How To Join Car Meets In Gta 5 Ps4?


How To Join Car Meets In Gta 5 Ps4
How do you join a car meet in GTA 5 Online? I’m trying to get deeper into the racing scene of GTA Online and I’m wondering how other players have modded their cars. Someone said you have to join chats or clans in order to join car meets, but I’ve also heard about a summer event. I’m not sure where to go and how to do a car meet in GTA 5? Thankfully, Rockstar finally recognized the players who just want to talk shop about car mods and released the GTA Online Summer Event,

In order to join a car meet, all you have to do is become a member of the Los Santos Tuners, Membership unlocks customized vehicle shows, races, special cars for sale, and a whole host of other goodies. First, log onto GTA Online and check your inbox for an email from Mimi, who’ll have some info concerning a new group in Cypress Flats,

Head over and look around for a graffitied shutter door with the sound of revving behind it. After a cutscene with Hao and Mimi, you’ll have the option to join the Los Santos Tuners for $50,000, Membership has its perks—you can interact with the tattoo parlors, merchants, and race organizers.

  1. Best of all, you can join a griefer-free social space and show off your car.
  2. Enter the Interaction Menu and choose Request Personal Vehicle to bring your car into the garage (if you didn’t drive it there in the first place).
  3. Then you can start chatting with other aficionados about how the Karin S95 is actually based on the real-life,

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How do you find the LS car meet in GTA Online?

GTA Online: How to Find the LS Car Meet and Become a Member – How To Join Car Meets In Gta 5 Ps4 In order to learn how to find the LS Car Meet and become a member, you’ll first need to load into GTA Online, Shortly after spawning, you’ll receive an email from Mimi, who will tell you all about what’s going on in Cypress Flats, How To Join Car Meets In Gta 5 Ps4 You can use the Interaction Menu (hold down the touchpad) or Map to set a waypoint to the LS Car Meet. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you stumble upon a graffitied shutter door with the roar of engines inside it. Head inside for a cut-scene with Hao, Mimi, and a few new faces. How To Join Car Meets In Gta 5 Ps4 Head over to Mimi and become a member for GTA$50,000 to unlock access to everything that the LS Car Meet has to offer. If you can’t afford it then you can find out How to Make Money Fast through here. A new Reputation meter can be reviewed by pushing down on the d-pad, and is tied to many of the better cosmetic unlocks — including vehicle modifications — in the update.
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What are GTA 5 car meets?

Grand Theft Auto 5 is now eight years old, and during that time, players have built up an impressive collection of cars. From the slick super cars to the drop dead gorgeous classics, GTA 5 players have spent an obscene amount of money on pimping their cars – and they naturally want to show them off.

  1. Introducing GTA 5 car meets.
  2. Up until now, car meets in Los Santos have been happening in an unofficial capacity, allowing petrolheads to come together to show off their latest upgrades.
  3. However, since these are unofficial events, players have either had to go in passive mode or risk having their entire line up blown up by someone in a Hydra.
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But the risk of attending one of these events has been lowered with the GTA Online Summer Event. Rockstar’s new update for the game includes the Los Santos Car Meet, giving fans a proper way of channelling their inner Fast and Furious. But what details do we have on the GTA Online Summer Event and the Los Santos Car Meet? Well, you’re about to find out.
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What is the GTA Online summer event?

GTA 5 car meets – Previously the only way to host or take part in a GTA 5 car meet was to keep an eye on the in-game chat or join a GTA Online clan dedicated to car meets. A time and a place for the car meet was decided and anyone who wanted to attend could pop along with the car of their choice.
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What is the GTA Online summer event and the Los Santos car meet?

GTA Online LS Car Meet – The Los Santos Tuners Summer Event, which dropped on July 20, includes the Los Santos Car Meet, which is apparently the “beating heart of car culture in Southern San Andreas.” Here, players will be able to show off customised vehicles, race, and link up with contacts looking for skilled drivers in a series of Tuner-based missions.

On July 20, the automotive underground roars to life with GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners. Featuring the LS Car Meet, where you can race, show off customized vehicles, and link up with contacts looking for skilled drivers and a chance at easy money. — Rockstar Games (@RockstarGames) July 15, 2021 The LS Car Meet takes place in a “gigantic, shared social space” where you can take your prized vehicles and share them with fellow petrolheads.

To take part, you’ll need to head to a heavily graffitied warehouse near Cypress Flats. These GTA 5 car meets will be protected from the outside world too, with a “good vibes only” attitude. In other words, those pesky players with Hydras won’t be able to spoil the fun during these official meets.

In a car meet, you’ll also have the opportunity to test out a select amount of cars on the test track, which is a large underground space in the warehouse, where you can test and race vehicles freely. But if you want to take part in more events, you’ll need to become an LS Car Meet member – something that’ll set you back $50,000.

But it’s worth the cash. LS Car Meet members get the chance to compete in rotating Prize Ride Challenges for an opportunity to win a vehicle, as well as the opportunity to access exclusive merch, tattoos, and modding shops. Higher level members also have the chance to take over the warehouse, hosting private car meets with custom lighting and banner colours.
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