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Is no one interested in being an event manager?! Dec 5, 2015

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May 4, 2020
    1. SasukeFanboy
      Hey so I heard you can help me change my username?
    2. scrubbo
      How many events per month and how much time? I was interested, but full time job and dad, so I didn't volunteer first figuring you woukd be swamped with volunteers. :)
      1. NeoCHI
        I'm hoping to have monthly events. How much time it requires really depends on what kind of event. Also, it's going to be a team effort now. I'm thinking of having 2-3 event managers.
        Dec 11, 2015
      2. scrubbo
        I can help, but I wouldn't say I have TONS of free time! Just let me know!
        Dec 11, 2015
      3. NeoCHI
        Great Ive made you an event manager. Check out the event manager subforum and join the others in discussion.
        Dec 12, 2015
    3. NeoCHI
      Is no one interested in being an event manager?!
      1. Derpinator
        Just wondering, what sort of events did you have in mind for PAD?
        Dec 5, 2015
    4. Creeper161
      I would like to be a moderator. I play Puzzle and Dragons every day and will help when I'm needed, if you appoint me as moderator please tell me what to do. Thanks
      1. FXStrato
        I'm fairly certain that just because you play everyday doesn't mean you're applicable for moderator status. Be an active member in the forums, provide feedback and help to newcomers and be friendly. That would be a start :3
        Sep 29, 2015
      2. Derpinator
        lol lets see if this guy logs in again tomorrow, last guy never did
        Sep 29, 2015
      3. Infinity1176
        he didnt
        Jun 17, 2016
    5. DipidyDip
      Hi, my date of birth appears to be wrong.. I sent a message via "contact us" a few days ago and still haven't heard back. It shows my birth year as 2001, where it should be 1994. I'd appreciate if you look in to it. I want to start participate in threads but I want my date of birth fixed first. I can provide proof is it's necessary. Thanks.
    6. Greg Z
      Greg Z
      I would like to be moderator, feel free to let me know what to do, thanks.
      1. NeoCHl
        I see that you just joined the forums today, do you have a special reason to become a moderator?
        Jul 8, 2015
    7. PADWiki
      So I saw something about the Appinvasion moderation and I would like to join.
    8. NeoCHI
      Just add CHAT everyone! scroll down to see.
      1. Derpinator and tevvie like this.
    9. NeoCHI
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