How To Run In Elden Ring Keyboard?


How To Run In Elden Ring Keyboard
In-Game PC Controls in Elden Ring – This is the list of PC controls. For PC players learning to use keyboard and mouse here might be an even bigger challenge than defeating the first major boss in Elden Ring, I have provided all defaults keyboard and mouse actions as well as a few suggestions for changes to make your gameplay smoother and more fluent.

LMB – Left Mouse Button RMB – Right Mouse Button MMB – Middle Mouse Button

After the table, I have a few paragraphs explaining some additional things and sharing some tips.

Action PC Defaults Change to
Movement Speed Control ALT Z
Move Forwards W
Move Backwards S
Move Left A
Move Right D
Backstep / Dodge Roll / Dash SPACE ALT
Crouch / Stand Up X C
Move Camera / Change Target (Up) SHIFT+↑
Move Camera / Change Target (Down) SHIFT+↓
Move Camera / Change Target (Left) SHIFT+←
Move Camera / Change Target (Right) SHIIFT+→
Reset Camera / Lock-On / Remove Target Q / MMB
Switch Sorcery / Incantation 1
Switch Item 2
Switch Right-Hand Armament → / SHIFT+SCROLL↑ 3
Switch Left-Hand Armament ← / SHIFT+SCROLL↓ 4
Attack (RH & 2H Armament) LMB
Strong Attack (LH Armament) SHIFT+LMB
Guard RMB
Use Item R
Event Action (Talk, Examine, Open etc) E
Map G
Switch RH 1H & 2H E+LMB
Switch LH 1H & 2H E+RMB
Sprint Hold SPACE

Here are a few clarifications for some of the actions you can perform that may not be immediately clear to PC players using keyboard and mouse: Switch RH 1H & 2H If you hold E+LeftMouseButton, you will switch your right-hand armament from 1-handed style to 2-handed style.

This is your primary weapon slot. Switch LH 1H & 2H If you hold E+RightMouseButton, you will switch your left-hand armament from 1-handed style to 2-handed style. This is typically a shield or a secondary weapon if you dual-wield. How to navigate the Map The Map can be opened and closed with the key “G” and this keybind cannot be changed for some reason (for now, at least).

While in the map, you need to move with WASD to actually navigate around. The mouse cursor does not seem to do much. You can zoom in and out with the mouse wheel. The circle is what determines where you can place markers and/or waypoints. What is Middle Mouse Button (MMB) This refers to the middle mouse button. Regular mice have scroll wheels. The middle mouse button is activated by pressing the wheel down on your mouse. How to Skip NPC Lines If you press “E” while an NPC is talking to you, you will skip to the next line immediately. Pouch Items To use items from your Pouch slots, press and hold E, then the corresponding arrow (left, right, up or down) to activate the item that is in that specific slot. While you are holding “E”, on the lower left end of your screen you will see the four pouch slots. Move Camera / Change Target (Up, Down, Left, Right) These are not bound by default. Depending on your keyboard and mouse setup, you may want to bind them. On PC it is less relevant to do so because you use your mouse to turn around. While locked onto a target, you could use these to quickly switch from one target to another.

Skill usage The Skills keybind refers to the special skill you can assign to your armament. You use that skill by holding SHIFT and clicking on the Right Mouse Button (RMB). You can also hold the RMB for a continuous animation. When performing a Skill, you spend FP (Focus Points) Quickly Switch to Item If you click on the ↓ arrow and hold the key, you will quickly go to your “default” item.

The default item is the one you place first in your Items’ slot. I spent a very long time testing, comparing, researching and confirming the controls for all three platforms. Hopefully, I didn’t miss or mess up anything for the controllers specifically. If you want to share your own tips or suggestions, please, leave a comment.
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How do you sprint on Elden Ring keyboard?

PC players in Elden Ring can sprint by holding the space bar on their keyboard.
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How do you run in Elden Ring PC?

PC players using a keyboard and mouse will find that sprint is bound to the space bar. Again, you need to press and hold it to actually sprint while moving as well as using your directional input. If you prefer to use a different key, you can re bind sprint in the options menu, as it is also the dodge roll button.
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How do you run fast in Elden Ring?

How To Run In Elden Ring – How To Run In Elden Ring Keyboard To run in Elden Ring all you need to do is hold in the B button (or Square) while moving the left joystick in a direction, After a moment, your character will begin to move much faster while the Stamina bar slowly depletes. If you take your thumb off the joystick or stop holding in the B or Square button, your character will stop running and Stamina will recharge.
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Can you play Elden Ring with keyboard?

The keyboard controls in Elden Ring can feel a little odd if you haven’t played a FromSoftware game with a mouse and keyboard before. Using W,A,S,D to move makes sense, but almost every other key bind is different than what is known to be the standard.
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How do you run and walk in Elden Ring?

How to Sprint on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 – How To Run In Elden Ring Keyboard If you’re playing Elden Ring on either a PS4 or PS5, you’ll need to hold down the Circle button to sprint. Tapping the Circle button without pressing a direction on the left control stick will cause you to backstep. Furthermore, tapping the Circle button while pressing the left control stick in any direction will cause you to dodge roll in whatever direction you are pressing.
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How do you run on the keyboard?

Use the shortcut keys for Run: Windows + R Simply hold down the Windows key and press R on your keyboard.
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How do I use sprint keyboard?

Shift: Sprint. Space: Jump. Ctrl: Crouch (hold) or V: Crouch (Toggle)
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Can you sprint in Elden Ring on PC?

Q. What button is run on Elden Ring? – A. Sprinting is vital in Elden Ring because walking is slow, making any travel unpleasant and slow if you are not on your horse. To sprint, hold down the Circle button on PlayStation consoles and the B button on Xbox consoles. On PC, sprint by holding down the Space Bar. : How to sprint in Elden Ring?
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