What To Do Before Fire Giant Elden Ring?


What To Do Before Fire Giant Elden Ring
5. Complete the Dung Eater’s Questline – This is another thing that has to do with the underground area. We aren’t saying you lost out on the entire quest if you defeat the Fire Giant, but it is easier to do since you are going already in the underground area anyway.

It is a very odd questline that you actually have to be careful. If you meet the Dung Eater in the sewers, don’t kill him. You will get his armor, but you will lose out on the rest of the questline. Just make sure you do the quest as you are exploring the Subterranean Shunning Grounds. It is not the longest questline, but it does give you access to an alternate ending at the end of the game.

If you want any other endings, make sure to not accept the Frenzied Flame.
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What level should I be before fighting Fire Giant Elden Ring?

Preparation – What To Do Before Fire Giant Elden Ring Before entering the arena, it is important that you have made preparations for the upcoming battle. Even though the Fire Giant’s battle will begin with him far off, his ranged attacks are devastating. Be evasive, and do not underestimate his massive reach.

Torrent in the quick-use menu : During the battle, the Fire Giant rolls back or juts away from the player. Torrent will allow the player to be horse ready, proving useful for quickly closing the gap between the Fire Giant before he attacks Be at least level 110 : Even though the Fire Giant can be conquered at a lower level than 110, it’ll be considerably difficult. This can be obtainable by grinding in-game beforehand. Choosing the right armor set : The Fire Giant predictably deals a ton of Fire and Strike damage. Choosing an armor set best equipped for handling this type of damage is recommended beforehand. Utilizing parts of the Blackflame Monk set, Malformed Dragon set, and the Bull Goat armor set will provide you with Fire and Strike resistance. Tell me Fire Giant, do you bleed? : Unsurprisingly, the Fire Giant is completely resistant to Fire and Holy damage, as well as many status effects. However, he is susceptible to Bleed damage. Make use of the best Bleed builds for an added damage bonus. Frost damage is also another known weakness. Choosing the right Ash Spirits : Ash Spirits are great for avoiding the Fire Giant’s attacks and keeping him occupied. However, ensure you choose one with a great deal of health, damage output, and fighting ability. Lhutel the Headless is a great Ash Spirit to consider due to her ability to tank damage and fighting prowess.

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What to do before going to Mountaintop of the Giants?

How To Get To The Mountaintops Of The Giants – What To Do Before Fire Giant Elden Ring

Use lift within Leyndell, after defeating Morgott

To even get to this new portion of the map, you’ll need to complete the Leyndell, Royal Capital Legacy Dungeon and access the Grand Lift of Rold, After beating the last boss in the legacy dungeon, Morgott The Omen King, Melina will tell you to visit the Grand Lift and mark it on your map.

To get there, you must get to one of the Divine Atlus Towers through Leyndell. After defeating Morgott, you have to go back to the main street northeast of Avenue Balcony Site of Grace, Instead of going forward where you would have run into an Erdtree Avatar, walk down the street heading east. You can open the large gates at the end and go up some stairs past enemies.

There will be a large wooden lift here that will take you to the bridge for the Divine Tower of East Atlus. Run across the bridge and use the next lift to get to the Forbidden Lands, Note that there is a room you can jump into as this lift lowers that will lead you to a room with the Blade of Calling dagger.

  1. The Forbidden Lands is a short snowfield that will lead you to the Grand Lift of Rold,
  2. All you have to do is keep heading straight until you reach the Grand Lift.
  3. There will be a Golden Seed on your way there.
  4. There is a gargoyle boss fight at the entrance to the lift, the Black Blade Kindred,
  5. He won’t be able to enter if you choose to run past him.

Inside will be a Palm Reader and the lift to officially take you to Mountaintops of the Giants. What To Do Before Fire Giant Elden Ring Walk along the general path, and you’ll find the Site of Grace Zamor Ruins. At this Grace will be NPC Shabriri or Yura, South of the Grace, just before the ruins can be found the first map fragment, Run past these ruins to continue forward. Inside Zamor Ruins, you can find Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing (3) and Zamor Ice Storm sorcery. What To Do Before Fire Giant Elden Ring Swing left along the path, past a tall effigy-looking statue. What To Do Before Fire Giant Elden Ring Past this statue, you’ll notice a great and skinny bridge in the distance. There will be some enemies at the start of this bridge you can pass by or take on. What To Do Before Fire Giant Elden Ring These enemies are Flame Monks, with one Fire Prelate mini-boss in the center. This mini-boss will be exceptionally tough, but will drop the Fire Prelate armor set. To the left of the Prelate will be the Briars of Punishment incantation. If you go down the small slope to the right, you’ll find the entrance to the Giants’ Mountaintop Catacombs dungeon. What To Do Before Fire Giant Elden Ring Note that at the very end of this skinny and dangerous bridge will be a golem ready to fire arrows at you. It may be helpful to use Torrent to dodge and weave toward the end here. What To Do Before Fire Giant Elden Ring Up the rocks and hill will be the next Site of Grace, Ancient Snow Valley Ruins. What To Do Before Fire Giant Elden Ring Walking through the north valley you’ll notice another golem in the distance. There will be multiple golems casually walking around. Head right and past this first golem. What To Do Before Fire Giant Elden Ring You’ll find another golem. To the right, up a small hill, you can find a Phantom Tree with a Golden Seed, Head left to the next Site of Grace, Freezing Lake. What To Do Before Fire Giant Elden Ring Just across the Grace is a summoning pool statue for a reason. If you go deep enough into the sheet of ice in front of you, there will be a large dragon boss, Borealis The Freezing Fog, Along the right side of the mountain that’s in front of the ice field, you’ll find an imp sealed cave, the Spiritcaller Cave. What To Do Before Fire Giant Elden Ring This First Church of Marika will have a Sacred Tear and Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearing (3) outside on a corpse. From the church, head west. What To Do Before Fire Giant Elden Ring A large undead dog, like those from Caelid, will greet you on your right-hand side. In the distance, you’ll see a small fort called Guardians’ Garrison, From the dog’s location, you can head up the hill to find an Evergaol and Heretical Rise, a magic tower. What To Do Before Fire Giant Elden Ring There are a lot of tough enemies here. Aside from all the Fire Monks, there’s a Fire Prelate and two stronger monks. Most of these enemies are facing away from you. This makes it easy for you to pick off those that are in your way and ignore the rest. The only ones you really have to fight are the monks to your right and the ones guarding the entrance to the fort. What To Do Before Fire Giant Elden Ring Inside the fort, there will be an undead dog and a Flame Guardian. Don’t let the Flame Guardian’s red title scare you, they are relatively easy to defeat so long as you don’t let their spells hit you more than once. Above the stairs, there will be some rats you can ignore. There is actually a hidden ladder in the left corner, near where the Flame Guardian was, What To Do Before Fire Giant Elden Ring This ladder will take you to the rooftops of the fort where two more Flame Guardians will be across from you. Smithing Stone (7) can be found next to the second Flame Guardian. To continue, you’ll want to jump over the railing to your left. What To Do Before Fire Giant Elden Ring Part of the tower is broken here, allowing you to jump carefully onto the wooden path you see here. From this path, walk up the stairs to your left-hand side. They will lead you to trouble, so be prepared. What To Do Before Fire Giant Elden Ring Up these stairs, there will be two undead dogs tucked away in the tower to your left. To your right will be a very tough boss fight with Chief Guardian Aghanthy, His hits are punishing and will instantly kill you, so you will need summons or patience here. Upon defeat, he drops the One-Eyed Shield, There will be the Giants’ Prayerbook to loot here as well. What To Do Before Fire Giant Elden Ring Run through Guardians’ Garrison to find a chainlink bridge. Cross it to find the next Site of Grace, Giants’ Gravepost, as well as the last map fragment. There are no giants here, but many tough enemies like trolls, gigantic spider hands, and undead abnormally large birds,

  1. All you have to do here is head up the hill and continue to your left.
  2. In the second photo in the series of photos above, you can head up and right instead to find the Church of Repose and an NPC invasion.
  3. Otherwise, turn left up the hill where a ginormous spider hand will drop out of nowhere.
  4. Just nearby, further up will be Foot of the Forge Site of Grace to quickly lose aggro from that hand.
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Just across from the Grace, in front of the tree is a summoning pool that may be hard to see at first. From here, all you have to do is walk across the chainlink bridge just ahead of the Grace. This will lead to the toughest boss battle yet, Fire Giant,
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Is Fire Giant a main story boss?

Elden Ring: Most Important Missable Quests, NPCs, and Items That You Can Get Locked Out Of (Part 1)

How to defeat the Mountaintops of the Giants main story boss. What To Do Before Fire Giant Elden Ring Fire Giant is a mandatory main boss you’ll need to beat to progress the story of Elden Ring. The gigantic Fire Giant boss can be located in the eastern region of the Mountaintops of the Giants location in Elden Ring. The fight against the Fire Giant can be a tough slog, so we’d advise using some co-operation for the tough fight ahead, or even a a spirit ash summon to help you on your way to slaying the boss.

How to prepare for Fire Giant Fire Giant tips: How to beat Fire Giant Former Fire Giant cheese method Fire Giant reward

Looking for some direction? Our what to do first in Elden Ring, Elden Ring walkthrough, Site of Grace locations and main bosses in order pages can help. Elden Ring Side Quests For Dummies: Side Quests You Need to do
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