What Are All The Achievements In Elden Ring?


What Are All The Achievements In Elden Ring
There are a total of 42 Elden Ring achievements that you can collect during your playthrough, which range from defeating specific bosses to upgrading a weapon to its max level. Elden Ring has a whole lot of content to engage with due to the numerous boss fights, massive open world, items to collect.

Take a look at our breakdown of the Elden Ring length by playstyle to see how long your journey in the Lands Between will be.

Below we will list the name of the achievement or trophy, followed by a description of how to earn it. For many of these, we’ve also included a link to the relevant guide, so if you need a helping hand for any of them, we’ve got you covered.

Roundtable Hold – Arrive at the Roundtable Hold Great Rune – Restore the power of a Great Rune Erdtree Aflame – Use kindling to set the Erdtree alight Shardbearer Godrick – Defeat the Elden Ring Godrick boss Shardbearer Radahn – Defeat the Elden Ring Radahn boss Shardbearer Morgott – Defeat the Elden Ring Morgott boss Sharbearer Rykard – Defeat the Elden Ring Rykard boss Shardbearer Malenia – Defeat the Elden Ring Malenia boss Shardbearer Mohg – Defeat the Elden Ring Mohg boss Maliketh the Black Blade – Defeat the Elden Ring Malekith boss Hoarah Loux the Warrior – Defeat the Hoarah Loux boss Dragonlord Placidusax – Defeat the Dragonlord Placidusax boss Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon – Defeat the Elden Ring Rennala boss Lichdragon Fortissax – Defeat the Lichfragon Fortissax boss Godskin Duo – Defeat the Godskin Duo boss Fire Giant – Defeat the Elden Ring Fire Giant boss Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella – Defeat the Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella boss Regal Ancestor Spirit – Defeat the Regal Ancestor Spirit boss Valiant Gargoyle – Defeat the Valiant Gargoyle bosses Margit, the Fell Omen – Defeat the Elden Ring Margit boss Red Wolf of Radagon – Defeat the Elden Ring Red Wolf of Radagon boss Godskin Noble – Defeat the Godskin Noble boss Magma Wyrm Makar – Defeat the Magma Wyrm Makar boss Godfrey the First Lord – Defeat the Elden Ring Godfrey boss Mohg, the Omen – Defeat the Mohg, the Omen boss Mimic Tear – Defeat the Mimic Tear boss Loretta, Knight of the Haligtree – Defeat the Loretta, Knight of the Haligtree boss Astel, the Naturalborn of the Void – Defeat the Elden Ring Astel boss Leonine Misbegotten – Defeat the Leonine Misbegotten boss Royal Knight Loretta – Defeat the Royal Knight Loretta boss Elemer of the Briar – Defeat the Elemer of the Briar boss Ancestor Spirit – Defeat the Ancestor Spirit boss Commander Niall – Defeat the Commander Niall boss God-Slaying Armament – Upgrade any armament to its highest stage, through the use of Elden Ring Smithing Stones, Legendary Armaments – Collect all nine of the Elden Ring Legendary Armaments Legendary Ashen Remains – Collect all six Elden Ring Legendary Ashen Remains Legendary Sorceries and Incantations – Collect all seven Elden Ring Legendary Sorceries and Incantations Legendary Talismans – Collect all eight Elden Ring Legendary Talismans Elden Lord – Achieve the Elden Ring Age of Fracture ending Age of the Stars – Achieve the Elden Ring Age of Stars ending Lord of Frenzied Flame – Achieve the Elden Ring Lord of the Frenzied Flame ending

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That’s the full Elden Ring achievements list for now, but make sure to check back as we cover how to complete more of them. We also have an explanation of all the Elden Ring endings if you want to understand a bit more about what occurs during your final cutscene.
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How many Elden Ring achievements are there?

In total, there are 42 Achievements and 42 Trophies: 1 Platinum Trophy.3 Gold Trophies.14 Silver Trophies.
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What is the rarest achievement on Elden Ring?

Shardbearer Malenia – What Are All The Achievements In Elden Ring Easily the toughest boss in Elden Ring and likely the hardest boss in the entirety of the soulsborne pseudo-series, Malenia, Blade of Miquella can be excruciatingly challenging. Capable of decimating almost any build, Malenia is outrageously fast, leaves very little window for counterattack, and is capable of siphoning health from the player.

  • Without question the most daunting shardbearer battle, it’s little wonder why the trophy for defeating Malenia is among Elden Ring ‘s rarest.
  • Plus, reaching her is a task in and of itself.
  • Players must discover the two halves of the Haligtree Secret Medallion, one half of which is guarded by the frustrating Commander Niall.

They must also make it through Ephael, which can be something of a chore. NEXT: 10 Memes That Sum Up The Fan Reaction To Elden Ring’s Difficulty Level
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Is it possible to get all achievements in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Trophy & Achievement Guide – Please note there are SPOILERS in this guide, including the names of bosses, items, locations, three of the endings, and a major event that occurs towards the end of the game. It is possible to get all trophies/achievements in one playthrough.

It should be noted that there are four missable trophies/achievements that you are locked out of completing in a single playthrough once you progress past certain points in the game. The missable trophies/achievements are: You can get all three endings in one playthrough if you save after beating the final boss but before interacting with Marika (you must still have the “Fractured Marika” Site of Grace), upload your save data to the cloud, complete an ending, and then download the previously uploaded save file and repeat until you have the trophy/achievement for the three endings.

So far this method is possible on Steam, PS4/PS5, and Xbox One/Series.

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How many bosses Total Elden Ring?

Want to learn about all the different Elden Ring bosses and their locations? By our count, there is a staggering 238 boss encounters in FromSoftware’s open-world masterpiece. With so many bosses hidden in every corner and crevice of the Lands Between, it’s very easy to play through the game without ever realising that you missed out on some of the most spectacular and memorable boss encounters Elden Ring has to offer.

  1. That’s what our Elden Ring boss locations walkthrough is for.
  2. Below you’ll find maps covering every region of the Lands Between, and highlighting the exact location of every one of the Elden Ring bosses.
  3. We’ve written a little bit on each boss encounter to help you find and tackle each of these major adversaries, and at the bottom we’ve also gone over our recommended boss order for those wishing to tackle all the important bosses in a logical order of progression.

Note: heavy spoilers follow. You’ve been warned.
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Can u Max All stats in Elden Ring?

An Elden Ring player manages to max out all eight stats in the game to level 99 and shares the strategy used to accomplish this task. Elden Ring allows gamers to fully customize their builds according to their play style.
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Is there a max in Elden Ring?

What Is The Max Level in Elden Ring? How Many Runes Are Needed To Reach it? To level up in Elden Ring, you must spend runes to purchase stat points. Each of the eight stats caps at 99, so the absolute maximum level in Elden Ring is 713.
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How do I get unlimited Elden Ring?

If you want to get infinite amounts of Smithing Stone 1 and 2, you will need to offer a specific Bell Bearing to the Twin Maiden Husks.
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How hard is Elden Ring to platinum?

Although Elden Ring is in no way an easy game, when it comes to collecting all of the trophies/achievements, it’s the easiest FromSoftware title yet. What Are All The Achievements In Elden Ring Elden Ring is far from an easy game, but some players who are familiar with FromSoftware’s previous titles will notice pretty quickly that it’s the easiest one yet to platinum/100%. FromSoftware titles have a reputation for being difficult games, making them a prime target for trophy hunters keen to show their mettle.

Given the length of Elden Ring, players will have to commit a good chunk of time to the title to reap their rewards, but luckily Elden Ring has plenty of content for players to engage with on the journey. Players will also be unable to earn the top accolade in a single playthrough, although given that players are speedrunning Elden Ring in minutes this may not be an issue for the truly determined.

Since their introduction back in 2005 on the Xbox 360, achievements have been a popular way for players to show their skills in their favorite games. Sony followed suit in 2008, launching the trophy system for PS3, although they were not included with all titles until 2009, with some bigger earlier titles such as Metal Gear Solid 4 receiving patches that would implement a trophy system in the game.

Since their implementation, players have been able to compare trophies/achievements with their friends, and both Sony and Microsoft implemented more features to work alongside the rewards, such as screenshots, video clips, or even the PS5 capturing audio when earning a trophy, Elden Ring ‘s Platinum stands out from other FromSoftware titles and also open-world games in that the players aren’t required to complete or collect everything the game has to offer.

Of Elden Ring ‘s 42 trophies/achievements, 30 of those are for defeating some of the game’s various bosses. In terms of collectibles, Elden Ring requires players to collect all of the legendary weapons, talismans, ashen remains, and sorceries/incantations.
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What is the most difficult Elden Ring ending?

Can I undo 3 fingers Elden Ring? – Whenever you’re ready to reverse the Frenzied Flame ending, you must use Miquella’s Needle in the Dragonlord Placidusax arena. When you do so, you’ll free yourself of the Three Fingers’ branding and be able to access any other endings for which you’ve met the requirements. |
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Are there undiscovered secrets in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Complete Platinum Trophy Guide (Elden Ring Achievements)

FromSoftware games are infamous for their well-hidden secrets, rewarding players for exploring thoroughly and collaborating with the community. Most games have entire secret areas that are often hidden behind innocuous scenery or complex puzzles, with as much attention lavished upon them as ones the player has to encounter.
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How many hidden tears does Elden Ring have?

Notes about Crystal Tears – Elden Ring currently features a total of 32 Crystal Tears with 29 of them being unique. Specifically, the Crimson Crystal Tear, Cerulean Crystal Tear, and Ruptured Crystal Tear have 2 iterations of each and if you combine them, they become doubly potent.

v1d30chumz 80-89-238-6 Here, you will find a simple checklist for every single Crystal Tear which is presented in the default order that you’ll see them in Elden Ring ‘s menus for simplicity’s sake. I decided to make this list after struggling to find a comprehensive one for myself. You see; after obtaining Elden Ring ‘s platinum trophy back on March 12, I’ve been trying to collect every item which is quite fun to do so if you’re trying to do the same, I’m sure you’ll appreciate the ability to check off items as you collect them.

By the way, I find videos of item locations to be far easier to follow than written guides so for any Crystal Tear that you haven’t found yet, simply type its name into YouTube and you’re bound to see a whole list of helpful videos. I always click the shortest one.
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