How To Survive Scarlet Rot Elden Ring?


How To Survive Scarlet Rot Elden Ring
Consumables – How To Survive Scarlet Rot Elden Ring Consumables are generally the go-to items for countering most status afflictions, and there are a few consumables that cure Scarlet Rot outright. The first item that will be of great use to you is Speckled Hardtear, which can be added to the Flask of Wonderous Physick to cure any affliction as well as boost immunity. How To Survive Scarlet Rot Elden Ring The Speckled Hardtear is obtained by defeating the Wormface boss at the Altus Plateau Minor Erdtree, Preserving Boluses is another consumable that can cure Scarlet Rot and alleviate its buildup. This consumable might be a better alternative than the last, as they can easily be found along your travels. How To Survive Scarlet Rot Elden Ring The Armorer’s Cookbook can be found in the Siofra River West from the Siofra River Bank Site of Grace, The materials needed to craft Preserving Boluses are 2 Dewkissed Herba, a Crystal Cave Moss, and a Sacramental Bud, Soap can also be used against Scarlet Rot.
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How do you survive the cave in Scarlet Rot Elden ring?

Dungeon Walkthrough – How To Survive Scarlet Rot Elden Ring Immediately, walking through this cave seems impossible. The entire ground is drowning in Scarlet Rot river, along with exploding geysers that will insta-kill you. Before venturing further, you’ll want to make sure you have all the necessary items to prevent and cure Scarlet Rot buildup. Cures:

Flame, Cleanse Me (Incantation) Preserving Boluses (Craftable)


Immunizing Horn Charm (Talisman) Immunizing Cured Meat (Craftable)

You’ll want to make it past the first geyser on your left. Hug the left wall. Once the geyser is down, spam roll forward. How To Survive Scarlet Rot Elden Ring Just past the first geyser is an Abductor Virgin in some sunlight. Don’t worry, this one isn’t alive. There will be some dirt around it for you to take a breather from the Scarlet Rot. To the right of the Abductor Virgin, past more geysers, is Dragonwound Grease, Head left of the Abductor Virgin, North-West, to continue. There will be a tunnel of safety with a Statue of Marika next. How To Survive Scarlet Rot Elden Ring At the end of this tunnel, you will have to drop down South-West into more Scarlet Rot. Target-lock here, as there is a Servant of Rot enemy to the right. The Serpent Bow can be found in front of another broken Abductor Virgin. If you hug the wall a broken Abductor Virgin is against, you will be safe from Scarlet Rot build-up because there is dirt ground along the wall here. How To Survive Scarlet Rot Elden Ring Past the rats, you’ll find a larger room with safe ground to walk on, but with a dangerous enemy around. A Miranda Flower will start casting deadly magic spells as you enter. There will also be some Servants of Rot on top of the ledges and smaller flowers.
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What is best for Scarlet Rot?

1) Antspur Rapier – How To Survive Scarlet Rot Elden Ring When infused with Bleed, Antspur Rapier can do a lot of damage in Elden Ring (Image via Kibbles/YouTube) This is probably one of the best weapons in the game to inflict Scarlet Rot on enemies. Apart from being a Thrusting Sword and boasting swift attack animation, the weapon can also be infused with ashes of war. How To Survive Scarlet Rot Elden Ring This means that players can infuse it with the Bleed status effect. The combination of Bleed and Scarlet Rot is deadly, and very few bosses in the game have the tenacity to stand against the same. Location : Obtained from Maleigh Marais in Shaded Castle
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Can you cure the girl with Scarlet Rot Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Millicent quest walkthrough – The first thing you need to do is find Gowry, a frail old man sitting on his own in an isolated shack in eastern Caelid. Speak to him, and he will tell you about Millicent and her case of Scarlet Rot. To cure her, you need to find a gold needle somewhere in Caelid.

  • The Unalloyed Gold Needle is held by Commander O’Neil, who can be found in the Swamp of Aeonia.
  • Hand the gold needle to Gowry, and he’ll give you a scrap of paper called Sellia’s Secret.
  • This paper reveals there are three torches waiting to be lit in Sellia, Town of Sorcery.
  • The easiest way is to reach the Golden Tree and climb the closest tree branch to make your way up the buildings.

Remember, you can ride Torrent while in Sellia to make this journey significantly easier. Once the torches have been lit, the barrier stopping you from reaching the Church of the Plague will disappear. Return to Gowry, and he’ll give you the repaired needle back – head to the Church of the Plague to find Millicent lying on the floor in pain.

Give Millicent the gold needle and speak to her multiple times until she rewards you with the Prosthesis-Wearer Heirloom. Millicent travels to Gowry’s shack to thank him for everything he has done, but he won’t be around while she visits. Speak with her again, and Millicent will move onto the Altus Plateau, not too far from the Erdtree-Gazing Hill Site of Grace.

Have another chat with her to find out what she plans to do, then you need to head to The Shaded Castle – it’s located in the only green area towards the northernmost region of Altus Plateau. Go through the castle until you find the Valkyrie’s Prosthesis – give this key item to Millicent to access the part of the quest. How To Survive Scarlet Rot Elden Ring Next up, travel to the Dominula, Windmill Village. The fastest way to get here is to use the portal near the Forest-Spanning Greatbridge Site of Grace in Altus Plateau. Make your way up the hill until you reach the Godskin Apostle at the top, then defeat this boss to acquire the Godskin Peeler.

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Reload into the area to find Millicent in the same location as the boss – speak with her, and she’ll move to a different location. Go to the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins Site of Grace to find Millicent again and exhaust her dialogue options until she heads to her final location: the Prayer Room in Elphael Brace of the Haligtree.

Head through the dungeon and make sure you defeat the Ulcerated Tree Spirit. Once the boss has been defeated, reload into the area, and you should find two summon signs on the ground. You need to think carefully about which summon sign you pick, as this determines which items you receive.

By assisting Millicent, you will receive the Rotten Winged Sword Insignia and the Unalloyed Gold Needle. The needle is very important as it gives you access to a different Elden Ring ending if you use it later on, but this ending won’t strengthen your build. If you assist Millicent’s Sisters, you will earn Millicent’s Prosthesis.

Before patch 1.03, players could obtain all the quest items by helping Millicent and killing her after assisting in the fight. You could bring her back to life by performing an Absolution at the Church of Vows, but this is no longer possible unless you haven’t updated your game yet.

  • The only way to obtain both items now is to complete the quest again in New Game Plus.
  • That’s everything you need to complete Millicent’s questline in Elden Ring.
  • Getting through this entire quest can be difficult, so we recommend stocking up on either the best Elden Ring weapons for melee builds or the best Elden Ring staffs if you play a magic build.

If not, we have a list of the best Elden Ring weapon arts for those who prefer to smash their enemies to pieces. Finally, use our best Elden Ring summons guide to find where to acquire powerful spirit ashes.
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What does Scarlet Rot scale with?

Armaments – Rotten Crystal Spear Find the Rotten Crystal Spear by farming Crystal enemies at the Elphael Inner Wall Site of Grace in Haeligtree. Bandai Namco First, you’ll want to come equipped with a scarlet rot weapon, and one of the best options is the Rotten Crystal Spear.

  1. There’s room for experimentation with the weapons you choose since it ultimately comes down to playstyle, but the Rotten Crystal Spear is ideal since it has excellent range, poise, and scales decently with Dexterity.
  2. It also has a scarlet rot buildup stat of 55, which is certainly enough to cause lots of damage quickly.

To find the Rotten Crystal Spear, you’ll need to farm the trio of crystal enemies next to the Elphael Inner Wall Site of Grace in Haeligtree. Cross-Naginata Dual-wield the Rotten Crystal Spear with the Cross-Naginata for maximum effectiveness. Bandai Namco To make this build incredibly more effective, you’ll want to dual-wield your Rotten Crystal Spear with the Cross-Naginata.

You’ll deal far more damage and you’ll be able to take advantage of back-to-back attacks with each weapon. The other nice thing about the Cross-Naginata is that it features a high degree of range, which will help you win fights. Finally, it scales at an A level with Dexterity if you apply the Keen affinity to it.

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Make sure you also apply Rot Grease to this weapon so both your armaments inflict scarlet rot buildup. This weapon is located on a corpse inside the Gael Tunnel. Mushroom Crown Raises attack power when something nearby suffers from poison or rot. You can pretty much equip whatever gear you’d like with this build, but the one piece you shouldn’t skip is the Mushroom Crown,

This increases your attack power when attacking an enemy inflicted by rot (or poison), so it’s recommended to equip it. Find it on a corpse on the southeastern corner of Lake of Rot. Ash of War: Bloodhound’s Step Skill that allows the user to become temporarily invisible while dodging at high speed. Moves faster and travels farther than a regular quickstep.

This skill can be used to circle around lock-on targets. With this scarlet rot build, you’ll want to use the Bloodhound’s Step Ash of War, which allows you to temporarily turn invisible after dodging. This can greatly impact the outcome of a particular engagement, catching your opponent off guard.
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What level should I be for rot Lake?

Elden Ring Level Progression: Recommended Level by Location

Area Level Upgrade (Somber)
Capital Outskirts 80-90 +15-20 (+6-8)
Mt Gelmir 80-100 +15-20 (+6-8)
Lake of Rot 80-100 +15-20 (+6-8)
Dragonbarrow 90-110 +15-20 (+6-8)

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How do I survive the abandoned cave Elden?

Abandoned Cave: Walkthrough – The Abandoned Cave is completely tainted with scarlet rot waters, so you’ll want some Preserving Boluses for this one. Once you’ve gathered up the gumption, drop into the waters below and head for the little ledge with the remains of a metal Abductor enemy.

Grab the Aeonian Butterflies on this stone patch and run into the alcove to the northeast to get another Aeonian Butterfly and Dragonwound Grease, Next is the dark passageway to the northwest. Follow it to a rock ledge that drops off into an immensely bubbly scarlet rot pool. Drop off toward the right-hand side to find the tunnel forward and safety from the scarlet rot explosions.

When the coast is relatively clear, sprint out into the waters next to the Abductor husk to get the Serpent Bow before heading back into the tunnel to the south. Follow this passage along to find a rat and a toxic mushroom enemy followed by a rock step up to another tunnelway.

  1. Follow it to a small chamber that contains a couple rats and some Fire Grease and continue following it along to an open chamber stuffed with Aeonian Butterflies and defended by a few small scarlet rot flowers, a giant scarlet rot flower, and a couple of toxic mushroom foes.
  2. Take out the weaker flowers and mushroom mages first to allow yourself to focus on the giant flower afterwards.

With all the pesky enemies dealt with, grab all the Aeonian Butterflies you can spot and clamber up the Abductor remains to the southwest for the Venomous Fang weapon. Head back down and up the slope that the toxic mushroom enemies were standing on earlier.
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How do I get out of the poison cave Elden Ring?

Tombsward Cave Walkthrough – Once you reach the area, you’ll know you’ve reached Tombsward Cave when you see a lit brazier just by the entrance of the cave. This is an optional dungeon area that is not as large as the regular Legacy Dungeons, Equip a torch before you enter the cave as it is almost pitch black upon entering.

Since a lot of enemies in this location inflict an additional Poison effect, an option would be to bring Neutralizing Boluses with you which could alleviate poison build up and cure you of poison. As you move deeper into the cave, you’ll see a Site of Grace, Beyond that, you’ll find more cave moss by just following the path of the cave.

You will then reach a cavern that’s filled with poisonous liquid which will slowly build up your poison meter and once it’s filled, you will receive damaging status effect continously. This can be a difficult area to traverse since there’s also a couple of Servant of Rots patrolling the area, this type of enemy will often drop Toxic Mushroom,

Also be wary of their poisonous projectile that shoots out of their staff as it is homing. If you just follow a straight path, you’ll see a corpse with the item Furlcalling Finger Remedy beside another entrance. Go through the entrance, there should be some Poison Flowers in the area and a corpse holding a Poisonbone Dart,

Exit the room by going through where you first entered, then turn left and proceed in following the path, jump down. There are multiple Poisonblooms in the area as you proceed, turn left on the next cavern you see, turn left again and you’ll see two Poisonblooms just before you make your way up the slope.

  • Continue following the path, you will come across a Cave Moss just before you enter another area.
  • Once you enter this area, you’ll encounter three Poison Flowers and a Giant Rat,
  • There’s also a corpse holding an Arteria Leaf in the area.
  • Now exit the area from where you came in, continue following the path and then turn left, you’ll encounter a Rat and a Giant Rat guarding two corpses.
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The one in the middle holds the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook, the other one holds an Immunizing Cured Meat, Now go back and head right on the first corner and go up the slope again, you’ll end up back in the room where you got the Arteria Leaf, jump down, go straight and down the slope til you reach a yellow mist blocking your way.

  1. Make sure to stock up on health as this will be the boss fight of the area.
  2. Once you pass through the mist, you will encounter a boss fight, you will be fighting against Miranda the Blighted Bloom,
  3. There are also three smaller Poison Flowers surrounding Miranda.
  4. The best tactic is to take out the smaller enemies first before fully engaging with the boss.

This boss only has two moves, the first one is a familiar move where it shoots out an AoE poison spray which will most likely cover the entire area in this. This is easily telegraphed as you will see Miranda closing her petals before releasing the toxic cloud.

  1. There’s no counter for this attack and you will suffer the effects nonetheless, just see this as an opportunity to land your attacks.
  2. The other attack is where Miranda will start summoning white beams of light and shoot down the ground, this will most likely occur at the start when you enter the area.

This is telegraphed as you’ll see Miranda rear upwards but with her petals open, then beams o light will rise from the ground around your character’s radius, then the beams will start to shoot down and deal massive damage. This can be easily dodge rolled.
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How do you beat Commander O Neil?

Hop on Torrent – Once you start the boss fight, things are somewhat straightforward. O’Neil starts by summoning four headless soldiers, each of whom uses crossbows. Immediately hop on Torrent and take these smaller enemies out while dodging O’Neil’s attacks.

  • He’s rather slow, so baiting him to the other side of the arena and then running over to attack his lackeys is a viable option.
  • Be sure to take these enemies out quickly though, because O’Neil can buff them.
  • He can raise both their attack and defense, making it entirely possible for you to get caught up in killing them and ending up in the dirt yourself.

As soon as O’Neil’s soldiers are down, target the big man himself. His attacks have a decent amount of reach but are easily avoidable as long as you don’t get greedy. Hit and run tactics are best if you’re using a melee build against the boss. If you’re a ranged or magic user, on the other hand, you can simply keep your distance and chip away at his health with no issue.

There are only two attacks everyone should watch out for when fighting Commander O’Neil. The first has him spin his weapon in large circles, causing circles of wind to whip around. He spins his weapon a few times before a larger circle of Scarlet Rot envelops the area, instantly infecting anyone inside.

If you end up getting hit by this attack, it’s almost a guaranteed death, As soon as you see him preparing this attack, simply run away and you’ll be safe. O’Neil’s other attack is activated once he’s at 40% of his maximum health. He’ll summon three headless axemen, all of whom can also be buffed similarly to his initial group of soldiers.

Just like that other group, take out the axemen as quickly as possible, and get back to focusing on O’Neil with hit and run tactics. After defeating the axemen, O’Neil shouldn’t be a problem to take out. The products discussed here were independently chosen by our editors. GameSpot may get a share of the revenue if you buy anything featured on our site.

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