Where Is Legion Square In Gta 5?


Where Is Legion Square In Gta 5
Legion Square is a public park and a block district in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online located in Downtown Los Santos, San Andreas, It is one of the few public parks in the city,
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Where is Legion Square in LA?

5 Legion Square (Based On Pershing Square) – Where Is Legion Square In Gta 5 Legion Square is a decorative part of Los Santos, being the home to various colorful sculptures right in the middle of downtown. The small park is near the center of Los Santos, slightly to the left and right around Vespucci Boulevard and San Andreas Avenue.
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Where is Franklin’s house in Vinewood?

3671 Whispymound Drive is a safehouse in Grand Theft Auto V, given to Franklin Clinton upon completion of The Hotel Assassination by Lester, located on Whispymound Drive in Vinewood Hills, The house also makes an appearance in Grand Theft Auto Online, now known as The Clintons House since The Contract update.
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Where can I find Dewbauchee?

The Dewbauchee Massacro is only available via the High Life Update DLC. The vehicle can be purchased via Legendary Motorsports on GTA Online and is also available for free in the garages of the three main GTA5 characters.
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What cities are in GTA 5 in real life?

GTA 5: Los Santos GTA 5 is so much more than an epic crime game. It’s also a pretty badass road trip quest. Next time you’re driving down the Pacific Coast, hit up some of the real-life locations from Grand Theft Auto V’s Los Santos. There are several areas in Los Santos, the major ones are Blaine County, Downtown, Little Seoul, South Los Santos, Vespucci Beach and Rockford Hills.

  • Practically all are based on real-life neighborhoods surrounding L.A.
  • Like downtown Los Angeles, Koreatown, South Central, Venice Beach and Beverly Hills.
  • Highway 1, Big Sur, CA, US The Big Creek Bridge, which you can find on the West Side of the game’s Los Santos, might look familiar to you.
  • That’s because in real-life, it’s the iconic Bixby Bridge, which is actually located a bit north of LA, in Big Sur.2800 East Observatory Road, Los Angeles, CA, US The Los Santos Observatory is located on Verdant Bluffs.

No major gang activity to speak of, and no safe houses. This place is super easy to visit in real-life as it’s modeled after Griffith Observatory, a popular tourist attraction in L.A. with loads of spacey and sciencey stuffs, and a great view of the city.3204 Canyon Lake Dr Los Angeles, CA 90068, United States, Los Angeles, CA, US According to the GTA V Manual, the Vinewood sign is “a beacon of false hope for impressionable young hopefuls the world over, no visit to Los Santos is complete without a selfie at the Vinewood Sign.” This is clearly an homage to the Hollywood sign (also a “beacon of false hope for impressionable young hopefuls the world over.”) 2301 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA, US In the game, Vinewood Bowl is an entertainment venue located just north of Vinewood.

It’s based on the real-life Hollywood Bowl in L.A.6925 Hollywood Blvd, CA, US The Oriental was modeled on Grauman’s Chinese Theatre (now called TCL Chinese Theatre), which is a super-popular attraction on Hollywood Boulevard, where you’ll find the hand- and footprints of some of history’s brightest stars.

The Von Crastenburg is the location for Franklin’s hotel assassination mission. The reward is $7,000 and you unlock a New Safe House. In real life, the Von Crastenburg is the Roosevelt Hotel, which is reportedly haunted by the ghost of Marilyn Monroe, and has been used in countless movies and TV shows.8901 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA, US Tequi-la-la is a nightclub featured in the side mission “Vinewood Souveniers – Willy”, in which Trevor has to get a gold tooth from Willy, the bassist for Love Fist.

The club was modeled after Hollywood’s Whisky a Go Go, a historic rock ‘n roll nightclub that was popular in the 1960’s.10236 Charing Cross Rd, Beverly Hills, CA, US The Playboy mansion Easter Egg in the game is found in northwest Richmond. Visit it at night when it’s covered in blue and pink neon lights.

I’m not entirely sure on how to score an invite to the actual Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills, but I’m sure it’s quite an experience as well.200 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA, US Los Santos’s Del Perro Pier is modeled after the historic Santa Monica Pier, which has a classic roller coaster, a ferris wheel, restaurants, games, and tons of people watching.1800 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA, US Another interesting part of Los Santos that you can visit is Vespucci Beach, which was a based on a combination of Santa Monica and Venice Beach, the notoriously weird beachside community with a great boardwalk.3900 W Manchester Blvd, Inglewood, CA, US South of downtown Los Santos is the Los Santos Forum (AKA the L.A.

Forum). BONUS: in GTA 4, it’s the location of the 8-Track stadium race. The Jefferson Towers are located in East Los Santos. The real-life towers are actually the Watts Towers in Watts in South Central L.A. The folk art installation has a fascinating history, and they’re definitely worth checking out. Los Angeles River Long Beach, Long Beach, CA, US The Los Santos storm drain appears in three missions: The Jewel Store Job, Fame or Shame, and Hood Safari.

In real-life, it’s based on the L.A. River, which probably looks familiar; it’s appeared in tons of movies as well, from The Italian Job to Grease.100-225 State Park Rd, Mecca, CA, US The Alamo Sea at the foot of Mount Chiliad in Blaine County is described as “a putrid, salt-rich lake.” This is pretty accurate since it’s based on the real-life Salton Sea, which is often described as pretty gross-smelling, thanks to the fact that the lake is filled with salts and fertilizers from surrounding farms, which killed off the fish population.

  1. Salton City, CA, US In the 1950’s and 1960’s, the Salton Sea was a popular resort destination, where celebs and stars came to vacation.
  2. When the lake’s waters got so poisonous that the fish started to die, the yacht clubs and hotels were quickly abandoned and left to rot, leaving a strange, once-opulent mid-century ghost town on the lake’s shores.
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Salvation Mountain 603 E Beal Rd, Niland, CA, US Salvation Mountain served as the inspiration for GTA 5’s Hippie Town in the Desert. It’s basically an art installation that serves as a “tribute to God and his gift to the world.” Yeah, let’s go with that.
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Where is Franklin’s last mission?

After completing ‘The Big One’, the final in-game story mission will pop up at Franklin’s mansion.
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How many cars can Franklin have at his house?

Garages – Garages are used to store purchased or stolen cars, In order to save a vehicle in a garage, it must be parked in the garage, After it’s been parked in the garage, it will be saved to that character’s garage. Each of the three main characters will have their own library of cars.
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Can you buy a house on GTA 5 story mode?

Answer: In Single Player, you can buy properties by checking the pause menu map, going to the location, and walking up to the realty sign in front of the property. Look for icons on the map that look like a house with a dollar symbol inside.
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Where is Trevor’s house?

Located on a barren lot at Zancudo Avenue at the north-east of Sandy Shores, this trailer serves as Trevor Philips’ primary residence.
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What is the fastest car you can find in GTA?

10 Ocelot Pariah – 136.00 mph – The Ocelot Pariah is the fastest vehicle in GTA 5, reaching a top velocity of 136.00 miles per hour (218.87 kilometers per hour). The vehicle was added to the game as part of the ‘The Doomsday Heist’ update on December 12, 2017. An Aston Martin V12 Zagato & Ferrari 812 Superfast-inspired Pariah can be purchased from Legendary Motorsport in GTA Online for $1,420,000.
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What city is GTA V Inspired?

The game’s setting is the fictional US state of San Andreas and city of Los Santos, based on Southern California and Los Angeles respectively.
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What city is Los Santos based on?

Los Santos is a fictional city in the GTA universe, loosely based on Los Angeles and other California Coast cities. It is the setting for games like GTA SA and GTA V, and has many different sections, based on real life places. Many places are parodies, such as the Vinewood sign is parodying the real life Hollywood sign.
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Where is Paleto Bay in real life?

Ten places every Grand Theft Auto V player should visit

This is the Los Santos equivalent of Venice Beach, and one of the most densely populated areas in the city of Los Santos. Bodybuilders pump iron, buskers strum guitars, and sunbathers bask on the golden sands. It captures the bustling diversity of the real Venice Beach, and looks especially beautiful at sunset. In the distance you can see Del Perro Pier, based on Santa Monica Pier, whose Ferris wheel is a famous city landmark. Photograph: Rockstar Located north of Los Santos in Blaine County, this stretch of sand and rock is home to the town of Sandy Shores and the Alamo Sea, a salt lake based on southern California’s Salton Sea. It’s a barren expanse of sweltering scrubland, and a popular destination for drug dealers and outlaw biker gangs. An arboreal forest teeming with wildlife, including deer, rabbits, wild boars, and territorial mountain lions. Its real-life equivalent is the San Gorgonio Wilderness in the San Bernardino Mountains. It’s a rugged and inaccessible landscape, with dirt tracks and gravel roads being the closest thing it has to roads. This lighthouse sits on the east coast of San Andreas, in an area of stunning natural beauty called Cape Catfish. The sea is violent here, with great, swelling waves that crash and froth against the rocky coastline. Nearby is a large colonial house, its architecture inspired by the hard-wearing cottages of Cape Cod. This long, deep corridor of rock connects the Alamo Sea to the Pacific Ocean. It’s based on Big Sur’s Bixby Creek, particularly the colossal Cassidy Creek Bridge at the far end. Its name is a reference to Jack Kerouac’s 1962 novel Big Sur, in which the narrator visits a fictional place called Raton Canyon. Vinewood, Rockstar’s homage to Hollywood, is a large, wealthy neighbourhood and the heart of the film business in Los Santos. Stars line the sidewalks of Vinewood Boulevard, bearing the names of actors and celebrities. The wide roads are lined with palm trees, cinema marquees, and street performers, and you’ll occasionally catch a glimpse of the famous Vinewood sign, which rests on the hills overlooking the district. The distant peak of Mount Chiliad can be seen from almost anywhere in Blaine County. At 2619 feet above sea level, it’s the tallest mountain in San Andreas. A series of steep dirt trails lead to the top, or you can take the aerial tramway from Pala Springs. This rural town sits along the northern coast of Blaine County. With its stars and stripes bunting and independent businesses, it’s the embodiment of small-town America. Its design and layout are based on Fillmore, a town in Ventura County, California. Far from the bustle of Vinewood itself, the Vinewood Hills are a getaway for the rich and famous in Los Santos. Based on the similarly affluent Hollywood Hills, its narrow, tree-lined roads connect palatial gated mansions with shiny sports cars in their driveways. Travel east of Los Santos and you’ll find this large mountain range based on Riverside County’s San Jacinto Mountains. It’s named after a Native American group from southern California. From the highest point of the range you can see the entire sprawl of Los Santos, from the southern beaches to the Vinewood Hills.

: Ten places every Grand Theft Auto V player should visit
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How do I start the Franklin payphone mission?

GTA Online Payphone Hits locations – Where Is Legion Square In Gta 5 (Image credit: Rockstar Games) (opens in new tab) To start Payphone Hits in GTA Online, you need to discover a ringing phone (marked as a blue telephone icon on your map when nearby) then approach it and interact to take the call and receive details of the assassination.
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How do I start Franklin and Lamar mission?

Lamar is now only a couple of button presses away – Where Is Legion Square In Gta 5 Since it debuted, GTA Online has received a slew of updates to keep it alive and thriving. Among them have been things like celebrity missions, as well as activities including fan-favorite characters from GTA V. Lamar happens to fall into the latter category and luckily, if you’re interested in taking on his missions, it’s significantly easier to do so now.

Related: How to Fix the “Your Profile Does Not Have Permission” Error in GTA Online Thanks to an update, initiating Lamar’s missions is easier than ever, though it still may not be obvious how to do it at a glance. To do so, select Online from the jobs menu, then go to Play Job. From there, go to Rockstar Created, and Missions after that.

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Scroll down through the menu until you find GTA Online Short Trips options, and after picking the Lamar mission you want, matchmaking will begin. For reference, these are co-op missions, so you can’t do them alone. One of you will be Franklin and the other will be Lamar.
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Why am I unable to find a mission in GTA 5?

In some cases, missions will only appear after a certain amount of in-game time, so also try doing other activities for a while. Some missions are triggered by phone calls and those might not arrive when you are in certain locations, so be sure to not stay in the same spot if you are waiting for a call.
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How do you access missions on GTA?

Download Article Download Article Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V) is back and its Story Mode is more massive than ever. Know the ways of Los Santos and complete this epic open-world adventure with Franklin, Trevor, and Michael. This wikiHow teaches you the basics of playing the Grand Theft Auto V story mode.

  • Learn (or review) basic skills in the first tutorial mission. It will instruct you how to move and switch characters, fire weapons, drive, use maps, and more.
  • Take missions at your own pace after the tutorial. Switch characters, locate missions on the map, and play side missions to explore all of Los Santos.
  • Finish story mode by completing all missions. Prepare for each mission to get more difficult as you progress through the game.
  1. 1 Go through the tutorial. GTA V literally takes you straight to a heated situation when the game begins. The first mission acts as tutorial that walks you through a series of instructions on how to control your character. This includes the usual movements such as walking, running, aiming, shooting, driving and other basic stuff you’d probably know already if you have played previous GTA titles.
  2. 2 Move your character. Use the following steps to move your character when on foot.
    • Walking: Use the left stick on game consoles or WSAD keys on PC to move your character. Use the right stick or mouse to steer your character and change your mouse view.
    • Sprint: Tap “X” (Playstation), “A” (Xbox), or Left Shift (PC) to sprint.
    • Jump: Press “Square” (Playstation), “X” {Xbox), or Spacebar (PC) to jump will walking forward.
    • Light melee attack: Press “Square” (Playstation), “B” (Xbox), or “R” (PC) to perform a light melee attack
    • Heavy melee attack: Press “X” (Playstation), “A” (Xbox) or “O” (PC) to perform a heavy melee attack while fighting.


  3. 3 Fire your weapons. Shooting is one of the key mechanics of Grand Theft Auto. Use the following steps to select and shoot your weapons.
    • Open Weapons Wheel: Press and hold “L1” (Playstation), “LB” (Xbox), or “Tab” key to open the weapons wheel. Use the left stick or mouse to select a weapon. Select the fist to go unarmed.
    • Aim your weapon: Press and hold “L2” (Playstation), “LT” (Xbox), or the right mouse button (PC) to aim your weapon.
    • Fire your weapon: Press “R2” (Playstation), “RT” (Xbox), or the left mouse button (PC) to fire your weapon.
    • Reload your weapon: Press “Circle” (Playstation), “B” (Xbox), or “R” (PC) to reload your weapon.
  4. 4 Use the mini-map. The mini-map is in the lower-left corner of the screen. A blue marker marks where you are supposed to go. When you are driving, the mini-map shows lines that indicate the route to take.
  5. 5 Switch character. One of the most unique additions to GTA V is the Character Switch feature. This feature enables you to switch from one active character to another in real-time. Since GTA V has 3 protagonists (Franklin, Trevor, and Michael), this feature makes a lot of sense.
    • On game consoles, press and hold the down button on the directional pad to display the character switch menu. Use the left stick to select your character.
    • On PC, press and hold the left “Alt” key to display the character select screen. Use the mouse to select your character.
  6. 6 Drive vehicles. Driving has always been a key mechanic of the Grand Theft Auto games. You can enter any vehicle in the game. Use the following controls to drive.
    • Enter and exit vehicles: Stand next to a vehicle and press “Triangle” (PlayStation), “Y” (Xbox), or “F” (PC) to enter and exit a vehicle.
    • Accelerate: Press “R2” (Playstation), RT (Xbox) or “W” (PC)to go apply gas in a vehicle.
    • Break/Reverse: Press “L2” (Playstation), “LT” (Xbox) or “S” (PC) to break and reverse while driving.
    • Steer: Tap the left stick left and right on game consoles or the “A” and “D” buttons (PC) to steer while driving.
    • Aim while driving: Press “L1” (Playstation), “LB” (Xbox), or “Y” (PC) to aim while driving.
    • Fire weapons while driving: Press “R1” (Playstation), “RB” (Xbox) or the left mouse button (PC) to fire while driving.
  7. 7 Follow the on-screen instructions. Grand Theft Auto V is a huge open-world with tones of side activities and side missions. When starting a new activity or mission, pay attention to the instructions in the upper-left corner to know what you are supposed to do.
  8. 8 Learn about the characters. The 3 protagonists in GTA V have all unique personalities. Not only that, but they also have different abilities that you can use in different cases. Press both sticks at the same time, or CAPS on PC to activate a characters special ability.
    • Michael is good with guns. His special ability is activating a “bullet time” effect that slows down everything around you but your shooting speed stays the same.
    • Franklin has the steadiest hands when it comes to driving. His special ability is somewhat similar to Michael but only while he is driving. This makes him the best driver in the game.
    • Trevor is the pilot in the group. He can maneuver aircraft with super ease. His special ability is going into “rage” mode. While in rage mode, he inflicts more melee damage and takes less damage from enemies.
  9. 9 Customize your characters. You can visit shops to buy your characters clothes, pants, or shoes. You can even buy them accessories so they can have the look you want them to have. You can also go to barber shops to change their hairdo, or get tattoos from a tattoo parlor.
    • You can change clothes in the changing area of your character’s safe house. The safe house is marked with an icon that resembles a house on the map.
    • Just like your characters, you can also customize all your owned vehicles such as cars and motorcycles.
  10. 10 Learn your way around the map. Los Santos is a huge place. It is even bigger than GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption map combined! That being said, familiarizing yourself with the map is very crucial to your in-game survival.
    • To open the map, press “Options” (Playstation), the menu button (Xbox), or “P” (PC) to pause your game in display the map. Click (PC), press “X” (Playstation) or “A” to set a custom marker on the map.
    • Take note of map icons. There are several map icons that will be available on the map. There are icons for missions, special events, shops, and even where your other characters are while you’re playing. Take note of these icons so you’d know where to go when you need to reach a certain location.
    • You can also pin a location anywhere in the map and the game will produce the shortest path from your location to your pinned destination. Really comes in handy.
  11. 11 Drive safely. GTA V has now increased the penalty for road kills or destroying anything while you are in your vehicle. That means that with just a slight mistake of running over a pedestrian – the police will immediately be on you! You will instantly earn a one star wanted level so be careful.
    • You should also take precautions even outside a vehicle. If a pedestrian sees you doing something inappropriate – police will be contacted immediately. Same as if you do something stupid in front of a police officer.
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  1. 1 Learn from the first mission. The first two missions are tutorial missions. The first mission is with Michael and Trevor, and the second mission is with Franklin. After successfully finishing the mission, you are now free to roam Los Santos and take missions at your own pace.
  2. 2 Go to missions on the map. Missions are marked with the initial of the mission giver on the map. Open the map and select a letter to get mini-map directions to the start of the mission. Walk or drive over the yellow circle on the ground to start a mission. You must be a certain character to start a mission. Micheals missions are marked with blue letters, Franklin’s missions are marked with green letters, and Trevor’s missions are marked with orange letters.
  3. 3 Use your mobile phone. The mobile phone feature is back. This feature is important in progressing through the game for it connects you to all the contacts that sometimes give you jobs. The mobile phone also allows you to access the internet which even broadens the scope of what you can do in GTA V.
  4. 4 Spend wisely. As you take on more missions, you will then earn lots of cash. You should learn to spend it wisely if you want to finish missions with a higher success rate.
    • Most of the missions are usually dangerous and involves shooting and car chases. That being said, you will need to upgrade your weapon once in a while. You can buy weapons and other combat-related stuff from Ammu-Nation.
    • You should also need to upgrade your vehicles, or at least the one you always use as a getaway vehicle. I can’t stress enough how many police chases you will encounter in GTA V so it is in your best interest that you get yourself a dependable vehicle.
  5. 5 Know when to switch. Since you have 3 characters, missions are well distributed among these 3 characters. There’ll be times that you will run out of event missions. If that happens, that is the time to switch on to another character. By doing this, you will never run out of things to do.
  6. 6 Play side missions. To get the most of GTA V, it is advisable for you to take all the missions available before you take on the main story missions. These side missions will not only improve your characters’ stats, but they are also rich in story and full of deep personalities. If you are planning to finish the game in 100%, this is the way to go.
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  1. 1 Complete the main missions. After you have taken all the small jobs and finished the side missions – you are now ready to complete the game once and for all. You can do this by taking main story missions only if you are sure that no other missions are present on all 3 characters.
  2. 2 Use all that you have learned. On the last few story missions, you will notice that the tasks are getting harder and harder. This is the time that you unleash all the experience you have learned throughout the game.
  3. 3 Finish the game. All good things must come to an end. The same thing applies with GTA V as you finish your last mission. It will not be a walk in the park and it will even test your decision-making. Well, without spiking anything, let’s just say that after you complete the final mission – you will surely agree that GTA V is one of the best games out there.
    • After officially finishing the game, you can still roam around and look for easter eggs that are scattered in GTA V. The most popular ones are locating UFO’s and hunting down Bigfoot, or you can even explore the FIB Building! Go ahead, grab some heat, and have fun!
    • Once you complete the game, you’re ready for GTA Online. You’ll be playing with other GTA players in GTA Online, so you’ll need everything you’ve learned from the Story Mode.
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  • Question How can I roam rather than do missions and story mode on Xbox One? Go to your phone (upon the touchpad), go to profile, click sleep mode and now this will prevent any incoming calls that have to do with missions.
  • Question Where can I find the UFO in “Grand Theft Auto 5”? If you do the marijuana missions (Grass Roots), you will kill aliens as Michael; if they kill you, you fall from a UFO.
  • Question How do I get past the door in the tutorial? You have to push the button assigned to Take Cover on your controller.

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Use the mini-map to know where you are supposed to go.3. Go to the color-coded markers on the map to start a new mission.4. Do side-missions and side activities to improve your character’s stats.5. Purchase weapons upgrades at Ammu-nation.6. Purchase car updates at Los Santos Customs.7. Switch to another character when low on missions.8.

Complete all the main missions to complete the game. To learn more about side missions, read on! Did this summary help you? Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 734,580 times.
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