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I just defeated my first Metatron boss with Mega Ryune and I wasn't even expecting her to. She is a beast! Nov 27, 2018

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Mar 27, 2020 at 2:07 PM
    1. Murdurus
      I just defeated my first Metatron boss with Mega Ryune and I wasn't even expecting her to. She is a beast!
      1. Tek7
        She's fantastic! I can't bring myself to swap my B/D Ryune to Mega Awoken, but if I ever roll a dupe, she'll be Mega the same day. :)
        Nov 27, 2018
      2. Murdurus
        I am using multiple Ryune dupes on the team, mostly because I got lucky (or unlucky?). B/D Ryune isn't bad but unless you really need blue TPAs or FUA, I think she's worth the swap, especially if you have row awakenings along with 1-2 7c monsters like Isis. I just run triple Ryune with blue Cotton and Isis.
        Nov 27, 2018
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    2. Murdurus
      Zinogre feels very underwhelming as a lead. Can't control damage and average spike with rainbow requirement. Anyone else feel the same?
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      2. LostTie
        Did you try to play with D/L Ideal combo lead? Ideal combo for higher spike; my alt has one. My team would be: Zinogre-Yuna(Light Wise dragon 5x)-Ameno(color absorb inherit)-Nees(Nees)-L/R FUA girl(light weapon). Total 11 fingers + (3sec + 2 fingers) Ideal lead. FUA, color absorb, damage absorbe, awoken bind, Ameno bind clear.
        Jan 30, 2018
      3. Murdurus
        I feel like mostly anyone pairing with Ideal is an easy way out, so I don't even want to count Ideal as a solution. That being said, I have tried it and it does work, I just feel dirty doing it.
        Jan 30, 2018
      4. Carlos R. Marti-Figueroa
        Carlos R. Marti-Figueroa
        Pair it with Diablos. The bigger board will give you enough damage and never need to use actives to activate. Ive been trying to beat Alt Arena with that pair, in particular using Zinogre/Li and swapping with Diablos. So far I can get consitently far but both the dungeon and I suck lol. Beat everything else though
        Jan 31, 2018
    3. Kinebudz
      I saw that monster that is your profile picture as a leader sub today !
    4. Bane Shydow
      Bane Shydow
      I started watching RWBY because of your sig and ended up binge watching most of the episodes over Christmas break. I really like the show, so thanks for indirectly introducing me to it. :P
      1. MrBoogs
        Ditto. It's been the perfect show for a new parent since I can squeeze in an episode between naps.
        Jan 4, 2016
      2. Murdurus
        Hehe, you're welcome, I'm glad you like it :)
        Jan 4, 2016
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