Where To Find Yura Elden Ring?


Where To Find Yura Elden Ring
At the Seaside Ruins – Head to the Seaside Ruins south of the Dragon-Burnt Ruins and head due east from the Site of Grace located here. You will find Yura underneath an alcove made by a crumbled ruin. He will introduce himself and advise you to not try to take on the dragon living in the aforementioned Dragon-Burnt Ruins.
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Where is Yura after Murkwater?

How To Get Eleanora’s Poleblade – Where To Find Yura Elden Ring The next phase of Yura’s quest unfolds in Altus Plateau at the Second Church of Marika, Head north from the Altus Junction Site of Grace, but instead of following the road, veer slightly to the left and go through the canyon instead. You’ll eventually reach the Second Church of Marika, where Yura is injured on the ground.

Speak to him to receive the Nagakiba katana, a strong sword whose skill unleashes an unblockable thrust attack. Eleanora invades after you speak with Yura. Defeating her rewards you with the Purifying Crystal Tear (handy for Mogh’s battle ) and her Poleblade, along with another Furlcalling Finger Remedy.

Eleanora’s Poleblade comes with a fantastic skill called Bloodblade Dance, which unleashes a series of whirling slices that quickly fill the blood loss meter. Eleanora’s Poleblade requires 12 Strength, 21 Dexterity, and 19 Arcane, If you reach the Second Church of Marika before speaking with Yura, you haven’t locked yourself out of his quest.
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How do I start the YURA quest Elden Ring?

How to get Reduvia – The first main step in the quest is to head to Murkwater Cave in West Limgrave. Near the entrance you’ll be invaded by Bloody Finger Nerijus. He can be quite tough to beat if you’re right at the start of the game, but if you wait a little while, Yura will summon in to help you.
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Can you miss Yura questline?

You can choose to defeat the dragon in Agheel Lake, but it is not necessary to start his questline. You do not need to defeat the Dragon to continue Yura’s questline.
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Where does Yura spawn?

Bloody Finger Hunter Yura
Location Limgrave: near Seaside Ruins Liurnia of the Lakes: Near Raya Lucaria Academy entrance. Altus Plateau: Second Church of Marika
Role Quest NPC and Summonable Cooperator
Voiced by Shaun Dooley

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Is the YURA questline worth it?

The Yura questline is easy to miss early in Elden Ring, but those interested in dex or arcane weapons, the rewards are well worth pursuing it. Complete Elden Ring’s Yura questline and you’ll earn both the Nagakiba and Eleonora’s Poleblade, powerful weapons worth using to the end of the game. Where To Find Yura Elden Ring © FromSoftware Yura’s questline in Elden Ring follows him hunting for Eleonora, another Tarnished who invades the worlds of others as a Bloody Finger. Yura will aid you in fighting off an invader, then you’ll need to do the same. The locations for each stage of his quest are really, really easy to miss, so we’ve highlighted them clearly in stages below to walk you through how to complete Yura’s quest and get both the Nagakiba and Eleonora’s Poleblade.
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Is it worth killing Yura Elden Ring?

The consequences of killing Yura, Hunter of Bloody Fingers, in Elden Ring – Where To Find Yura Elden Ring A player approaches Yura on top of Torrent in Elden Ring (Image via FromSoftware Inc.) If players kill Yura, it prevents his questline from being completed. This takes away chances at receiving Runes, gaining extra loot, obtaining more XP, and simply enjoying certain content,

  • Players meet Yura under an overpass in Limgrave, near the Seaside Ruins.
  • This is where the long quest begins to take out other Bloody Finger Hunters.
  • This quest can be completely avoided.
  • If players do not wish to complete the quest, they can simply attack Yura and after a few hits, he will fight back.
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Watch out for the length of his katana, as it can strike from a good distance. Kill him and the Nagakiba katana is dropped after his defeat. Where To Find Yura Elden Ring One objective in Yura’s quest rewards players with a powerful dagger (Image via FromSoftware Inc.) If players choose to kill Yura, they will miss out on the following moments in his quest and their rewards:

Go to the ravine to the northeast of Agheel Lake. Help Yura kill Bloody Finger Hunter Nerijus to receive the Reduvia dagger.Kill the dragon Yura warns players about in Agheel LakeHelp Yura again by defeating a Bloody Finger Ravenmount AssassinKill an invader at the Second Church of Marika in Altus Plateua. Yura rewards players with the Nagakiba katana after.Win the battle against Eleonora to receive Eleonora’s Poleblade.

The questline that Yura offers in Elden Ring is truly long. It takes, patience, and power to overcome the obstacles this questline delivers. The complete is available here, click here to view. Completing these quests provides players with great rewards, but it ultimately depends on if they want to go through the trouble. Quick Links : What happens when you kill Yura, Hunter of Bloody Fingers, in Elden Ring?
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Can you get Nagakiba after Yura dies?

Blood Finger Hunter Yura’s Location in Elden Ring – Where To Find Yura Elden Ring The three locations in Elden Ring players will be able to pick up the Nagakiba after Bloody Finger Hunter Yura is possessed or killed are:

The Seaside Ruin camp, where the player first meets him. In the underpass near the Murkwater Cave where the player meets him the 2nd time. Lastly, on the edge of the bridge from the Main Academy Gate Site of Grace where the player meets him a 3rd time.

When the player obtains the Nagakiba Katana, they will be required to have 18 Strength Stat and 22 Dexterity Stat to properly use the Melee Armament. This is because the Nagakiba primarily scales with Dexterity and Strength. In addition, when equipping the Nagakiba for the first time, it will come with the Piercing Fang Ash of War or Weapon Skill.

  • The Piercing Fang is not Nagakiba’s original Ash of War, as players can remove the Piercing Fang Ash of War and use the Unsheath Ash of War in Elden Ring, which is its original Ash of War or Weapon Skill.
  • The Nagakiba offers the same Slash/Pierce Moveset whether the player 1-hands or 2-hands the Melee Armament.

The light attack combo contains a series of 5 forward slashes, and the heavy attack combo includes a combo of 2 ranged thrust attacks. When sprinting, the player will slash downward or lunge forward with a piercing thrust attack. In addition, players can do a quick slash attack when rolling into enemies, which has a faster animation than the standard light attack Moveset.
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How do you get a Yura Katana?

How To Get The Nagakiba Katana In Elden Ring – The Nagakiba Katana is the weapon of choice for the NPC Bloody Finger Hunter Yura, who you can first encounter in Elden Ring ‘s first area, Limgrave. The quickest way to get the weapon is to kill Yura, who will drop the sword upon his death.

You can first find him under some rubble to the south of Agheel Lake. For those who don’t want to kill him in cold blood, you are also able to get the Nagakiba by completing Yura’s questline. The Nerd Stash has a full guide on how to complete Yura’s questline, linked, The basics that you will need to know is to talk to Yura after he helps you battle Bloody Finger Nerijus north of Agheel Lake towards,

You will next meet him at the Site of Grace called Academy Main Gate at the Academy of Raya Lucaria. You will find a summon sign to help him against an assassin. Once you do this, you will only have one location to visit before you get the Nagakiba Katana.
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Does Yura drop his armor?

Elden Ring: How players can get the Ronin armor set – Where To Find Yura Elden Ring Unfortunately, killing Bloody Finger Hunter Yura during the first meeting will not drop the Ronin armor set. In order to obtain Ronin’s Set in Elden Ring, players will have to embark on a long and arduous journey, one that takes them all the way to the Mountaintops of the Giants, which is end-game territory. Where To Find Yura Elden Ring Exhaust all of Yura’s dialog. He’ll speak of the dragon in the nearby lake, but you won’t have to kill it to advance the quest. Instead, start venturing towards the Murkwater Cave. To find it, head north from Seaside Ruins into the lake and follow the stream that heads north.

  • Eep an eye open for Murkwater Cave on the western side.
  • Speak with Yura and assist him.
  • For complete details on Melina Elden Ring, click here The next location you’ll find Yura is in Raya Lucaria, specifically a red summoning sign.
  • It’s on the broken bridge that leads northeast.
  • Activate the summoning sign to help Yura kill the Bloody Finger Ravenmount Assassin.
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Once the job is done, he’ll be waiting on the bridge, waiting for you to speak with him again. Where To Find Yura Elden Ring Now you have to reach the Altus Plateau, specifically the Second Church of Marika. To find the church, head north from the Altus Highway Junction site of grace and just slightly west. Yura will ask for assistance once again. This time, however, the goal is to eliminate Bloody Finger Eleonora. Where To Find Yura Elden Ring Now, you can kill Shabriri right away and obtain the set. However, keeping Shabriri alive is necessary for Elden Ring’s Frenzied Flame ending. Should you follow through and obtain the Burning Scar, return to Shabriri’s location in Zamor Ruins and the armor set will be there.

  1. No need to kill him.
  2. Click here for Elden Ring PS5 The Ronin’s Set in Elden Ring consists of a chest piece, leg armor, and gloves.
  3. However, the Iron Kasa helmet is technically separate.
  4. It’s rather good for medium armor, with good damage negation and high resistance stats, despite being lighter than other armor sets in its category.

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Can Yura be saved?

Step 2: Saving Yura At Ray Lucaria – Continue through the game until you reach the Academy of Raya Lucaria in Liurnia of the Lakes. After receiving the Glintstone Key and getting past the locked door of the school, you will reach the Site of Grace called Academy Main Gate.

To the east of the Site of Grace; you will see another blue crest like the one on the gate. Walk past it and make your way to the Red Summon sign on the bridge. Interact with it to help Yura in a battle. Once you defeat the assassin, Yura will appear on the bridge, thank you, and give you a Smithing Stone.

He will also mention the strongest of all Bloody Fingers: Eleonora.
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What is the longest katana in Elden Ring?

Add the longest katana in Elden Ring to your arsenal in this guide to completing Yura’s questline and getting the Nagakiba. The Nagakiba Katana is the Elden Ring version of the Washing Pole from previous Souls games. Nagakiba is the longest katana in the game by a wide margin, with some of the highest stat requirements and damage on offer.

  1. But you’ll need to know a few things about Yura before you can wield it.
  2. There are two main methods to get Nagakiba.
  3. The first is to complete Yura, Hunter of Bloody Fingers’s questline, then loot it off his corpse.
  4. The second is to head to Altus Plateau, kill a specific NPC, then loot the sword from Yura’s camp in Limgrave.

We’ll go over how to do both in this Elden Ring guide.
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Do you meet Yura again?

Bloody Finger Hunter Yura at the Mountaintops of the Giants (Kind of) – Yura can make another appearance later on in the game, when you reach the Mountaintops of the Giants, For him to appear, you must defeat Mohg, the Omen as battling this boss leads to the discovery of the Three Fingers and the opportunity to discover the Frenzied Flame,
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Where is Yura endgame?

Second Church of Marika – Where To Find Yura Elden Ring Yura’s fourth location To find Yura at his final location, head to the Second Church of Marika. To get there, you’ll want to start from the Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace, just northeast of the Grand Lift of Dectus. (You’ll need to get both halves of the Dectus Medallion-located at Fort Haight in Limgrave, and Fort Faroth in Caelid, respectively-in order to access this area). When you see the Second Church of Marika to your left, carefully make your way down the cliffside to reach it. When you enter the church, speak to the dying Bloody Finger Hunter Yura on the ground. He will explain that he was no match for Eleonora, and give you his Nagakiba, a Bleed Katana that scales primarily with Dexterity. Use the church pillars to help avoid Eleonora’s attacks. Luckily, the fight is straight forward enough. Look out for her Poleblade combos, and beware of her Dragon Communion Incantations. You can also use the church pillars to shield yourself from the majority of her attacks.

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Stay patient, only attack when there’s an opening, and you should be able to take her down in no time. With Eleonora defeated, you’ll be rewarded Eleonora’s Poleblade, as well as the Purifying Crystal Tear, which can be used to negate the deadly curse in the fight against Mohg, Lord of Blood, The products discussed here were independently chosen by our editors.

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Is Rannis Questline good?

Elden Ring is a big game. You’ve probably noticed that already. It’s full of monsters to slay, weapons to collect and sidequests to complete. Of all those sidequets, Ranni the Witch’s is probably the biggest. A mission that sends you through two eternal cities and a lake of actual rot, it’s also arguably Elden Ring’s most essential non-essential quest.

  • Ranni’s quest is worth doing for three reasons.
  • First, you’ll glean some valuable lore.
  • Second, you’ll get some even more valuable loot.
  • And finally, it’ll have an impact on what endings are available to you,
  • To begin the quest, you’ll need to have unlocked the Liurnia of the Lakes area.
  • This guide will take you through everything from meeting Ranni through to beating the final boss in the questline.

En route to Ranni’s Rise. Bandai Namco/Screenshot by Daniel Van Boom To initiate Ranni’s mission, travel to the northwest of Liurnia, through Carnia Manor. Beat the boss of that dungeon, and you’ll open a path to a field full of glintstone crystals. This area has three towers and one dragon patrolling about.

  • Ride past the dragon and travel to the west of the field, where you’ll find Ranni’s Rise,
  • Go to the top, and you’ll find Ranni in her chamber, where she’ll solicit your services.
  • Accept her request, then go downstairs to meet her three other servants: Iji, Blaidd and Seluvis.
  • Blaidd is the key NPC here.

The wolfman will tell you he wants to inspect Nokron, the Eternal City, and that you should meet him at the underground Siofra Well. You can do this, but this step is completely skippable. To begin the quest in earnest, you’ll need to beat Starscourge Radahn,
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Where is Yura at the Second Church of Marika?

Hear About Eleonora – After defeating Bloody Finger Ravenmount Assassin, you can talk to Yura on the bridge. On the third try of talking to Yura, he will share about the battle with Eleonora. Liurnia Of The Lakes Map & Bosses Talk To Dying Yura At The Second Curch Of Marika In Altus Plateau

You will see Yura dying on the ground at the Second Church of Marika in Altus Plateau, When Yura has already died, you can get the weapon Nagakiba from his corpse. After that, you will be invaded by Eleonora, Violet Bloody Finger. You can get the weapon Eleonora’s Polebrade, Purifying Crystal Tear, and Furlcalling Finger Remedy by defeating Eleonora.
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Where is Yura at the Church of Marika?

Yura’s Next Location – After your battle with the bloody finger Raven mount assassin, Yura will relocate to a new location in the Altus plateau. To reach this area of the map, you will need to use the Grand Lift of Dectus, which requires the two halves of the Dectus Medallion, The first half can be found guarded at Fort Haight in Southeast Limgrave, while the other half can be found in Caelid at Fort Faroth. Once complete, bring the medallion to the Grand Lift of Dectus in order to utilize the lift and discover the Altus Plateau. Once you have reached the Plateau, follow the road northward until you reach the Second Church of Marika. You will find Yura at the church, interact with him to obtain his Nagakiba, and this will also trigger an invasion by the Bloody Finger Eleonora.
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