What To Play After Elden Ring?


What To Play After Elden Ring
Dark Souls: Remastered – At last, we reach one of the most well-acclaimed titles to kick off the Souls-like sub-genre of games. Elden Ring owes a lot to the game that revolutionized hardcore and challenging gameplay. It’s become so synonymous with the gaming fandom that players who’ve never touched it know of its impact on modern gaming.

Dark Souls: Remastered is the visually enhanced and modified version of the original 2011 classic. This game comes jam-packed with the Artorias of the Abyss DLC, giving you more content to explore besides the elements found in its main-campaign. Like the original, this game takes place in the fictional kingdom of Lordran.

You take control of a cursed human character who embarks on a terrifyingly dreadful quest full of undead humans. The game will never narrate the story for you through cutscenes or hold your hand. It’s up to you to gather this world’s clues in hopes of understanding the narrative it wishes to tell.

  1. As for enemies, they will hit hard and show no mercy.
  2. Each death will frustrate you, but defeating a foe will inspire and satisfy you.
  3. If you enjoyed the hardcore and brutal nature of Elden Ring and never played any game in the Dark Souls franchise, Dark Souls: Remastered is a perfect place to start.
  4. So there we have it, our 8 video game picks to keep you busy after playing Elden Ring.

What do you think of our picks? Do you agree? Are there any notable omissions? Let us know in the comments below!
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Are there any games as good as Elden Ring?

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – What To Play After Elden Ring (Image credit: Nintendo) Developer: Nintendo Platform(s): Nintendo Switch In 2017, when The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild came out, it’s all anyone could talk about. That’s because it was so open-ended and massive that players couldn’t help but talk about it, share their experiences with others.

  1. And now, in 2022, Elden Ring evokes many of the same feelings, encouraging players to explore and stumble upon little events that are worth discussing.
  2. Zelda is different in many ways, of course, featuring more approachable gameplay, with less punishing combat.
  3. Breath of the Wild is also full of vibrant color and quirky characters, leaning more into storytelling than Elden Ring.

But still, the two have a lot more in common than you might expect, and we love both, if nothing else than for the way they beg to be talked about. Looking for more recommendations? Check out our pick of the best games like Dark Souls, Get the best gaming deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable gaming news and more! Joseph loves Nintendo and horror games.

With the Nintendo Switch, he’s ready to get spooky anytime, anywhere. He specializes in covering Call of Duty: Warzone and action RPGs like Dark Souls, so you can bet he’s looking forward to Elden Ring, the brainchild of George RR Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki. You can find Joseph’s work at GamesRadar, Digital Trends, Inverse, and PLAY Magazine.

When he’s not writing about video games he can usually be found petting his cats and listening to some Progressive Metal. He thinks Meshuggah is tight. With contributions from

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Josh West UK Managing Editor, GamesRadar+

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Is Elden Ring harder than other Dark Souls games?

Elden Ring is a More Advanced Form of Soulslike – What To Play After Elden Ring The difficulty discussion pertaining to Elden Ring is as complex as the game’s many mechanics. The game takes after the enemy speed and complexity present in Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro, so one would assume it is more difficult than the oldest Souls titles.

  1. It is true that Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls both come off as much more straightforward than Elden Ring, with Demon’s Souls ‘ gimmick bosses and Dark Souls ‘ low speed presenting an easy time for returning players.
  2. The two titles are about as obtuse as any other FromSoftware title, and while their level design can be just as treacherous, they just don’t have the same sting that they once did.

With that said, neither does Elden Ring, FromSoftware’s boss design has improved significantly over the years, and the teams there are not as likely to make the same design mistakes that they once did. Unfair bosses like the Maneaters and Bed of Chaos have been ironed out of Elden Ring, even if some remaining fights can take just as long.
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Is Sekiro more fun than Elden Ring?

4) World and level design – FromSoftware puts a lot of time and effort into the level design and environment that their games are based in, improving their overall immersion and spectacle. What To Play After Elden Ring Despite the beautiful and serene Japanese setting of Sekiro, Elden Ring wins this category. FromSoftware’s dedication towards providing a polished and expansive open world is visible in the final product. The game delivers an exploratory experience unlike any other in the genre.
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Should you play Bloodborne after Elden Ring?

Why Bloodborne Is The Best Choice After Elden Ring – What To Play After Elden Ring While being both similar to Elden Ring in some ways and different in others, Bloodborne is the clear choice for the next game into which fans of Elden Ring should dive. It changes up encounter priorities, setting and story while keeping its core FromSoftware style the same.
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What is Elden Ring a sequel too?

Is Elden Ring a sequel to the Dark Souls series? It’s easy for one to confuse with Dark Souls. Both games share similar combat, a gothic setting, and familiar themes. It’s easier still to mistake FromSoftware’s newest title as a direct sequel to their beloved Souls series. What To Play After Elden Ring A look at the realm of the Lands Between (Image via FromSoftware) Elden Ring is a spiritual successor in the sense that it’s a game which is inspired by another title but has little to no connection with its lore or narrative. Click here for This isn’t the first time FromSoftware has used this model.

  1. The very first Dark Souls was a spiritual successor to FromSoftware’s Demon’s Souls.
  2. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Bloodborne, and Demon’s Souls are all perfect examples of the model, with similar mechanics but standalone universes.
  3. George R.R.
  4. Martin talks Elden Ring in new interview:-His work on the game was done many years ago-He wrote the worldbuilding & characters-From would periodically show him enemy & graphic designs -He is excited for the final game 🙂 George R.R.
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Martin talks Elden Ring in new interview:-His work on the game was done many years ago-He wrote the worldbuilding & characters-From would periodically show him enemy & graphic designs-He is excited for the final game 🙂 What has certainly caused further confusion is George R.R.

Martin’s statement about his involvement with the game: “The game is called the Elden Ring and it’s a sequel to a videogame that came out a few years ago called Dark Souls.” It appears Martin simply mispoke and likely meant to say that it was a “spiritual successor.” Even Hidetaka Miyazaki has described it as an “evolution” for the Souls formula, building off what FromSoftware has done in the past.

Unless the game reveals a secret connection in the future, it is its own closed-off world. View the here.
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How much money did Elden Ring make?

How much money did Elden Ring make? – Elden Ring reaches 13.4 million copies sold, as Bandai Namco reports annual revenue of $6.85 billion. |
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Is Elden Ring tied to Dark Souls?

FromSoftware has gripped players worldwide with its dark fantasy games, even years after each of their titles’ release. Hidetaka Miyazaki is the creative mind behind these morose masterpieces. Now, he has collaborated with George R.R. Martin to bring the gaming world a new and highly anticipated experience: Elden Ring,

Fans can’t help but think of it as another Dark Souls game. Although Elden Ring does take inspiration from the infamously difficult Dark Souls series, it takes place in a completely different universe and features a plethora of features foreign to FromSoftware’s classic franchise. That’s not to say the games are more different than similar, though.

Updated June 8, 2022 by Erik Petrovich : The Dark Souls series was FromSoftware’s crowning achievement, having been greeted with major success and acclaim over the years. The team also released Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice after Dark Souls 3, which was also received extremely well, and their work over the years has led them to this point: Elden Ring, the culmination of everything FromSoftware has ever produced (well, except perhaps Armored Core). What To Play After Elden Ring
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Should I play Elden Ring or Sekiro?

So if you’re an open world lover, pick Elden Ring. If you’re a Dark Souls fan, also pick Elden Ring. If you dislike open world games, like Dark Souls and don’t mind lack of character progression system, pick Sekiro. Also keep in mind that Sekiro has a specific atmosphere.
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Should I play Sekiro or Dark Souls after Elden Ring?

The Argument For A Release Date Order Playthrough of FromSoftware’s Games – What To Play After Elden Ring The simplest and perhaps the best way to go about playing through FromSoftware’s catalog is by order of when each game was released. To be clear, it’s acceptable to play the Demon’s Souls remake in place of the original title, while playing through chronological order, just for ease of access alone.

This means that the order should be: Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3, and then Sekiro, which would bring the player up to the release of Elden Ring, As mentioned before, for the purists in the audience, it may be important to start with the King’s Field series as well as seek out the original version of Demon’s Souls,

The most beautiful aspect of the release date order play-through is that it fully illustrates the evolution of FromSoftware. A player grinding through every game starting from Demon’s Souls will see the tweaks and changes made in each subsequent game, finally culminating in Elden Ring,
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What is Elden Ring compared to?

Similar AND Dissimilar: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild is the most common comparison point for Elden Ring, and for obvious reasons. It’s massive, built for exploration, and has tons of secrets to uncover.

  • But The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is also peaceful, colorful, and cute.
  • It’s low stakes exploration, and it’s one-shot combat against Guardians.
  • For all of Elden Ring ‘s flexibility, it’s still a punishing FromSoftware game all about bashing your head against one struggle or another.
  • Breath of the Wild has some of that as well, but with the ability to play with a physics puzzle for a while, or climb a mountain and just look over the vista.

For every big boss there’s a serene moment waiting just on the other side of a hill, and that makes Breath of the Wild the perfect chaser after playing Elden Ring,
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Is Elden Ring the best Souls game ever?

#1 – Elden Ring is the Best Soulborne Game – What To Play After Elden Ring Elden Ring ‘s eagerly anticipated release kept fans of the Soulsborne games on the edge of their seats. As details began to spill out regarding the scope of the game and its breadth of content, some began to question if it would still feel like a Souls game, or if this was something new entirely.

  • When Elden Ring was released, it was clear that it was very much the next step in the Soulsborne formula, and in retrospect, it feels like a natural progression.
  • Elden Ring feels like Dark Souls but more polished, like Bloodborne with more variety and even, at times, like Sekiro, but with more scale.

It is a culmination of all the other FromSoftware games ranked above and easily the most accessible title to new players. With a recent PVP update and expectations of future DLC, Elden Ring seems to have only gotten better since launch. As for the future of the Soulsborne series, Miyazaki will certainly have his work cut out for him to top what players experienced with Elden Ring.

    What To Play After Elden Ring
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    Why is Elden Ring so much better than other games?

    6 Elden Ring Has An Amazing Open World – What To Play After Elden Ring There are a lot of great open world games, but The Lands Between, offers a lot more than most of the other titles in the genre. Rather than being filled with side quests or areas that share too many similarities throughout the game, Elden Ring’s setting immerses players by focusing more on exploration and locations that they want to get to.
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