that not only does Noraje_ take down the Scion, but they also take it down easily using the Samurai. Utilizing the skill Unsheathe and a couple of well-placed jumping attacks, the Samurai staggers, bleeds, and destroys the Scion.

  1. All of this without even resorting to the Samurai’s other weapon, the bow.
  2. It’s so one-sided it’s almost enough to convince players that the Samurai could beat the final boss of Elden Ring alone and unaltered.
  3. The Samurai does objectively have a lot going for it as a starting class, with good armor, a light shield, and a very powerful starting weapon: a katana.

Balanced in speed and strength and with the aforementioned Unsheathe skill, plus a starting longbow, there’s a lot to love. Granted, sometimes Unsheathe makes things go horribly wrong, but that’s mostly in PVP situations. It’s certainly an inspirational video for anyone hung up on the starting Grafted Scion fight and a useful advocation for the Samurai as a starting class.
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What is the best single player class in Elden Ring?

Best Elden Ring classes for beginner players – How To Get Elden Ring Early (Image credit: Bandai Namco)

  • Vagabond: The Vagabond is arguably the best Elden Ring classes for beginners. Melee builds are generally easy to pick up without having to familiarize yourself with loads of in-game systems, making them great for players unaccustomed to FromSoftware gameplay. The Vagabond’s high Vigor makes it forgiving, and the good Strength and Dexterity gives players the freedom to try all sorts of melee armaments.
  • Hero: Similar to the Vagabond, the Hero class in Elden Ring is a starting point for melee-focused builds. With Strength as its best starting Attribute, this class is all about dealing lots of damage with each hit. If you’re not interested in experimenting with magic or more complex Dexterity-scaling weapons, choose the Hero for a pure melee-combat experience.
  • Confessor: If you’re on the fence about committing to magic or weapons-based combat, the Confessor is a good Elden Ring class to start with. It allows players to dip into the complexities of Incantations without fully sacrificing too much in terms of melee capabilities for a balanced build early on.

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What is the best armor in Elden Ring early game?

1 Carian Knight – How To Get Elden Ring Early The Carian Knight set is the best early armor in Elden Ring players can obtain if they are going for a low-weight but reliably-defensive build. It can be found in the graveyard of the Academy of Raya Lucaria without beating any bosses, making it suited to early-game players who are struggling.

However, players shouldn’t get too confident with the lack of a boss battle, as there are more enemies here than meet the eye. It is common for Elden Ring players to make beginner mistakes in this way, but it can easily lead to death. Its 23.5 weight means that players will still be able to dodge and roll in fights without being impeded, and it has some decent Damage Negation and Resistance stats that help to level the playing field while traversing the Lands Between.

Elden Ring is available on Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, and PC. MORE: Complete Guide To Elden Ring: Weapons, Items, Tips, Tricks, Bosses, & Builds
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What time does Elden Ring unlock?

Elden Ring release time on consoles – The console release has slightly different timings to PC, with Elden Ring becoming available for current- and last-gen Xbox and PlayStation owners at February 25th, 2022 at midnight in all time zones. While the PC version of Elden Ring releases simultaneously worldwide, the console versions of the game have staggered release times depending on time zone.
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Can you get Elden Ring early on PC?

Here’s Elden Ring’s exact release time, how to preload on PC 9 9 Here’s Elden Ring’s exact release time, how to preload on PC Elden Ring’s exact release time is quickly approaching, so here are the details on how to get ready by preloading on PC. Just days before the official release of Elden Ring, FromSoftware has revealed the timeline for preloading the game on PC.

  1. Console players are already able to get the game’s files on their systems, but PC players will have to wait until just 48 hours before release to prepare.
  2. By revealing the preloading method and times, Elden Ring staff also incidentally revealed the exact release time for the anticipated open-world RPG.
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Pre-loading for Elden Ring available on console through either the Xbox Games Store or PlayStation Store, while PC players can pre-load the game through Steam 48 hours before the game’s release. Preloading for PC will become available exactly 48 hours before the official release time.

  • With an American release scheduled for February 24, that means that Elden Ring preloading will go live on the afternoon of February 22.
  • Players should also make sure their computers can handle before buying the newest Dark Souls-adjacent game.
  • To preload Elden Ring, gamers must first preorder,
  • Preorders do not cost extra and includes a manual-esque adventure guide as well as early access to a special emote.

Late on February 22, the preload option will become available through the Steam client. Elden Ring will release across the globe on February 25 at 8 a.m. Japanese Standard Time. This means that North and South America get the game on the night of February 24.

Those on the east coast can expect a 6 p.m. release while Californians can play at 3 p.m. Central Europeans can look forward to a midnight release while anyone further east might want to wait until the morning of the 25th to play. As with any online multiplayer game, it’s safe to expect that Elden Ring will have some server issues when it goes live.

These problems will probably be separated by platform, but expect longer connection times and difficulty with, Launching the game in offline mode after preloading can help mitigate these issues for those who want a smooth first experience. : Here’s Elden Ring’s exact release time, how to preload on PC
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Can I play Elden Ring early PC?

Elden Ring Release Times North America – How To Get Elden Ring Early

February 24 at 9:00pm PT on consoles/3:00pm PT on PC February 24 at 11:00pm CT on consoles/5:00pm CT on PC February 25 at midnight local time ET on consoles/February 24 at 6:00pm ET on PC

As demonstrated by the Elden Ring release time map, the game will be playable on PC earlier than consoles. For example, those on the west coast will be able to play Elden Ring on PC starting at 3:00pm PT, while west coast gamers on PlayStation and Xbox will have to wait until 9:00pm PT to get their hands on the game.

No reason has been given for this discrepancy at the time of this writing. The downside to the staggered launches of the PC and console versions of the game is that it gives PC gamers a head-start, increasing the odds of Elden Ring console gamers getting things spoiled for them. PC gamers will only get to play six hours earlier or so, but Elden Ring spoilers are already a problem that the community is dealing with before the game has even properly released.

Regardless of what platform they’re playing the game on, all Elden Ring fans will have the chance to pre-load it ahead of time. Elden Ring Xbox pre-loading is available now, while those on PC and PlayStation will be able to pre-load 48 hours before launch, so sometime this coming Wednesday, February 23.
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