What Cars Are In The New Gta 5 Update?


What Cars Are In The New Gta 5 Update
BF Surfer Custom – $590,000 ($442,500 trade) Declasse Tahoma Coupe – $1,500,000. Declasse Tulip M-100 – $1,658,000. Legendary Motorsport:

  • Legendary Motorsport:
  • Ocelot Virtue – $2,980,000.
  • Southern San Andreas Super Autos:
  • Karin Boor – $1,280,000.
  • Karin Hotring Everon – $1,790,000.
  • Willard Eudora – $1,250,000.

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What is the GTA 5 vehicles list?

This is the complete GTA Online & GTA 5 Vehicles List & Database, which includes all Cars, Motorcycles, Helicopters, Planes, Boats and special vehicles that you can buy or steal. The full GTA 5 vehicles list is always up-to-date with the new GTA Online cars released in the latest DLC updates across all platforms (PS5, PS4, Xbox and PC).

There is a total of 708 vehicles in GTA 5 & GTA Online as of March 2023. You can view and sort the GTA 5 vehicles list by Top Speed, Lap Performance (tested by Broughy1322), Price, and various Statistics to see what are the fastest cars in GTA 5 Online, the most expensive, or the overall best vehicles in GTA V.

You can also filter all the GTA Online vehicles by Manufacturer, Class, Game Edition, Title Update, Dealer Website, Storage Location, unique features and more. We also have a GTA 5 Vehicles Comparison feature where you can compare any GTA V vehicles side-by-side.
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What new cars are coming to GTA Online?

What recent GTA Online New Cars are available now – What Cars Are In The New Gta 5 Update (Image credit: Rockstar Games) Following the many vehicles that were previously released, there have been 11 GTA Online new cars and a motorcycle added so far as part of the Los Santos Drug Wars update, which can be purchased via the in-game websites on your phone or computer.
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Is there a new GTA V update?

GTA 5 Gets New Title Update for All Platforms, Patch Notes Revealed Rockstar Games has today pushed out a new for Grand Theft Auto V across virtually all platforms. Earlier this month, Rockstar released a new patch for GTA V solely on PC that improved the game’s security elements.

  1. Now, to wrap up February 2023, a more substantial title update has also been let loose for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC that looks to fix some minor aspects of the ever-popular open-world game.
  2. As of this moment, update version 1.66 for Grand Theft Auto V is now available to download.
  3. While this is a formal title update for GTA V, this patch doesn’t do a whole lot compared to some we’ve seen in the past.

In a general sense, this patch looks to provide “stability improvements” for all versions of the game while also rectifying a handful of bugs that have been found with the PS5 and Xbox Series X editions. Many of the changes that have been released in this update are also tied to, which is to be expected since this is the ongoing live-service aspect of,

  • It remains to be seen if Rockstar is planning any more major updates for GTA Online that will roll out in the future, but we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop if there are any new developments in the coming weeks or months.
  • If you’d like to check out the full patch notes for today’s new GTA V update, you can find them attached below.

– PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X|S / Xbox One / PC

Fixed an issue that prevented players from being able to modify the TM-02 Khanjali, RCV, and Chernobog in their facility

  • – PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X|S / Xbox One
  • Security

Implemented a new data protocol in GTA Online to improve the security of network sessions and player-to-player messaging

Game Stability and Performance

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General stability improvements

– PS5 / Xbox Series X|S

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in car windows missing reflections in some graphics modes
  • Fixed multiple crashes that occurred in GTA Online
  1. – PC
  2. Game Stability and Performance
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players being incorrectly notified that they need to complete the Prologue to access GTA Online
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some accounts from accessing GTA Online due to stats having been modified by a third party
  • Fixed multiple issues that resulted in some users being able to abuse text chat systems on PC

: GTA 5 Gets New Title Update for All Platforms, Patch Notes Revealed
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Will Rockstar’s GTA 5 update reinvigorate GTA Online?

Along with Rockstar Games officially announcing that Grand Theft Auto 6 is in active development, the studio also dropped new information about the next-gen version of Grand Theft Auto 5, set to release on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X March this year.

  • This latest iteration of GTA 5 will bring new graphical and gameplay updates to Rockstar’s Los Santos-set title, which initially released in 2013 and already saw a previous “next-gen” upgrade for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2014.
  • A relative lack of information regarding GTA 6 and Red Dead Online ‘s lack of updates has led some fans to bemoan the latest edition of GTA 5, but there are some significant changes Rockstar is bringing to the game with it.

First announced in June 2020, Grand Theft Auto: Enhanced will release on PS5 and Xbox Series X and Series S consoles March 15, 2022. The title was originally set to launch on November 11, 2021, but was delayed to its current release date in September of that year.

The latest iteration of GTA 5 features new and improved graphics and gameplay elements, and illustrates the longevity of both the game’s single-player and its profitable multiplayer component, GTA Online, which makes millions of money each day. As revealed by Rockstar, GTA 5: Enhanced brings multiple graphical upgrades to the game, including gameplay up to 60 frames per second, texture and draw distance upgrades, HDR options and ray-tracing, and much more.

The original version of GTA 5 was technically impressive to begin with, and its 2014 update for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ensured it remained a staple of those consoles too, but it has begun to show its age slightly in more recent years – if nothing else than because players have mostly seen everything it has to offer.
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What are the different types of cars in GTA 5?

GTA 5 & GTA Online Vehicles Classes – In Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online, vehicles are divided into over 20 classes. In addition to Motorcycles, Bicycles, Boats, Planes, and Helicopters, all the GTA 5 cars are categorized into various classes such as Supercars, Sports Cars, Sedans, Coupes, Muscle Cars, and more.

  1. The game also includes a variety of other vehicles such as SUVs, Vans, Off-Road Vehicles, Military Vehicles, and with the latest DLC updates, GTA Online vehicles also include various Tanks, Flying Cars / Bikes, a Jetpack, and Open-Wheel (Formula 1) cars.
  2. Many GTA 5 special vehicles also come with extra features, as in GTA Online you can get your hands on all kinds of Weaponized Vehicles, Armored Vehicles, Tuner Cars, large Command Centers, and much more.

The GTA Online Vehicle Classes are very important for racing, as the majority of the Race Modes are restricted to certain classes or certain vehicle types. You find the full GTA 5 cars list right here on this page and filter them by Class, and you can also check out our guide to the best and fastest GTA 5 vehicles in each class,
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Are new cars coming to Los Santos?

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Obey Omnis e-GT (Image credit: Rockstar Games) The supply of GTA Online new cars has currently stalled again, as there are no fresh additions this week, while the Annis 300R, Toundra Panthere, and Weeny Issi Rally are all still withdrawn from sale. We know that there are another four rides waiting in the wings to be added through the dripfeed, though it’s not clear when they will launch and if any of them will also be limited releases.

  • At least the Obey Omnis e-GT on the Lucky Wheel Podium is generating some interest, as that electric sports car can be kitted out with upgrades such as slick mines and a missile lock-on jammer to turn it into a secret weapon.
  • There’s also the recent reveal of the GTA Online 50 car garage to bear in mind, if you need a convenient location to store your fleet of vehicles.
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GTA Online Gun Van What Cars Are In The New Gta 5 Update (Image credit: Rockstar Games) Find out where the GTA Online Gun Van currently is to buy the latest unlicensed weapons. The latest GTA Online new cars started rolling out in December 2022, and we have all of the releases currently available with more on the way.

  1. We’ve got the details on all of these new arrivals further down the page, after the lowdown on the current GTA Online Lucky Wheel podium vehicle prize,
  2. This week on the podium we have the GTA Online Obey Omnis e-GT, and the blurb on the website suggests you “Take a moment for mindfulness.
  3. Time to breathe, to reflect, to appreciate life’s little joys.

Like two AC synchronous electric motors and all-wheel drive. Or why not an optional Missile Lock-On Jammer, Remote Control Unit, Slick Mines, and Armor Plating? Just remember, it’s not the number of breaths you take, but the number of mods that take your breath away,

  • Legendary Motorsport:
  • Annis 300R – $2,075,000 – currently unavailable
  • Classique Broadway – $925,000
  • Overflod Entity MT – $2,355,000
  • Toundra Panthere – $2,170,000 – currently unavailable
  • Western Powersurge Motorcycle – $1,605,000
  • Southern San Andreas Super Autos:
  • BF Surfer Custom – $590,000 ($442,500 trade)
  • Declasse Tahoma Coupe – $1,500,000
  • Declasse Tulip M-100 – $1,658,000
  • Weeny Issi Rally – $1,835,000 – currently unavailable
  • Zirconium Journey II – $790,000 ($592,500 trade)
  • Warstock Cache & Carry:
  • MTL Brickade 6×6 – $1,450,000 for the GTA Online Acid Lab
  • Vapid Taxi – $650,000 ($487,500 trade) for GTA Online Taxi Work
  • The Freakshop (after completing all six First Dose missions):
  • MTL Brickade 6×6 – $750,000
  • Maibatsu Manchez Scout C Motorcycle – (included with MTL Brickade 6×6)

Thanks to announcements and leaked files, we also know the following new cars are on the way:

  • Legendary Motorsport:
  • Ocelot Virtue – $2,980,000
  • Southern San Andreas Super Autos:
  • Karin Boor – $1,280,000
  • Karin Hotring Everon – $1,790,000
  • Willard Eudora – $1,250,000

The GTA Online Luxury Autos and GTA Online Premium Deluxe Motorsport dealerships have now been added to the streets of Los Santos, so it’s possible some of these new vehicles will be available from them too. Note that in order to qualify for the Trade Price listed for any purchases, you need to complete certain First Dose missions for Ron, or clear other milestones based on the related updates for those vehicles – you can always find out what these requirements are by selecting a vehicle color from the website and then hovering over the Trade Price option to get a pop-up notification.

Some of these vehicles are linked with the Diamond Casino, as you can collect them by hitting specific milestones during the casino missions and Heists, or by winning big on the Lucky Wheel by spinning the Podium Car reward, while others are just fancy new additions designed to appeal to the more affluent players.

Get ready to check the freshest rides to hit the streets of GTA Online, with our guide to all you need to know about the latest additions of GTA Online new cars.
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How many new cars are there in the contract update?

GTA 5 The Contract cars list: Here are the new vehicles – Seven new cars have driven into town with The Contract update, and these range from the Pagassi Ignus to the Bravado Buffalo STX. Six of these cars are available from Legendary Motorsport, while the last car can be bought from Southern San Andreas Super Autos. Here’s a full list of the new cars, including how much each will set you back:

  • Pfister Astron: $1,580,000
  • Lampadati Cinquemila: $1,740,000
  • Pegassi Ignus: $2,765,000
  • Enus Jubilee: $1,237,500 – $1,650,000
  • Enus Deity: $1,383,750 – $1,845,000
  • Dewbauchee Champion: $2,246,250 – $2,995,000
  • Bravado Buffalo STX: $1,612,500 – $2,150,000
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The tweet above gives us a glimpse at each new car arriving in The Contract. And, as luck would have it, we have a guide on how to make money in GTA Online (opens in new tab) which should help you out if you’re a bit short. It’s especially handy as you’ll want to put some extra cash aside for the new weapons and Agency (opens in new tab) properties.

  • You’d better start saving.
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Where can I customize a car in Grand Theft Auto V?

Vehicles Customization in GTA 5 & GTA Online – In both GTA 5 Store Mode and GTA Online, vehicles can be upgraded with a wide range of available customization. To customize cars and vehicles in Grand Theft Auto V, you can simply head to Los Santos Customs (or to its Blaine County equivalent “Beeker’s Garage”).

  • The LSC mod shops offer both aesthetics and performance upgrades.
  • These include modifications to the Car Body, Engine, Brakes, Lights, Suspension, Wheels, Transmission, Windows, as well as the ability to Respray the vehicle, Turbo Tuning, add Armor, even add Explosives and Weapons in some cases, and a lot more.

Some vehicles have unique upgrades available, while some (such as Pegasus Vehicles and Boats) cannot be customized. The cost of the modifications usually depends on the class/tier of the vehicle: the higher-end the vehicle is, the higher the cost. In addition to Los Santos Customs, in GTA Online players can also take advantage of other mod shops and customization options:

Benny’s Original Motor Works: customize certain Lowriders and muscle cars with unique modifications, such as hydraulics, custom stereos, and interior mods Hangar Workshop: customize Aircraft vehicles (Helicopters & Planes) Mobile Operations Center / Avenger: customize select Weaponized Vehicles Bunker Workshop: customize the Mobile Operations Center and the Anti-Aircraft Trailer Facility Workshop: customize the Avenger, Thruster Jetpack, TM-02 Khanjali Tank, RCV and Chernobog Nightclub Warehouse: customize select delivery vehicles and the Terrorbyte with the Oppressor MK II Arena Workshop: customize Arena Contenders vehicles and the RC Bandito LS Car Meet Mod Shop: customize all vehicles (with exclusive “Low Grip Tires” mods) Hao’s Special Works (PS5 & Xbox Series X|S): upgrade select HSW vehicles with new performance improvements

Also, some GTA Online Properties offer the ability to add an in-house Vehicle Workshop that allows you to fully customize all your vehicles inside the property itself, without having to go to Los Santos Customs or Benny’s. These include:

The Custom Auto Shop inside the CEO Office Garage The Custom Bike Shop inside the MC Clubhouse The Auto Shop Property (all modifications at a 5% discount) The Arena Workshop Property The Agency Vehicle Workshop (with ” Missile Lock-on Jammer ” and ” Remote Control ” for select vehicles)

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