Where Is Millicent In Elden Ring?


Where Is Millicent In Elden Ring
Talk to Millicent at Mountaintop of the Giants – You won’t see Millicent again to speak to until you reach the Mountaintop of the Giants region, to the northeast of Leyndell, Royal Capital (you need to defeat the boss there to access it). You can find her at the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins Site of Grace, to the south of Castle Sol and the southeast of Stargazer’s Ruins.

  • Speak to her here and she’ll say that you can call her in battle.
  • She also talks about finding Malenia and mentions the Haligtree Secret Medallion that unlocks a hidden location at the Grand Lift of Rold.
  • For details on how to access Miquella’s Haligtree endgame area, check out our (opens in new tab),

At this point, you can return to Gowry’s Shack in Caelid and talk to him about Millicent. He has a fair amount to say, although none of it is necessary to progress through the rest of Millicent’s questline.
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Where is Millicent after Mountaintop of Giants?

Millicent’s location in Mountaintops of the Giants – You won’t encounter Millicent again until you reach the Mountaintop of the Giants, which is accessible after you have defeated Morgott at Leyndell, Royal Capital. You’ll find her waiting at the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins Site of Grace. Where Is Millicent In Elden Ring Where Is Millicent In Elden Ring Speak to her and she’ll mention how she’s looking for a fort in the north and Malenia’s whereabouts. This alludes to the way to accessing secret path of the mountain on the west side. If you haven’t already done so, now would be the time to complete the quest to find the two halves of the Haligtree Secret Medallion, In short, the steps are:

  1. Find Old Albus in the Village of the Albinaurics who gives you the right half of the medallion.
  2. The left half is in Castle Sol in the north of Mountaintop of the Giants, as mentioned by Millicent. Defeat Commander Niall to get the left half of the medallion.
  3. Use the secret medallion at the Grand Lift of Rold to access the Consecrated Snowfield.
  4. Solve the Ordina, Liturgical Town puzzle to open the way to Miquella’s Haligtree.
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Where can I meet Millicent again?

Elden Ring Millicent location: Church of the Plague – Next, you need to head to the Church of the Plague, which is just to the east of Gowry’s Shack but at the top of the cliff. When you gave Gowry the Unalloyed Gold Needle in the last step, he told you the secret of Sellia which allows you access to the road from this side.

You can go ahead and light the beacons in the village to gain access, or you use Torrent to run down to the location from the Bestial Sanctum in the north. You can access the sanctum via a waygate in Limgrave near the Third Church of Marika (D in Roundtable Hold tells you about this after you pick up your first (opens in new tab) ).

Millicent is found inside the ruins of the Church of the Plague. Hand over the needle then rest at the nearby Site of Grace. Talk to her again until she gives you the (opens in new tab), Now you need to return to Gowry’s Shack, Speak to Gowry, then fast-travel to the closest Site of Grace and return to his shack or simply reload the game.
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Where is Millicent in snow?

Speak to Millicent in the Mountaintops of the Giants – Late in the main story, you’ll gain access to the Mountaintops of the Giants. Millicent can be found next near the Snow Valley Ruins Site of Grace in this biome. She has a bit to say here, so exhaust all of her dialogue and then prepare to round up two halves of a medallion that are required to reach the Haligtree area.
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Did Malenia turn into a flower?

Malenia And The Blooming Of The Flower – Where Is Millicent In Elden Ring Malenia’s Scarlet Flower blooms in times of extreme stress. This blooming of the flower grants her unimaginable power, but also significantly increases the levels of Rot within her body. At the close of our battle with Malenia, we can get the Scarlet Aeonia Incantation from her remembrance.

It reads: ” Each time the scarlet flower blooms, Malenia’s rot advances. It has bloomed twice already. With the third bloom, she will become a true goddess”. There is some debate as to how many times she has bloomed when we fight her, so let’s look into it. There is evidence to suggest that Malenia bloomed for the third time during our fight and ascended to godhood right there in the boss room.

First, and most obvious is that her name changes in phase two to Malenia, Goddess of Rot. Her remembrance is also from “The Rot Goddess” not “Malenia”. The problem with this theory is we don’t have much evidence for the first bloom. We know she bloomed in our fight and during her fight against Radahn.

  1. That’s two accounted for, but what of the third? Many players will point to the giant Scarlet Flower found outside the elevator to Malenia’s boss fight.
  2. Many think that the armor set here was hers before she was given the prosthetics by Miquella.
  3. The logic for this theory is that Miquella tried to use an imperfect Gold Needle, and it forced her to bloom for the first time in that room, hence why it is unaccounted for since only Miquella and Malenia were there.
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However, there is equal evidence that our fight with Malenia was only her second bloom, and she may not be truly dead. Since we have no record of Malenia’s first bloom, some players reject this idea. People who subscribe to this theory will attribute the bloom outside of Malenia’s room to one of Millicent’s sisters,
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