What Are The New Stunt Races In Gta 5?


What Are The New Stunt Races In Gta 5
Current GTA Online weekly update a teaser for the upcoming summer update – The eight new Stunt Races added to the game are as follows:

Stunt – A Tight SpotStunt – Bridge Too FarStunt – Canyon FodderStunt – City LimitsStunt – Cluster StruckStunt – Smoke Up Your AsphaltStunt – Sun. Sea, and ChicanesStunt- Vicious Spiral

To play these new Race Modes, simply Press Pause > Select Online > Play Job > Rockstar Created > Stunt Races. These Stunt Races take place across the GTA Online map and feature an exciting selection of vehicles. Players will have to truly master the craft of racing in all forms to survive the new Stunt Races and come out on top in GTA Online. While this is far from the most substantial update in the game, it is a teaser for the upcoming summer update. Rockstar Games have teased an exciting new mission mode as well as a new “precisely modified” getaway vehicle for the summer update. Quick Links : GTA Online new update (27th May): List of new Stunt Races
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How many stunt races are there in GTA 5?

Locating Stunt Races in GTA Online – Stunt Races can be found by first entering the pause menu. Users can then click on “Online” then “Rockstar created,” followed by “Stunt Races.” From there, they can choose whichever race they want to play from the series of Stunt Races that appear. These races also appear as pink stunt-wheel symbols on the map of,

  1. With a maximum of 16 in the lobby, the races function as any other race would.
  2. If they would rather, users can also play solo.
  3. The lobby interface has a checkered flag background and border, which is specific to these kinds of races.
  4. Unlike other races, Stunt Races can only be played in the standard mode.

The races feature checkpoints scattered throughout the stunt-based circuit, with excessive use of the in-game world’s infrastructure, buildings, and props, as well as all the new props made available. These new props include ramps, boosts, stoppers, spinners, loop-the-loops, bowling pins, and other exciting features.
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Who won sprunk vs eCola?

GTA 5 eCola fans have officially won the latest GTA Online Crew contest, and been thusly rewarded by Rockstar Games, but as the multiplayer sandbox begins to wind down ahead of GTA 6, it looks like the real winners here could be the green-suited Sprunk stans.

In case you need a refresher, on August 25 Rockstar launched a brand war between the two soft drink companies in GTA Online, eCola and Sprunk. Players were asked to pick a side, then spend the next three weeks customising their bodysuits, cars, and characters to reflect their allegiance, while downing as many cans of their favourite virtual drink as possible, with each can consumed in-game counting as a vote towards either Sprunk or eCola.

A bizarre kind of gang war ensued, with players going so far as to organise complex infiltration missions to try and take down each opposing side from within. On September 15, however, the results were officially announced, with eCola emerging as the overall winner. GTA Online players will receive a variety of eCola themed merchandise, including a parachute bag, varsity jacket, baseball cap, and complimentary $300,000 in their Maze accounts whether they were part of the winning team or not.

  • Sprunk disciples, we appreciate your efforts, you will be pleased to know there will be additional opportunities to earn this Sprunk gear in future GTA Online events,” says Rockstar, foreshadowing perhaps another brand war.
  • But the current contest between soft drink fanatics might not actually be over, as Team Sprunk seems to have a final ace up its green sleeves.

“As eCola seems to have won,” writes one GTA Online player on Reddit, “(‘totally legitimately’ and it was not rigged whatsoever), I feel like it’s a good moment to point something out.” The user, DoxVidsYT, then shares a bombshell of an image: if you scrutinise the eCola can in a model viewer, you can see quite clearly on the reverse of the label that the brand is “property of the Sprunk company”. “eCola is made from Sprunk, sowouldn’t that mean Sprunk won?” replies one player. “That means Sprunk came first,” says another. “Therefore sprunk is best.” Other players have observed that the text on the can erroneously refers to eCola as a “lemon drink”, possibly revealing that Rockstar has simply reused the text from the original Sprunk labels, and therefore, this cannot be counted as a Sprunk victory.
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Where are all the stunts in GTA 5?

Throughout the State of San Andreas there are 50 set jumps that the player can undertake. Some jumps require the player to travel a certain distance to be considered successful, landing within a designated (unmarked) zone, while others require the player to simply land the jump. Note that there are many other obvious ramps and jumps set up around the map that do not count towards the designated stunt jumps. A map of all stunt jump locations can be found on the Junk Energy Drink website under the tab “Adrenaline Junkies”. In the same tab, the player can also find locations for Fly Unders and Base Jumps, To achieve 100% completion in GTA V, the player needs only to complete any 25 out of the 50, but for the “Show Off” Achievement/Trophy, the player must complete all jumps. Completing stunt jumps in GTA Online can unlock certain vehicle customizations. If the player is successful in performing a given jump, the game will report “Stunt jump completed” then ” XX Stunt Jumps remaining” or “Stunt jump completed again”; if unsuccessful, the game will report “Not good enough” or “Stunt Jump Failed”. Note that during Mission Replays, stunt jumps are not recorded despite the completion graphic appearing. Jumps are greatly aided by use of motorcycles due to their speed, size and ease of control. Some jumps are almost impossible without motorcycles. Franklin Clinton ‘s Special Ability is also beneficial for these jumps. In GTA Online, there is added risk as some jumps (particularly those over water) may result in the destruction of a personal vehicle (with subsequent insurance penalty) if failed. Enhanced vehicles, such as the Toreador with its rocket boost, cannot be used to register stunt jumps.

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Jump # ! Description Area Landing requirements 01 The trash container on the right side of the eastern entrance to the airport (southbound). LSIA Clear the fence and land past the gates, avoiding any parked cars. (Note: this jump may attract a three star wanted level,) 02 The “Prepare for Takeoff” Weeny Issi advertising ramp on New Empire Way (east side, northbound). LSIA Parking lot or road. 03 The “Prepare for Takeoff” Weeny Issi advertising ramp on New Empire Way (west side, southbound). LSIA Land on the top of the western parking building. 04 Los Santos State Gas Company, south of Dutch London Street Bridge, broken wall (westbound). Banning Over the eastern mouth of the LS Storm Drain onto the dirt bank. 05 Chum Street, dirt pile south of the bridge (eastbound). Elysian Island Land on Chum Street. 06 Trailer ramp (northbound) over water, dock edge, west of Signal Street, Elysian Island Land between the cranes on the opposite dock. 07 Trailer ramp (northbound), just west of Signal Street, Elysian Island Land on Signal Street. 08 Trailer ramp (southbound), southwest corner of Berth 57 building, Signal Street, Elysian Island Land on the Berth 58-59-60 building roof. 09 Trailer ramp (northbound), southeast corner of Berth 57 building, Signal Street, Elysian Island Land on the Berth 57 building roof. 10 Trailer ramp (southbound), dock edge, west side of Berth 60 building, near Walker Logistics, Elysian Island Land on the Berth 58-59-60 building roof. 11 Trailer ramp (northbound), east side Voodoo Place, Elysian Island Near petrol silos. 12 Trailer ramp (eastbound), Bristols Coke Storage north of Elysian Fields Freeway parallel to the rail bridge. Elysian Island Over water to the gas storage. 13 Dirt pile (eastbound). Los Santos Naval Port Over rail tracks to Terminal – Buccaneer Way / Jetsam Terminal, 14 Concrete pile (westbound). Terminal Over water and Buccaneer Way to rail tracks next to Abattoir Avenue, 15 Corrugated iron and wooden pallets, southwest of the Car Scrapyard, El Burro Heights Simply land without crashing the vehicle. 16 Construction ramp (northbound), top of car parking building, Roy Lowenstein Boulevard, Rancho Over the Davis Sheriff’s Station Online impound lot to Innocence Boulevard, 17 Construction ramp (eastbound), top of hospital car parking building, Capital Boulevard, Strawberry Davis Avenue / Little Bighorn Avenue, 18 Sprunk ramp at Get Aweigh boat sales yard, Adam’s Apple Boulevard, Strawberry Olympic Freeway, 19 Carpark above Ammu-Nation (westbound), from Elgin Avenue, Pillbox Hill Alleyway onto Power Street, 20 Construction girders and steel plate, northbound, middle of the freeway just after it crosses the LS Storm Drain, La Puerta Freeway La Puerta Freeway (head-on into southbound lanes). 21 LS Storm Drain (westbound), south bank, under La Puerta Freeway La Puerta Higgins Helitours at Vespucci Helipad, 22 LS Storm Drain (eastbound), north bank, concrete drain inlet channel. La Puerta Over the channel to the grassed area. 23 Construction stone chip pile and steel plate, southbound offramp at Innocence Boulevard, La Puerta Freeway Over Innocence Boulevard to the opposite onramp. 24 Construction/Repair, southbound at top of flyover to join Olympic Freeway. Olympic Freeway Southbound offramp at Innocence Boulevard, 25 Ramp (westbound) on the north side of the Korean Plaza on Calais Avenue, Little Seoul Palomino Avenue, 26 Through the middle of the Korean Pavilion, westbound on Vespucci Boulevard, Vespucci Canals South Rockford Drive, 27 Westbound on Bay City Incline over a natural grass ramp above the freeway tunnel entrance on the beach side of the road. Del Perro Del Perro Freeway, 28 Westbound on Playa Vista through The Jetty, up steps and off the balcony. Pacific Bluffs Land it (near West Eclipse Boulevard ). 29 Collapsed Pißwasser billboard on top of the San Andreas Parking Counsel building, eastbound. Pillbox Hill Over Peaceful Street to the courtyard on the north side of Schlongberg Sachs Center, 30 San Andreas Avenue eastbound, upper Power Street junction, through the broken wall south of the FIB Building, Pillbox Hill San Andreas Avenue, 31 Junction of Los Santos Freeway and Del Perro Freeway, Del Perro Freeway onramp southbound from Hawick Avenue, Steel plate construction ramp over the LS River, East Vinewood Los Santos River, 32 Broken railing at the top of the pedestrian stairway on the south side of Pillbox Hill Medical Center on Elgin Avenue, eastbound. Textile City Strawberry Avenue, 33 Sand pile on freeway overpass north of Arcadius Business Center on Alta Street at junction of Swiss Street, westbound. Downtown Los Santos Del Perro Freeway (head-on into eastbound lanes). 34 West side of the La Puerta Freeway / Del Perro Freeway, small steel plate ramp on the south side of the Del Perro Freeway. Del Perro Freeway Over the four eastbound lanes onto the westbound lanes of the Del Perro Freeway. 35 Through the Rockford Plaza westbound, left side up to the gap in the armco on the right. Burton Carcer Way, 36 Southwest through the central atrium of the City of Los Santos Public Library / Rockford Hills Fire Station / Rockford Hills Police Station building, corner of Milton Road and South Boulevard Del Perro, Rockford Hills Eastbourne Way, 37 Westbound on Boulevard Del Perro, the parking building entry ramp on the corner of Rockford Drive, Rockford Hills Portola Drive / Boulevard Del Perro intersection. 38 Southeast over a broken footbridge over the lake behind the fourth hole green on the Los Santos Golf Club course. GWC and Golfing Society The other side of the bridge. 39 Southbound on Mad Wayne Thunder Drive, steel plates on concrete pipe at the end of a dirt road. Richman Picture Perfect Drive / Hardy Way intersection. 40 Northbound downhill over a dirt ramp on the south side of Baytree Canyon Road just southwest of the Cherry Pie Farm, Great Chaparral Natural gully/dry creek bed on the north side of the road. 41 A natural dirt rise on the west side, northwest direction. RON Alternates Wind Farm Over the rail line to Interstate 4 just before it joins Interstate 1, 42 Southbound Interstate 1 after it splits to Interstate 4, a broken armco barrier on the east side with a natural dirt rise. Grand Senora Desert Under the northbound Interstate 1 flyover, next to Interstate 4, southbound. 43 Northbound over a natural cliff/hilltop south of the penitentiary. Bolingbroke Penitentiary Over the penitentiary fences into the prison grounds (Note: this jump attracts a two star wanted level ), 44 A natural rise northbound from the “Private Road” over the rock formations on the south side of airfield. Sandy Shores Airfield Next to the airfield runway. 45 Wood and iron in a dumpster on the east side of the Derelict Motel at the end of Zancudo Avenue, westbound. Sandy Shores Over the motel building, landing next to the empty swimming pool. 46 North side of the sea heading west on North Calafia Way, just west of the Foreclosed North Alamo Pier, a natural dirt rise on the left side just before a sharp left bend lined with concrete barriers. Alamo Sea Back onto North Calafia Way, 47 South side of Cassidy Creek, westbound on Raton Pass, a natural stone ramp on the right side before a right hand bend. Raton Canyon Back onto Raton Pass, over the gulley. 48 Northeast on Procopio Promenade over the broken wooden bridge. Paleto Bay North side of the bridge. 49 Paleto Construction Company site, Procopio Drive, southbound over a dirt and rubble rise. Paleto Bay Alleys behind Ray’s Electronics, 50 Eastbound on El Gordo Drive past the south side of Ursula ‘s house up a natural dirt rise. Mount Gordo On El Gordo Lighthouse island.
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How many stuntman games are there?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Early European cover art (the actual release has Atari’s logo instead of Infogrames)
Developer(s) Reflections Interactive (PlayStation 2) Velez & Dubail (Game Boy Advance)
Publisher(s) Infogrames
Composer(s) Marc Canham
Platform(s) PlayStation 2, Game Boy Advance
Release PlayStation 2

  • NA : 23 June 2002
  • EU : 6 September 2002

JP : 1 September 2005

Game Boy Advance

  • NA : 24 June 2003
  • EU : 4 July 2003
Genre(s) Action-adventure, racing
Mode(s) Single-player

Stuntman is the name of two action-adventure racing video games ; one was developed by Reflections Interactive for the PlayStation 2, and the other by Velez & Dubail for the Game Boy Advance, with both being published by Infogrames under the Atari brand name.

  1. The games focus around the career of a motion-picture stuntman,
  2. It takes the player through various movies in which they perform dangerous stunts as called by the game.
  3. Critical reaction to Stuntman varied.
  4. The game was hailed for its innovative gameplay and physics, but was criticised for being linear and its difficulty level requiring too many retries of levels.

The game was followed up with a sequel titled Stuntman: Ignition, in 2007.
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What happens when you do all 50 stunt jumps in GTA 5?

GTA 5: Location of all 50 stunt jumps in the game Stunt jumps have been a big part of GTA games since the 3D era began, and have always been a fun element of the game. These are essentially hidden ramps propelling vehicles into slow-motion jumps. There are a total of 50 stunt jumps hidden all across Los Santos and Los Santos County in GTA 5.
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What is the longest GTA race?

Long Haul 2 is the longest Rockstar Verified Race in Grand Theft Auto Online, and covers the entire outskirts of San Andreas. Starting and ending at the Fort Zancudo area.
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Who is the strongest character in GTA series?

1) Niko Bellic (Grand Theft Auto 4) – Niko Bellic, the protagonist of the famous GTA 4, occupies the number one spot. Bellic was always tough, having fought in the Yugoslav Wars besides working for organized crime syndicates in Liberty City. He faced a lot of hardships during his childhood and eventually became a soldier as a teenager.

During the war, he committed several atrocities and developed survival skills, which ultimately turned him into one of the toughest GTA protagonists. His story is perhaps the most endearing in the series, making him the franchise’s most-loved and strongest protagonist. Based on rumors, the upcoming GTA 6 will feature dual protagonists, and players can expect more in-depth story-telling.

Rockstar has always done a great job of introducing memorable characters, and the next title should not be any different. Edited by Dinesh Renthlei Thank You! GIF Cancel Reply ❮ ❯
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Who is the most skilled GTA character?

1) Niko – Niko Bellic is probably the most skilled protagonist out of everyone on this list. He was a teenage soldier and survived a very dangerous war. Even though this experience has made him quite cynical, all of the skills that he learned in his youth for the purpose of survival have consequently made him a really skillful fighter.

He is an amazing shooter and can also drive pretty well. But what distinguishes him is his realistic and emphatic mindset. Niko Bellic is a survivor and can manage to find solutions to almost every problem that is thrown at him, even when his own life is at stake. This makes him one of the most powerful and skillful protagonists that has come out of a GTA game.

Quick Links : Top 5 GTA protagonists ranked according to their skills
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What is the richest part of GTA?

1 Rockford Hills ($1,900,500) – The most expensive place to live in all of Los Santos by real-world costs is Rockford Hills. Divided into two sections the northern half is where the rich live and the southern end is where they go to spend their money in shops and be seen by tourists.

  1. There are some nice Spanish-style mansions here and where Michael’s mansion is located.
  2. If you choose to settle down in the real-world equivalent of Beverly Hills you better have some serious money.
  3. The median home price for one of those mansions is $1,900,500.
  4. So you better be killing it with your BAWSAQ investments or hitting up a bank or two.

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Is the tyrant the fastest car?

7 Overflod Tyrant Is Based On The Apollo Arrow Concept Car – The listing price of the Overflod Tyrant is an astounding $2,515,000. Legendary Motorsport sells a variety of high-end cars, but few can compare to the price tag of the Overflod Tyrant. Capable of reaching a top speed of 165 miles per hour in rear-wheel drive, the Overflod Tyrant is one of GTA V ‘s fastest cars, The Overflod Tyrant is based on the Appolo Arrow, a mid-engine concept car.
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What is Sprunk in real life?

Influence – Sprunk is an obvious parody of Sprite, Sprunk co-exists with eCola, a parody of Coca-Cola, However, in reality, Sprite is a brand owned by Coca-Cola. In Grand Theft Auto V eCola cans say “Canned under authority of The SPRUNK COMPANY by SPRUNK Enterprises Ltd, LC, USA” meaning eCola is owned by Sprunk.

  • The Sprunk sign in East Island City is based on a real-life sign for Pepsi Cola located in New York’s Long Island City,
  • Sprunk Xtreme seems to be a parody of either Mountain Dew’s MDX variant or the AMP Energy brand as both Mountain Dew and Sprunk are major sponsors of an action sports tour,
  • The allusion to sperm may itself be a reference to various (false) urban legends connecting Mountain Dew to sperm loss.

The name is a play on of “Spunk”, a slang term for semen. This is reinforced by the Sprunk motto “The Essence of Life”, A synonym for “Essence” is “Substance” so the slogan is most probably referring to the fact that semen is the main substance required for reproduction in mammals.

Sprunk Fuel appears to be based on AMP Energy, baring several similarities on both the logo and can. It also features a different logo style compared to the other Sprunk variants. This new Sprunk text logo reappears later on the Sprunk livery for the Thrax as part of a pattern, but the livery still features the old regular Sprunk logo.

“Cherry Sprunk” is mentioned by Lester Crest in the beginning of the setup mission: Signal Intercepts, in reference to what the data they’re stealing for Avon will tell them. This Sprunk flavor is very likely based on Sprite Cherry. “it Might just tell us who’s buying cherry Sprunk.” -Lester Crest
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What is the strongest car in sumo GTA?

1) Super – Coil Cyclone – The Coil Cyclone is considered the best choice in the super category and the best car for Sumo Remix in general. The Cyclone has the fastest acceleration of any vehicle in the game. It possesses the highest wheel-powered acceleration of any vehicle and can only be outrun by rocket-powered vehicles like the Rocket Voltic. GIF Cancel Reply ❮ ❯
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Will there be any more GTA games?

Home Games Action GTA 6

Here’s Vice City as it was depicted in 2002 for PS2. We can’t wait to see what GTA 6’s Vice City looks like on PS5 and Xbox Series X. (Image credit: Rockstar Games) GTA 6 is officially happening, although exactly when is very much in the air right now.

  1. However, Rockstar Games has confirmed that it is working on the title.
  2. It revealed that back in February 2022 in a little note snuck in the bottom of a GTA 5 Community Update – “active development for the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series is well underway”.
  3. On September 18, an unprecedented GTA 6 leak saw over 90 videos and screenshots from an early, in-development alpha build of the game surface online.

Rockstar has acknowledged and authenticated the hack, and is working to scrub the leaked material from the internet. Naturally, this first look at Grand Theft Auto 6 has revealed some new details about the game – including information on the GTA 6 location, characters, and gameplay.
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Are the GTA remakes confirmed?

Rockstar has announced that new versions of San Andreas, Vice City and GTA III, known as GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition, will launch in 2021.
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