How To Play Gta 5 Online Without Ps Plus?


How To Play Gta 5 Online Without Ps Plus
” Can you play GTA Online without PS Plus ?” is a question many PlayStation gamers ask when they want to join their friends for some online shenanigans. Unfortunately, GTA Online requires PS plus, similar to Xbox’s subscription service. But you can always play GTA Online for free if you own a PC copy! Let’s find out all about it: from prices to platform support!
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Can I play GTA V online without PS Plus?

Can you play GTA Online without PS Plus? – How To Play Gta 5 Online Without Ps Plus (Image credit: Rockstar Games) The short answer, we’re afraid, is that you do need PS Plus to play GTA Online on PlayStation, which is in line with most other games on Sony’s platforms. This keeps the PlayStation Plus subscription offering consistent, as players then know that if they want to play any game online (excluding certain free to play titles such as Fortnite ) they’ll need to sign up to the service.

  • If you’re not currently a subscriber, then you can join using one of these PS Plus deals,
  • This applies whether you’re using the version included with GTA 5, or the more recent standalone release of GTA Online, which was initially offered as a free download on PS5 but you’ll now need to purchase if you missed that offer.

Join the troupe and hang out at The Freakshop in GTA Online: Los Santos Drug Wars.Owners of GTA Online can play without PlayStation Plus until 00:00am Pacific on Dec 29 December 15, 2022 See more However, there are occasions where Sony and Rockstar will collaborate to temporarily remove the need for PS Plus to play GTA Online on PlayStation.

  • This is usually tied to the release of big updates or a holiday season, so keep an eye out for announcements of when you can play without PlayStation Plus.
  • These events are fleeting and often only last for a week or two, so if you need them then be prepared to make the most out of your free access time.

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How to play GTA V Online on PS4?

How to Play GTA: Online – How To Play Gta 5 Online Without Ps Plus Unique Character Customization in GTA: Online (picture credits: gamesradar) You will need a PlayStation Plus membership if you wish to play the online multiplayer on your PS4. The same goes for Xbox One, where you are required to have Xbox Live membership if you want to play GTA: Online. How To Play Gta 5 Online Without Ps Plus Select “Online” from this Menu. | Image Credit: Rockstar Games From here, you can choose to go into ‘Story Mode’ or ‘Online’. Selecting ‘Online’ will put you straight into GTA: Online and you can begin your online experience. The game will require you to first create your Online character, and then gives you the option of playing through a Tutorial.

  1. Once that is complete, you can choose to do whatever you desire in GTA: Online.
  2. In a Nutshell: To play GTA online, you will first have to buy GTA 5 on any platform you would like to play on.
  3. Then select ‘Online’,The game will require players to create an Online character, and then launches a Tutorial to get you familiar with all its mechanics.

After completing the tutorial, you will be able to play GTA Online without any interruptions. Also Read: GTA 5: PC System Requirements Edited by Utkarsh Rampal Thank You! GIF Cancel Reply ❮ ❯
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Can you play GTA Online alone?

How to play GTA Online alone? – How To Play Gta 5 Online Without Ps Plus Finding a private session can easily be done via the pause menu (Image via Rockstar Games) New GTA Online players should know that they can get into a session by themselves extremely easily. The above image shows the start of the process. If newbies don’t know how to get here, just do the following:

  1. Pause the game.
  2. Select Online.
  3. Select Find New Session.

Note: Pausing the game for you doesn’t pause it for everybody else. Thus, they can shoot at you while you look through the pause menu. Choose to do this when you know nobody is near you. How To Play Gta 5 Online Without Ps Plus The different session types (Image via Rockstar Games) Once the player selects “Find New Session,” they should see a screen similar to the image above. If a player just wishes to be alone, then a Solo Session will suffice. Similarly, selecting an Invite Only Session works well while giving the player the benefit of inviting friends when they don’t wish to go solo.
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Can you get PlayStation Plus for free?

PS Plus Usage Terms

  • PlayStation Plus is an ongoing subscription with a recurring subscription fee which is charged automatically (at the then current regular PlayStation Store price) at the frequency you choose at purchase until the subscription is canceled.

If your wallet doesn’t have enough funds when an automatic recurring subscription payment is due, the balance will be automatically funded from the default payment method on record to cover the subscription fee. You can cancel your subscription at any time so that your subscription will expire at the end of your trial period or at the end of the period for which you have already paid, as applicable. This will stop future payments of subscription fees being taken, but you won’t receive a refund for payments already made. This is in addition to purchase cancellation rights you may have under your applicable local laws. See our Cancellation Policy at You can continue to use the benefits until your subscription or trial period expires. To cancel on your PS5, go to > > > >, To cancel on your PS4, go to > > >, For instructions on how to cancel from any other PlayStation platform or device, visit the PlayStation Support page at PlayStation Plus promotional offers and discounts may apply to subscription plan purchases and other digital content sold separately on PlayStation Store. Such offers may be limited in time, and vary by country, subscriber and/or subscriber status; promotional offers are subject to change and may include content that has been previously offered or include content that you already own. After the promotional or discounted period expires, the subscription automatically continues at the then current regular PlayStation Store price until canceled. If available in your country or region, you may experience PlayStation Plus benefits free of charge by selecting a limited free trial offer. At the end of your trial period, your PlayStation Plus subscription will automatically roll into an ongoing subscription with a recurring subscription fee charged automatically at the frequency you choose when you sign up for the trial. If you want to prevent this, you can cancel your subscription prior to the end of the trial period. You can continue to use the benefits until the last day of the trial period even if you cancel before that. You need a credit/debit card or PayPal account registered to your account for PlayStation Network to sign up for and access a free trial offer. The required payment method may vary by country. Each person is eligible for only one free trial unless otherwise communicated. Certain other feature limitations may also apply to free trials to prevent fraud and misuse of content.


PlayStation Plus requires an account for PlayStation Network. Access to PlayStation Plus content and features will vary by console platform, device, country or region, subscription tier, age of user, account type held, and parental controls. The games included in the subscription, the online features of each game, as well as the other features and benefits of the PlayStation Plus subscription, are subject to change.

  • Continued access to PlayStation Plus features and benefits requires an active subscription.
  • Service availability is not guaranteed.
  • Country and language restrictions apply.
  • Certain games featured on PlayStation Plus may be made available on a limited-time basis.
  • The number and availability of games included in the service are subject to change at any time and vary by subscription tier, country or region, console platform and device.
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Games downloaded to your console are playable as long as you have a valid subscription and the game remains available in the service. If your subscription lapses (or a game is removed from the service), you won’t be able to use any add-ons, virtual currency, or other similar consumables you’ve separately purchased for a PlayStation Plus game, unless and until you renew your PlayStation Plus subscription or purchase the same game from the PlayStation Store.

  • Depending on how PlayStation Plus content is accessed (e.g., downloaded vs.
  • Streamed games), availability of features, system performance, and gameplay quality may differ.
  • PlayStation Plus games may not provide the same features or be identical to other versions of the same-titled games available on disc, PlayStation Store or elsewhere.

Service availability, and availability of PlayStation Plus content and features, are dependent on variables not under our control, including the speed and availability of your broadband connection and your geographic location. You may experience delays or technical difficulties caused by or related to these variables.

Some PlayStation Plus features may require you to install and operate additional applications on your PlayStation console or device. Performance and availability of features on those applications may differ between device and subscriber setup and may be subject to additional terms and limitations. For further service details and limitations please see

Access to PlayStation Plus content/services will vary according to the age of the user and parental controls. PlayStation Plus is only available to legal U.S. and Canadian residents with an account for PlayStation Network who are 7 years or older, and legal residents of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay who are 13 years or older depending on the country of residence.

Users who haven’t reached the legal age of majority in their country of residence need a parent or legal guardian’s consent to establish an account for PlayStation Network and may not be able to access certain content or services. PlayStation Plus games and other content are made available for your personal, private, non-commercial use on a PlayStation console or device, and other select systems and devices authorized to access PlayStation Plus content.

Except for rights explicitly granted to you, all rights in the PlayStation Plus content are reserved by Sony Interactive Entertainment, its affiliates and its licensors. A robust broadband internet connection is required for download of, and access to certain content, features and benefits; internet access is required for online play; additional hardware, storage and peripherals may be required to support download and/or streaming features; and you’re responsible for associated fees.

  1. Download restrictions and streaming limits may apply.
  2. PlayStation Plus features and offerings may change without notice; the service may be updated, retired, or terminated at any time.
  3. Use of PlayStation Network and PlayStation Plus is subject to these Usage Terms, the PlayStation Network Terms of Service and User Agreement, and the applicable privacy policy.

You can access these documents by using the link to the Health / Privacy / Terms menu or going to : PS Plus Usage Terms
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How much is PS Plus yearly?

PS Plus Essential – At $10 per month, $25 for three months or $60 for the year, PlayStation Plus Essential is essentially no different than the previous PS Plus subscription. It offers all the same features, including access to online play, two monthly games for free, cloud storage and exclusive discounts at the PlayStation Store.
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Why can’t I play GTA Online on PS4?

Answer: This error occurs whenever there is a communication issue between Rockstar Games Services and your connection’s IP address. Check the Rockstar Games Service Status for server outages or scheduled maintenance:
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Can I play GTA 5 offline on PS4?

You can play GTA V with a disc offline,but you’ll be limited with just the story mode. You wont be able to play online and thats 90% of GTA V content. The story mode is 1 player too. Why can’t I get GTA 5 mods on a PS4 500GB?
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Does GTA Online cost money?

Is it free to play GTA Online ? GTA 5, or Grand Theft Auto 5’s, online multiplayer mode is one of the most played games on PS5 and PS4, competing with free titles like Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnite, Naturally, many people wonder how much money it costs to play GTA Online and is it free to play ? As part of our GTA Online guide, we’re going to answer the question is GTA Online free to play ? How To Play Gta 5 Online Without Ps Plus GTA Online is included free with all copies of GTA 5, which is also known as Grand Theft Auto 5, This applies to both the PS5 and PS4 versions of the online crime caper. Ultimately, what this means is that you’ll need to own a copy of Rockstar’s game to play online.

You’ll also need an active subscription to PS Plus, However, there are some additional options available to you. A standalone version of GTA Online is available on PS5 from 15th March, 2022, which includes the full version of GTA Online without GTA 5’s single player campaign. Furthermore, until 14th June, 2022, this will be available to download for free on PS5, although you will still need an active PS Plus subscription to play.

GTA 5 and GTA Online’s PS5 pricing is as follows:
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How do you play GTA Online solo public?

PC – Load into a public session, ALT+TAB out of the game and open the task manager either with CTRL+SHIFT+ESC or by running it from the start menu. In the task manager, navigate to the Performance tab where you will see “open Resource Monitor” on the bottom.
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How many days is PS Plus free?

Choose a subscription plan. Get 7 days for free.
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Is PS Plus worth it now?

Review – How To Play Gta 5 Online Without Ps Plus As PlayStation Plus is an ongoing online subscription, there is currently no review on the site. Despite this, lead features editor Jade King and features editor Eric Switzer are both long-time subscribers with lots to say about their experiences with the service.

  • Since Sony decided to dramatically pivot PS Plus to a three-tiered system, both editors were quick to compare it to Xbox’s much-lauded Game Pass.
  • PS Plus subscribers have always received ‘free’ monthly games as part of their subscriptions.
  • The Extra and Premium tiers expand upon the number of games you have access to with a pretty generous catalogue of games.

Nonetheless, Jade King still believes this is not enough to “justify the increased asking price”, Soon after its revamp, she criticised the service as “feeling rushed” and described its launch as a “muddled and disjointed” answer to the industry’s recent shift towards subscription-based ecosystems.

  1. PlayStation Plus Premium probably isn’t the Xbox Game Pass rival Sony was hoping for it to be.
  2. It’s a perfectly passable service, packing a number of modern games and beloved classics under its umbrella for a reasonable monthly asking price, but it just doesn’t command the same cultural presence as its Xbox rival.

She seems to agree with Eric Switzer’s opinion that it’s a “rebrand of PS Now and PS+ rather than a new service” in his critique of the new PS+. It’s the strong opinion of both that PS Plus needs to release newer titles in order to keep up, Eric believes that there is an audience for older PlayStation titles, but “it can’t begin to compare to the audience for new games.” Despite offering its subscribers decent value, Jade believes what’s there “doesn’t give hardcore players much of a reason to subscribe when Game Pass is dishing up new games we’ve never seen before on a regular basis.”
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Do you keep PS Plus games forever?

Free games – Each month, two or three PS4/PS5 games are made available to download and play at no extra cost. They are yours to keep as long as you remain a PS Plus member. You can see,
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Is PS Plus forever?

You’ll have access to them as long as you have an active membership, if it expires you won’t be able to play any of them. Even if your membership expires though, if you choose to get it again you’ll automatically gain access to all the games you ever redeemed through PS Plus.
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How much is GTA Online?

How Much Does GTA+ Cost? – GTA + costs $5.99 a month, and you’ll need to have a copy of Grand Theft Auto V or GTA Online. The price is standard for monthly gaming subscriptions, but you may want to weigh up whether the benefits are worth the price tag.
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How much is GTA Plus?

GTA+ is a brand new subscription service for GTA Online, or as Rockstar Games calls it a ‘premium membership program’. Basically, you’re paying $5.99 a month for a series of “Member-exclusive” benefits for players on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

These benefits change over once a month, but it seems like players can be guaranteed certain rewards are always included. As per Rockstar, players will receive a monthly GTA$500,000 bonus, one new property, a vehicle, clothing, and event bonuses, discounts, and more. There are also discounts to be had on Shark Cards too.

Read on and we’ll explain everything that’s available in GTA Plus this month.
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