Where To Find Melina Elden Ring?


Where To Find Melina Elden Ring
Melina Location in Elden Ring Melina is first met after resting at Gatefront Site of Grace, by Gatefront Ruins or another overland Limgrave Site of Grace, after activating a certain number of them. Other potential Sites of Grace: Church of Elleh, Seaside Ruins, and Agheel Lake South.
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Where is Malena in Elden Ring?

Where to find the location of Malenia in Elden Ring – The location for where to find the Malenia boss fight in Elden Ring is Miquella Haligtree. You need two halves of a medallion. One half of the medallion is in the Village of the Albinaurics in the southwest of Liurnia of the Lakes.

Hit the big pot, talk to the person who was inside, and then receive the medallion half. The second half of the medallion is found in Castle Sol. You need to fell Commander Niall at Castle Sol so you can then get the medallion out of the chest behind his arena. After you’ve got the two medallions, return to the Grand Lift of Rold and select “use secret medal”.

Now that you’ve used the secret medal, proceed to the Ordina, Liturgical Town. Here you need to light four fires. Once you’ve lit all of the four fires, you will be able to access the Haligtree dungeon. Check out YouTuber Meloo ‘s tutorial for visual guidance.
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Do you ever see Melina again Elden Ring?

Here’s how you can save Melina from dying in Elden Ring 9 9 Here’s how you can save Melina from dying in Elden Ring Melina meets a sad fate in Elden Ring, but is there any way to save her? The Tarnished’s impromptu finger maiden’s story has a sad ending.

  1. After making it to the Mountaintops of the Giants, she’s sacrificed to light the Erdtree on fire and ultimately isn’t able to see the player’s journey through to its end.
  2. This stands out as quite unusual for FromSoftware games where characters like the Fire Keeper, Plain Doll, and Emma are one of the few constants.

So is there any way to get around this? Can Melina be saved or do Elden Ring players just need to accept her death? Something can be done, but players might not like it. Where To Find Melina Elden Ring Melina can be saved in Elden Ring, but only if the player makes an enemy of her. Melina cannot be resurrected after she dies. The player winds up at odds with Melina if they are embraced by the Three Fingers. These are the chaotic foil to the Two Fingers that players encounter throughout the game, including the ones at Roundtable Hold.

Players can find the Three Fingers in the depths beneath Leyndell, Royal Capital. To head to the depths beneath Leyndell, Royal Capital, the player needs to, On the ground is a well that leads to a new area called the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds. This is a difficult, labyrinthian area with tight quarters full of big enemies.

The big boss of the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds is Mohg, the Omen. Though they share the same name, the battle with this Mohg is quite, The lore implications of two different Mohgs are uncertain but either way, beating Mohg, the Omen offers access to an altar that can be moved to reveal another underground area.

Three Fingers Elden Ring Location – How To Find The Three Fingers What follows is a platforming area where the player needs to drop down between platforms. The bottom has a breakable floor that reveals another area with a Site of Grace. There are two doors here. One is behind an illusory wall while the other is very obvious, but doesn’t open.

The trick to getting through is to take off all armor. The Three Fingers will then greet the player. The player inherits the Frenzied Flame by meeting the Three Fingers. After speaking to Melina again, she will express her frustration to the player and leave for good.
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Why is Melina not appearing?

Elden Ring Melina location – Melina is the mysterious NPC that uses the runes you’ve accumulated through killing enemies to grant you power. If you’re just starting out and she hasn’t appeared yet, don’t worry—you need to visit and rest at three Sites of Grace in the open world before she shows up,

  • This doesn’t include those you discover in dungeons, so you’re likely to come across her at either Agheel Lake North or the Gatefront Sites of Grace.
  • After you meet her for the first time, you should pay attention whenever you rest at a Site of Grace as she has quite a bit of extra dialogue that can give more context to what’s going on in the Lands Between.
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Keep an eye out for the “Talk to Melina” option in the Site of Grace menu.
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Is Melina a God Elden Ring?

Melina, too, is searching for her own path, but she shows her opposition to the Greater Will in her willingness to be the kindling for burning the Erdtree, an act she calls a cardinal sin. Queen Marika, mother of demi-gods, is Melina’s mother, making Melina a demi-god and, therefore, Ranni’s sister.
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Is Melina a black knife assassin?

Home Gaming News Elden Ring Video Compares Melina’s Weapon with the Black Knife

An Elden Ring player notices a detail about Melina’s weapon of choice that has major implications for the character’s role in the game’s lore. Where To Find Melina Elden Ring FromSoftware games are known for having incredibly deep stories and character connections which can be completely missed by the player. The company’s latest game, Elden Ring, is no exception to this as very little about the game’s intricate plot will ever be overtly explained to the player.

  • Instead, Elden Ring ‘s story has to be collected piece by piece through character dialogue, item descriptions, and things as subtle as an NPC’s choice of weapon.
  • The Elden Ring player community adores this aspect of the game, as there are YouTube channels, subreddits, and countless internet forums dedicated to pooling theories and piecing together the game’s lore.

But Elden Ring ‘s ambiguous nature can sometimes leave certain characters in an unclear position in the game’s lore. One of the most mysterious characters in Elden Ring is Melina, who the player will enter into an alliance with at the beginning of the game, which allows the player to both level up and use the horse mount, Torrent.

  1. Beyond this, not much is known about Melina or her motivations, although there has been a lot of speculation about Melina’s true identity in the lore of Elden Ring,
  2. A Reddit user named Razhork has shared a comparison clip which shows a very subtle design choice about Melina’s weapon, the Blade of Calling, which ties Melina to the game’s Black Knife Assassins.

Many players have likely never seen Melina’s Blade of Calling because she only wields it if the player summons her to assist with the Morgott the Omen King boss fight. Razhork’s Reddit post reveals, however, that the blade is functionally identical to the Black Knife wielded by the Black Knife Assassins who, in the game’s lore, killed Godwyn the Golden in the events preceding Elden Ring ‘s story,

  1. Crucially, this assassination was done using knives imbued with the Rune of Death.
  2. Razhork states that Melina’s weapon is a modified Black Knife, but what is more likely is that the Black Knives were originally Blades of Calling before coming into contact with the Rune of Death.
  3. The most important aspect of this connection is that the Elden Ring community had already worked out that Ranni the Witch had at least partly orchestrated The Night of the Black Knives in order to free herself from her mortal body.

This weapon comparison provides another possible connection between Melina and Ranni in Elden Ring’s lore, as many fans are certain these two characters are connected in some important aspect due to them each having one closed eye. If fans have learned anything from exploring the world of Elden Ring, it is that no detail is too small when it comes to explaining the lore of the game.
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What happens if you sacrifice Melina?

Can You Save Melina in Elden Ring? – During regular playthroughs, Melina the Kindling Maiden makes her way to the Mountaintops of the Giants to be sacrificed and ignite the Erdtree. While this noble deed helps the Tarnished progress further, her storyline ends there, and you will have to carry on unaccompanied until the end.
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Why does Melina keep one eye closed?

Elden Ring: Melina’s Eyes – Most speculation of Melina’s real identity hinges on her seeming role as a spirit (she says she is bodyless early in the game) and perhaps even more importantly, her eyes. Melina clearly does have a body but it may not be hers and hers alone which again goes back to her eyes.

Throughout the game, Melina will keep one eye closed. So too does Ranni the Snow Witch, and they each have a different eye closed. Melina will open her eye and reveal a dusky and murky dark blue, which many connect to the Gloam-Eyed Queen, under certain constants in the Lord of Frenzied Flame Ending.

However, Ranni will never open that eye even at the Age of Stars Ending, This is entirely speculation, but if they have opposite eyes closed and if they are connected as this would imply, it would add up that Ranni’s eye would be different—a potentially brighter, light-ish yellow-orange color on a color wheel.

Even more importantly, this would largely line up with the eye color of the other character, as their open eye is close to this color. Ergo, Melina’s eye could be somehow tied to the Dark Moon, and that could suggest Ranni’s eye is tied to the Golden Order, This would be the inverse of their beliefs, explaining why they keep this eye closed.

The shared (if inverted) markings could somehow connect them to the thing they oppose, which is why Ranni used the Rune of Death on her body to begin with.
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Can you find Melina again?

Melina Questline: How to complete Melina’s Quest – (Melina does not have a traditional completable ” NPC Quest “, since she’s so strongly tied with the “Main Quest” of the game, but the following lists the opportunities for interaction)

After resting at a Site of Grace (outside of the Church of Elleh ) on the overland, Melina will manifest herself and reflect on the absence of a guidance during your journey so far, appearing out of the air with a blueish aura around her. Melina proposes an accord: to act as your “maiden”, that is, as a guide throughout your journey, for you are “maidenless”. In exchange, she requests you take her with you to the Erdtree. She volunteers to “turn your Runes into strength”, enabling you to level up your character. She will also bequeath a ring, the Spectral Steed Whistle, allowing you to summon the spectral steed Torrent who has “chosen you”. At the next Site of Grace you rest at before entering Stormveil Castle, selecting the “Talk to Melina” option will trigger a conversation about the Sites of Grace. During this, Melina conveys the golden auras at the different Sites of Grace are in fact the grace of the Erdtree, and by following them, the grace will guide you through your burden. She informs you that a Shardbearer resides in Stormveil Castle, and that if the rays signal the castle, the Elden Ring is beckoning you. At the next Site of Grace you rest at before entering Stormveil Castle, selecting the “Talk to Melina” option will trigger a conversation with Melina about her purpose, where she describes her search for her purpose and also apologizes for acting as a Finger Maiden while being unable to offer guidance, as she is “no maiden” and without purpose. At the Third Church of Marika, when resting at the grace and selecting the “Talk to Melina” option, Melina will appear and declare that spoken echoes of Queen Marika the Eternal are present, and if you wish she will convey them to you. Select the “I’m interested” dialogue option and she will continue to describe the echoes. At the Church of Pilgrimage, in the north of the Weeping Peninsula, when resting at the grace and selecting the “Talk to Melina” option, Melina will again appear and give the option to elucidate on the echoes. Upon reaching the East Capital Rampart Site of Grace (or any grace in Leyndell), Melina will appear and say that she will be leaving, but that she will let you keep Torrent and the ability to turn runes into power. She reasserts her confidence that you will become the Elden Lord. Melina may be summoned for the fight against Morgott, the Omen King via a sign directly outside the boss arena. After defeating Morgott, trying and failing to enter the Erdtree and resting at the Elden Throne Site of Grace, Melina appears. She offers a new accord: to bring her “to the flame of ruin, far above the clouds, upon snowy mountaintops of the giants”, so she can set the Erdtree aflame, and help you become Elden Lord. Melina will then have additional dialogue when resting at certain Sites of Grace, the Godrick the Grafted Site of Grace for example. She will remind the player of the new goal in the land of the giants. She can then be spoken to a second time, and she will say that although her purpose was giving to her by her mother, she is now acting on her own volition and has “set heart upon the world that would have. Regardless of mother’s designs.” Melina must be talked to in the Forge of the Giants Grace, and her quest will be fulfilled.

If the player has inherited the Frenzied Flame despite Melina pleading them not to do it, Melina will not appear in this grace. Instead, she will appear after the ending of the game if the player continues with the Frenzied Flame path, and will threaten the Lord of Frenzied Flame with Destined Death.

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Can you complete the game without Melina?

Someone Beat Elden Ring Without Talking To Any NPCs And It’s Harder Than You Think We’re way past the difficulty curve and Elden Ring is being beaten in every possible way. Players are speedrunning it, beating it without leveling, only using their fists, taking no hits, and every other possible permutation and combination you can think of.

  1. Almost eight months since its launch, it’s going to take something special to stand out among these feats, and YouTuber may have just managed that.
  2. Many of you may already be familiar with ymfah’s channel, where they showcase some truly unique runs of FromSoftware and Bethesda games, like beating Dark Souls 3 without walking, beating Bloodborne with items only, and beating Fallout 4 without any equipment.

Not just that, these videos also act as guides, as ymfah lists down every step they take as subtitles, with some nice music in the background. Their latest video/guide is about how you can beat Elden Ring without talking to any optional NPCs. You may think this sounds easy, that you’ll just miss out on a couple of side quests and vendors, righ? Wrong.

  • Ymfah states that they will only talk to NPCs that are absolutely required to progress the main story, but they also show us early on in the video that talking to Melina is actually optional.
  • And if you don’t want to talk to Melina, there’s no resting, no leveling up, no Torrent, no Roundtable Hold, no Smithing Master Hewg, and no Roderika to upgrade your Summons.
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Sound easy now? After showing us how to effectively skip Melina, ymfah begins to make their way around Limgrave, in order to find items, weapons, and armour that will help balance the scales a bit. Even though they missed out on so much, they had a foolproof plan on how to arm up, merely by scavenging things across The Lands Between.

They specifically knew where to go and what items to get in order to prepare for their first major hurdle, Margit, the Fell Omen. Despite losing access to so many options, their scavenging was enough to lay the Fell Omen flat with only a few hits of the Flame of the Redmanes Ash of War, along with a few other item buffs.

The entire video is 54 minutes long and goes back and forth until the Elden Beast is slain. NEXT: : Someone Beat Elden Ring Without Talking To Any NPCs And It’s Harder Than You Think
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Is Malenia related to Ranni?

The Children Of Radagon And Marika – Radagon and Marika are one god that can separate into two, and a lot of fans have theorized that that affected their children’s unique conditions, as one was afflicted with Scarlet Rot and the other could not grow up past looking like a child. Both are Empyreans who, like Ranni, were up to replace Marika and their names were Malenia and Miquella.

  • Malenia inherited her father’s red hair, and when the Shattering happened, she fought her half-brother Radahn over each other’s Great Runes.
  • She caused him to go insane by afflicting him with Scarlet Rot and then fell into a deep sleep due to exhaustion from the battle.
  • She was taken to the roots of the Haligtree, where she was going to meet up with her twin brother, Miquella.

The two are suggested to be very close. Miquella had issues of his own, though. He abandoned the Golden Order, finding it useless since it could not cure his sister’s Scarlet Rot. He dedicated himself to finding a cure for his sister’s ailment. With his own blood, he created the Haligtree and planned to find a way to grow up as well as cure Malenia there.
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How do I trigger Melina roundtable?

How to access Roundtable Hold in Elden Ring – Melina will take you to the Roundtable Hold. Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon The Roundtable Hold in Elden Ring can be visited after your second meeting with Melina. Your first encounter with her normally occurs when you interact with the site of grace in Gatefront (whereupon she’ll give you the Torrent mount/summon).
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How do you activate the Malena Rune Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Malenia’s Great Rune Use – If you want to use Malenia’s Great Rune, you will need to activate it at the Isolated Divine Tower which can be accessed via waygate from the Divine bridge. After completing Crumbling Farum Azula, the Divine Bridge waypoint can only be reached via a teleportation trap in the Tower Of Return,
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How do you get Melina Elden Ring at the end?

Elden Ring Melina ending – This is the standard Elden Ring ending, the one that Melina (opens in new tab) has been leading you to throughout the game. Once you’ve defeated the Elden Beast, walk over and touch Fractured Marika, choosing the option to mend the ring.
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Is there a way for Melina to live Elden Ring?

How to Save Melina in Elden Ring? – At the end of the day, to save Melina, you have to take her place as the sacrificial offering to the Erdtree by making her leave you before the conclusion of her arc. The way to do that is to fall out with her by accepting the Frenzied Flame as a gift from the Three Fingers—the chaotic counterpart to the Two Fingers entity.

To find the notorious Three Fingers NPC, you have to venture into the depths beneath the Royal Capital Leyndell, also known as the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds, They can be accessed via the rooftops near the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace. Here, you will have to find and defeat Mohg, the Omen —an event that will open the way to the final platforming area leading to the Three Fingers chamber.

However, you should pause at this moment to recover your composure since Mohg is hard to beat. Where To Find Melina Elden Ring source: youtube.com—the Tarnished fighting Mohg, the Omen After dropping down between several platforms, you will arrive before the door of the Three Fingers, which you can open only if you take off all your clothes and armor. Then, the Three Fingers will greet and wrap around the player, thus gifting them the Frenzied Flame, an act that forces Melina to leave you.
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