Where Is Elden Ring Save File?


Where Is Elden Ring Save File
Elden Ring players can trace their save file location and back it up now. There is a process to do so without losing any in-game progress. Here’s how to locate it. – Agencies Elden Ring is considered one of the most difficult and top-ranking games of 2022. The game offers detailed character models, gorgeous scenery, complex in-game mechanics, and dynamics bosses. But players die a lot in this game, over and over again.

  • Therefore, it is highly advised to back up and save the in-game progress on an external hard drive because there is a risk of losing the progress on the PC version.
  • Here is a guide to help you create a backup of those precious files and track your Elden Ring saves.
  • You can get your Elden Ring saves in your user directory.

You must first right-click the folder icon on your quick bar and then click the “File Explorer” option. After that, you need to select “This PC” from the menu and click through the directory to reach the specific location – C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\EldenRing.
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How do I copy an Elden ring save?

How to Back up Elden Ring Save File – If your Elden Ring save file is corrupted or you lose your progress or game for some reason, you can copy and paste your previously backed-up,sl2 file into the aforementioned Steam ID folder. Now start the game and it should restore your save file.
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Are Elden ring saves stored locally?

Elden Ring save file location: where to find your PC saves – Where Is Elden Ring Save File (Image credit: Bandai Namco) You will find your Elden Ring save file in the your user directory. Right-click the folder icon on your quick bar and click ‘File Explorer’. Then select ‘This PC’ from the menu on the left of the window and click through the director until you reach this location: C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\EldenRing,

  • Once here, you should see a file with a bunch of random-looking numbers.
  • That number is your 64bit Steam ID, in case you were wondering.
  • Click into this folder and you should see a file or multiple that end in,sl2.
  • This is your save file.
  • If you don’t see it, or can’t get into this folder, you may have to reveal hidden folders.

To do that, in your file browser, hit View, then either find ‘Show’ and then click hidden items or just tick a checkbox on the toolbar titled ‘Hidden Items’. Once you have access to the file, copy it and paste it somewhere else for safekeeping – we keep a folder of backup saves on our Desktop.

  • This ensures you will always have a clean save on hand in case anything gets corrupted.
  • You are going to want to stay on top of this process though, as your backup will not save with your save file.
  • Make sure after every couple of hours or or at least when you’re done playing for the day, you are backing up your save file to stop any frustration you might run into.

That’s all you need to know. Losing game progress can be completely frustrating, and kill your momentum with a game dead in its tracks. Taking steps to avoid that is always the smart move.

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Take a look here for some tips on how to prepare for the challenges of Elden Ring.

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Can you get banned for using save files Elden Ring?


  1. Locked Sticky 20 March 2022, 8:42PM yeah the save is modded but i take all thing by myself, i think its safe use on online if u change the stats with a trainer and the runes too
    1. 21 March 2022, 7:38AM It is 100% not safe to use online if it’s been edited in any way using cheats, don’t tell people it is or you’ll be flagged and banned. You should also mention this in the description of the save on the main page, or again you could be banned from Nexus.
  2. RiBXX
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    13 April 2022, 1:50AM Why did you even post this? Using a save file that has been used for CE and other game breaking mods will 100% get anyone who uses it banned. It doesn’t matter if you respec or change the runes. Where tf did you even come up with the idea that doing so would make it safe? Take this trash down before more people get banned.

  3. 05 April 2022, 4:04AM Save games like this are NOT safe to use online. The only saves that are safe are those that have not been modified using Cheat Engine or any similar software. If you want a save game that is safe for use online, here’s a couple that I use: Ultimate PvP Savegame All In One Save File Safe savegames will usually state explicitly that they have not been modified.
  4. 21 March 2022, 4:37AM For all the people asking, to use somebody else’s save file on Elden Ring you need something like Elden Ring Save Copier, Additional note, you will 100% be banned if you ever connect to the servers with this file since the poster changed stats with cheat engine.
  5. 20 March 2022, 4:17PM before i user it i need to ask cus idk if i even need it, what lv and upgrades this save have? if have all +0 and lv 1 i will use it as pvp save
  6. 20 March 2022, 4:50PM this is a modded save with max stats make sure if you choose to use it make sure you only use it offline and you will need a save editor to add it to your save
  7. 20 March 2022, 3:28PM Started NG+ and came to regret it. Tried using this but it’s failing to load the data. Was this done on the latest version of the game and everything?

VORTEX The powerful open-source mod manager from Nexus Mods.
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Where are my saved game files on my computer?

On Windows, most save games can be found by opening File Explorer and navigating to ‘ %homepath%\AppData\LocalLow ‘. You can do so by pasting that file path into the address bar in your file explorer.
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Are Elden Ring saves cloud saved?

Bandai Namco has released an Elden Ring support page to help players experiencing issues with saved data failing to be uploaded to the Steam Cloud.

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Elden Ring supports Steam Cloud saving, which allows players to save their data online and continue from a different device if they wish. However, Bandai Namco has noticed some players having issues with their data not being saved correctly. On the support page, it explains that players’ most recent save data may not be on the cloud, and that they can lose progress if they don’t restore it correctly. Where Is Elden Ring Save File Elden Ring. Credit: FromSoftware Players are warned to make sure they double-check which data is the most recent, using the times listed in the error message. Players should then select the most recent save and ensure that it is both saved to the cloud and downloaded to the local machine.

Bandai Namco also recommends that Elden Ring players back up their local save data somewhere else on their system. This will prevent progress loss if data is accidentally overwritten with an older version of the save file. Elden Ring runes are now being sold on eBay, Players can buy runes and then collect them by travelling to the seller’s in-game world.

However, those who take part in real-world money trades may have their account suspended or banned, according to FromSoftware ‘s terms of service. In other news, Activision Blizzard has released a report that states the company is having difficulty hiring and keeping staff amid ongoing legal proceedings,
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What happens if you quit without saving Elden Ring?

Exiting Elden Ring without saving – Where Is Elden Ring Save File Sometimes, Elden Ring may randomly crash or players will find themselves exiting the game unexpectedly. In these cases, the game is never technically saved and the results can vary. When players load it back up, they will be informed that they didn’t save the game properly.

  1. From there, they can load back into the world and will usually be taken back to their most recent autosave.
  2. In some cases, the game will begin again exactly where players left off.
  3. For the sake of safety, it is best for players to save frequently or whenever they’ve made vital progress.
  4. For Elden Ring PS4, click here.

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Can I start a new game without deleting my old one Elden Ring?

Elden Ring NG+ Changes & Benefits – Where Is Elden Ring Save File The limits of a pre-New Game Plus respec in Elden Ring should be taken into consideration, but are evened out by the convenience of carrying over equipment. Collecting is difficult, and though seasoned players will already know where to look, starting a playthrough with endgame gear does simplify the game quite a bit.

The afforded simplicity could be a negative to some as it means much less incentive to explore the map for optional dungeons, but the actual exploration itself is made a bit easier by the fact that player speed will no longer be affected by difficult terrain. Since Elden Ring contains the most varied amount of swamps in any FromSoftware game yet, this is a welcome bonus.

Elden Ring’s New Game Plus does not add any extra items, enemies, or quests! The sense of power that comes from smashing through early-game bosses in Elden Ring’s NG+ mode simply cannot be understated. Check out the video below from on YouTube to get a feel for just how different a NG+ run in Elden Ring is: Where Is Elden Ring Save File Starting the game from scratch means a fresher, more unique journey, and there is a certain irreplaceable charm to surviving as a lower-level character, when Elden Ring is so difficult it basically functions as a survival horror experience. Though NG+ is the more productive option, many who replay the game are looking for a fresh start.

As noted, there are no new enemies or items in Elden Ring’s New Game Plus, so these players will not be missing anything. Any player who primarily wants to ramp up the difficulty, or who just wants more to grow even more powerful, should go with Elden Ring’s NG+, Also, there is something to be said for the sense of progression one gets from carrying their old character over to a more difficult playthrough.

There is no real end to the NG+ cycle, as players can carry their lowly Tarnished over infinite times to try and hit, but the illusion of progress is important when restarting a game that’s so vast and complex. Next:

Where Is Elden Ring Save File

: Elden Ring: New Game Plus Or New Character?
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Can you get banned for giving yourself runes Elden Ring?

Where Is Elden Ring Save File Following a report for players buying runes off eBay, another report has confirmed buying runes online for Elden Ring can get you banned. As covered in our previous report, Elden Ring has no in-game marketplace or anything silly like that so if you want to cheat the game and level up quick with farmed runes, you’ll have to buy them online via a third party like eBay.

  1. Despite this practice being generally discouraged upon by both players and developers themselves, this has been a standard practice for MMOs and related games for numerous years.
  2. As mentioned above – this sort of thing directly goes against the game’s official Terms of Service, so if you’re caught doing this – you’ll likely get your account banned and if you own the game digitally, possibly get your license revoked (you stop owning the game, lol).

Here’s the blurb from FromSoftware’s TOS: No Player shall be entitled to assign to, transfer to, sell to or buy from another, change the name to another’s name of, or provide another as pledge or other security with, any of his/her rights held as a Player, and items, characters and saved data within the game related to the Software which are obtained in the Services (including so-called “real money trading”).

Again, if you’re caught doing this the Terms of Service you agreed to in order to play the game entitles both publisher and developer “to give such Players warnings,” “delete the Recorded Data of such Players,” and finally “have such Players suspend or cease their use of the Services.” Why be lazy and spend money on buying runes from complete strangers when you can also cheat yourself and the game by using our rune duplication exploit – read that guide here,

In case you missed it, you can find our thorough and spoiler-free review and video review for Elden Ring here – we also thought it’s excellent and highly recommended! New to Elden Ring? Learn how to survive the lands between with our Elden Ring guides

Elden Ring leveling guide – how to spend runes and level up Elden Ring keepsake guide – picking the best starter gift Elden Ring Brass Shield guide – finding one of the best early shields in the game

Elden Ring is available now across Windows PC (via Steam ), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Bandai Namco, Elden Ring, FromSoftware Owner and Publisher at Niche Gamer and Nicchiban. Outlaw fighting for a better game industry. Pronouns: Patriarch, Guido, Olive, Catholic
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Can you get banned for cheating in offline Elden Ring?

Pursue Elden Ring cheats at your own risk—in the past FromSoft has detected when players have used them offline then reconnected. This CheatEngine utility is only for use in offline mode, and may still get you banned when you go back online.
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Can you use someone else’s save Elden Ring?

ELDEN RING save files are linked to your steam account, even if you got someone elses save it would not load.
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Can I duplicate my character Elden Ring?

Likely not, you can have multiple saves which you rotate, but that is very inconvenient. And there is a history of getting bans for restoring too old backups.
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